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The Developers' Bakery

The Developers' Bakery

A developer podcast about tools, libraries, and productivity. The Developers' Bakery is a place for open-source developers and maintainers to share their experience and projects. A journey through the tools and libraries that help developers worldwide baking great software daily. Join Nicola Corti through this journey among open source and beyond.


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KaMPKit with Kevin Galligan

Today we venture in the mobile cross-platform world with Kevin Galligan from TouchLab. Kevin has been using and advocating Kotlin Multiplatform since the early days! Together with TouchLab they?ve released tools and libraries that are crucial to the development of the Kotlin Multiplatform ecosystem. Today, Kevin in on-stage to talk...
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Kscript with Marcin Kuszczak

As teased in episode 40, today we?re going to have on stage Kscript and Marcin Kuszczak! Kscript brings the power of Kotlin to the scripting world. It makes writing scripts a pleasure thanks to the elegant Kotlin APIs, and allows you to directly use tons of libraries and dependencies from...
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FlowRedux with Gabriel Ittner and Hannes Dorfmann

Today we have the pleasure to host two amazing guests on stage: Gabriel Ittner and Hannes Dorfmann. Gabriel and Hannes have been working on FlowRedux, an MVI architecture library for Android and beyond. FlowRedux offers a beautiful DSL to represent the state machine of your application and is built on...
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As with every 10 episodes, we?re back with a special episode! ? Today we?re talking about an open-source project which is a bit atypical: Exactly, we?re going to walk through the website and the infrastructure that is powering The Developers? Bakery. Did you know that this podcast is fully...
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Docusaurus with Sébastien Lorber

The topic of today?s episode is all about Static Website Generators. I?m really excited to have on stage Sébastien Lorber to talk about Docusaurus ?. There is nothing better than great software, than great software with great documentation! That?s why having a great documentation website is crucial for the success...
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ProGuard with James Hamilton

If you ever shipped an Android App to production, you probably know about ProGuard, a tool to optimize, shrink and obfuscate your Java/Kotlin code. Today we have James Hamilton on stage, to tell us about how it works internally and why you should never forget to enable it in your...
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Lottie with Gabriel Peal

Who doesn?t like animations? Thanks to Lottie, we can experience beautiful smooth animations on our mobile devices! Today we have on stage Gabriel Peal, maintainer of Lottie Android, to tell us about this project. We will start from how this project started, as a simple proof of concept inside AirBnB...
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Duck Duck Go with Marcos Holgado

It?s time to talk about search engines with Marcos Holgado and Duck Duck Go. Marcos is one of the developers of the Duck Duck Go Privacy Browser, a browser for Android designed with privacy first. As you can imagine, developing a web browser is no easy task. In this episode,...
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ktlint-gradle with Jonathan Leitschuh and Yahor Berdnikau

I?m really excited to have on stage Jonathan Leitschuh and Yahor Berdnikau, maintainers of ktlint-gradle. ktlint-gradle is a Gradle Plugin that allows you to lint and reformat your Kotlin code during a Gradle build. We?re going to touch and what are the challenges of building such a tool and a...
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gdb-dashboard with Andrea Cardaci

Have you ever debugged an application using gdb? If yes, you probably know how unfriendly the user interface of gdb is. That?s why Andrea Cardaci developed gdb-dashboard, a graphical interface for gdb. Today, we?ll walk through how this project started and we?ll talk about some of the challenges of developing...
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Sentry SDK with Manoel Aranda Neto and Roman Zavarnitsyn

We?re back at talking about Monitoring, Profiling and Instrumentation with folks from the Sentry SDK. I?m excited to have on stage Manoel Aranda Neto and Roman Zavarnitsyn to talk as a bit about their Android SDK. The Sentry Android SDK goes beyond just monitoring. It?s able to auto-instrument your code,...
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Testcontainers with Sergei Egorov

It?s time to talk about Docker ? and how it can help you improve your integration tests, with Sergei Egorov and Testcontainers. Testcontainers make easy to start instances of DBs, web browsers, or any other tool that can be containerized to help you write integration tests. This will allow you...
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Dependency Analysis Android Gradle Plugin with Tony Robalik

We?re back to talk about Gradle ? with Tony Robalik and the Dependency Analysis Android Gradle Plugin (DAAGP). Tony wrote this plugin to help you with unused and misused dependencies and save yourself from some depenceny hell. We will learn about the story of this plugin and some of the...
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Detekt with The Detekt Maintainers

Today, we celebrate episode #30 of the Developers? Bakery ?? We do so with a special episode and three special guests: Brais Gabin, Chao Zhang and Markus Schwarz. They are, together with Nicola, some of the maintainers of Detekt, the Kotlin static analyzer. In this episode we will walk you...
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Kodein with Salomon Brys

Today we have the pleasure to host another popular Dependency Injection framework at the Developers? Bakery. Please welcome Kodein-DI and Salomon Brys on stage! Kodein is an acronym for KOtlin DEpendency INjection, a framework to help you handle your dependencies in your Kotlin code (on all the platforms!). But Kodein...
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Stream SDK with Filip Babi?

Building a chat client is hard. Sending messages, uploading attachments, and handling reactions are all tedious and quite complicate tasks that are common to a wide variety of apps. Those are the foundation of the Android Stream SDK. With Stream you can build a customized chat experience for your mobile...
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Krabs with Michele Riva

In this episode of The Developers? Bakery we touch on Next.js and a middleware to overcome one of its missing capability with Michele Riva and Krabs ? Krabs is a Express.js/Fastify middleware that will help you deploying multi-tenancy application on Next.js. We?re going to walk through what this tool does...
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Material UI Swing with Vincenzo Palazzo

This time, we fly up to Mars with Vincenzo Palazzo and the Material UI Swing. Vincenzo is the maintainer of this library, a custom theme for Swing which is bringing a material look-n-feel to the Swing UI toolkit. While this might sound boring at first, Material UI Swing is currently...
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Realm with Christian Melchior

Let?s start this new year venturing inside the realm of mobile databases, with Christian Melchior and the Realm Kotlin SDK. Realm is an on-device database, that helps you handle your app state with a lot of convenient built-in features such as lazy loading, encryption, and cloud synchronization. In this episode,...
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Datadog for Android with Xavier F. Gouchet

In this episode we are going to meet Xavier Gouchet and the Datadog Android SDK ?. Datadog helps you monitor and track problems with your mobile applications, such as crashes and ANR. The Android SDK offers a large variety of plugins that helps you track the health of your app...
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PlusPlugins with Miguel Beltran

It?s been since episode #07 that we haven?t talked about Flutter ?, so today we have Miguel Beltran on stage to talk about one of the most important library for it: Plus Plugins. Miguel is one of the maintainer of this popular collection of plugins. Plus plugins offer multiplatform capability...
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Gitpod with Geoffrey Huntley

In this episode we?re back on the topic of Cloud IDEs with Geoffrey Huntley to talk us about Gitpod ?. First, I had the pleasure to ask Geoff some insights on his van life ??. Geoff is living remote work at its finest, working from his van in Australia and...
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Firefox for Android with Sebastian Kaspari

You don?t get to build a browser every day right? Today we have Sebastian Kaspari on stage to talk us about Firefox for Android ?. Together we will walk through what it takes to write a mobile browser, and we will discover some of the open-source projects in the Mozilla...
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Running with Enrique López-Mañas

So we made it to Episode 20! ?. If you?ve been enjoying this podcast so far, please consider making a small donation to my London Marathon 2021 fundaraising. You?ll be supporting Mencap, the voice of Learning Disabilities ? Thank you so much. We?re celebrating this milestone with a special episode....
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Arrow with Simon Vergauwen

Today we venture into the realm of Functional Programming with Arrow ? and Simon Vergauwen. Arrow is the functional companion library for Kotlin. It makes writing FP code easier thanks to classes and extensions to the Kotlin standard library. In this episode we talk about the story of this library...
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code-server with Joe Previte

Are you ready to relocate your IDE to the cloud ??? In this episode we welcome on stage Joe Previte to talk about code-server, the solution to run VS Code in your browser. Joe is also working for, an enterprise service that offers code-server deployment ready to use. Today...
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Strawberry with Patrick Arminio

Today we touch a bit on the Python ? world as I have the honor to have on-stage Patrick Arminio, author and maintainer of Strawberry ?. Strawberry is a GraphQL library for Python 3. It comes with a lot of nice features built on top of language feature such as...
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FastHub with Kosh Sergani

Today I have the honor to host on-stage Kosh Sergani, author and maintainer of FastHub. If you don?t know FastHub yet, it?s one of the most popular Github client for Android. It?s obviously fully open-sourced and Kosh has been developing it from day 1. Today he?s sharing with us the...
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Deep-clean with Sebastiano Poggi

?????? When Gradle or the IDE let you down, just --nuke all them caches ?????? Today?s project is basically a script: deep-clean. This script is the last resort to unblock yourself when your Android/JVM/Gradle builds are damn broken. deep-clean will take care of cleaning up your build caches. If you?re...
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Anvil with Ralf Wondratschek

?When all you have is an anvil, every problem looks like a hammer.? - Abraham Maslow So it starts the Anvil ? README. Anvil is a plugin to make your dependency injection with Dagger 2 easier. We have the pleasure to host Ralf Wondratschek, Mobile Engineer @ Square. He?s going...
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Apollo GraphQL with Martin Bonnin

Today we have on stage Martin Bonnin, Android Engineer at Apollo GraphQL ?. Martin has the amazing opportunity to work full time for an open-source project: Apollo Android, probably the most popular GraphQL client for Android. In this episode Martin will tell us his experience with GraphQL, how he got...
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refreshVersions with Louis CAD

Have you ever ventured inside the dependency hell ?? Louis CAD has for sure. Today we?re talking about refreshVersions, a Gradle plugin to help you keep your third-party dependencies up to date. The killer feature of refreshVersions is the possibility to see all the available versions as comments in your...
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MoshiX and KSP with Zac Sweers

It?s time to talk about meta-programming, annotation processors and compiler plugins ????. Today we have Zac Sweers on stage, Mobile Engineer @ Slack and maintainer of Moshi, a popular Json library. Zac is the author of MoshiX, a set of extensions for Moshi. Between those, one that caught my attention...
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Press with Saket Narayan

? We?re happy to celebrate our 10th episode! ? And today we have on stage, Saket Narayan, Android Engineer at Square. Saket is an master of Android UI and Custom Views and today is on stage to talk to us about Press. Press is a beautiful App for taking notes...
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JaCoCo with Evgeny Mandrikov

This episode is going to be all about testing and code coverage ? as we have Evgeny Mandrikov on stage! He?s going to tell use the story behind JaCoCo, aka Java Code Coverage, one the most popular code coverage library for Java, Kotlin and the JVM. If you?re curious to...
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Tuist with Pedro Piñera Buendía

You don?t need a tooling team That?s Tuist motto, and if you?re an iOS Developer ? you really don?t want to miss it. Today we have Pedro Piñera Buendía on stage. He?s the author and maintainer of Tuist, a tool to help you maintain and generate your XCode Projects. Pedro...
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VelocityX and Flutter with Pawan Kumar

Do you know Flutter ? ? I bet you do, if you?re into mobile development. Today, we have Pawan Kumar on stage, he?s a Flutter & Dart GDE and he is on stage to advocate for cross-platform development. Pawan is the author of VelocityX, a framework that will make your...
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Koin with Arnaud Giuliani

In this episode, we talk about Dependency Injection ?. We have Arnaud Giuliani on stage, Kotlin GDE and author of Koin, a popular dependency injection framework for Kotlin. Koin works well for Android projects, but it can be used also in backend projects and the Multiplatform support is just behind...
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Starship with Matan Kushner

In this episode, we shift a bit from Mobile & Kotlin to talk about shells, prompts and Rust! ? Today we have Matan Kushner with us on stage to talk about Starship ?. From their website: The minimal, blazing-fast, and infinitely customizable prompt for any shell! Still confused? A picture...
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Jetpack Compose Desktop with Sebastian Aigner

Today, I?m more than excited to welcome on stage Sebastian Aigner, Developer Advocate at JetBrains. Sebastian is with us to talk about Jetpack Compose Desktop, a new declarative UI framework for Desktop applications written in Kotlin. Jetpack Compose Desktop is the porting of Jetpack Compose, the declarative UI framework for...
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Danger with Franco Meloni

Let?s kickoff 2021 with a great open-source tool: danger ??! Danger?s motto is Stop saying ?You forgot to?? in code review and it definitely delivers greatly on promises. With Danger, you can automatize recurrent and tedious tasks that affect your pull-requests. Today, we have Franco Meloni on stage, one of...
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Coil with Colin White

In this episode, we welcome on stage Colin White to introduce us Coil, COroutines Image Loader. Coil is an Android image loading library that recently hit the 1.0 milestone, completely written in Kotlin and with first class support for Kotlin Coroutines. In this episode, Colin tells us challenges, fun facts...
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Gradle Doctor with Nelson Osacky

In this episode, we talk about Gradle Doctor with its author Nelson Osacky. Gradle doctor helps you fix performance problems and errors in your Gradle build. The tool works as a Gradle plugin - emitting prescriptions for all the problems found. Nelson tells us how he came up with the...
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Show Trailer

Show Notes Hi everyone and welcome to the Developers Bakery ? A podcast about open-source projects, tools and libraries for software developers. If you ever developed any kind of software, you probably know that a significant amount of code is not the one you wrote but the one others wrote....
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