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I Am All In with Scott Patterson

I Am All In with Scott Patterson

Twenty years ago, you met Luke Danes...backward cap, plaid flannel, pouring the coffee. For the VERY first time, Scott Patterson (aka Luke) is watching Gilmore Girls. 154 episodes and 4 movies. We'll visit Stars Hollow, Doosey's Market, Miss Patty's, Mrs. Kim's antique shop and more pop culture references than you can count. Join us whether you're Team Dean, Team Logan or Team Jess. And, we'll see if we can figure out "who's the daddy". We'll talk fast, and if you can smell snow, if Paris isn't just a city in France, and Friday night dinner is a requirement... you don't want to miss this. Finally, cell phones are allowed. Listen everywhere you listen to podcasts. I AM ALL IN, an iHeartRadio podcast.


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Happy Thanksgiving from the I Am All In Crew!!
The debate of the day? Would you rather to go Thanksgiving dinner at Mrs. Kim?s, Sookie?s, Luke?s or The Gilmore's?

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Pop Culture Minisode (S4 E8 "Die, Jerk?)

This is your pop culture for S4 E8 "Die, Jerk?.

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One on One: Adam Shapiro

Although his time on Gilmore Girls was brief...Adam Shapiro aka Sugarman is bringing the stories!
Adam talks to Scott about nailing his one line and hanging with the cast of Friends.

Plus, you need to know about Shappy's Pretzels!

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You Think it?s Weird (S4 E8 "Die, Jerk?)

Lorelai lost it...she really couldn't handle that Nicole was back.  (And, we are loving every single second of it.)
Real baby or fake baby...the debate begins.
Digger at dinner...low key flirting with Lorelai.  Do we like it???
Plus, do you miss Dave as much as we do??
And, Hello Doyle!

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Pop Culture Minisode (S4 E7 "The Festival of Living Art")

This is your pop culture for S4 E7 "The Festival of Living Art".

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One on One: Traci Lords

Scott is joined by Traci Lords aka Interior Designer Natalie Zimmermann.
Traci tells Scott that he was the reason she knew about Gilmore Girls!
She reveals how Amy Sherman Palladino gave her the role and fills us in on everything about working with Lauren Graham.

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She?s the Queen of Something (S4 E7 "The Festival of Living Art")

Gil is joining the band but were the jokes about his advanced age hilarious or heartless?
We're going over it joke by joke and you decide...
Kirk's got a girlfriend!
How hard was it to become art in a famous painting?
Is anyone happy Nicole's back?
In case you missed it, Lulu is Kirk's girlfriend.  She's his girlfriend.  Did we mention she's his girlfriend?
We give the fashion a 10 for this Emmy Winning episode of Gilmore Girls!
We gotta go...Sookie's having a baby!!

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Pop Culture Minisode (S4 E6 "An Affair to Remember?)

This is your Pop Culture for S4 E6 "An Affair to Remember?.

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One on One: Biff Yeager

Biff Yeager aka Tom is revealing the part he originally auditioned for?and it actually makes perfect sense.

Does he use real power tools?

Plus, why he almost couldn?t deliver his lines and Lauren Graham is to blame!

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Would have been pathetic if you hadn?t (S4 E6 "An Affair to Remember?)

Happy Halloween!!
Can we offer you a broccoli tart??!!

Go Kirk!  We meet the lovely Lulu and our hearts are full.

We discuss the heartwarming moments between Luke and Kirk and the heartbreaking scene Emily and Lorelai share. 

Do we like Digger?  Do we like Digger for Lorelai?aka Umlaut!!??

We?re all about this EP?King Size candy bar style!

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Pop Culture Minisode (S4 E5 "The Fundamental Things Apply?)

This is your pop culture for S4 E5 "The Fundamental Things Apply?.

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One on One: Aris Alvarado

Caesar is here!

Aris Alvarado joins Scott sharing his favorite GG Stories!!  A 10 page scene with Scott that he couldn't believe they got through, his heartwarming moment from A Year in the Life,  and no ham no ham no ham.
And, a potential new collab with Scott and Aris (Luke and Caesar).

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Get off that Phone (S4 E5 "The Fundamental Things Apply?)

Rory?s on a first date!  Are Luke and Lorelai????
Paris vs Janet, urine mints, breakfast crew, and baby names? this episode has it all!!

We?ve spotted something in Luke?s diner that has us cracking up!  You need to see it!

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Pop Culture Minisode (S4 E4 "Chicken or Beef??)

This is your pop culture for S4 E4 "Chicken or Beef??  

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One on One: Katie Walder

You asked for it ? we got her!
Rory?s roommate Janet is all in.

Katie Walder fills Scott in on everything about her role on GG? good and bad!

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Sure. He can park it there. What do I care? (S4 E4 "Chicken or Beef??)

The opening scene seemed a bit off to us.  Did you feel the same?
This episode left us a bit befuddled.    
Topics we're debating...should Dean have invited Rory to the wedding the day before without even asking Lindsay?  (hmmmm)  Should Rory have agreed to go?  (hmmmmmmmmm)  Did Luke do the right thing by telling Rory not to go?  (hmmm hmmm hmmm)  Should Dean even be getting married?!?!
We miss Dave Rygalski already...he's left us for Californiaaaaaaaaaaa.

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Pop Culture Minisode (S4 E3 "The Hobbit, the Sofa, and Digger Stiles?)

This is your pop culture for S4 E3 "The Hobbit, the Sofa, and Digger Stiles?.

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One on One: Olivia Hack

She's Rory's suitemate...She's Cindy Brady...She's a voiceover star!
We loveee Tanna Schrick, who doesn't!   Olivia Hack aka Tanna is telling us eveyrthing. 

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Luke Sent Muffins (S4 E3 "The Hobbit, the Sofa, and Digger Stiles?)

Let's DIGGER in to this episode!
Do you love Yale or do you miss Stars Hollow?  The debate begins.
Would you love it if your grandma decorated your dorm room?  (albeit in 5.1 surround sound)
We meet Marty.   We meet Jason Stiles.
What will the future hold for these two fellas?
It's Party time dorm room style...our door is open!

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Pop Culture Minisode (S4 E2 "The Lorelais' First Day at Yale?)

This is your pop culture for S4 E2 "The Lorelais' First Day at Yale?.

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One on One: Jared Padalecki

Jared Padalecki is here!!!!  Dean Forester... he's tall, he's dreamy, he's Rory's first boyfriend and he built a car!
Scott and Jared reminisce together and it's EVERYTHING!
We ask everything you want to know if you are TEAM DEAN! (and even if you're not)

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You should?ve hired Movers (S4 E2 "The Lorelais' First Day at Yale?)

Rory and Lorelai have arrived at Yale University!  We meet Tanna Schrick while coming to an understanding we'll never get away from Paris, no matter how hard we try. 

The day started for Rory with a pancake surrounding sausage with bacon on top!  And ends with us all getting Lorelai'd and finding the best takeout with the hottest delivery drivers.
It's not all laughs...we must address these items...
Who is having a harder time being alone...mother or daughter?!
Was Luke's truck an automatic or stick shift?
Do we miss the Stars Hollow cast of characters when they aren't in an episode!?
Eagle-eyed fans will see the clown pillow staring at them as well as all the hiccups and messups that Scott loves to find!

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Pop Culture Minisode (S4 E1"Ballroom & Biscotti?)

This is your pop culture for S4 E1"Ballroom & Biscotti?.

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There?s More (S4 E1"Ballroom & Biscotti?)

Season 4 is here!!
Scott?s filled with blink and you missed it oddities and  BTS.

We noticed changes in the opening credits?did you?

Let?s dig deep to discuss and dissect crucial elements in this season premiere.

Plus, listen all the way to the end for a special surprise guest!!
Is Gilmore Girls responsible for a long running popular television show!!????

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Scott, Matt Czuchry, Yanic Truesdale, John Cabrera TELL ALL.

Who is the Daddy?  Matt Czuchry reveals what he knows...
What would get them to return to Stars Hollow?
How does everyone really feel about GG Season 7?
Team Dean, Team Jess, Team Logan...the debate rages on.
This is a Q & A not to be missed.

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One on One: Rob Estes

It's Jimmy vs Luke...and it's happening right now!
Father Knows Best... well....we'll just see about that.
Jimmy Mariano is him or hate him...
But, what's NOT to love about the fantastic wonderful Rob Estes!
Rob is letting us in on all the secrets about the spinoff that never was.

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Pop Culture Minisode (S3 E22 "Those Are Strings, Pinocchio?)

This is your pop culture for S3 E22 "Those Are Strings, Pinocchio?.

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Sean Gunn Returns!!

Sean Gunn is back!!
Sean and Scott sat down with fans in Raleigh, NC and we're bringing it to you!
Don't miss ?Kirk? dishing about behind the scenes, which "team he?s on,? his favorite job, friendships with the cast, and great Gilmore stories!

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I'm blubbering. You're freaks! (S3 E22 "Those Are Strings, Pinocchio?)

Happy Graduation!  We're not're crying!
It's the Season 3 Finale...was it everything Luke "dreamed" of?!
Were you satisfied with this episode?
Why do we REALLY think Jess was calling Rory and not saying anything?
Is this the best episode of the series?
Should Luke go on the cruise with Nicole?

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Pop Culture Minisode (S3 E21 "Here Comes the Son")

This is your pop culture for S3 E21 "Here Comes the Son". 

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One on One: Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs

He?s not Jess? pal? because he?s the Stars Hallow princiPAL!

Scott is joined by Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs aka Principal Merton.

Did he do the right thing to kick Jess out of school?
This iconic actor, best known for Welcome Back Kotter, is giving us the scoop on his career including Gilmore Girls.

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I Failed Him (S3 E21 "Here Comes the Son?)

The spin-off that never was.  The question is? was that the right decision?  Should Jess (Milo Ventimiglia), Jimmy (Rob Estes), and Sasha (Sherilyn Fenn) been given their own series.
Scott has thoughts about Jimmy? will you agree?!??!?!
Back in Stars Hollow, should Lorelai have told Rory sooner that Jess was gone?
Emily should have invited Lorelai for dinner, right?
Paris really needed that hug.

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Pop Culture Minisode (S3 E20 "Say Goodnight, Gracie?)

This is your pop culture for S3 E20 "Say Goodnight, Gracie?. 

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One on One: Yanic Truesdale, Matt Czuchry, and John Cabrera

The Boys Are Back in Town!
Yanic Truesdale (Michel Gerard), John Cabrera (Brian Fuller), and Matt Czuchry (Logan Huntzberger) join Scott!!

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It's a Wild Guess But I Think His Name Rhymes with Tess (S3 E20 "Say Goodnight, Gracie?)

Who's The Daddy!  Should Jimmy have come to Stars Hollow to see Jess?
Is Jess treating Rory like dirt?  Why isn't Mrs. Kim reacting to the drunk dial from Lane?  Yes or no on Lorelai's hat?
Do you know who the man in the suit is??
Is Adam Brody the greatest ever?  
Inside info on Luke's "Walk", a background actor who possibly looked up to soon, and face acting.
Special shout out to Lane's backpack, Tofutter, eggo waffles, Rob Estes and of course our dear Fran.
All this and so much more...

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Pop Culture Minisode (S3 E19, "Keg! Max!")

This is your pop culture for S3 E19, "Keg! Max!".

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Was that Necessary (S3 E19 "Keg! Max!?)

Dean and Jess go at it and we have A LOT of thoughts.

Is Lorelai's Pageboy cap the worst fashion move in Gilmore Girls history.
We have a SERIOUS bone to pick with a certain scene in this episode.  Should it have been handled in a completely different way?!   The debate is on.
And, Scott reveals something extremely personal and important about a part of this episode.

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One on One: Matt Czuchry

Team Logan!!!! ? this one is for you!  Matt Czuchry is here. (Aka Logan Huntzberger)

Even though we don?t officially meet Logan until Season 5, we are ready for this sneak peak one on one with Matt!

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Pop Culture Minisode (S3 E18 "Happy Birthday, Baby?)

This is your pop culture for S3 E18 "Happy Birthday, Baby?.

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I'm Completely Off the Spot (S3 E18 "Happy Birthday, Baby?)

Happy Birthday, Lorelai!!!
Pass the Johnny Machete, please.  How did you feel about the big reveal to Emily and Richard that Rory is going to Yale? 
Lorelai gets $75,000 from Richard and uses it to repay Emily and Richard.  HOT MESS.  Was Lorelai right or wrong to pay back her debt?  
Then, we've got an intense debate regarding the "Jess Rory Arm Around Waist Hold Hand Move"!  Is this a well known sign of affection or twister-like craziness?
And, find out what double secret agent acting is!

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Pop Culture Minisode (S3 E17 "A Tale of Poes and Fire?)

This is your Pop Culture for S3 E17 "A Tale of Poes and Fire?.

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One on One: Beth Kennedy

Teacher?s Pet?Hot for Teacher?Bad Teacher?

BUT? What?s it like to be a teacher at Chilton?
Beth Kennedy aka Mrs. O?Malley knows.

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I'm not Good at Hugging (S3 E17 "A Tale of Poes and Fire?)

Should Luke have told Nicole that Lorelai was sleeping over?
Should Lorelai have told Luke about the dream?  The pregnant kissing dream!
Did Papaya have a significant symbolic meaning?  Why does everyone have a twin bed?  
Yanic stole this episode.
Plus, we have a few bones to pick!
It's getting hot in here...

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Pop Culture Minisode (S3 E16, "The Big One")

This is your pop culture for S3 E16, "The Big One".

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Nicole is the woman I am dating. That?s it. (S3 E16 "The Big One?)

What a difference a week makes!  The Big One does not disappoint on any level.  (We do of course have a few bones to pick...)  Bravo Liza Weil...what an incredible performance.  Scott shares interesting BTS insights  to help us understand how they shot that heartbreaking emotional scene between Paris and Rory.
We learn about a line that only Lauren Graham could deliver so perfectly!
Max and Lorelai share a do we feel about it....???
Plus, Scott saw things with Richard one way and we are pretty sure that everyone else on planet earth will disagree.

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Pop Culture Minisode (S3 E15, "Face-Off")

This is your pop culture for S3 E15, "Face-Off". 

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You really got pucked in the head (S3 E15 "Face-Off")

How do we feel about this episode?  That is a tough question.  It has some highs and quite a few lows.  
We laughed but we have legit critcism.  Do you agree or disagree?! ...we...go.... 
Trix.  Trix.  Oh Trix. not take this from Trix!  
Jess...come on Jess!  Do not leave Rory home waiting for your call!  Are you serious?!?!?
But, what's going on with Rory at the end of the episode?

For info on the convention visit -

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Pop Culture Minisode (S3 E14 "Swan Song")

This is your Pop Culture for S3 E14 "Swan Song". 

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One on One: Billy Burke

Lorelai has a boyfriend and shockingly Scott is ok with it.  Alex is a likable cute cool coffee loving guy! We're getting all the details on him from the man who portrayed him, Billy Burke.
And, of course, we can't interview Billy Burke without talking a little Twilight!

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They Come Up For Air Every So Often (S3 E14 "Swan Song?)

Everyone loves this episode.  It has it all.  Hilarious filled with more favorite lines that we can count thanks to Dan Palladino's writing.
Opening scene perfection.  Adam Brody genius.  We're all digging Alex.  Lorelai's fashion on point.
Rory catching Lorelai kissing her boyfriend and Lorelai catching Rory kissing Jess...OH MY!
We do have a few 'bones to pick' though...
1.  Luke in the diner discussing Lorelai's wardrobe.  hmmmm!!??
2.  Emily blaming Lorelai for the Jess/Rory Friday Night Dinner Debacle
3.  Why didn't Jess just tell Rory he got beaked by a swan!

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