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The Anna Bey Podcast

The Anna Bey Podcast

Anna Bey is an internationally renowned lifestyle and personal development educator and owner of the online finishing school, School of Affluence. She's been featured in numerous television and in print interviews, where she's shared her message of upscale feminine empowerment and the value of goal achievement. Known for her YouTube channel (also called School of Affluence), Anna enthusiastically imparts her knowledge from experience and ongoing research to her audience of over 721,000 subscribers. Seeking a less formal platform to further connect on a more raw level with her students and viewers, Anna is delighted to open up about her life, interests, and challenges to her podcast family. When she's not creating or researching her learning programs, Anna enjoys traveling the world with her partner, keeping a healthy self-care routine while having an occasional glass of Ruinart Blanc de blanc.


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Why Men Should Pay - Part 1

Welcome to "Feminism with Anna". In this episode I will explain why I believe men should pay and why women's confidence and boundary setting needs to improve, because only then would we create a more "equal" society (right now it's far from equal!)

This is my take on female empowerment and what would actually make our society more fair. We need to also have the uncomfortable conversation of "money" and "who should pay". It's time to put our foot down as women and stop being exploited. Nobody puts elegant ladies in a corner!

I want to hear why you think men should pay? Write to me on instagram:

I have more videos on this subject on my Youtube channel:

Happy listening!

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The Anna Bey Method To Feel Good This Winter

Who else is dreading this coming winter season? 6 months of cold, darkness, and depression... unless you do it the Anna Bey way! 

In this episode, I will share with you my thoughts on how to preserve your mental health in a good state during the toughest months of the year - this is the Anna Bey method to feel good this winter!

Enrolment to School of Affluence and the "Secrets of the Elite Woman" program is currently closed. To get notified when doors open, visit to join the waitlist!

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Summer 2020 HONEST REVIEW - South of France, Santorini & Italy

Summer travel 2020 review - the good, the bad, and the ugly! I?m sharing my honest review of the destinations that I went to: South of France (St Tropez, Cannes, Antibes), Italy (Portofino, Lake Como, Florence, Porto Ercole), and Greece (Santorini). 

What was worth it? What?s a must-visit? Which are the hottest jet-set destinations full of glamour? (And which are not?) I?m also sharing some do?s and dont?s - learn from my mistakes ladies!

Plus, there is one thing that NONE of my followers know about me? Yet we think we know everything about an influencer just by judging them on Instagram. 

Secrets of The Elite Woman Program is currently closed! To join the waitlist for the next enrolment period, visit:

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Change Your Mind, Change Your Life - With Alexis From Glamifest

If you want to have dramatic results in your life, then your mindset has to change if you want this to happen! One of the most powerful tools that many successful people are aware of and utilize is the Law of Attraction. So why wouldn?t you use it as well to accelerate your results? 

This topic has been highly requested from you ladies, so I decided to bring on my friend and law of attraction expert Alexis from Glamifest! 

We will be talking about the power of the right mindset, what happens when you remain stuck in your narrative, and some chit chat about Curacao, where Alexis is originally from.

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What happens next? 

Hop over to discuss this week?s episode. I want to hear about your law of attraction success or pieces of evidence that have happened in your life? Share with us ladies, and inspire us to keep our momentum on this journey!


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My Trashy Past Created My Brilliant Future

What happened exactly in my past that lead me to embark on my journey of transformation? I want to share why I became so passionate about transformation and why I am where I am today. 

With this episode, I hope to inspire women who are stuck in narratives or beliefs that their past or circumstances define their potential. 

Anything is possible is my motto. And so is the description of this podcast. 


To watch the mentioned video of "How My Luxury Life Started" on Youtube, click here.


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