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This is Unbound, the podcast that tries to nudge the boundaries of philosophy.


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Episode 10 - Kelly Gawel

Miranda and Zac talk with Kelly about feminist care ethics, social reproduction theory, transformative justice, and holding the complexity of radical care in our daily practices and political struggles.

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Episode 9 - McKenzie Wark

K. Eskins and Austin Burke have a chat with McKenzie Wark about media studies, low theory, queer theory and philosophy, gender identity, auto-theory, the use of pronouns, and writing.

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Episode 8 - Justin Smith

Eddie and Giuseppe had a chat with Justin Smith about the global history of philosophy, control F as a research method, reply guys, textual and oral traditions of philosophy, algorithms, irrationality, aliens and learning languages.

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Episode 7 - Austin Burke

K Eskins (they/them) had a chat with Austin Burke (they/them), a PhD student in philosophy at NSSR, about global philosophy, the notion of canonicity, the Library of Congress, the self, and queerness as a philosophical guide.

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Bonus Episode - GSSI (w/ Chiara Bottici)

In this episode, we are excited to spotlight the newly founded Gender & Sexualities Studies Institute at the New School. Kay had a chat with Chiara Bottici, co-director of the institute, about its inception and goals, and about its inaugural symposium: Gender Matters. [Browse their website and events here.]

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Episode 6 - Adam Hosein

Mariam and Giuseppe talk with Adam Hosein about chess, migration, islamophobia, public philosophy, whether there is anything that is just plain ?good? and flamenco.

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Episode 5 - Miranda Young

[TW: discussion of sexual assault, trauma, survivors]. Giuseppe and Zac have a chat with Miranda Young about sexual assault narratives, the criminal justice system, the role of philosophy and literature in feminist and anti-racist politics, Artemisia Gentileschi and Elena Ferrante.

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Episode 4 - Tamsin Kimoto

K and Giuseppe have a chat with Tamsin Kimoto about the distinction between philosophy and other academic disciplines, whiteness, orientation and disorientation, Asian American experiences, what the post-Covid world may look like, hygienic gender practices, and trans theory.

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Episode 3 - PJ Gorre

Madison and Eddie have a chat with PJ Gorre, PhD candidate at NSSR, about phenomenology, Eurocentrism and the idea of Europe, teaching philosophy, and the concept of essential work.

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Episode 2 - Gina Walker

Kay and Madison chat with Gina Walker, professor of Women?s Studies at The New School, about her way through education and life as a woman, epistemological authority, the founding mothers of the New School, sexual identity, and The New Historia - a digital archive of groundbreaking women.

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Episode 1 - Mariam Matar

Madison and Giuseppe have a conversation with Mariam Matar, a PhD student at NSSR, about political activism, BLM, studying, teaching and writing philosophy. At the end of this episode, courtesy of Simon Critchley, you will listen to 'Eat Your Funky Dasein', a Heidegger inspired track by  Critchley & Simmons.

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