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Between Two Sheets

Between Two Sheets

Sailing around the world, meeting interesting sailors, and collecting the very best of the Sea Stories we can find. You'll meet some cool, interesting people with some exiting, colorful, and sometimes frightening stories of life on the water.


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20 countries with a 100 pound dog: How we travel with a HUGE pet

We sit down with Ryan, Brittni, and their dog Jackson (yes, the pup is on the podcast) from the YouTube channel 'Sailing Sunday'  These two, with thier fur baby, have covered some SERIOUS ground in the way of travel, especially considering Jackson is over 100 POUNDS! They have some HILARIOUS stories, and now rescue MULTIPLE animals on their 46' Beneteau sailboat, Sunday. 

Watch their story, subscribe to their youtube channel, and give them some love! Maybe they'll get an ARK one day, who knows!?!?!

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Sailing Safety with John Kretchmer

One of the most prolific sailors on the planet, John Kretschmer sits down to set the record straight on Man Over Board procedures, ship safety, books, boats, and life goals in this special edition of Between Two Sheets. 

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In the SAME BOAT: Sea stories from six years sailing around the world aboard an Oyster 485

Sailing a sister ship,  Sailing Yacht Talisman have been all around the world in the last 6 years aboard another Oyster 485 (same boat as Zingaro!). Hear some of the amazing sea stories these two have to share about the Med, sailing into storms, favorite places, and ALL KINDS of other interesting tidbits on sailing in this week's episode of Between Two Sheets.

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How I quit my 9-5 job and started getting paid to travel the world

If you've ever wondered what decisions go into having an alternative lifestyle, this podcast is for YOU! 

We hear the full story of James, the creator of 'Sailing Zingaro' youtube channel, and hear how the decisions he made in his life led him to the point where he gets paid to sail around the world. 

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Selling the Dream: Book an offshore sailing adventure with Sail Libra

If you've ever dreamed of cutting the lines and running away on a sailboat Captain Ryan is the man to talk to. For a small fee, you can experience what REAL cruising is like aboard Libra, his 60' center cockpit ketch. In relative safety you can experience what offshore passage making is REALLY like, and for a FRACTION of the price of buying your own yacht and fitting it out for offshore. 

We sit him down to get his entire story, get a SUPER LESSON in centerboard boats, and see what makes him tick. 

Want to book a passage with captain Ryan?? Use discount code: Zingaro and save 10% ?    




00:00-00:52 Intro
00:52-3:04 Meet Masterworks
3:04-4:28 50% of people get sick
4:28 -6:46 How I got started
6:46-8:43 What you're in for on a trip 
8:43-11:04 Explaining the Atlantic Loop
11:04-13:05 Sailing with John Kretchmer
13:05-15:32 Why I prefer a Ketch for this work
15:32-17:24  FLYING @ 18 knots
17:24-21:09 The KRAKEN ate my centerboard
21:09-29:27 Everything you need to know about centerboards
29:27-30:04 A cheese plate from the lovely Kendra
30:04-31:07 HOW EXACTLY it broke
31:07-35:49 How I'm building a NEW Centerboard
35:49-36:51 Question from the Crew about stresses
36:51-39:19 How I'm building a NEW Centerboard (cont.)
39:19-40:03 How Libra differs from a Catamaran
40:03-43:39 Considerations of designing the new board
43:39-45:24  Did you consider making it longer?
45:24-47:39 $80,000?????
47:39-50:48 How does the Aft centerboard work?
50:48-1:02:24 How I found and purchased Libra
1:02:24-1:06:26 Taking questions from the crew
1:06:26-1:13:49 Chartering in Cuba
1:13:49-1:16:47 Night Sailing
1:16:47-1:24:54 Sailing with Des from Project Atticus
1:24:54-1:29:47 How to Book a Trip!a
1:29:47-1:30:30 The Cook gives a TOUR!
1:30:30-1:33:47 Last Thoughts 
1:33:47-1:35:22 Discount code: ZINGARO

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Life at the Limit: Sailing around the world on a SUPER FAST Catamaran

Imagine if you could cross a Porsche 911 GT2 with the most badass airstream you've ever seen... This mythical beast would be the land-based brother of the Outremer 55. Combining comfort, speed, and safety the team at Outremer knocked this one out of the park!

Unfortunately disaster strikes only 6 months after taking delivery of their BRAND NEW Outremer 55. We interview Marijka and Mark and find out exactly WHAT happened, get a tour of the boat and damage, and learn what it takes to sail on one of the world's fastest production catamarans.

If you're ready to start drooling, head over to this link to see the tour of this marvelous catamaran.

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Much love! 


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David Shih: How buying a boat nearly ruined my life...

The CAUTIONARY & INSPIRATIONAL story. He spent their LIFE SAVINGS on a Lagoon 450 catamaran, sailing it 1300nm on the maiden voyage, and working 11 MONTHS in Panama trying to fix the design flaw he purchased it with!!

Please join me in congratulating  @David Shih for finishing his repairs and getting back into the water! Huge step, and we're all proud of you, Dave! To see more of his progress, meet his family, and follow his adventures please subscribe to his channel. 

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Uncovering Lagoon's broken bulkheads: The Parlay Revival Story

We sit down with Colin from the YouTube channel 'Parlay Revival' and get a unique view of his entire story, from start to finish. This is a very interesting podcast you won't want to miss. 

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From Catamaran to Monohull: How these sailors went the wrong way around

Today we?re talking with Peter from the YouTube channel Sailing Into Freedom.

He?s a lifelong sailor and spear fisherman, having owned and cruised his Crowther catamaran ?Long Reef? for 10 years before tragically loosing it off the remote Kimberly islands in western Australia. He didn?t let that stop him though, and now he?s enjoying his time in the Caribbean aboard ?Freedom? a 42? Lehete Bourgois monohull. 

I?ve known Plukky for years, as we had very similar catamarans and vlogs, but never got the chance to meet him face to face until the winter of 2020 when I sailed to Panama specifically for the spearfishing and, hopefully, to run into him. We figured we would either get along marvelously or hate each other and, well, I think I?ll let you be the judge. :) 

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