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Just One Thing - with Michael Mosley

Just One Thing - with Michael Mosley

If time is tight, what's the one thing that you should be doing to improve your health and wellbeing? Michael Mosley reveals scientifically proven top tips to change your life.


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Count Your Blessings

Surprisingly simple ways to boost your health and wellbeing - in one easy step.
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Hot Bath

In this episode, Michael takes a long soak in the bath, and explores why it might be good for our heart, metabolism and sleep. He speaks to one of the UK?s leading sleep experts, Professor Jason Ellis, Director of the Northumbria Sleep Centre, to find out why a hot bath a couple of hours before bed can help us get to sleep. They discuss the interplay of responses in your brain and body that work together to get your body ready for rest - and why a hot bath one to two hours before bed can help kick start the process? Crucially, it is not the warm, relaxing bath that?s important, but what happens afterwards.
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Take A Breath

In this episode, Michael reveals how slowing down and focusing on your breath can have a wide-reaching effect on your body and brain - from reducing pain, to improving concentration. He speaks to psychologist and neuroscientist Professor Ian Robertson, Trinity College Dublin, who?s discovered how spending just a couple of seconds to control your breath can act as a powerful reset button for your brain.
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Stand On One Leg

In this episode, Michael is reborn as a one legged yogi to reveal why the one leg stance is one the best thing you can do for a longer and more active life. He speaks to Professor Dawn Skelton at Glasgow Caledonian University, to find out what happens to your balance as you get older, why our balance is getting worse with each generation, and how regularly making yourself wobble could help improve your body and your brain.
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Green Spaces

Michael explores the science behind the soothing power of nature, revealing how nature not only makes us feel good in the moment, but how it also has a more lasting effect on our stress levels and our mental health. Michael speaks to Professor Ming Kuo at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, who has been looking into the surprising ways nature could be having an effect on your immune system and mind. They discuss everything from mood boosting microbes in the soil, to the aromatic chemicals released by plants that could be enhancing your immune system.
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Intelligent Exercises

In this episode, Michael reveals the best exercises you can do ? to help your heart and your brain. He now does press ups every morning ? having discovered research that shows being able to do 10 could help you live longer, and doing 40 nearly doubles your protection against heart disease. But strength exercises can do more than just improve your muscle tone and heart. Michael speaks to Professor Damian Bailey at University of South Wales who?s been researching the effects of exercise on your brain. He?s discovered that one of the best exercises you can do to boost your brain power is the simple squat. Michael discovers how many and how long you need to do them for to get the best benefit ? and it?s surprisingly little!
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Learn a New Skill

From easing your nerves to improving concentration, in this episode Michael explores the hidden brain benefits of taking up a new hobby. He finds out why learning a new skill is one of the best things you can do for mental agility and speaks to Professor Alan Gow at Heriot-Watt University to discover the best - and most fun - ways to keep your brain active, and how taking on a new challenge could help build new connections in your brain, whatever your age!
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Cold Shower

Michael delves into the science of cold water immersion, revealing how just a little bit of physical stress might go a long way to improve your heart health, boost your mood and help keep colds and flu at bay. To find out more, he speaks to Professor Mike Tipton from Portsmouth University who?s been researching exactly what happens in your body when you?re doused with cold water, and why it might have a positive impact on your body and brain, with lasting effects.
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Eat Some Bacteria

In this episode, Michael speaks to expert Kirsten Berding Harold, University College Cork, for all the latest science on all things good bacteria. Our willing human guinea pig Clare has a go making her own kefir at home and Michael has a go at cultivating some healthy bacteria in the form of sauerkraut - which he claims is far simpler to make at home than you might think!
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Early Morning Walk

Michael explores the secret power of early-morning light, revealing the surprising ways it can affect your brain to boost your mood and help get a better night?s sleep. But it?s not just when you go that?s important? He speaks to Marie Murphy, Professor of Exercise and Health at Ulster University, who?s shown how a simple change to the way you walk could cut your risk of heart disease by 20-50%.
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Welcome to Just One Thing with Michael Mosley

If time is tight, what?s the one thing that you should be doing to improve your health and wellbeing? Michael Mosley introduces his new series in which he reveals surprisingly simple tips that are scientifically proven to change your life.
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