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Sound Economy

Sound Economy

Want to learn more about the latest research in finance, retail, innovation and sustainability? The Stockholm School of Economics is ranked the top business school in the Nordic and Baltic countries. In this podcast you?ll meet some of our most prominent researchers in intimate conversations about the most interesting and relevant aspects of their research, and how it relates to the world around us. Host: Victor White, third-year Business and economics student at SSE.


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Under-employing skilled migrants and the case of benevolent discrimination

Why do highly skilled migrants encounter difficulties getting a skilled job? And at what point does being benevolent become discrimination? Professor Laurence Romani visits the podcast Sound Economy to talk about her research on skilled migrants in the workplace and cultural norms and practices that cause companies to miss out on talent on the job market.

Host: Victor White

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Monitoring risks to the European financial market

How does the financial system work, what risks and stressors are affecting the economy and what can we do to avoid a financial crisis? In this episode of Sound Economy, Professor Bo Becker at the Swedish House of Finance at SSE talks about his role his role on the European Systemic Risk Board (ESRB), which helps the EU measure financial risk, and how academic research can help guide policy in the EU.

Host: Victor White.

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How can the retail industry become more sustainable?

With climate change looming large, how can retailers and consumers work towards a more sustainable consumption? What are retail companies doing when it comes to environmental, social and governance (ESG) challenges? Learn more in the latest episode of Sound Economy, where Professor Sara Rosengren talks about communicating social innovation, marketing, transforming demand and changing customer behaviors ? both before and after purchase. Host: Victor White.

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Household finance in an uncertain world

When the market goes down and inflation goes up, which financial risks can be reduced, and which are unavoidable? How should you think about saving and borrowing money over a lifetime? And who is really better at investments ? women or men? On this episode we talk to Professor Paolo Sodini, an expert on household finance, about his research on Swedish households and their assets and liabilities, cleaning microdata and why the rich get even richer. Host: Victor White

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How randomized control trials can make the world a better place

What programs and initiatives actually make a difference for integration, education and health? How do we know what works so we can put our effort and money where they are the most effective? That?s what Associate Professor Martina Björkman Nyqvist?s work is all about. Using a Nobel Price-winning method (randomized control trials) she is evaluating social inclusion programs such as Kompis Sverige (Buddy Sweden), education programs and health programs in India and a number of African countries. Together she and host Victor White discuss how research can contribute to a better world, and how to help without imposing your own culture and values on those you are trying to help.  

Topics: Development economics, health economics, public service delivery, and economics of education.

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Questioning the entrepreneurial state

Can governments and states be entrepreneurial? What does it mean to be innovative? Can you artificially produce or reproduce a spontaneous process? Professor Karl Wennberg is the first guest on SSE?s new podcast, Sound Economy. Together with host Victor White, he talks about his new book, Questioning the Entrepreneurial State, and the very nature of innovation and creativity.

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Presenting Sound Economy

Welcome to Sound Economy, the Stockholm School of Economics? new podcast! Throughout this podcast series you will get to listen in on some curious conversations with prominent researchers at our institution. Make sure to subscribe, so you won?t miss out on the latest research coming out of the most prominent business school in the Nordics. The first episode is coming out very soon, so stay tuned!

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