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The Confident Commit

The Confident Commit

Covering topics ranging from pipeline security to engineering team efficiency, The Confident Commit is for anyone looking to join the conversation on how to deliver software better and faster. Listen in today!


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Observability improving speed and reliability with Ben Sigelman

Rob sits down with Lightstep CEO, Ben Sigelman to discuss observability and how it connects with delivering change with confidence.
Get answers to questions like,

What is observability vs monitoring, tracing, and logging? Do they all have their own jobs or is there overlap?Where is the split between validating before production and validating in production?Are we making software more complex than we need to? Is that complexity driving this push towards observability?

Tune in today and if there's something you want us to discuss on a future episode, reach out to us on twitter at @circleci! 

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Amplifying your organizational expertise with Marko Gargenta

Rob sits down with Marko Gargenta to discuss helping developers build real knowledge about delivering software effectively. Marko shares how he came to realize how vital learning, training, and empowering new knowledge is for aspiring technical professionals. 

For many organizations, investment in knowledge building through education and training has slashed time waste, inspired new development, and supported overall growth. Tune in today!

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Embedding empathy in your software development ft. Andrea Goulet

Rob interviews Andrea Goulet, Co-Founder of Corgibytes, and a prominent thought leader in the technology industry.

Get answers to big questions like, 
- Is there a change afoot in software that makes empathy more relevant now? Or is talking about empathy long overdue in our industry?
- Can empathy be learned? 
- What long-term impacts can developers make by building more empathy into their practice?

Tune in today and if there?s something you want us to hear discussed on a future episode, reach out to us on twitter at @circleci!

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Designing your org for fast flow of change with Matthew Skelton

Rob interviews co-author of Team Topologies and founder of Conflux, Matthew Skelton on how to structure your team for a fast flow of change.  Discover the signs, symptoms, and proper metrics that indicate your organization's structure may need a redesign. Tune in today!

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Architecture meets delivery with Chris Richardson

DevOps pros know that architecture can enable or inhibit a team?s ability to make changes quickly and confidently. Rob interviews Chris Richardson about engineering metrics that can help teams evaluate the effectiveness of their architecture. 

Rob and Chris discuss how good architecture provides the foundation teams need to balance rapid delivery and finding product market fit with getting to a stable, workable system over time. Tune in today!

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Software engineering with a purpose ft. Brad Henrickson

Rob is joined by Brad Henrickson to discuss the interaction between human motivations and delivering great software. Brad and Rob dive into the leadership skill of cultivating space for employees to share their work motivations as a means to operating well together. Tune in today!

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Systems and Flow with Elisabeth Hendrickson

Rob interviews Elisabeth Hendrickson on system and flow.  Elisabeth shares how to get your team to understand the system of software delivery and how to get your team to measure success properly. Tune in today!

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Taming infrastructure with HashiCorp's Armon Dadgar

Rob interviews HashiCorp's Armon Dadgar about the inspiration of HashiCorp, infrastructure challenges and opportunities, and the future of security. 

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Releasing software with full control

Rob interviews Olaf Molenveld, CTO and Co-Founder of Vamp. Vamp?s release orchestration capabilities combined with CircleCI?s CI/CD platform will be transformative. Tune in today to hear about it!

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History and future of DevOps

Host Rob Zuber and CircleCI CEO Jim Rose discuss where DevOps came from and where it is headed.  

To learn more about the history and future of DevOps, visit:

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