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Banter with Sapnap and Karl Jacobs

Banter with Sapnap and Karl Jacobs

A weekly podcast where Sapnap and Karl Jacobs bring on one of their friends from the content creation scene to talk and be cool. For business inquiries please contact [email protected]


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Joe Gatto Hates Sapnap

In this week's episode, Karl Jacobs and Sapnap welcome Joe Gatto, one of the guys favorite comedians known for his work on Impractical Jokers and stand up shows. What does Joe think about Karl and Sapnap's online careers, how did he meet Karl on Twitter, and what is the best ghost story heard on the podcast to date? Hear it all on this episode of BANTER with Sapnap and Karl Jacobs.
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Josh Peck Hates Tom Hanks

The episode we've all been waiting for, Josh Peck joins Sapnap and Karl Jacobs on the show to dish on all things from his life as an actor, how to write a book, celebrity boxing matches, and plans for the future. Hear it all on this episode of BANTER.
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Sapnap Can Beat Up Dream

Dream has the height but Sapnap has the strength. Make sure to tune into the latest episode of BANTER to figure out who would win if Sapnap and Dream brawled - according to Sapnap ;).
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Everyone is Crashing at Karl's House

Twitch Streamers Foolish Gamers and Punz join hosts Karl and Sapnap for the first in person recording of BANTER. With all the guys together, they can finally get to the bottom of lickgate, how their friendship blossomed, and what it's really like hanging out at Karl's house. This is one you don't want to miss!
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Karl and Sapnap Talk About School

Karl and Sapnap are back with their first solo BANTER episode. Here to chat about their dream podcast guests, Elon Musk buying Twitter, and future plans for content!
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Sykkuno talks big move to YouTube

BANTER is back and better than ever! Back from their hiatus, Sapnap and Karl Jacobs chat with Sykkuno about his big move to YouTube and his experience as a livestreamer. Check back later this week for another special episode of BANTER with Sapnap and Karl Jacobs.
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Hasan is Sorry for Owning a House

Karl and Sapnap chat with Twitch's favorite homeowner Hasan on his experience as a streamer, ghost stories, favorite comics, and more! Don't miss it on the latest episode of BANTER.
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Technoblade Discusses Returning to MCC

Technoblade joins the podcast this week to chat about his journey from Roblox content, Minecraft Mondays, competing in MCC, and roleplaying on the Dream SMP. What content does he have planned next? Hear it all in the newest episode of BANTER.
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Ranboo?s Big Plans Back in America

Fresh off his trip to the UK, Ranboo joins Sapnap and Karl on the podcast to talk about his time overseas, hanging out with Karl, and future stream plans. Don't miss it all on this newest episode!
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Quackity and Karl had a Wild Night

Karl Jacobs and Sapnap welcome Quackity on to discuss hanging out (and nearly dying) with Karl in one crazy night.
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Ludwig Makes a Ton on Twitch

This week Karl and Sapnap discuss with Ludwig a potential second Subathon, monetizing his projects, and his new podcast.
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TommyInnit Takes Over the Banter Podcast

TommyInnit aka Tom Simons joins the show this week to chat about being a public figure, juggling YouTube and college, and his most exciting collaborations.  How does he direct his vlogs? What is it like collabing with his favorite content creators? And when will Tommy finally meet all his American friends? Hear it all on the newest episode of BANTER.
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GeorgeNotFound Discusses Massive Twitch Leaks

GeorgeNotFound joins Sapnap and Karl on the show to discuss the Twitch data leaks, his weird dreams, moving to America and making IRL content.
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Valkyrae Wants Us to Join 100 Thieves

The boys sit down with Valkyrae to discuss owning an eSports organization, being a face of YouTube streaming and potentially getting hired?
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How MrBeast Almost Died in a Car Wreck

Sapnap and Karl Jacobs kick off the world?s newest and most exciting podcast by interviewing YouTube superstar and Karl's boss, MrBeast. How did MrBeast narrowly escape death, what are his predictions for the growth of YouTube, and how did he get started in his journey? Buckle up and get ready to hear it all on the first episode of BANTER.
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