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Welcome to Descender, a podcast where we dive deep into the design career topics we all think about, but don?t talk enough about. Each episode we?ll talk with different designers about how they?ve navigated these tricky questions, and what milestones or bumps they?ve hit along the way.


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Getting unstuck when your growth stalls

In this episode we talk with Tim Plummer ( Klarna, Yelp) and Ricardo Esteves (Facebook, Klarna) about how to get unstuck in design projects, and in your design career. We learn that the good kind of stuck shows you you?re at the heart of a problem, and how to get out of the bad kind of stuck with reflection exercises, refinding inspiration and bringing the problem back to what matters? the users.  They?ll also discuss how their design process evolves between B2C and B2B projects, and how game design has broadened their perspective.

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Startup, agency, product. Where should I work?

What does a product designers life look like when they switch between agency, start-ups or a big product team? We catch up with Marcus Johansson (R/GA, Apegroup, Creuna, Klarna), Melanie Löff-Bird (R/GA, Elephant, Klarna) and KJ Vogelius (DDB, Klarna) about their experiences flip-flopping between different types of teams. We dig into how the designer experience might differ depending on a company?s type, structure and size. But also that there are some core elements, like design positive environments and colleagues that you can learn from, are always key to a great gig.

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To be a specialist or a generalist?

As diverse product designers, we?re always asking ourselves ?should I learn one more new skill, or go deeper into perfecting the repertoire I already have?? In todays episode, we speak with Francesco Cutolo (design systems designer) , Dilara Neutze (design lead and generalist), and Haerin Song (an expert motion and prototyper designer) about how they?ve navigated the question of whether to be broad design generalists, or super skilled design specialists. They?ll talk about how their designs careers have evolved naturally and consciously over time, how they communicate their place on the design spectrum to designers, non-designers and in interviews, and what their chosen path means for their career growth and opportunities going forward.

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Introducing Descender

Descender is a new to dive deep into the design career topics we all think about, but don?t talk enough about.

With a diverse crew of digital product designers, we?ll dive into questions like,

How?s your career growth going? Are you having writers block? Is your motivation gone? Are you not sure of what to look for in your next job, but know that you need a change? Should you be a specialist or a generalist? What type of company should you work at?

There?s no right answer, and your perspective will change throughout your career. But let?s get a head start by asking different product designers to share what they?ve learned along the way.

Descender is hosted by Rachel Rosenson, and produced by Francesco Cutolo, Minna Engelmark, Anushae Hussain, and Rachel Rosenson. This podcast is brought to you by the design team at Klarna. 

Have questions you want to hear designers talk about? Write us at [email protected].

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