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The Intelligence Brief: OSINT and its application by HENSOLDT Analytics

The Intelligence Brief: OSINT and its application by HENSOLDT Analytics

On the edge of the intelligence topic, there is a conversation to be had around just how valuable the application of OSINT methods is to security. Join us and our expert guests from the field of intelligence as we look to identify the application of innovative OSINT strategies for the security and defence sector.


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The Terrorism Landscape: Emerging Trends - Bonus Episode of The Intelligence Brief Podcast

This is a special episode of The Intelligence Brief Podcast: OSINT and its Application. 
The content is based on the conversation held during The HENSOLDT Analytics Intelligence Webinar which aired in May 2022: The Terrorism Landscape: Emerging Trends.

The event brought together key experts to discuss the latest trends in terrorism, radicalization and extremism, from the most current developments of the Islamic State in Africa, to the ISIS prisoners in Syria, as well as the future of the ever-evolving terrorism landscape.

The three guests were:

Colin Clarke, from The Soufan GroupAmarnath Amarasingam, The School of ReligionPaul Brown, Senior Journalist BBC Monitoring

Moderating this session was Anne-Lynn Dudenhöfer, the Intel Desk Lead and OSINT Analyst at HENSOLDT Analytics.

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Intra-Jihadi Group Dynamics and the Use of OSINT in Academic Research - The Intelligence Brief Podcast S01E06

Tune in for the last episode of the season, where Tore Hamming, Senior Research Fellow at the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation, and Intel Desk Lead, Lynn Dudenhöfer, discuss the black box of intra-Jihadi dynamics and infighting, as well as the use and challenges of OSINT collection methods in academic research.

They will touch upon topics such as Jihadi propaganda tools, the Al-Hol detention camp in Syria, as well as the importance of creating a good system of data collection and the evergreen necessity to understand OSINT as one of many tools in a greater toolbox of intelligence methods.

These are just a few of the topics our experts will discuss.  Tune in now for an insightful conversation around OSINT and its application!

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Social Engineering and the Protection of High-Value Targets - The Intelligence Brief Podcast S01E05

In this episode, our Intel Desk Lead and podcast host, Anne-Lynn Dudenhöfer, is joined by Christina Lekati, who is a psychologist and a social engineering specialist. They discuss risks posed by social engineering and how to use OSINT for the protection of high-value targets.

Our guest shares different social engineering techniques, which human vulnerabilities are being exploited, and what red flags to look out for. In addition, Christina will shed some light on the value of OSINT in protecting high-value targets from digital and real-life attacks.   

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Elections or Civil War in Libya: The Country?s Current Security Landscape - The Intelligence Brief Podcast S01E04

The general Libyan elections were supposed to be held by the U.N.-promoted deadline of Dec 24, 2021. With the elections postponed, there are rising concerns that electoral security may be at risk of a soft military takeover - or even another civil war.

In addition to the postponed elections, the lingering of non-state actors on Libyan soil raises the question of how the situation can best be monitored and assessed.

Tune in as our host Anne-Lynn Dudenhöfer and Jalel Harchaoui, a researcher specializing in Libya, discuss the postponed Libyan election, the fragile Libyan security landscape, and why OSINT and HUMINT are best utilised in combination.

These are just a few of the questions our experts will touch upon ? tune in now for more.

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Telegram Investigations and the Decentralised Web 3.0 - The Intelligence Brief Podcast S01E03

In this episode, OSINT expert Loránd Bodó gives a glimpse into the future of OSINT. Together with our podcast host and analyst, Lynn Dudenhöfer, he discusses the use of social media ecosystems by extremist networks, Telegram investigations in the context of the Russia-Ukraine war, and the Decentralised Web 3.0. 

Tune in to find out about the most recent OSINT trends and the latest investigation methods we have been seeing. Why has Telegram become ? and will most likely remain - a critical source in the Russia-Ukraine war? What can be applied from the blockchain technology in the application of OSINT? What advantages or challenges does the decentralised web hold for future investigations? These are just a few of the questions our experts will touch upon ? tune in now. 

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Anti-vaxxers & Conspiracies: Monitoring the Spread of Covid-19-related Disinformation - The Intelligence Brief Podcast S01E02

Anti-vaxxers & Conspiracies: Monitoring the Spread of Covid-19-related Disinformation

BBC Monitoring journalist and disinformation expert Shayan Sardarizadeh and OSINT Analyst Lynn Dudenhöfer discuss some of the ever-evolving disinformation campaigns surrounding Covid-19 and the vaccination mandates. 
What are some of the most exaggerated fake news about vaccines in the online realm? Which platforms are commonly used to spread conspiracy theories? Finally, what potential next battleground could conspiracy theorists choose after the topic of the pandemic has come to an end? 
Tune in to find out more about the world of Covid-19 conspiracies.

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Early-Warning Indicators of Armed Conflict and the Recruitment of Children as Soldiers - The Intelligence Brief Podcast S01E01

The Intelligence Brief Podcast by HENSOLDT Analytics - S01E01: Early-Warning Indicators of Armed Conflict and the Recruitment of Children as Soldiers, with Dr. Shelly Whitman

How can intelligence gathering inform preventative action, and how can actionable intelligence advise security forces, for example in Cabo Delgado, Mozambique? Furthermore, what issues surround the development of early-warning systems?

Anne-Lynn Dudenhöfer and her guest, Dr. Shelly Whitman, Executive Director of the Dallaire Institute, discuss how to develop predictive models and what the early warning indicators of armed conflict are, which can inform preventative action.

Tune in to learn more about the topic and to find out about the ways OSINT can be applied.

To read the episode transcript, visit our website:

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TRAILER - The Intelligence Brief by HENSOLDT Analytics

HENSOLDT Analytics presents ?The Intelligence Brief Podcast? ? a conversation about OSINT and its application.

On the edge of the intelligence topic, this show will open the discussion around the value of open source intelligence methods for the security sector.

Your host will be Anne-Lynn Dudenhoefer and she will be speaking with expert guests from the field of intelligence, in order to identify the application of innovative OSINT strategies in the security and defence sector. 

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