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Dollar Bin Treasures

Dollar Bin Treasures

The best music that you've never heard from the vinyl dollar bins. Dollar Bin Treasures started on Instagram in 2019 honoring records found in dollar bins. Either good albums by known artists, or more unknown LPs deserving a bigger audience.


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Episode #2 ? No One Really Knows

In the second episode of Dollar Bin Treasures, you'll get served country rock, American primitivism, blye-eyed soul, British folk rock, 70s country and a few gems hard to categorize.

"Gypsy Cowboy" ? New Riders of the Purple Sage (1972, Columbia)
"Tiny Island" ? Leo Kottke (1972, Capitol)
"All Are Free" ? The Third World (1971, RCA) 
"Hope" ? Mason Profitt (1971, Ampex)
"C.C. Rider" ? Chris Clark (1969, Weed)
"Lovely on the Water" ? Sleeleye Span (1971, Big Tree)
"Rush Hour" ? Bugsy (1969, Dot)
"Everyone?s Afraid" ? Adam Miller (1974, Chelsea)
"No One Really Knows" ? Larry Coryell (1969, Vanguard)
"Silver Stallion" ? Lee Clayton (1978, Capitol)

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Episode #1 ? Fish Bite Better in the Summertime

In the first episode of Dollar Bin Treasures, you'll hear everything from acid folk and Southern swamp funk to 1970s singer-songwriters and 1980s country.

"Fish Bite Better in the Summertime" ? Dry Dock County (1970, Mercury)
"Little Mama" ? Luis Gasca (1972, Blue Thumb)
"She's About a Mover" ? Roy Head (1970, ABC/Dunhill)
"Long Way Hard Road" ? Two Friends (1972, Natural Resources)
"Deep in the West" ? Shake Russel with Dana Cooper (1978, Cherry)
"The Lady With the Braid" ? Dory Previn (1971, United Artists)
"Lotus" ? The Rainbow Band (1971, Elektra)
"Ridetop" ? Jesse Colin Young (1973, Warner Bros.)
"Silent Treatment" ? Earl Thomas Conley (1980, Sunbird)
"Circle Man" ? Smith (1970, ABC/Dunhill)

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