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True Crime Binge

True Crime Binge

Host Bob Ruff invites other true crime content creators on the show each week to share their origin stories, break down cases they?ve covered, and give you a little taste of their podcasts.  Listeners get to listen in on fun conversations, learn about new cases, and find their next true crime binge!


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4: Laura Richards

Laura hosts the Crime Analyst podcast, and also co-hosts the Real Crime Profile podcast along with Jim Clemente and Lisa Zambetti.  Laura is a Profiler / Criminal Behavior Analyst, formerly with New Scotland Yard.  Through her podcast, Laura is dissecting the case of serial killer, Peter Sutcliffe.  P.S. was given the moniker by the press as ?The Yorkshire Ripper.?  On Crime Analyst, Laura is bringing to light the mistakes that were made throughout the original investigation.  Mistakes that opened the door for dozens of women to be attacked by this piece of shit.  Check out our website to suggest guests or to request an interview: ( Follow us on all forms of social media @TrueCrimeBinge Today's Sponsors: ( - For 10% off of your first month ( - Download the Honey browser extension FREE ( - For 15% off of annual membership
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3: Nic (True Crime Garage)

Nic hosts the True Crime Garage podcast along with co-host ?The Captain.?  Bob and Nic have a fun discussion about everything from high school bands, their favorite bourbons, quitting smoking and more, before taking a deep dive into the notorious Delphi Murders.  Both Nic and Bob are obsessed with this case, and are determined to see it solved.  They guys even plan a trip while on the air, to meet at the crime scene and try to figure out what happened to Abby and Libby. Check out our website to suggest guests or to request an interview: ( Follow us on all forms of social media @TrueCrimeBinge Today's Sponsor: ( - Use code "10binge" for 10 FREE meals and free shipping
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2: Christine Schiefer

Christine hosts the ?And That?s Why We Drink? podcast along with her co-host, Em Schulz.  Each week Em and Christine tell two stories.  A spooky, paranormal/supernatural story, and a true crime story.  In this episode, Bob and Christine chat about a true crime story that is both tragic and triumphant.  Miriam Rodriguez is a mother on a mission.  After the kidnapping and murder of her daughter Karen, Miriam vowed to track down the everyone involved and bring them to justice.  She spent years on the hunt, and managed to put 10 members of a Mexican drug cartel behind bars.  Tragically she ended up being murdered by the cartel, after they escaped from prison. Follow True Crime Binge on social media @truecrimebinge Today's Sponsor: Get three months of Babbel for FREE with the purchase of a 3 month subscription.  Just go to and use promo code "Binge"
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1: Payne Lindsey

Payne is the creator and host of Up and Vanished.  During season 1 of his podcast he helped to breathe new life into the cold case murder of Tara Grinstead, which ultimately led to the arrest of Ryan Duke and Bo Dukes.  Season 2 follows Payne?s investigation into the mysterious disappearance of Kristal Anne Reisinger.  Kristal went missing from the small Colorado town of Crestone on July 13, 2016.  Her case remains unsolved to this day.
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Introducing True Crime Binge

We are just two weeks away from the official launch of True Crime Binge!  Episode 1 will be live on February 3rd.  This trailer will give you a little taste of what you can expect to hear every Wednesday morning.  Make sure you take a moment and subscribe, so you don't miss our premiere episode! Follow us on social @truecrimebinge
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