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The MCU Crew

The MCU Crew

The MCU Crew is a new weekly show where itmeJP and co-hosts: Jesse Cox, and ThatBronzeGirl go deep in to their love of Marvel from comics, television, and of course movies! There will be spicy reactions, there will be hot takes, and there will probably be sweaty tears!


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The MCU Crew Bonus Episode - We React to the Marvel Studio's Hawkeye Trailer!

Jesse is away in Londontown this week, but that doesn't stop the MCU Crew from getting together for our boy in purple: Hawkeye!

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The MCU Crew Ep. 22 - Spoiler Time! What If... Episode 4 & Shang-Chi + Speculations!

Spoilers for What If... Episode 4 and Shang-Chi!

All the spoilers this week as we discuss the wild Doctor Strange episode of What If... Then we get dive head first into our discussions on the newest MCU movie: Shang-Chi & how it fits into the greater MCU canon.

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The MCU Crew Ep. 21 - Our Discussion on Spider-Man & Dr. Strange + What If... Episode 3!

The long-awaited trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home released last week and we have plenty to discuss, as well as how much Bronze loves Dr. Strange! Then we solve a murder mystery in episode 3 of What If...!

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The MCU Crew Ep. 20 - What If... Episode 2! + The Eternals Trailer & Spider-Man Leaks

We change our tune on What If... With the fabulous second episode featuring T'Challa & friends! But first it's the week of leaks with the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer & Black Panther 2 leaking. There's also a big existential crisis while going over the Shang-Chi reviews & much more!

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The MCU Crew Ep. 19 - Reality Chef Drama + Our Thoughts on What If... Episode One!

We have a ton of thoughts on the new Disney+ Marvel show "What If..." As well as our predictions for the future! But first we get real deep into Gordon Ramsay lore. Then some news headlines like Agents of SHIELD actors working on secret Marvel projects?! What could it mean!

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The MCU Crew Ep. 18 - Our Phase 3 MCU Ranking & Magical Spider-Men

We go on a deep tangent about canned air & the wild mundane stuff that could happen in the MCU. The mysterious Spider-Man posters & Spider-Man learning magic. Then we get into our contentious phase 3 rankings! There's also a small THE Suicide Squad review buried in there as well.

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The MCU Crew Ep. 17 - Is Hawkeye The Greatest MCU Character?! & Our Phase 2 MCU Ranking & Reviews!

We explain why Hawkeye is the best/worst, the full What If... Voice cast was revealed, and the recent lawsuit Disney faces from Black Widow actor Scarlett Johansson. Then we get into a very in-depth and heated discussion as we try to rank the phase 2 Marvel movies.

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The MCU Crew Ep. 16 - The Rumor Mill & Our MCU Tier List For Phase 1!

The rumor mill churns this week with a ton of casting & character introductions in future movies and shows! Who will Henry Cavill be? What will Emilia Clarke burn down? Kingpin is back?! We then move into a very intense discussion about comic book movie stagnation and then an even more heated discussion as we begin our MCU Tier List, beginning with phase 1!

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The MCU Crew Episode 15 - Loki Season Finale Spoiler Discussion & Our Future MCU Predictions

We go all in on Loki Episode 6 as well as what the future holds for the MCU? How many Kangs are there? How will the multiverse affect future shows and movies? We have no idea, but we'll throw out theories anyway!

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The MCU Crew Episode 14 - Black Widow Spoiler Review, Loki Episode 5 Spoilers, What If... Trailer!

Spoilers everywhere this week as we talk about Loki Episode 5 & Black Widow in great detail. But before that we check out some tidbits of Marvel news and react to the new What If... Trailer that has us excited!

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The MCU Crew Episode 13 - Loki Episode 4 Spoiler - Black Widow Hype Levels - Kang the Conqueror Lore

We check our hype levels for the upcoming Black Widow movie. Funko Pop spoils Spider-Man costumes & Doctor Strange has a mystery shovel. Then we get into the weirdness of Phase 4 Marvel which leads into our spoiler discussion of Loki Episode 4 as well as a deeper dive on Kang the Conqueror!

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The MCU Crew Episode 12 - Loki Episode 3 Spoiler - New Shang-Chi Trailer - Dr. Strange in WandaVision?

Spoilers for the entire MCU up to Loki Episode 3! WandaVision gets an altered ending (possibly Dr. Strange?!) A new Shang-Chi trailer, and our spoiler-filled discussion of the newest episode of Loki as well as the mid-season trailer. We have tons of predictions in this episode!

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The MCU Crew Episode 11 - Loki Episode 2 Discussion & Deep Dive Spoilers + Jessica Jones Returns & More!

Black Widow is getting great early impressions on social media, Jessica Jones joins the MCU and of course our deep dive into Loki Episode 2 where things escalated quickly!

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The MCU Crew Episode 10 - Loki Episode 1 Discussion & Deep Dive Spoilers + She-Hulk News!

This week we go heavy on the speculation with our Loki episode 1 discussion! But first we get into some news & rumors from She-Hulk casting to possible storylines in the What If animated series.

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The MCU Crew Episode 9 - Buff Thor, America Chavez, Breakfast

This week, the week of our lord Loki: We oogle Buff Thor, the glowing early impressions of Marvel's Loki, the reason why Bronze dislikes American Chavez, She-Hulk production shots, The Avengers Campus, and much more!

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The MCU Crew Episode 8 - Oscar Isaac's Moon Knight, Danai Gurira returns as Okoye, Summer Man?

This week Oscar Isaac has been officially cast as the Moon Knight! How will such a brutal character work in the current MCU? How will he interact with the other characters? Danai Gurira continues on as Okoye in the new Black Panther movie and a new Disney+ show! We also go into some deep recasting of key X-Men characters, how Cyclops got his name, and how useless Jubilee is (except when she is a vampire) plus much more!

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The MCU Crew Episode 7 - Marvel's Eternals, Hulu's MODOK, Disney Parks

Mondays continue to bless us with Marvel news as the new Eternals teaser trailer dropped this morning! We have loads of theories about how they'll fit into the current MCU and thoughts about whom the villains might be. We've started watching MODOK, an animated adult comedy show on HULU, and we mostly enjoy it. Kit Harington's Dukedom, Disney park immersion & Robot Groot? You bet! And much much more!

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The MCU Crew Episode 6 - New Loki & Black Widow Clips - TVA Lore - Marvel Toys

There are new Loki & Black Widow clips this week from the MTV Music Awards. Then we spiral down the lore hole, why time travel is wild, then a very long discussion about LEGOs, Barbies and other random Marvel toys and much much more!

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The MCU Crew Episode 5 - New Venom Trailer - Comic Shop Horror Stories - Anime?

The new Venom trailer released before the show and we get into our thoughts on it. There are a lot of characters in the MCU, Comic Book Shop horror stories, a very long segue into anime for some reason and much much more!

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The MCU Crew Episode 4 - Ms. Marvel + The Eternals + Falcon and The Winter Soldier Ep. 6 Spoiler Review

Ms. Marvel is wearing some low-top Converses, first moving images of The Eternals. The MCU makes us cry. Something about a Thorse and we eventually get to our thoughts on the season finale of Falcon & The Winter Soldier in this very concise 1 hour episode!

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The MCU Crew Episode 3 - Shang-Chi Teaser Reactions - Falcon and The Winter Soldier Ep. 5 Spoiler Review

We're talking about space dragons in this episode of The MCU Crew. Who is Shang-Chi? What are the Ten Rings? We react and discuss the new teaser that dropped right before the show! Then we go deep into social and political drama of the newest episode of Falcon & The Winter Soldier. Finally, we try our hand at casting Galactus and Silver Surfer, with varying results.

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The MCU Crew Episode 2 - Falcon & The Winter Soldier Ep. 4 + Thor Casting Rumors

Who is Jane Foster's Thor? Who is Gor? We discuss all this and new casting rumors for Thor: Love & Thunder! Then we go right in to an extra long examination of the newest Falcon & The Winter Soldier episode.

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The MCU Crew Episode 1 - Falcon & The Winter Soldier Ep. 3 + New Loki Trailer

Marvel didn't let up on our first ever episode of The MCU Crew; Dropping the new Loki trailer right before the episode WOW! We jam a lot of discussion in to our pilot episode with such hits as: Falcon & The Winter Soldier, Black Widow, the trauma of the blip and much more. We hope you enjoy it!

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