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Drama Queens

Drama Queens

Take yourself back in time...back to high school. The ups and downs, the loves the losses, the struggles the triumphs, being together with your friends...feeling every emotion of it.   Is 23 more than just a number to you? Do you respond to people by saying I don't wanna be anything other than what I've been trying to be lately? Do you expect to have life-changing moments while caught in the confetti or the rain?   Are you One Tree Hill obsessed?'s OK...we're here for you. You can sit with us.   Are Brooke, Peyton and Haley your BFF goals?   These Drama Queens are getting back together!! Bethany Joy Lenz, Hilarie Burton and Sophia Bush are the biggest Drama Queens and they are here with you to dissect every episode, deliver every detail you must know, and devote themselves to you as you rewatch every single scene together.   Join Joy, Hilarie and Sophia each week.   Relive it, Relove it, Rewatch it ...every One Tree Hill minute of it. Be a Drama Queen. Drama Queens, an iHeartRadio Podcast.


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It?s a Fiasco ? EP404

As their characters struggle with the situations they?re dealing with on the show... Hilarie, Sophia, and Joy relive what life was like behind the scenes during this time. 

It was definitely a tale of two dramas as things were surreal with the highest of highs while simultaneously marred by the lowest of lows. And it?s all explained right here? 

Plus, a special guest performed at Tric on this episode? find out who and why this was one of Sophia?s most memorable days on set!

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LIVE IN WASHINGTON DC feat. Lee Norris, Antwon Tanner and Switchfoot

It?s a packed house in DC as Joy, Hilarie and Sophia welcome close friends and special guests Antwon Tanner, Lee Norris and a performance by Switchfoot! 

They reminisce about everything from being kids, to having kids and always being there for each other in between.  Plus, some powerful fan questions?

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Good News/Bad News ? EP403

It?s ?Good News for People who Love Bad News.?  

Hindsight definitely proves to be 20/20 as the Drama Queens ponder why Brooke and Peyton are always at odds when it?s really the fault of a boy. 

Hilarie, Sophia and Joy dissect whether Nathan?s behavior can be passed off simply for being Dan?s son and don?t even get us started on Matt Barr?

This episode had great banter and amazing zingers alone but when you factor in the drama? it becomes a recap from the heavens.

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LIVE IN BOSTON (Part 2) feat. Matt Barr, Robert Buckley and Tyler Hilton

Psycho Derek is in the house and he?s got stories of how that nickname has plagued him for years! 

And Robert Buckley and Tyler Hilton return causing more chaos in only the way they can!  

Plus a slew of more fan questions! 

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We?ve Got Skills ? EP402

This episode is packed full of drama and Hilarie, Sophia and Joy are loving it even more this time around. 

Skills is on full display as we head back to the River Court, Moira and Barbara bring the emotion and heartbreak, the mystery pregnancy test and Rachel goes head over heels for Nathan? uh oh!

Plus a fan proposes a thrilling round of ?Kiss, Marry, Slap? with Skills, Jake and Uncle Cooper. How will it play out for each of the Drama Queens?! 

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LIVE IN PHILLY! feat. Paul Johansson & Torrey DeVitto

The DQ RV tour takes us to the City of Brotherly Love?or more aptly, the City of Sisterly Love. Either way the irony is thick as the discussion is all about favorite villains with none other than Dan Scott and Nanny Carrie!  And even more secrets are shared including favorite OTH moment, favorite movie and favorite on-screen kiss!

Plus some real life villainous behavior is revealed...Find out which Queen once crashed a wedding!  

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Anatomy of a Relationship ? EP401

We begin Season 4 with the aftermath of the post-wedding car accident. 
While Haley is focused on Nathan diving in to save Cooper and Rachel, the Drama Queens dive head first into the inner workings of teen relationships. The break-up of Brooke and Lucas, Peyton?s perceived betrayal and the real-life challenge of dating friends. Is it worth it? 
Plus, some of OTH?s most over the top storylines!

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LIVE IN NYC feat. Barbara Alyn Woods & Daphne Zuniga

The tour continues as the DQ RV takes them to NYC!. They are joined by Barbara and Daphne a.k.a. Deb Scott and Victoria Davis!

The drinks continue to flow, and the never-before-heard stories are flowing even faster.
Hindsight is an interesting tool?what were their most cringe-worthy moments? And is their room for a Deb and Victoria spinoff?!!

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Sunset, Before Sunrise ? EP322

As the sun sets on Season 3? Hilarie, Sophia and Joy recall the long days of filming, which entailed getting up at 3:30am for all-day shoots. 

And while the season finale finds Nathan attempting to save Cooper and Rachel, the recap finds the Drama Queens defending Hilarie for Peyton?s move that still upsets fans to this day. 

Is all the drama worth it? We'll find out on this episode of Drama Queens!

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LIVE IN BOSTON feat. Tyler Hilton and Robert Buckley

The Queens have hit the road for their first ever tour and the RV?s first stop is Boston! 
There are special guests, specialty cocktails, fashion reveals, singing and some wild fan questions that evoke truly honest and on the spot answers.

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Here We Go Again, Again ? EP321

It?s the night before Naley?s wedding and just like we did the first time around, we come into this episode convinced of Peyton and Jake? until we once again see Peyton and Lucas.
Hilarie, Sophia and Joy relive all the drama and fun of Naley?s rehearsal dinner, discuss what they would have done differently and reveal a secret real-life connection between Sophia and Brooke. 
Plus, find out which character the ladies think would?ve done great on Love Island!
Here we go again? But this time it?s different! 

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Vegas, Baby ? EP320

The Drama Queens are finally in the same room together this week for the iHeart Festival in Vegas!

Hilarie, Sophia and Joy fawn over James? performance, reveal co-star crushes and which love stories they wish they were able to see play out in Tree Hill.

Plus, find out everyone?s IRL shower song!

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The Fall Out ? EP319

Reliving this episode is nothing short of heaven? from Whitey?s ?why basketball matters? speech, to Karen admitting she was going to need help, to the monumental real-life events happening in Wilmington at the time.  

Hilarie, Sophia and Joy are feeling all the effects of the power of this episode almost 16 years to the date that it originally aired. 

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Hindsight is 20-22 ? EP318

There?s a lot to love about this episode? Rachel?s cabin, Nathan?s attempt at a perfect proposal, Pete Wentz surprising Peyton and Rachel and Brooke?s rivalry reignited.  BUT as we?ll find out, the making-of certainly had its moments! 

Fasten your seatbelts because this is some serious roller-coaster reminiscing.

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One Tree Thrill (Part 10)

Sophia and Hilarie take on the latest installment of your fan questions!

Why did Lucas have the Scott last name? What advice would they, as adults, give their characters? 

And, the latest on some fellow OTH actors and which ones they long to reunite with...and what they want to do with them! 

It?s a Drama Queens truth session.

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Feeling Feelings ? EP317

The expression of art imitating life has never been so prevalent. As the characters try to move on from the difficulties in their storylines the Drama Queens recap the growing pains that were unfolding simultaneously in their own lives. 

Find out what they learned about finding a new appreciation for life and recognizing the moments that help us mend. 

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Dial 988 ? EP316 (Part Two w/Shannon Watts)

In light of the tough topic in episode 316, Sophia?s friend Shannon Watts (founder of Mom?s Demand Action) joins us for a conversation about what they?re doing to make a difference in the landscape of gun violence in America.

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Dial 988 ? EP316 w/Colin Fickes

Joy, Hilarie and Sophia recap one of the most pivotal episodes of One Tree Hill - ?With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept.? As emotional as the episode that aired was, what went on behind the scenes was impossible to describe, until now. 

The Drama Queens are joined by Colin Fickes who played Jimmy Edwards as they discuss the powerful making of the show and what it meant on a larger, real-life scale.

So much we didn?t know and a reminder of things we need to remember...It?s truly an episode you won?t want to miss.

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The Future is Now ? EP315

The time capsule is mysteriously opened and revealed to the entire school. Looking back now is a lot like opening a time capsule in itself. 

In a true ?If I knew then what I know now? discussion the Drama Queens discuss the realness of Jimmy Edwards? story. 

Art imitated life as the ladies recall the violation of a real life email hack.  It may be 16 years later but the fireworks are still exploding! 

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Going Rogue ? EP314

Haley, Peyton and Brooke take a road trip to New York for the Rogue Vogue Fashion Show and this trip leaves Brooke faced with a major decision to make.  The Drama Queens share some fond memories of the episode as they connect with it on a personal level. 

However it turns out there was another show happening behind the camera as the girls are joined by the writer of the episode, Anna Lotto, who shares some raw BTS truths regarding the atmosphere of the writer?s room and the making of One Tree Hill.

Grab a seat, this episode rewrites the definition of drama. 

For tickets to Drama Queens Live - visit!

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I?m Not Crying, We?re Crying ? EP313

Emotions run high as the Drama Queens recap this episode. The big storm, major relationship moments (Lucas declares his love for Brooke again) and Peyton?s heartbreaking loss of Ellie. 

Hilarie, Sophia and Joy discuss their wide ranging thoughts and opinions regarding the storylines, ?the Mouth monologue?, and what even is an ?elite girl!??

The episode had the feel of a cinematic masterpiece and the recap is just as dramatic.

For tickets to Drama Queens Live - visit!

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One Tree Thrill (Part 9)

After a long day on set... what did the Drama Queens do to unwind? Did someone say ?karaoke?!?

Find out the Queens? personal life hacks, the nuances the viewers noticed that they didn?t, and hear the story of their visit to a college bar!  Plus, who got asked out by a much younger man, and so much more! 

The Drama Queens are putting the Q in Q&A!

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A Walk to Remember ? EP312

If you wondered whether we?d ever find an episode of OTH that gives all the Drama Queens the feels, then look no further - this is it! We all shed a tear!

From the location, to the lessons, to BTS close calls?there's plenty of nostalgia to go around as well as stories of how it?s affected their personal lives. 

Plus, the Drama Queens have some shout-outs to some real-life people that crossed their paths that they?d like to locate?could it be you? There?s only one way to find out!

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It?s a Trap! ? EP311

The Drama Queens are fired up and desperately need an update on Joy's love-life and the date/non-date from last week!

Hilarie, Sophia and Joy dive into this week?s episode and dissect the storyline of Haley ?trapping? Nathan, the bond between Peyton and Ellie AND the long awaited return of Keith!!!!

Plus, contest winner Amanda joins us and as you can imagine? she?s pumped! The Queens are giving her all their Wilmington tips and tricks - you?ll need to write these down!

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Twin Peaked w/ Sheryl Lee ? EP310

Special guest Sheryl Lee aka Ellie Harp joins the Drama Queens!! Hilarie shares how Sheryl saved her and played an instrumental role in her career.Sheryl knew the fate of Ellie from the beginning and assumed Hilarie knew as well? wait until you hear the truth!!Plus, Joy shares a story of a lunch date she had this week which opens up the floodgates of what?s a friendship? and what?s a date? and why can?t we just have one set of rules for everyone?!

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Clothes Over Bros ? EP309

It?s the birth of Clothes Over Bros.

Haley, Brooke and Peyton got? arrested?! Yep, that happened.

Plus, the Drama Queens dissect the massive falling out between Brooke and Lucas. 
Oh, and who tried to kill Dan in that fire? 

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One Tree Thrill (Part 8)

We are back answering YOUR questions!
Which personality trait from Brooke, Haley and Peyton do the Drama Queens wish they had? What is something every woman in their 20s should do right now? What TV show can the Queens watch over and over again?

One thing is for certain, the Drama Queens had a ball at Sophia?s wedding! Can you guess which song had them tearing up the dance floor?!

Find out now!

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Say the Thing!! ? EP308

The Drama Queens are back together!!!! Joy and Hilarie catch Sophia up on the drama she missed while she was on her honeymoon? Brooke had a drunken disaster and it involved Chris Kellar ? oh my!!

Keen observation: we all know Dan is a narcissist? but it?s time to do a deep dive into his psyche. Is it all over for Dan Scott?

And Joy reveals Haley?s biggest mistake thus far?.

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Praying for Rain ? EP307

Paul Johansson directed this OTH epIsode and we're dishing the details. Deb & Karen turn into vandals, Peyton gets a break from the weepies, and Haley is making us all cringe. 

Memories are the theme of this episode as they're being made, erased, grieved and it's all tied together with a cameo from The Notebook. A film which, incidentally, featured our very own Paul Johnasson. AND, fun fact, Joy was so inspired by The Notebook when she first saw/read it that she couldn't rest until she had turned it into a full-fledged, produced, staged musical (which starred OTH "movie Lucas" Paul Teal as Noah). 

We'll share 5 demos of Joy's original songs inspired by this epic story!!

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Passing Notes w/Danneel Ackles (Rachel Gatina) ? EP306

Danneel Ackles aka Rachel Gatina is back!
We're getting all the BTS on Rachel and Danneel...Rachel was never supposed to stay in Tree Hill and Danneel was a pageant girl!

Which of the guys would Danneel have picked...her answer might surprise you!
And, remember passing notes in class...maybe we were on to something!

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Happy 4th of July!

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One Tree Thrill (Part 7)

Why was there never a Christmas episode on OTH?? 

Ever wonder how those music scenes at Tric worked?? Did the band actually play or is it silent and they mouth the words?

One Tree Thrill? here we GO!

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Having a Brawl ? EP305

There was an actual brawl in this episode!  As the Queens discuss, they reminisce about some of their own scrappy moments.
Either you love him or you hate, does that make Dan the perfect Mayoral Candidate?!
The Queens are fascinated as they watch it all back now considering they are closer in age to the parents!  And, in an unexpected twist certain storylines are more believable NOW!

For official rules to our Drama Queens Wilmington sweepstakes, visit:

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I?m Batman ? EP304

Who wouldn't want to be rescued by a Superhero?! Joy admits it was pretty cool!!
This episode brings new meaning to "it's getting hot in here".

Joy and Hilarie share their admiration for Sheryl Lee (aka Ellie Harp) and open up about why she became such a strong mentor to them.
Plus, the Queens are falling for Fall Out Boy!

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Haley?s Journey ? EP303

Does life imitate art or art imitate life?  
Joy gets emotional watching Haley fight to fix things with Nathan.  Find out why this resonates with her so intensely and hear all the character parallels the Queens see in their own lives. 

And, once again, OTH predicts the future as Peyton starts her podcast!

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Our Favorite Things ? EP302

Are you a Carrie, Miranda, Samantha or Charlotte?!  This is still OTH...don't worry...but, is Brooke all of them!?
The more Haley finds herself and her confidence, the more Nathan can't seem to deal! Joy can relate.
And then, Peyton at the party. Hilarie has a FAB behind-the-scenes story about her DJ booth at that beach bonfire.

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Unbreak My Heart ? EP301

The Drama Queens are all together for the premiere episode of Season 3 and loving Brooke's apartment... and her bangs!!
They are breaking down all the Dan drama. Is Dan the iceberg?!  Is Paul too good at being evil?
Also… The kiss that made us cry.... Nathan and Haley!!!!!!! Joy lets us all in on the story behind it.

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One Tree Thrill (Part 6)

Have you ever wondered which OTH parent gave the best advice?
Do the Drama Queens sing along to the opening credits?
And most importantly, which iconic outfits do they still have from their days as Haley, Peyton and Brooke?! 
You’ll find out… listen now!

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Taylor-Made w/Lindsey McKeon ? EP223

Taylor James aka Lindsey McKeon is joining The Queens this week.
Did you know Sophia and Lindsey went to preschool and elementary school together!?!?  Lets get to the bottom of a long-harbored, legendary “pencil story.”
We know Haley and Taylor are at odds, but what about Joy & Lindsey? Their on-set relationship might surprise you… 

Let’s also talk OTH music! Plus Lindsey has a very sexy special skill we’re dying to see. 

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Drama King w/Paul Johansson ? EP222

Joy is joined by her BFF, Paul Johansson aka Dan Scott, and together they are taking over the show!

This is Part 1 of the Season 2 Finale and surprise, surprise… Peyton cries. A lot. But Paul has a realization about Peyton and Jake that he never understood until this moment.

Discover the shocking reason why Paul loves watching Dan this many years later!! Then, join in as he and Joy discuss the many facets of being an artist, a parent, a romantic partner and much more. Bonus: Hollywood stories from Paul’s lengthy career including a great moment on set with Sally Field!

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You Brett Your Life w/Brett Claywell aka Tim Smith ? EP221

Brett Claywell aka Tim Smith is here, and he’s rocking a man bun?!  Brett reveals how he got cast; he was knocking on doors in Wilmington delivering Domino's and at first someone else was playing Tim!?
Brett shares that his wife has never seen One Tree Hill and that he feels like being a Dad is his true calling. Cue the feels! 
Plus, we’re tying up loose ends as we prepare ourselves for the Season 2 Finale!

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Chchchanges... ? EP220

What if One Tree Hill were a sitcom? Would we have loved it just the same?!
Is there anything you want to change about Haley, Peyton or Brooke?
Joy, Hilarie and Sophia reveal a thing or two they would have liked to be different about their characters.
Hilarie shares her most embarrassing moment. 

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One Tree Thrill (Part 5)

We are back answering YOUR questions!
The Drama Queens are being put to the test… they have one minute to elevator pitch their own characters - Peyton, Haley and Brooke… go!! 
This questions and so much more…

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Magic Mike w/Michael Trucco aka Uncle Cooper ? EP219

Introducing Michael Trucco aka Uncle Cooper!

Hilarie, Sophia and Joy agree that the highlight of this episode is Michael Trucco and they’re excited to share his magic with you!

It’s only Michael’s first episode but everyone bonded immediately. Join us as they relive his time in Tree Hill and laugh over memories of the race car scene and what it was like playing Nathan’s uncle.

Bonus! Michael Trucco shares his secret to a long, healthy marriage.

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That Did Not Age Well ? EP218

The Drama Queens are calling it like it is... this is their least favorite episode thus far. They dig into the script and some of the behind the scenes details. No sugarcoating it!
That being said, this episode does have a major bright spot! Anna's storyline. The ladies are in awe of Daniella Alonso's powerful performance, and they reflect why it is so meaningful to each of them.
And one more sweet spot? Brooke and Lucas! 

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I hate Mondays ? EP217

Let's get to unpacking this doozey of an episode.  Paul Johansson went behind the camera to direct this one.
We all had posters on our walls... didn't we??!!  Hilarie, Sophia, and Joy take this opportunity to reveal their first crush wall hangings.
Then, things get real as the Queens go deep about the fragility of love...they know so much now, that they didn't know then.
Plus, one villain is enough... bye Felix.

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Drama Queens Live II with Bryan Greenberg

Drama Queens LIVE!! Catch up ICYMI. Special guest Bryan Greenberg reminisces on playing every-girl’s-crush Jake Jagelski. 

Then, Sophia’s CBS hit “Good Sam” costar, Skye P. Marshall, pops in to celebrate your favorite BFF’s on screen together for the first time in 15 years! 

Cocktail love from Johnnie Walker, Fan Questions and all the details about how FUN it was on set with the #GoodSamFam!

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The Wedding CRASHED, with Craig Sheffer ? EP216 (PART 2)

The conversation with Craig Sheffer continues and is full of surprises! Hilarie reveals who else read for the role of Uncle Keith and we are all shocked. Joy tells Craig about the epic crush she had on him while filming and he tells us about the adorable way she revealed this to him years ago (which Joy forgot!!!).

The Drama Queens bond with Craig about their time on One Tree Hill and we learn so much about him including how he was discovered by Andy Warhol! We also explore his challenges working on OTH, and his complete utter shock when he learned Keith (*spoiler alert*) was going to die. 

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This Wedding CRASHED, with Craig Sheffer ? EP216

Will Dan let Keith have his happily ever after? And are we in support?! As the Queens realize that the start of Nathan and Haley?s relationship mirrors Jules and Keith?s, we wonder why we root for certain characters and perhaps not others?

As Hilarie, Sophia and Joy discuss Keith, they begin to reminisce about Craig Sheffer. The ladies confirm that just like Barry Corbin and Paul Johansson, he was an amazing mentor, protector, and costar. And Craig is here to join the Drama Queens. The girls have butterflies, and QUESTIONS! For one, how did onscreen enemies Dan and Keith become BFF's IRL?

Plus, the name of the game is always (early 2000?s) fashion, and Haley?s tour style is a-changing! So we must discuss the looks! And the mess Chris Keller keeps trying to make of her life!

Last but not least, Peyton and Jake have what may be the steamiest show on OTH to date. And Hilarie, we need to know everything.

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One Tree Thrill (Part 4)

We are back answering your burning questions!


Why weren?t there pets on set?? The Queens let you in on a Hollywood secret?


How do you envision Peyton, Brooke and Haley?s kids in 2022? 


We know you're wondering how those iconic OTH rain scenes work and why hot tubs are involved....


These questions and so much more!

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