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Falcon Crest Aftershow

Falcon Crest Aftershow

This is the show about all things Falcon Crest, the hit 80s Primetime soap! Hosted by James Lott Jr


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Falcon Crest Aftershow: An Unintentionally Funny Episode!

James Lott Jr talks about the episode where Maggie gives birth to Kevin at Falcon Crest!
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Falcon Crest Aftershow: Angela Channing's Sister in Law

Host James Lott Jr talks about Lana Turners run as Jacqueline on Falcon Crest!
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Falcon Crest Aftershow: Falcon Crest vs Dallas vs Dynasty vs Knots Landing

James Lott Jr compares Falcon Crest to the other big 3 soaps of the 80s!
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Melissa Agretti Was Not Used To Her Full Potential

James Lott Jr gives his opinion on the character of Melissa from Falcon Crest! what is yours?
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Maggie's Shocking Death

Maggie dies on the premiere episode of Falcon Crest on Season 9! Host James Lott Jr talks about it !
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Chao Li and Would His Character Be on TV Today

Host James Lott Jr talks about Chinese American character and actor Chao Li, who was on Falcon Crest!
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The Importance of Lance!

Host James Lott Jr talks about the character of Lance Cumson and how his portryer Lorenzo Lamas was groundbreaking in the early 80s!
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Yes Mariska Hargitay was on Falcon Crest!

James Lott Jr talks about Carly Fixx, played by an unknown Mariska Hargitay, NOW of Law and Order SVU fame! Shw was on Falcon Crest 1987-88.
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IN theTV Ratings!

Host James LottJr talks about the 80s Hit Soap Falcon Crest in relation to its ranking inthe US TV ratings! it was a Top 10 hit for 3 seasons and ranked higher than some of the other soaps but still didnt get the huge recognition. James explores why that may be!
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Dallas With Grapes?

Host James Lott Jr breaks down the many reasons he loved Falcon Crest! And how the show was different from the other soaps of the 80s.
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Falcon Crest Aftershow Introduction Episode

Host James Lott Jr is bringing attention to the 80s hit soap Falcon Crest as it celebrates 40 years since it debuted on CBS!
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