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Making a Killing

Making a Killing

Making a Killing explores how corruption is reshaping global politics, and fueling some of the most deadly security threats facing the world today - from the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq, to terrorist networks, nuclear proliferation, drug trafficking and other organized crime. Making a Killing is a podcast project from the Hudson Institute's Kleptocracy Initiative, hosted by Nate Sibley.


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Ep. 25: Pandora Papers Fallout

Casey, Nate and Paul discuss the biggest stories emerging from Azerbaijan, Chile, Czech Republic, Pakistan and elsewhere, amid calls for heightened scrutiny of the professional enablers of transnational corruption?including many American lawyers.
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Ep. 24: Inside the Pandora Papers with Miranda Patrucic

Miranda Patrucic, a senior Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project journalist who worked on the Pandora Papers, explains how she followed the money as part of the biggest journalism investigation in history. Paul Massaro reveals the reaction from the US Congress: an ENABLERs Act to tackle professional facilitators of transnational corruption.
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Ep. 23: Hunter Biden?s Anonymous Art Problem and China?s Hostage Diplomacy

Casey, Paul and Nate discuss why Hunter Biden?s plan to auction his artwork to anonymous bidders engages serious money laundering risks, what Meng Wanzhou?s release tells us about China?s globalized kleptocracy, and the latest on anti-corruption reforms in Washington, DC.
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Ep. 22: Kleptocracy With Chinese Characteristics

Matt Schrader and Paul Massaro discuss the nature of corruption in the Chinese Communist Party and how that corruption underpins its rule in the country. They also discuss how the CCP's corrupt practices are exported abroad and how western enablers and enterprise become intertwined with the CCP in way deleterious to democracy.
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Ep. 21: Germany?s Dirty Money Addiction and Canada?s Real Estate Scandal

Paul, Casey and Nate discuss Germany?s problematic relationship with authoritarian capital, how money laundering gutted Vancouver?s real estate market, US missteps in Afghanistan, and major legislation from the US Congress. Paul & Casey's Foreign Policy piece:
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Ep. 20: David Asher on 9/11 and US Economic Statecraft

In the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks, the US transformed its capacity to wage financial warfare against terrorists, kleptocrats and other dangerous adversaries. Hudson senior fellow David Asher, who played a leading role in that effort, joins Nate and Casey to discuss lessons for contemporary efforts against transnational corruption.
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Ep. 19: Jonathan Hillman on China?s Belt and Road Initiative

Beijing has poured trillions of dollars into infrastructure development throughout the world since launching the Belt and Road Initiative in 2013. But as CSIS scholar Jonathan Hillman tells Nate Sibley, these investments too often involve opaque deals, corrupt practices, and exploitative political influence.
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Ep. 18: Afghanistan, Part 2: Jodi Vittori on Corruption Failures in Security Assistance

Jodi Vittori, a military veteran and leading expert on corruption and national security, joins Paul, Casey and Nate to discuss how failure to tackle pervasive graft fatally undermined the US mission over two decades, where stolen funds ended up, and what lessons can be drawn for future operations.
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Ep. 17: Afghanistan, Part 1: Marshall Billingslea on the Taliban?s Illicit Financial Networks

Amid the chaotic US withdrawal from Afghanistan, former US Assistant Secretary for Terrorist Financing Marshall Billingslea joins Nate Sibley to discuss how the Taliban funded its 20-year campaign, what kind of economy it will oversee, and what the US and its allies should do to keep its malign activities in check.
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Ep. 16: Dirty Dealings in US Real Estate, Orbán?s Kleptocracy, and Senator Levin?s Legacy

Casey, Nate and Paul discuss corruption in international sports on the heel of the Olympics; how more than $2.3 billion was laundered through U.S. real estate in the past five years; Hungary?s descent into crony capitalism; and the legacy of anti-corruption champion Senator Carl Levin.
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Ep. 15: Tom Keatinge on Transatlantic Efforts Against Illicit Finance

Tom Keatinge, director of the Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies at RUSI, joins Casey and Nate to discuss how the UK can elevate its fight against corruption?and whether Boris will join Biden in treating kleptocracy as a national security threat.
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Ep. 14: Nord Stream 2, and the "Schröderization" of Democratic Officials

With host Nate Sibley out this week, Casey & Paul invite Ben Schmitt to join the show to discuss, in-depth, the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and how its management and implications are benefitting corrupt government officials. The trio details how the project demonstrates the growing trend of corruption, or ?Schröderization,? of democratic officials involved with Russian and Chinese interests. (?Schröderization? refers to Gerhard Schröder, former Chancellor of Germany, and his direct involvement with the push for the original Nord Stream pipeline and subsequent work as a Putin crony and involvement in the second iteration of the strategic corruption project)
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Ep. 13 Olympics Special, Travis Tygart on Corruption and Doping in Sports

Paul Massaro, Casey Michel and Nate Sibley discuss corruption in Cuba and Georgia and how Western governments can engage populations suffering under kleptocratic regimes, as well as promising developments in Moldova. Making a Killing has made the move to weekly episodes! Subscribe and share the show with a friend.
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Ep. 12: Exposing Cuba?s Kleptocrats

Paul Massaro, Casey Michel and Nate Sibley discuss corruption in Cuba and Georgia and how Western governments can engage populations suffering under kleptocratic regimes, as well as promising developments in Moldova.
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Ep. 11: Kleptocrats and the Art of Reputation Laundering

Co-host Casey Michel interviews John Heathershaw, associate professor of international relations at the University of Exeter, about the widespread use of ?reputation laundering? by kleptocrats. Just as dirty money must be laundered and cleaned, kleptocrats are working to launder their dirty reputations, often by giving large sums of money to U.S. and U.K. universities. Read John's report:
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Ep. 10: Golden Visas, Reputation Laundering and Cryptocurrency Volcanoes

Paul Massaro, Casey Michel and Nate Sibley discuss what happens when kleptocrats go passport shopping for so-called ?Golden Visas,? how US universities launder criminal reputations, Hong Kong?s lurch to autocracy, and the Central American leader turning his country into a crypto-haven powered by volcanoes.
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Ep. 9: Biden Declares War on Kleptocracy + Leonid Volkov on Corruption in Russia

Leonid Volkov, chief of staff to Alexei Navalny, discusses the struggle against authoritarian kleptocracy in Russia. Paul, Nate and Casey break down President Biden?s historic memo establishing fighting corruption as a core US national security interest. Learn more at:
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Ep. 8: Abigail Bellows and Josh Rudolph on Alternative Measures for Combating Corruption

Josh Rudolph and Abigail Bellows join Nate Sibley to explore how diplomacy, foreign development aid and financial policy can be leveraged against kleptocracy. Casey Michel and Paul Massaro discuss the hijacking of an airliner by Belarus? kleptocratic dictator.
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Ep. 7: Risks and Opportunities for the Fight Against Kleptocracy

Paul Massaro, Casey Michel and Nate Sibley discuss Rudy Giuliani?s alleged foreign entanglements, London libel lawyers, and returning stolen assets to Venezuela. Paul explains how the U.S. can speed up support for anti-corruption measures in vulnerable countries caught between democracy and dictatorship.
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Ep. 6: Bill Browder and Maria Snegovaya on Alexei Navalny and Putin?s Kleptocracy

Bill Browder and Maria Snegovaya join Nate Sibley to discuss Alexei Navalny and corruption in Russia. Paul Massaro and Casey Michel look at shell companies and money laundering in Canada.
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Ep. 5: Matthew Caruana Galizia on Malta?s Kleptocracy

Matthew Caruana Galizia, director of the Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation, talks to Nate Sibley about his mother?s legacy of exposing elite corruption in Malta. Paul Massaro and Casey Michel discuss Alexei Navalny, golden visas, and Hong Kong shell companies.
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Ep. 4: Mary Butler on the US Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative

Mary Butler, Chief of the International Unit at the US Department of Justice?s Money Laundering and Asset Recovery Section, talks to Nate Sibley about seizing and returning stolen assets. Paul Massaro and Casey Michel discuss coordinating sanctions against human rights abuses and corruption in China, and the central role of lawyers in facilitating transnational corruption.
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Ep. 3: Daria Kaleniuk on Ukraine?s Struggle Against Kleptocracy

Daria Kaleniuk, Executive Director of the Anticorruption Action Center in Kyiv, joins Nate Sibley to discuss Russia?s strategic corruption and prospects for reform in Ukraine. Casey Michel and Paul Massaro explain US sanctions against Ukrainian oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky and Israeli billionaire Dan Gertler.
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Ep. 2: Marshall Billingslea on America?s Fight Against Dirty Money

Marshall Billingslea, a former senior US Treasury official and Financial Action Task Force president, joins Nate Sibley for a round-the-world tour of corruption and what democracies can do to fight back. Paul Massaro and Casey Michel discuss sanctions over the Navalny protests, Nord Stream 2, and Georgia?s democratic backsliding.
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Ep. 1: An Introduction to Global Kleptocracy and Corruption

Every year, trillions of dollars are siphoned out of the developing world and laundered through tax havens into Western financial centers. Nate Sibley, Casey Michel and Paul Massaro discuss how authoritarian kleptocracy became a pervasive threat to prosperity and security - and what democracies can do to fight back.
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Welcome to Making a Killing

Host Nate Sibley welcomes you to "Making a Killing," a new podcast from the Hudson Institute's Kleptocracy Initiative.
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