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Nat19: Devils Might Surrender

Nat19: Devils Might Surrender

A 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons game from Nat19, taking place within the Devil May Cry universe! Set between DMC 1 and 4, this game is DM'd by Logan Laidlaw of Nat19. The players (Spencer Downs, Ana Garcia, Cody Hughett, Aaron Robert Parnell, ErehcVA, Hayden Daviau) play a series of characters caught in a catastrophic event when Apom Capital City is plunged into a demonic blizzard, as gates to the Frost Hells open within the city. The podcast streams live every other Thursday at 5 PM PST, at and the podcast is uploaded here every Monday at 10 AM PST.


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12 - Devils Might Surrender | Frightful Nights

The group continues to head toward the Summergrass Lot, only to be met by an unexpected foe.

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11 - Devils Might Surrender | Ardyn & I

The players search the apartment complex for the elusive Scissor Faust.

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10 - Devils Might Surrender | Home Sweet Home

The party makes it to Apom Capital City, and fights their way back into Mariley and Niccolo's apartment.

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09 - Devils Might Surrender | Echo of Ambition

The hunt for Inanna continues.

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08 - Devils Might Surrender | Dennis II

The issues at Angels Lite resolved, the group moves on to hunt the demon bull Inanna.

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07 - Devils Might Surrender | Angels Lite

The party arrives at Angels Lite, Mariley's place of work. They are introduced to the various employees (some friendly and some not so much), including the magnificent Mama Marigold.

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06 - Devils Might Surrender | Chaos Bolt

The single most unlikely chaos bolt in history.

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05 - Devils Might Surrender | Valefar

The exploration of the talon-like spire comes to a close, and what is required to save or escape the city becomes clear.

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04 - Devils Might Surrender | Venti Angelo

The party searches for the remaining two medallions to power the elevator, solving the trials set in place by this structure's creator.

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03 - Devils Might Surrender | Elevation

The crew recovers from their fight with Vetris Angelo, and proceeds inside the massive structure ahead of them.

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02 - Devils Might Surrender | 1 & 20

The group traverses the underground, avoiding the freezing antagonistic blizzard above.

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01 - Devils Might Surrender | Cold Open

This podcast is the audio format version of the video series that streams on

A series of events in Apom Capital city unite the efforts of six unrelated people as they try to survive and understand a freezing disaster.

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