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Nontendo Podcast

Nontendo Podcast

Nontendo Podcast is a weekly Nintendo podcast, hosted by Wood from Beatemups and Bob from Wulff Den.


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Imagine if we had NEVER played THESE Games... | Nontendo Podcast #29

Happy Friends-Giving! These are the Games we are MOST Thankful for! Everything from our childhoods to current video games these are the games that we appreciate the most. Joined by Jordan Fringe and Skootish.
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Our First Impressions of Pokémon GLITCHED and BUGGED | Nontendo Podcast #28

Our First Impressions of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. As long time Pokémon Fans, are these new controversial games and their obvious performance issues still fun to play? Or is it just too much of a mess?
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Our BEST and WORST Games of 2022 | Nontendo Episode #27

OUR Best and Worst Games of 2022, the games we LOVED this year and the ones that disappointed us the most
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Why did everyone HATE that Nintendo Direct? | Nontendo Podcast #26

Nintendo Published a NEW Indie World Nintendo Direct, the reaction online seems very split. Wood & Bob break down the presentation, go over their favorite announcements and then later also talk about Twitter Verification and the New Nintendo Store in Osaka!
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HOTTEST Pokémon: Smash or Pass | Nontendo Podcast #25

This Week: Smash or Pass, the HOTTEST Pokémon (this was Bob's idea). Also, we talk about the G4TV Drama and recap some thoughts about having Kit & Krysta on the show
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NONTENDO VS KIT & KRYSTA: Ex-Nintendo Employees TELL ALL & WHY Wood was FIRED| Nontendo Podcast #24

This week, Wood & Bob sit down with Nintendo Minute's Kit & Krysta to talk about them quitting Nintendo, the secrets behind the closed doors at Nintendo and Wood asks them why they fired him from the Nintendo Ambassador Program.
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How we became RICH Nintendo Youtubers | Nontendo Podcast #23

Today, we talk about our history with video games and how we became Nintendo Youtubers! What was our first Gaming Consoles? How did we get into creating videos? How did we manage to make any of this successful?
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Nintendo's WEIRD Mario Movie ONE WEEK LATER | Nontendo Podcast #22

Nintendo's 'The Super Mario Bros. Movie' features Chris Pratt being... Himself? Let's break down that movie trailer
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Cloud Gaming has FAILED & TWITCH is NEXT | Nontendo Podcast #21

This week we talk about Google Stadia coming to an end and the FAILURES of Cloud Gaming as a whole. Including Nintendo's own Cloud Streaming Service. Does Game Streaming have a future? Also we talk about Twitch Drama and if the video streaming platform is headed towards it's own demise.
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The NEW Host of the Nontendo Podcast is.... | Nontendo Podcast #20

The NEW HOST puts our Nintendo Quiz Knowledge to the TEST ? Sponsored by Trade. Get $30 off your first order plus free shipping at | Subscribe to Nontendo Podcast on YouTube ??
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These Nintendo Leakers NEED to be STOPPED. | Nontendo Podcast #19

These Nintendo Leakers are ruining Directs and other official reveals, what are we going to do about it? | Head to and take their free skincare quiz to save up to 70% off on your 30 days trial. Even better, join their new Geologie Galaxie community for more daily tips, giveaways and more at Thanks to Geologie for sponsoring today?s video!
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The Nintendo Direct that RUINED our Lives | Nontendo Podcast #18

We successfully predicted the Nintendo Direct last week, but it was not even close to what we expected. In fact it RUINED OUR LIVES. Let's break it down.
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There's a NEW Nintendo Direct INCOMING?! | Nontendo Podcast #17

This week we discuss the NEW Nintendo Direct for September, the Splatoon 3 release, Zelda Windwaker & Twilight Princess coming Switch along side Gamecube Games AND we look at the latest from Pokemon Scarlet & Violet news! BIG EPISODE AND IT WAS LIVE!

This episode is sponsored by DECK MATE. Get 15% off of your Steam Deck stand and other mounting accessories with code NONTENDO over at
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Dear Nintendo, we fixed your WORST Games for you | Nontendo Podcast #16

We RANKED Nintendo's Games and tried to FIX the WORST ones | Sponsored by MANSCAPED Get 20% Off and Free Shipping with the code NONTENDO at
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Do we NEED Splatoon 3 and Should Kirby be FREE? | Nontendo Podcast #15

This week we discuss if Splatoon NEEDED a sequel, if Kirby Dream Buffet sucks and Liam comes back to talk Cursed to Golf launch
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Is Modern Gaming BETTER than Retro Gaming? | Nontendo Podcast #14

This Weeks Topics: Is Modern Gaming Better than Retro Gaming? What old school toys did we have growing up? What are our favorite comfort games?
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We REFUSE to talk about Nintendo | Nontendo Podcast #13

Wood and Bob struggle to NOT talk about Nintendo for once. They give their review of Stray, go over the GTA 6 Controversary and more NONtendo related topics
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NEW Pokémon Presents Was GREAT but CONFUSING?! | Nontendo Podcast #12

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Ranking EVERY Nintendo Franchise from BEST to WORST! | Nontendo Podcast #11

Wood and Bob RANK Every 1st Party Nintendo Franchise from BEST to WORST. This is the official Nontendo Podcast Ranking, feel free to refer to this moving forward. Thank you.
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What is going on with Nintendo? | Nontendo Podcast #10

What is going on with Nintendo lately? No NEW Nintendo Direct. Games and Trailers being dropped on Twitter... Wood and Bob talk everything that isn't happening at Nintendo.
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The RAREST Nintendo Games You CAN'T BUY | Nontendo Podcast #9

What are the RAREST Nintendo Games or Consoles we have and want? Wood and Bob invite guests Kim and Jordan on to talk RARE Nintendo Games and Collectables!
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NONTENDO VS SPAWNCAST: Past & Present Nintendo Ambassadors | Nontendo Podcast #8

What is it like being a CURRENT Nintendo Ambassador? This week, Wood & Bob invite Spawn Wave and MissClick to talk about Nintendo, Gaming and Muscles.
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Was that the BEST or WORST Nintendo Direct EVER? | Nontendo Podcast #7

Was the June 28th 2022 Nintendo Direct the BEST or WORST Direct we have had? Wood seemed to love it, while Bob not so much.
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We Are Actually FAKE Nintendo Fans | Nontendo Podcast #6

Wood and Bob PROVE their Nintendo knowledge by competing in some INTENSE trivia and Nintendo themed 20 Questions.
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There's a HUGE Nintendo Direct Coming SOON! | Nontendo Podcast #5

Wood and Bob share their predictions for this JULY Nintendo Direct that's definitely, 100% happening this month (if not, maybe next month and certainly by the end of the year)
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Is Steam Deck REALLY the Nintendo Switch KILLER? | Nontendo Podcast #4

Should Nintendo be WORRIED about Steam Deck & other NEW Handhelds? This week, Wood & Bob discuss the Steam Deck and ALL the other NEW Handhelds trying to compete with Nintendo.
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People are WAY too HARD on Nintendo | Nontendo Podcast #3

Wood & Bob break down why people might be too hard on Nintendo and their Indies. Is the negative reaction to Nintendo Directs and Indie Worlds too extreme? The talk to indie developers to find the answer.
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The Concerning FUTURE of Nintendo & the Switch | Nontendo Podcast #2

Will Nintendo Screw Up the Nintendo Switch 2? Wood Hawker and Bob Wulff Discuss the FUTURE of Nintendo
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The Reason WHY We QUIT Nintendo | Nontendo Podcast #1

Wood talks about his secret horror stories working with Nintendo and Bob explains why Nintendo never wanted to work with him in the first place.
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Nontendo Podcast is a weekly Nintendo podcast, hosted by Wood from Beatemups and Bob from Wulff Den.
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