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Go Tanium Tech Stories Podcast

Go Tanium Tech Stories Podcast

Every technology has a story behind it. These are stories from the people behind the innovation. They reveal the challenges the technology set out to solve and how it solves them. The Go Tanium Tech Stories Podcast was created to bring these stories to life by interviewing thought leaders from inside and outside of Tanium. There is no #techsplaining here, only proven insight for everyone on their digital transformation journey. The host of the Go Tanium Tech Stories Podcast, Doug Thompson, is relatively new to Tanium but not the industry nor storytelling. In addition to being a Technical Solutions Engineer he is also a TEDx speaker, hosts his own personal podcast, and is a two-time Ironman Triathlon finisher.


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Episode 2 - Tim Morris

Tim Morris | Financial Services Strategist

Tim joined Tanium in May 2021, after retiring from Wells Fargo, where he spent 21 years. He led the Cyber Threat Engineering and Research teams within Information & Cyber Security for the bank.

Tim has worked with almost every facet of computer and network technologies. Concentration has been with endpoint detection & response, systems & patch management, and vulnerability assessment. He has built teams that manage: endpoint security, platform engineering, incident response, digital forensics, and offensive security, i.e., "red team".

Tim was first introduced to Tanium in 2008. However, he didn't begin working with it fully until 2013. Tim was privileged to have the opportunity to be one of the first to deploy & manage Tanium at a large scale on 500K endpoints. At the same time, he was able to build one of the best cyber security engineering teams in the industry. Their effectiveness and efficiency were due in large part to Tanium - The best incident response and system management tool in the industry.

In this episode Tim reveals:

Why he came to Tanium after a 20 year career at Wells Fargo

How taking a risk on a new company/technology paid off.

What was the big problem that Tanium solved that made the decision to Go Tanium a no brainer.

Why he had to conduct a "CISO Apology Tour"

Who do you call when the best minds can't fix a problem? The CEO of course.

How a people first attitude is a key success factor for transformational change.

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Episode 1 - Preview

Welcome to the Go Tanium Tech Stories Podcast. I am your host and in this preview episode I introduce myself and the goal of the podcast.

PSSST Here is a little hint. NO #TECHSPLAINING.
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