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Baking A Murder

Baking A Murder

If psychological thrillers & horror movies/books are your guilty pleasure - you're at the right place.  Brought to you by Rotten Mango hosts! 


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18: #18- The Squid Game - Would You Accept The Mysterious Invitation To Play Children's Games?

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17: #17- She Snuck Into A Psychiatric Study & Found Out "Patient #5" Went Missing (An Anonymous Girl)

$500 and all you have to do is answer some psychiatric study questions - it felt easy enough for Jess. 

But as she got deeper into the study she realized it wasn?t an innocent experiment for NYU. There was something sinister going on. 

What happened to patient #5? Why did she go missing? And who are all these strangers she?s forced to talk to? Are they in on it? 

Book Review & SPOILERS for ?An Anonymous Girl?
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16: #16- His Wife Was Murdered, He Spent 25 Years Planning The Perfect Revenge (The Secret in Their Eyes)

His life stopped when his newlywed wife was murdered in their home. He realized that nothing the police did would ever bring his wife back. Even death would be too easy for whoever did this. 
For the next 25 years, he meticulously planned revenge- it had to be perfect. Nobody can find out.. especially the investigator who's spent years tracking down the murderer.
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15: #15: Someone Snuck Into Her House And Started Living Behind The Closet (Hide & Seek)

You decided to install security cameras inside your apartment. Strange things have been happening - you wanted to be careful. 
You come home after work to check your footage and that?s when you notice a man wearing a motorcycle helmet has snuck into your closet... but he never came out? 
Is he playing hide and seek?
Do you have to play?
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14: #14- He Pretended To Be Blind Until He "Witnessed" A Murder (BAM Andhadhun)

A piano teacher was pretending to be blind so that he can be a step above his competition. People would often take advantage of him - tripping him, trying to take his money, and blatantly doing outrageous things in front of him. 

But when an elite power couple decides to go as far as committing murder in front of his very eyes while he plays the piano. What will he do now? How will he tell the police without giving himself up? And what happens when the couple becomes suspicious of his blindness and wants to eliminate him. 
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13: She Lost Her Old Memories But Her New Life With Her Husband Seems Staged?

Her perfect husband helped her through her memory loss after a tragic accident. He showed her their perfect life together, the type of person she was, and the love they shared. 
But she slowly realizes that he lied about so many of these details. Why would he lie? What is he hiding? And why does he keep sneaking out in the middle of the night with a giant heavy suitcase? 
**THIS IS ONE OF OUR FAVORITE MOVIES OF THE YEAR - stay tuned for the never ending plot twists.
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12: #12: New Girl Transfers To Prestigious School To Expose The Dark Secrets Of The Students - Girl From Nowhere

At a prestigious Thai high school, it seems like the students have it all. Wealthy families, trips abroad, and all the luxuries money can buy. 
But when a new girl transfers into their school - their secrets slowly start unraveling. How much are these kids willing to do, to pay, to make sure their secrets stay secret?
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11: #11 - 7 Workers Trapped In Cave Hotel BUT One Of Them Is An Imposter (Movie - From The Dark)

A secluded lodge in Oregon is known for its underground cave tours and its lack of cell service.
When 7 workers get trapped at the lodge - they realize that there is a killer among them. 
Who is it? Who can you trust? Is the cave the safest place?

This is the real life among us. 
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10: She Enters in a SLEEP EXPERIMENT - Everything Goes Wrong When She Learns What The Doctors Are Doing

A runaway teenager with nowhere to go finds a local ad for a Sleep Study. The perfect arrangement - she?ll have a warm hospital bed to sleep in every night - and they?ll pay her $12 an hour. 
It?s all perfect - till she realizes what the doctors are actually trying to study.
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9: #9-Billionaire Created 6 Perfect Wives - But Ended Up Killing Them One By One

He created six perfect wives. They had the perfect looks, personality, and memory. One at a time he would bring them into his place to play house - her the beautiful wife - and him the retired billionaire. Everything was perfect till it wasn?t. He would brutally murder her in the middle of the night. 
Then he would start fresh again with another perfect wife - till she too gets murdered.  Were they not perfect enough or was this the perfect plan?
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8: #8: Crime Researcher Stalks Her New Neighbor After Believing He?s A Serial Killer (Book - Before She Knew Him)

Life was finally getting back to normal - she wasn?t staying up all night obsessing over details in unsolved murders anymore. She just moved into a new house.... 
 But all of that comes to an end - when she finds a familiar trophy displayed on her neighbor?s bookshelf. The trophy looks exactly like the one that went missing from the home of a young man who was killed two years ago....
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7: Psychiatrist Plays TWISTED MIND GAMES With Mistress & Wife | Behind Her Eyes | Crazy Plot Twist

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6: She's Forced Into a PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL and Has To Prove To Doctors That She's Sane... But Is She? (Unsane)

What would you do if you were involuntarily admitted into a psychiatric hospital? Would you try to reason with the doctors? How would you convince them that you?re sane and you?ll be okay?
That?s what Sawyer tries to do... but the more she tells everyone around her that she?s sane - the less even she believes it.
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5: #5- 3 Friends Stranded On A Ski Lift After Resort Shuts Down For A Snow Storm (Thriller Movie Frozen)

The ski lift is closing early due to a winter storm approaching. 3 disappointed friends bribe the ski lift operator to let them go to the top one last time. 

As they're making their way up - the ski lift abruptly shuts down leaving them suspended in the air. 
Too high to jump. 
Too cold to stay. 
They're all alone and the resort doesn't open back up for another week. 
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4: #4- Sinister Dinner Party Games and What Happens When You Accept The Invitation (The Invitation)

He gets invited to a dinner party hosted by his ex-wife in the house where their tragically died.
Once he arrives he realizes this won't just be an awkward dinner - but rather a party where every guest seems to be playing mind games.

Will he find out the host's true intentions or will it be too late?
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3: #3- Two Blind & Deaf Sisters Start Questioning Their Dad's Sinister Rules (Silence & Darkness)

One sister is blind - the other is deaf. They have become dependent on each other. Their Dad is a doctor who treats them regularly.

From the outside, they seem perfect. 

Until a visit from their neighbor...
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2: #2- She Forced Her Rival Cellist To Lose Her Rare Talent By Chopping Off Her Arm (The Perfection)

Two cellists enter a fight to become the best - to be the star of their Academy. They will stop at nothing to achieve The Perfection and nobody thinks twice - 

Until one of them ends up waking up from a drug-induced psychotic break after chopping off her own arm. 
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1: #1- She Became a Stripper To Get Revenge On Men (Promising Young Women)

She goes to bars to get drunk and waits for the next "nice guy" to take advantage of the fact that she's wasted. 

Here's the catch. She's not drunk. She's angry. And she wants revenge on "nice guys." 
Get ready for a major plot twists. 
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