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90210... It's been THIRTY years since we walked the halls of West Beverly High, since we all hung out at the Peach Pit, since Brandon and Kelly had their first kiss, since we shouted Donna Martin Graduates!Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling are here for it all! Join them as they rewatch every episode from the very very beginning. Discover all the behind the scenes juicy details you've dreamed about for thirty years. Super fan and radio host, Sisanie, sits in to guide them through it all. Listen each week and relive it all with your favorite 90210 BFF's. Reminisce, Reflect, Rewatch.90210MG


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Get Funky (S2 E23, ?Cardio-Funk?)

Reunited and it feels so good! Tori and Jennie are back together and we find out what they were doing that kept them apart. As they talk about this episode, Tori reveals something about Jennie that was inspired by Cardio Funk and it may shock you. Are Brenda and Dylan in trouble... this episode appears to have put them on shaky ground. And, is Tim Matthews creepy or cool college guy?   Plus, Tori and Jennie are not holding back at all when discussing Brian Austin Green on Dancing with the Stars and his relationship with partner Sharna Burgess. Learn more about your ad-choices at
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Like Mother, Like Daughter???? (S2 E22, ?Baby Makes Five?)

Kelly and Jackie really are nothing alike and Kelly has to take on the parental role. Special guest co-host and Super-fan Teddi Mellencamp shares her thoughts about ?and Baby makes Five?. Learn more about your ad-choices at
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What a Show (S2 E21, ?Everybody's Talking 'Bout It?)

Jake Hanson will be making his debut in just a few more we decided to let him co-host now! Grant Show aka Jake Hanson aka total hunky babe is our guest co-host! Not only do we relive his appearance as Kelly's love interest on 90210 but of course we have to talk Melrose Place as well.   We even find out why he starts off the show apologizing to Jennie after 15 years! Grant Show is as sweet and wonderful as you want him to be. Everybody's Talkin' 'Bout It....yeah they are...Even Grant Show is analyzing this week's rewatch ep! What A Show! Learn more about your ad-choices at
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I8A 4RE (S2 E20, ?A Competitive Edge?)

 Ian Ziering is our guest co-host! How he 'became' Steve Sanders, his first days on set, 10 years with the cast, to the memorabilia he just had to have. Bonded by 30 years of friendship, memories, and the best stories...we are reliving everything 90210 with Ian. Learn more about your ad-choices at
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Andrea Zuckerman's Gramma (S2 E19, ?Fire and Ice?)

The fabulous Lainie Kazan, Rose Zuckerman (Season One), is ready for some 90210mg!   Everyone needs a little Grandma Rose. She played Canasta with the girls in "Down and Out of District in Beverly Hills", you loved her in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and now she's starring in the successful new movie "Tango Shalom"!   She shares her incredible stories and memories from "Fire & Ice" and reveals which of the guys she thinks was lookinggggggg good!   Plus, Tori and Lainie bond over something unexpected... Learn more about your ad-choices at
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Merry Christmas...Happy Holidays! (with Josh Taylor) (S2 E18, ?A Walsh Family Christmas?)

What better way to celebrate the Holidays than with Dylan McKay's Dad...Jack McKay aka Josh Taylor?!   Not only did Josh Taylor make a lasting impression as Jack McKay, he has portrayed Roman Brady on Days of Our Lives for 24 years and has been on that show since 1977.   Josh shares beautiful memories of Luke Perry and their time playing father and son.   Learn more about your ad-choices at
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I Wanna Dance with Somebody (S2 E17, ?Chuckie's Back?)

David can Dance.   Tori remembers how nervous she was kissing David Silver because she liked Brian Austin Green in real life. Donna and David...oh the memories...   A secret is revealed about background actors (extras) that is harder than you can try it at home.   And, what do we think of Chuckie?! Learn more about your ad-choices at
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Happy Valentine's Day (S2 E16, ?My Desperate Valentine?)

We're analyzing and dissecting the character of Emily Valentine.  Tori and Jennie are asked did they/would they date a fan of 90210?   Jennie reveals why her husband has never seen it Tori and Jennie both admit people sometimes call them by the names Donna and Kelly...    And...Would someone ever actually say "Let's stop Kissing"? Learn more about your ad-choices at
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What the Heck is U4EA? (S2 E15, ?U4EA?)

Euphoria: a feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness.   How do you feel about a rave? Jennie and Tori weigh in.   Donna is drunk, Dylan is dancing, Brandon did drugs? What is going on!? Who thinks a drug dealer is cute? Nothing make sense but this episode is still top notch. We are starting to see foreshadowing of what the future holds for Emily Valentine.   Is this Euphoria? We think not. Learn more about your ad-choices at
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Kelly's Mom (S2 E14, ?The Next Fifty Years?)

The wonderful Ann Gillespie (aka Jackie Taylor) joins Jennie and Tori. Ann reveals that she got pregnant in real life and that is why that storyline was written in to the show. Ann is now a priest but does she ever get recognized from 90210?!   This episode was very heavy and heartbreaking for Jennie  and Tori to watch. While rewatching they think about their friend Doug Emerson and the character of Scott Scanlon and discuss the decisions that were made and depicted on the show. Learn more about your ad-choices at
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Happy Halloween! (S2 E13, ?Halloween?)

It's "Halloween in July" ...and 90210MG! we're all dressed up! Is Halloween the perfect time to dress and back then?   There is a lot to discuss this Halloween. The episode has it's very serious moments as well as mullets and sideburns galore. Plus, Ever been egged? Jennie's got an eggcellent story you won't believe. Learn more about your ad-choices at
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Runyon with the Night (S2 E12, ?Down and Out of District in Beverly Hills?)

Ghostbusters and Charles in Charge icon Jennifer Runyon joins Jennie and Tori to discuss her role as Christine. Plus, a shocking twist that we didn?t see coming when Tori and Jennie are asked about how the series ended.  Learn more about your ad-choices at
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Bring Your Daughter to Work Day (S2 E11, ?Leading from the Heart?)

Jennie's daughter Luca is here! She's 24 and ready to judge her mom's performance in this episode! Jennie reveals she was back at work when Luca was one month old and that Luca had her own trailer! Luca first watched 90210 when she was in middle school and she isn't holding back today.   Plus, Christine Elise (Emily Valentine) join Jennie and Tori to talk about this episode. Learn more about your ad-choices at
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Life's a Beach'am (S2 E10, ?Necessity Is a Mother?)

"Dylan's mom" joins Jennie and Tori, iconic actress Stephanie Beacham (aka Iris McKay). Learn more about your ad-choices at
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Better Together (S2, E9 ?Ashes to Ashes?)

So happy to be together, Tori and Jennie discuss Ashes to Ashes. Learn more about your ad-choices at
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Valentine's Day (S2 E8, "Wildfire)

Coming in Hot. We meet Emily Valentine for the first time and buckle up because we're in for a bumpy ride. Tori wants to know why Christine was not a regular cast member. Plus, we get all the details on that singing, slicked back hair and those outfits.   In real life Jennie's daughter just graduated from High School and everyone seems to have stumbled upon Jennie's lifetime movie...what's it like watching her now vs 90210?!   Tori also has a current project and we're prying her for information about it and about Snooki. Learn more about your ad-choices at
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Silver Lining (S2 E7, ?Camping Trip?)

David Silver's Dad joins Tori and Jennie. Matthew Laurance, Dr. Mel Silver, is sharing all the great 90210 stories and memories. Find out the beautiful location of the cabin in this episode. (heheheh wink wink) Plus, We solve the mystery of "The Slap"! And now, we have a new mystery to discuss...THE SPIDER! Learn more about your ad-choices at
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Hot for Teacher, Again!?...Eek (S2, E6?Pass, Not Pass?)

How creepy is Mr. Suiter? Yikes. Let?s discuss. And why is Jennie no longer team Brenda!? It all comes down to ?the slap?. The conversation even requires an emergency text to Gabrielle to answer the question. Learn more about your ad-choices at
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Pop the Question (S2, E5 ?Play It Again, David?)

Tori and Jennie are answering your burning question Who will Jennie say kissed best!? And what ailment did Jason give Jennie? Tori opens up about Brian. And, let?s talk about David Silver?s dad! Learn more about your ad-choices at
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A Dramatic Turn (S2, E4 ?Anaconda?)

As they celebrate Tori's Birthday, no one can figure out why Jennie doesn't appear in this episode. While discussing the episode, Sisanie admits that Brian was extra cute in this one and in real life back then Tori didn't want to admit to Shannen that in real life she had a curfew. Jennie and Tori admit to a trick to prevent producers from hearing what they were saying to one another. Then, the conversation takes a dramatic turn as the result of a question that was asked about the guys on 90210. Despite their nerves, Tori and Jennie reveal how they really feel about the relationships they have had with the cast for over 30 years. Learn more about your ad-choices at
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Aprils Fools Day and a Hunky Guy (S2, E3 "Summer Storm")

Before getting in to the episode Jennie reminisces about Derek Hough dropping her on Dancing with the Stars. Then, even though Steve Sanders was a jerk in this episode Tori felt his body looks good.  What's it like to have TV PARENTS? Tori and Jennie dig in to this topic now that have become the actors playing parents on television. Jennie talks about Kelly's mom and also spotted the boom mic three times in this episode.  Then, dreamy David Lascher joins Jennie and Tori to talk about his appearance in this episode and his "teen idol" days. Learn more about your ad-choices at
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Jennie has a Crush on Jim (S2, E2 ?The Party Fish?)

Daddy Issues...As Jennie and Tori break down "The Party Fish" we have a lot to learn.   Despite the fact that this isn't Jennie's favorite 90210 episode a lot is revealed.  Tori and Jennie are admitting to...Crushes on "Dad", wanting a Sugar Daddy, and making out with your ex husband's fiance's Dad.   Learn more about your ad-choices at
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We're Back for Season 2! (S2, E1 ?Beach Blanket Brandon?)

It's Season 2 and we're talking Donna's Virginity, Sex of course, The Beach Club, Surfboards and Crushes on Mr. Walsh. Let's go! Learn more about your ad-choices at
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9021OMG Live! Party Like it?s 1991

Jennie and Tori are together and Live! We are taking you inside their Season 1 Wrap Party and Season 2 Launch. Red Carpet interviews, Surprise Guests (one from Season one and one from Season two).  A gift bag filled with 90210 memorabilia. And, they are answer all the questions...ALL THE QUESTIONS...including did Shannen and Jennie ever have a physical fight and who really dated who! Learn more about your ad-choices at
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Let's Stay in Beverly Hills (S1, E22 ?Home Again?)

Before our wrap party next week, Tori and Jennie are reminiscing about the last episode of Season 1.  They don't hold anything back when they share their thoughts about Brandon's sexy dream with Andrea.  This is just the beginning for our friends Dylan, Kelly, Donna, Steve, David, Andrea, Brandon and Brenda...   Learn more about your ad-choices at
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Lucky Star (S1, E21 ?Spring Dance?)

Let?s Dance! It?s time for the Spring Dance. Tori and Jennie are joined by the creator of the show Darren Star. Darren created Beverly Hills 90210 with Tori?s dad Aaron. Tori and Jennie take the opportunity to share all the memories and of course they ask about Melrose, Sex and the City, and Emily in Paris. Plus, Tori and Jennie have a big announcement. Learn more about your ad-choices at
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Seacrest Regret (S1, E20 ?Spring Training?)

Tori tells all about why she said she should have slept with Ryan Seacrest and includes all the stories about their 90210 past.  They discuss why this was possibly a ?fill in? episode and all the dog detail you can wish for. Plus, Jim is still hairy, lots of love for Nat, and fan mail from prison. Learn more about your ad-choices at
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The One with Matthew Perry (S1, E19 ?April Is the Cruelest Month?)

Before he became Chandler Bing, Matthew Perry was Roger on 90210! Tori and Jennie are sharing their memories, including "The One When Matthew Perry Came to the Rescue for Tori".   Young and the Restless fan favorite, Sharon Case joins 90210MG to share her stories from not just one but two 90210 episodes she guest starred on. Did she kiss Matthew Perry or did she dream that happened?   Plus, this episode was pivotal for Tori and she explains why. Learn more about your ad-choices at
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Ladies, Get 'em Checked (S1, E18 ?It?s Only a Test?)

This episode is almost too hard for Jennie and Tori to re-watch 30 years later knowing how this 90210 storyline became a reality for Shannen Doherty.   It brought them both to tears.   In this episode, they discuss the importance of the scene where they do breast self-exams but at the same it was quite a challenge for them to shoot. Fortunately, the episode has some levity for them as they fangirl over the kiss between Andrea and Steve. (Gabrielle and Ian)   They are joined by a music artist with one of the biggest songs of all time. (The band also has a song in this episode) Learn more about your ad-choices at
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It's Getting Hot in Here (S1, E17 ?Stand (Up) and Deliver?)

Tori actually doesn't love this particular episode of the tv show...find out why. What do you think? Then, Tori and Jennie have received some criticism from you...and they are talking about it. Can they take a little construction criticism...find out!   Tori and Jennie also address recent comments Vanessa Marcil made in the news.     Plus, Tori and Jennie reveal what they think Donna and Kelly are up to today.     Learn more about your ad-choices at
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Jennie Barf & Limo Rides (S1, E16 ?Fame Is Where You Find It?)

Who nicknamed Jennie Garth...Jennie Barf?  Did Tori actually choreograph the It's My Party dance moves? Plus, fashion moments and revelations of bad breath kisses.   Special guest Amy Hill joins Tori and Jennie. Learn more about your ad-choices at
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Have a Fling (S1, E15 ?A Fling in Palm Springs?)

In addition to juicy details from Fling in Palm Springs. How cute with the grandparents?? Find out the significance of mirrors, phones, and why Tori got jealous during this episode! Sisanie is pregnant and Tori got pulled over and got multiple tickets! Jennie and Tori discuss why they think Jason, Ian, and Brian had lunch?. Learn more about your ad-choices at
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Introducing This is Paris

Join Paris Hilton each week as she speaks candidly with her friends and family, the hottest in movies, music, and television, innovators, creators, newsmakers, and icons. Paris will sit down for edgy, in depth conversations with a multitude of unexpected guests.   She will interview people in a way that only Paris can. Questions and topics that are surprising and unanticipated. Honest, fun, open, inspiring and unpredictable. Loves it.   Paris Hilton is an influencer, DJ, designer, recording artist, philanthropist, host, actress, model and author. Now, you can get closer and more personal than ever with Paris each week. This is Paris. Learn more about your ad-choices at
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9021OMG Live with Debbie Gibson (S1, E14 ?East Side Story?)

Find out what Jennie and Tori first bonded over and the shopping experience Jennie introduced to Tori. A secret is revealed about Tori's wardrobe from the show. Plus, find out why Jason Priestley told them all to "smolder". Debbie Gibson joins the ladies to talk about her appearance on 90210 in East Side Story. (And of course a round of Kiss, Marry, Kick to the Curb) Learn more about your ad-choices at
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Having a Slumber Party (S1, E13 ?Slumber Party?)

Why were everyone's PJ's so fashionable and cute except for Andrea's? WHY!!??! Tori and Jennie are giving all the details of the slumber party!  Jennie and Tori reveal a trick of the trade and how actors are able to shed real tears.  They discuss BNJ's of course. Plus, it's a real Girls Night Out when two of the episodes guests stars join the ladies to tell all.   Learn more about your ad-choices at
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Feet, a Boom Mic, and a Baby (S1, E12 ?One Man and a Baby?)

Jennie reveals a GOOF in the episode. Did you notice it? Tori shares that her daughter is best friends with the daughter of one of the actors in this episode. She'll tell you about it. Plus, Douglas Emerson (Scott Scanlon) joins us and he is as kind, and lovely, and wonderful as you can imagine. Find out who he had a crush on and how she made his 16th Birthday perfect. Learn more about your ad-choices at
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Let's Practice Kissing (S1, E11 ?B.Y.O.B?)

As Jennie and Tori revisit the episode BYOB, Jennie reveals an epic story about a practice kiss with Ian Ziering. This episode has a big party scene, which the ladies loved shooting. Tori reveals that there was something in her 90210 house they never showed! And, she shares a little secret of what would happen after late night shoots.   Learn more about your ad-choices at
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Lady in Red (S1, E10 ?Isn?t It Romantic?)

Jennie and Tori discuss the red dress drama during a cast photo shoot.  Jennie opens up about her relationship with Shannen. And, it?s time for a little sex education! Jennie and Tori have a lot to share about this groundbreaking episode  Learn more about your ad-choices at
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Eyes are the Window to the Soul (S1, E9 ?The Gentle Art of Listening?)

From Boob jobs to why you can't wear sunglasses...Tori and Jennie are spilling the tea from "The Gentle Art of Listening".   It's the first time we really see Andrea and Brenda on screen together and we learn everything about the episode including all the behind the scenes. Plus, find out how and why Jennie learned about "sex" from Ian! Jennie reveals a celebrity crush you won't expect and how she's watching him now!   Also, why Shannen Doherty is in fact responsible for Tori's Boob Job. And, Sisanie admits to a dirty Dylan McKay secret. Learn more about your ad-choices at
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Scratch That Itch (S1, E8 ?The 17 Year Itch?)

Could it be that Mrs. Walsh cheated (almost cheated) on our dear Jim?! Jennie and Tori discuss the 17 Year Itch...emotional affairs, physical affairs, how do we feel about these perfect parents now?   Speaking of Jim, thoughts about that hairy chest?   Plus, Jennie and Tori discuss Paparazzi, DJ David Silver, twins, fashion, and who the heck is Donna Morgan? Learn more about your ad-choices at
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How Sexy is Mrs. Walsh??!!! (S1, E7 ?Perfect Mom?)

Carol Potter, better known as Cindy Walsh, is Here!! World?s greatest mom swears , plays "Kiss Marry Kill" and shares a secret about Luke Perry that is beyond incredible! Learn more about your ad-choices at
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9021 Oh Big Bangs (S1, E6 ?Higher Education?)

Jennie remembers what Luke whispered in her ear during this episode. Donna Martin and Tori imitates art. Find out the mistake Tori made that Donna made decades earlier. Inside details about the Walsh house and why the boys liked the Extras but Tori wasn?t happy about that! Also, happy birthday Donna Martin! Learn more about your ad-choices at
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Andrea Zuckerman is Here

Gabrielle Carteris joins Jennie and Tori for an in depth conversation filled with 90210 memories and stories. She confides In her friends sharing details of her 90210 journey. Learn more about your ad-choices at
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Beverly Hills Flirt (S1, E5 ?One on One?)

This is the 90210 episode where we begin to see a little flirt flirt between Kelly and Brandon and Jennie and Tori are spilling all!  But, the real question is should Andrea and Brandon have been the couple that fell in love? The debate begins and we hope you weigh in.   Plus, Jennie and Tori reveal the first guest from the original cast joining them next week. Learn more about your ad-choices at
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First Time and Hot for Teacher (S1, E4 ?The First Time?)

You don?t want to miss when Jennie gets asked kiss marry kill with the 90210 boys. Jennie and Tori share some juicy insights to Jason Priestley?s big makeout scene in this episode. Tori reveals a very personal story about her real Life during her 90210 days. Plus, Jennie?s response to watching mr Walsh play basketball with Brandon is priceless Learn more about your ad-choices at
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9021 Oh No, Brenda's a Shoplifter (S1, E3 ?Every Dream Has Its Price (Tag)

It's the first appearance for the iconic Peach Pit and everyone's favorite diner owner Nat. What LA restaurant actually made the Peach Pit burgers? Tori and Jennie reveal all.     What were "Mr. and Mrs Walsh" and "Nat" really like?   Find out what Mrs.Walsh aka Carol Potter did that was a television no-no.   And, go "BEHIND THE PEACH PIT" to find out what was happening in the real world at this moment in 1990 for Jason Priestley with an exclusive interview with Teen Witch star Robyn Lively.   Learn more about your ad-choices at
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Nice to Meet You, Dylan McKay (S1, E2 ?The Green Room?)

This episode of Beverly Hills 90210 introduced the world to Dylan McKay. From the very moment we all met Dylan, we soon realized we were also falling in love with heartthrob Luke Perry.   As Jennie and Tori share their wonderful stories and memories from this particular episode, their heartache is palpable as they must continue to face the loss of their beloved friend. This episode is where it all begins for Bad Boy Dylan McKay. "Welcome to paradise, man. Welcome to your dream come true." Learn more about your ad-choices at
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Take Me to the Pilot (S1, E1 ?Class of Beverly Hills?)

Tori and Jennie are watching the first episode and dishing on every juicy moment.   Joining Tori and Jennie are two special guest stars from the pilot episode. Hunky, Maxwell Caulfield (Jason Croft) describes his character inappropriately dating "Brenda" and saving Shannen Doherty's life. Plus, his heartfelt memories of Tori's dad Aaron Spelling make Tori emotional.   Then, Leslie Bega joins in. Will Tori and Jennie admit their fascination with a certain body part?   Plus, don't miss inside info on 90210 bangs, cars, houses and so much more Learn more about your ad-choices at
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9021 Here We Go

30 Years Later, Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth remain best friends and happily they will always be Donna and Kelly. Tori originally auditioned to be Kelly. Can we even imagine a world where Jennie was Donna and Tori was Kelly? Was it love at first sight for any of the cast when they met? Which of the ladies melted when she first saw Jason Priestley's piercing blue eyes? What was it like when Tori Spelling first met Brian Austin Green. (Donna and David forever!) Find out who threw up at a wrap party and got grounded, why Jennie put vaseline on her teeth, and who is a great on camera kisser? We're bringing you every 9021OMG detail... Learn more about your ad-choices at
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Eye Contact

Learn more about your ad-choices at
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