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New: Urban Insight Podcast Series

New: Urban Insight Podcast Series

Welcome to the Urban Insight podcast ? where science, facts, data and expertise mix with entertainment and an interest in planning and developing future sustainable societies. 

The Urban Insight mission is to share solutions for future city planning and initiate a dialog about sustainable urban development.

In 2018-2021, Urban Insight reached 22.3 million people through news, press and media.

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The world´s healthiest building

Is there such a thing as the world?s healthiest building? What would you need to make that claim? What makes a building healthy and how do you build one?

We invite leading thinkers to discuss the biggest challenges and solutions in building healthy buildings. We discuss why health and well-being are important topics for our urban environments and buildings today and in the future.

Episode guest appearances:

Mattias Goldmann, Chief Sustainability Officer at Sweco.Nathalie Laure Roebbel, Head, Air Quality and Health at The World Health Organization.Masi Mohammadi, Professor of ?Architecture in Health'? & 'Smart Architectural Technologies' ?at Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands. Matthew Webster, Head of Portfolio Sustainability, British Land.Moderator: Colm O Callaghan, Brid Agency.

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