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Thrive Like A Parent

Thrive Like A Parent

This podcast is different from all the other parenting podcasts you've seen. Dr. B gets real and open about the true struggles of parenthood. It'll be messy, entertaining, educational and real! No quick band aid fixes but an authentic journey to THRIVING in parenthood. Think of Dr. B as a personal trainer for your brain. Cause this sh*t is REAL. She specializes in neuroscience based sensory and emotional regulation. But the good news is you don?t have to be a neuro science geek to learn all the brilliant tips and tricks to make your life so much easier in parenthood * New episode every Friday.


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Boundaries With Your Kids

Setting boundaries and why it?s so crucial for your children?s and your mental health and development.
? new episode on the thrive like a parent podcast!
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Are You A Sensory Avoider?

EP:96 I am so excited to dive deep into what it means to be a sensory avoider on this week's episode of Thrive Like a Parent podcast.

A true sensory avoider means that you experience sensory stimuli or input into your brain more intensely than the average human, which means you then avoid it because it?s so overwhelming.
Here are some signs that you may be a sensory avoider:

?? You startle easily with sounds
?? You avoid bright lights
?? You zone out on your phone to escape the chaos
?? You prefer more bland food
?? You need the house to be clean and in order
?? You crave calm, quiet, peaceful environments
?? You are upset by unexpected touch

Often times I find that you humans with sensory avoiding tendencies place sooo much guilt and shame on themselves. Guilt to the point of anxiety and depression. Everyone else is going after it.. Why can?t I?? So they push and push and push. Doing the complete opposite from what their body and their brain actually wants and needs.

Therefore awareness is KEY. You must understand how your brain functions, how your children?s brain functions and how to support that brain, that will lead to the most beneficial, healthy, joyful life you could ever imagine. Because you?re supporting the brain in a way that suits your own individual brain.

Tune in with me on this weeks episode of THRIVE Like a Parent podcast and let?s discuss what it means to be a sensory avoider and how to increase your capacity for the stimuli around you.

?Link in bio

Dr. B

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The Key to Creating a Thriving Family Dynamic

EP:95 All families look different. Before I dive deep into the topic I want to preference that: ? whether you are a female And the working parent or a female and the stay at home parent ? whether you are the male and a working parent, or whether you are the male and a stay at home parent ALL of your roles matter! I think that partnerships are crumbling, and there's so much resentment and anger towards each other within partnerships. And on todays episode of Thrive Like a Parent Podcast I want to talk about one of the missing pieces that most partnerships do not understand?. No matter which job you're doing, it's not as easy or simple as the other pictures. Being a default parent and a stay at home parent, being the parent who does the majority of the mental load for the kids is not a life of autonomy unless you work really hard to give yourself that autonomy within that life. You must learn how to regulate within the chaos of parenthood in life. If you are the working parent, the pressure never turns off, if I don't show up, if I don't keep pushing, if I don't make it to the next level? What will happen if I lose my job? What will happen if I don't get the bonus? What will happen if I don't hit the next financial goal? Then we won't be able to go on the vacation, or I won't be able to. fix the car. There's just so much and the pressure continues. That emotional state never goes away. I truly hope this episode helps to give you a little insight and understanding into the other side of the equation, more awareness, more tolerance, and maybe even a curiosity to dive deeper into getting to know each other's nervous system and how to support each other. #thrivelikeaparentpodcast #thrive #parentingpodcast #podcastforwomen #podcastformen #intimacy #connection #intimacyissues #intimacyandconnection #resentment #joyinthejourney #emotionalregulation #sensoryregulation

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How We Get Into The Cycle of Resentment and Anger With Our Partners

EP:94 On this week?s episode of Thrive Like a Parent podcast we are going to explore strategies for breaking cycles of resentment and rebuilding intimacy in relationships.
Some key points I will discuss are:
? Working with couples individually on emotional/sensory regulation can be more effective than traditional couples counseling
? Accepting your partner as an individual, rather than trying to control them, is important
? Focus on your own self-care and regulation to rebuild trust and deeper connection
? Understand your own nervous system and learn to self-regulate emotions/behaviors
? Avoid over-caring for partner/child, allow them to develop independence
? Have open, compassionate conversations about emotional states, not judgment
? Teach self-regulation skills to children/partner rather than being the sole regulator
? Address underlying issues like dysregulation or disconnection impacting intimacy
? Intimacy requires consent, communication, and addressing resentment/anger
Focus on yourself, communicate openly with empathy, and support your partner?s self-regulation for a healthier, more intimate relationship. Trust me you don?t want to miss this one.
Dr. B
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Embracing Magic of the Unknown

EP:93 As we head into this summer season, I want you to take a breath and remind yourself, what is the rush. And the more you do that, you're more the more you're slowing your brain down and reminding your brain there is no threat here, I am safe, and it's really hard sometimes to not just allow yourself to feel safe in threatening moments. That's effort, but it's also effort to allow your brain to feel safe in happy moments and good moments, because we harp so much on the hard, we harp so much on the bad that we forget to acknowledge, or even be present to the good. So I encourage you to start acknowledging that there's good. As you ease into the summer, I want you to keep breathing. I want you to relax your shoulders. Take really big inhales and exhales. Do the thing. Say yes to this the thing, go get the ice cream late at night, let your kids stay up, watch the movie, snuggle with them, have fun, because summer can be magical if you allow it. #thrivelikeaparentpodcast #thrivelikeaparent #podcast #parentingpodcast #podcasts #embracingtheseasons #magicofsummer #selfcare #artofslowliving #nervoussystem #podcastforwomen #emotionalhealth #slowdown #summerseason #thrive #thrivecommunity

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What It Looks Like to Have an Authentic and Honest Relationship

EP:92 On this week?s episode of Thrive Like a Parent podcast, Dr. Tracy Dalgleish, a clinical psychologist and couples therapist, shares her journey of becoming a parent and how it inspired her to expand her work to reach more people with resources for healthy relationships. In this episode we talk about...

?? How insecurities and self-doubt from the past can shape our present relationships and careers, emphasizing the importance of understanding these inner narratives.

?? The value of vulnerability, empathy, and partnership in navigating challenging situations together as a couple.

?? The challenges women and men face in expressing needs and emotions within relationships, and the importance of providing constructive feedback and having tough conversations.

?? Approaching difficult conversations with an open mindset, focusing on positive change rather than immediate resolution.

?? The importance of self-validation and differentiation within relationships, allowing for a healthier interdependent dynamic.

?? Maintaining a balanced support system beyond just a romantic partner.

?? The intentionality required to maintain connection and intimacy in long-term relationships, especially after having children.

Trust me you don't want to miss this one!

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Is Screen Time the Real Culprit Behind Anxiety in Your Home?

EP:91 Today on the Thrive Like a Parent Podcast I?d like to discuss something that has really been on the forefront of my mind lately?

We MUST set boundaries and provide a balance between screen time and outdoor activities, while also modeling healthy emotional expression and prioritizing our own mental well-being to our children. Excessive screen time can lead to increased anxiety and decreased ability to explore and learn from mistakes.

Social media has been a major contributing factor to cyberbullying, negative self-comparison, anxiety and overall mental health in the next generation.

By prioritizing mental health in the digital age, I believe children will be better equipped to handle the challenges of growing up in a world filled with technology.

So this weekend.. My challenge to you? GO EXPLORE.. Take in nature in whatever way feels best and right for you!

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Your Most Asked Questions Answered

EP:90 On this week?s episode of Thrive Like a Parent podcast.. ALL your most asked questions answered. Trust me you don?t want to miss this one.

I will share with you my journey building a business while raising two children, emphasizing the need to delegate tasks, set boundaries, and prioritize self-care. I will share with you how to let go of perfectionism, being honest about limitations, and putting your own well-being first in order to thrive.

I will also discuss managing children?s noise and behavior, distinguishing between dysregulation and baseline sound aversion to choose the right coping strategies. Techniques like noise-reducing loops, breaks for emotional regulation, exercise, meditation, and journaling are recommended for caring for yourself and your family.

Additionally, this episode will cover supporting children with ADHD and other neurodivergent conditions without solely relying on medication. I will speak about cautions about blindly adding medications without monitoring effects closely and advocate for trusting your instincts as a parent. And lastly, I will address navigating social media toxicity, emphasizing creating valuable content over chasing algorithms.

Overall, this episode provides insights on self-care, regulation strategies, and being a proactive advocate for your child?s wellbeing while balancing the demands of work and family life.

If you have any questions you?d like answered on the next Q&A episode, drop in the comments ???

Dr. B

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How to Advocate for Yourself When You Have an Autoimmune Disease

EP:89 On this week?s episode of Thrive Like a Parent podcast, I am so thrilled to be joined by Dr. Wentz. Dr. Isabella Wentz, is an internationally acclaimed thyroid specialist, who shares her personal journey with Hashimoto's thyroiditis. Despite initially working in mental health advocacy, her own struggles with undiagnosed Hashimoto's inspired her to dedicate her career to addressing the root causes of thyroid dysfunction. Dr. Wentz also covers the role of diet, nutrients, and lifestyle in managing Hashimoto's and thyroid health. She also shares how valuable insights are provided on testing, optimizing thyroid function, and advocating for proper care. Don't miss this empowering episode as we delve into the complexities of thyroid health and empower you to take control of your well-being. XOXO Dr. B

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Embracing Authenticity and Pain Within Your Personal Growth

EP:88 On this week's episode of Thrive Like a Parent podcast, I am so thrilled to be joined by Dr. Shefali.Dr. Shefali received her doctorate in clinical psychology from Columbia University. Specializing in the integration of Western psychology and Eastern philosophy, she brings together the best of both worlds for her clients. She is an expert in family dynamics and personal development, teaching courses around the globe. She has written six books, three of which are New York Times best-sellers, including her two landmark books The Conscious Parent and The Awakened Family.

There is so much value in authenticity and embracing pain in your personal growth journey. We must own our true self, even if it means confronting uncomfortable realities.Dr. Shefali says " when we allow toxicity to exist for the sake of peace, we are actually perpetuating the war."

How powerful is that??Join us on this week's episode to discuss this and so much more!

#thrivelikeaparent #thrivelikeaparentpodcast #newepisode #ownyourtrueself #managinganxiety #managingemotions #authenticity #painingrowth #release #removetoxicity #radical #radicalawakening #emotionalregulation #support #supportyournervoussytem #healingjourney

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What is Emotional Dysregulation and How That Relates to Anxiety

EP:87 On this week?s episode of Thrive Like a Parent Podcast, I want to talk to you about emotional regulation and emotional dysregulation.
The definition of emotional dysregulation are things like mood shifts, constantly finding it hard to deal with stress, angry outbursts, high anxiety, feelings of shame, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, or actions and substance misuse.
Emotional dysregulation can absolutely be debilitating for you. And that is why when I work with clients, we work so closely on the regulation of our moods and the regulation of our emotions, because if we don?t have regulation over our emotions, we will allow our emotions to control us.
Oftentimes, what people do is they try to take their emotions and shove them down, or put them on a shelf, or they ignore them, or they push them away, or they lash out at others. They allow their emotions to become other people?s responsibility. I would say that the biggest emotion that I see that needs to be regulated through is anxiety. Anxiety is a symptom of emotional dysregulation.
There are things you can do in order to teach your brain how to release the anxiety. There is a way to support your brain and body through anxiety and into emotional regulation.
Please know you do not have to remain emotionally dysregulated. You have the right to enjoy your life. You are so worthy.
There are ways for you to learn how to be emotionally regulated with support. Anything we offer is with support, you are never 100% on your own. There is a place for you. Comment ?support? below and let?s chat!
Dr. B
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Safety in Communication

EP:86 Today I have back with me, a very awesome special guest Carter, who, as you know, is my partner. And today we are going to talk about communication.

Communication is a topic that we really want to talk about. But it's also a topic that you all have been very interested in. Because it's really hard to have healthy communication within a partnership. And it's something that we have worked on, as well as something that we make an active effort to have strong communication skills within our partnership. 

Carter and I come from partnerships where we didn't feel strong communication was there.

We just recently did a reel which was a real conversation. And so many had so much to say, especially how they wish they could have that type of communication with their partner. And so, we felt it would be really supportive to you to discuss how we've gotten to where we've gotten, what has worked, tips and tricks and tools and kind of our journey along the way of how our communication has gotten to where it has gotten.

Carter and I truly believe that the key to a healthy and strong communication partnership is the ?I? statements. Expressing your feelings with ?I? statements, whether they are negative or positive makes a huge impact in your relationship. But it's also the active listening of hearing those ?I? statements and then not taking it on, that you yourself are a failure.

Being self-regulated, requesting our needs, checking in with one another as well as knowing one another?s defense mechanisms are also important areas and discussions to have when working on thriving in a healthy and strong communication partnership.  

But without a doubt intentional commitment is a requirement needed in order to see change. You have to be willing to ?do the work?. Carter and I both agree that you must get to the point where you put the time and effort into bettering your relationship.

So, until next time,


Dr. B

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Building Strong Communication Skills Within Your Partnership

EP:85 It's really hard to have healthy communication within a partnership.

It?s something that you have to make an active effort to build within your partnership.

There's three levels of communication. First phase: The chaos tit for tat. YOU. YOU. YOU.

Second phase: the psychological phase of communicating..  I'm trying to hear you but I don't understand because I did that and you did this. Third phase: the most deep layer is how do I feel? The I statements.

Carter and I have put in a lot of work to get to where we are today and we thought it would supportive to all of you to share what has worked, tips and tricks and tools and our journey along the way of how our communication has gotten to where it has gotten.

We would love to know what holding you back from building stronger communication within your partnership in the comments below.

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Reformed People Pleaser

EP:84 I used to be a raging people pleaser.

I did everything for everyone, for all the wrong reasons, I did what I thought I should do, I did what I thought I should do as a mom, what I should do as a wife, what I should do as a friend, what I should do as a sibling. You name it, I did it.

If you ever find yourself saying yes to things, you have absolutely no time or energy for or to complete. And you maybe even shy away from difficult conversations, or you find it really difficult to ask for help. Or you never accept help when it's given, you could potentially be a people pleaser.
One of the biggest gifts of doing this work with clients is getting to observe their own shedding and their own people pleasing. And it is truly part of mental health is releasing your people pleasing tendencies. Because if you're doing everything for everyone else, you're not doing for yourself, not nearly as much as you should. And if you're not doing enough for yourself, then that means that your mental health is suffering. That means that you are neglecting yourself.

Living in integrity with yourself aligning your self to your own purpose. That takes time that takes energy that takes effort, but don't ever settle. Don't ever settle for showing up in the world just simply for others. Because when you continue to self neglect when you continue to support others and not yourself, it does eat away at you. And so start small. Take the steps that I've given you and remind yourself that you're worthy, even if it ruffled feathers, you're so worthy.

On this week?s episode of Thrive Like a Parent podcast.. Learn how you too can become a reformed people pleaser.

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Sharing Another Layer of My Grief Story

EP:83 Today is the day after the three-year anniversary of Jonathan's death. And my grief story was probably the fourth or fifth podcast that I ever recorded.

A year and a half ago, I was bursting at the seams to finally share what happened. But felt like, at least Charlie, my older son needed to know before the rest of the world.

We have a very hard time processing death, nonetheless, someone choosing to take their own life. And so I waited.

I waited until either one of my children were ready.

Eli, my youngest son, still doesn?t know today what happened. And that?s ok. He's asking questions, but we're going to wait until he's ready. Charlie has been wonderful at giving that respect to Eli, and waiting until his brain is ready to process.

There's so much of my story I haven't told and I think I'm ready.
The only reason I share my story and journey will always go back to my why. I know others have been through this or are going through this. And I don't want anyone to feel alone.
In this podcast, I will share with you the importance of taking care of yourself and getting the support that you need while going through a divorce and have your spouse go through a mental illness.

I will also share the journey of blame, pointing fingers, opinions and judgement that occurs after the passing of your spouse and the importance of boundaries and drawing lines in the sand of this ?this is ok? and ?this is not ok?.

Lastly, I will show you how you too can show up for yourself. Unapologetically you are going to say the hard things you are going to tell the truth you are going to give the hard information you are going to be you whether people like it or not, is not easy. But you have to make a commitment to yourself.

Don?t miss this podcast episode. It?s authentic and real and informative and healing. Let?s journey together.

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Female Body After Child Birth

EP:82 Today, I am really excited to have on Sarah Reardon who is a board-certified
pelvic health physical therapist.

She currently works at a private practice called Nola Pelvic Health and has an
online (Instagram account) exercise platform called, The Vagina Whisperer, that she created six or seven years ago to help folks from all over. Today, she has
over 600,000 followers.

I just don?t think that this is talked about enough. And our pelvic floor health and
for all the dudes, the men, the dads, any of you human males who listen to this
today, we will probably talk more about the female reproductive system and all
the things but this does affect males too. And I don?t want to take that away from
the men.
But I really wanted to talk about females and our bodies and what happens after
childbirth, because a lot of the individuals who listen to this podcast are parents and I don?t think there is enough conversation around it. I think it?s very taboo.
In this podcast, we will dive deep into what is normal versus what?s not normal in the pelvic health world.
We are going tp discuss questions that most don?t want to ask but questions need to be asked so that we can get answers.
Sara will also teach us how to do a proper Kegel and she explains her V-hive and what that looks like and how it is designed for all seasons in life.
She also shares with us how she has been able to show up for herself and show up for her businesses and do all the things that she does while also having two kids.
It is a journey you do not want to miss hearing.
Don?t miss this informative, inspiring podcast with the AMAZING Sarah Reardon.

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Building Trust Within Your Inner Self

EP:81 Welcome to another episode of Thrive like a parent podcast. I have Derrick Cahill here and he is the
Derek is a stand up comedian and social media content creator focusing on authentic and relatable parenting stories. Derek is also a dad of three.
His whole movement on the internet is this ?pursuit of me?, finding first of all being happy. And second, being surrounded by people that accept him.
In this podcast, we discusses the journey of getting to the ?second mountain? on a personal level.
Derick is a very creative person and this is who is been all his life and so the internet has been an outlet to share his creativity of life and how you can get to a place of happiness by being just you. Although he is still on this journey, he encourages and shares, and is authentic in doing so for the community he has developed and created.
If you want to hear more of Derek?s journey join us, trust me you won?t regret it.
Dr. B
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When Your Partner Has Nothing Left For You

EP:80 Love is a muscle and love can absolutely atrophy. It will slowly wear out until you can?t find how to access it anymore if not utilized and exercised.
That is why there is common theme of feeling like there is no room left for oneself in relationships. This feeling of being spent and exhausted can lead to loneliness, resentment, and breakdown of communication.
And it takes a lot of effort to utilize that muscle and get that love muscle back so you must make the time the time for it.
You and your partnership are so worthy of not feeling lonely. You and your partnership are so worthy of feeling aligned and connected and working together as a team. And most importantly, if you feel this way, if you feel like your partner has nothing left for you. I want you to know you?re not alone. And it is okay to communicate and talk to your partner about it.
Tune in for this week?s episode of Thrive Like a Parent Podcast.
Dr. B
#parenthood #thrive #thrivelikeaparent #newepisode #healthyrelationship #communication #troubleinparadise #nervoussystem #nervoussystemregulation #mentalhealth #emotionalhealth #emotionalregulation #selfregulation #podcast #parentingtips #parentingpodcast #podcastersofinstagram

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When You Are Triggered by Mess

EP:79 Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the slight clutter or mess in your house, and you?ve walked in the door, only to feel overloaded by scattered papers orunwashed dishes and clothes and disarray. Maybe you?ve even had arguments because it bothers you more than it bothers your partner, or your your spouse.

I want you to know, most importantly, you are not alone.

When my house is clean, and there is no clutter, I have a peaceful mind.

The state of cleanliness for some brains, helps you feel like you have structure, stability and control, which helps you feel like you have that within your life and within your brain.

8 Reasons to Eliminate Clutter from your Life:

1. Clutter bombards our minds with excess stimuli.

2. Clutter distracts us by drawing our attention away from what our focusshould be on.

3. Clutter makes it more difficult to relax.

4. Clutter constantly signals your brain that your work is never done.

5. Clutter makes us anxious, because we?re never sure what it?s going to taketo get through to the bottom of the pile.

6. Clutter creates feelings of guilt.

7. Clutter inhibits creativity and productivity by invading the open spaces that allow most people to think, brainstorm, and problem solve.

8. Clutter frustrates us by preventing us from locating what we need to quickly.

Join me on this week?s episode of Thrive Like a Parent for tips to declutter your space and your mind!

#podcast #sensoryregulation #parenting #sensoryregulation #emotionalregulation #overstimulatedmama #video #viral #reels #fyp

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How to Thrive in Chaos?

EP:78 You find self love for yourself by putting yourself first. You find self love by giving back to yourself, by saying no, by asking for help, by giving yourself moments of calm.

That's how you thrive in the chaos of life.  That is how you fall in love with yourself. That is how you find self worth and self love.
It doesn't make you a bad person for choosing yourself. It doesn't make you a weaker individual. It makes you a strong human. For being able to own your mental health, being able to own what you can and cannot do.

My wish for you is to start thinking about how you want to live your life, how you want your life to look within the chaos of life, because it is always chaotic. But there is a way to do this life without crashing and burning. There is a way to put yourself first even in the most strenuous of moments, even in the most strenuous of circumstances, and it is okay to lean into that rabbit hole of taking care of yourself and listening in to what your body needs.

Tune in to this weeks episode of Thrive Like a Parent podcast and chat about how we all can thrive in midst of chaos.

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Finding Alignment Within Yourself

EP:77 We're more exhausted than ever. We're more burnt out than ever. We're pushing so hard but yet getting stuck on a hamster wheel of unhappiness? Erika has done a phenomenal job seeing that reality and taking it upon herself to decided.. I?m going to take matters into my own hands and decide that I'm going to be in control of my own life?. On this week?s episode of Thrive Like a Parent join Erika and I as we discuss how we found our own freedom in today?s world of chaos and how you too friend can start living a life that is aligned to exactly what feels right and best for you!

#podcast #parenting #sensoryregulation #emotionalregulation #viral #video #fyp

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What is Infrared?

EP:76 I am so incredibly excited to have Connie Zak on who is the CEO and co founder of sunlighten saunas, and I can't thank you enough for being here. And I think this is going to be so informative to our listeners. Because as they all know, and I've spoken about it a lot, I now have a sauna from you all. And it's been a huge part of my healing journey for my Hashimotos.

Connie Zack is a co-owner of Sunlighten, a leading company in infrared sauna manufacturing and infrared light therapy. Motivated by the positive impact of infrared saunas on her brother's health, Connie, alongside her husband, has dedicated over 24 years to advancing the benefits of infrared light worldwide, with Sunlighten operating in 13 countries and running an award-winning day spa in Kansas City. Their mission is to enhance wellness through infrared technology, focusing on innovation and meaningful relationships.

Join up as we discuss what is infrared, and is it safe + what are some of the main health benefits?

Make sure to listen to the VERY END for an exclusive offer to get your very own sunlighten sauna!

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Can You Recalibrate Your Nervous System?

EP:75 On this weeks episode of Thrive Like a Parent podcast let?s discuss how to recalibrate the nervous system and shift patterns to achieve a state of calm and peace. I hope this will encourage you to practice awareness, recognize your wins, and support your own regulation. The fastest way to regulate the nervous system is not through control, fixing, or creating structure, but by sitting in discomfort and supporting the body's natural regulation process. Recognizing and validating your feelings without shame or judgment is essential for regulating the nervous system. While control, fixing, and creating structure may provide temporary relief, they do not support long-term regulation. Practicing awareness and understanding your triggers can help you respond to unexpected situations with calm and presence. Join me on this week?s episode as I dive deeper into how you can create larger windows of tolerance to stress and discomfort which will allow for longer periods of regulation and a more peaceful state of being.

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The Difference Between Regulating Internally Versus Externally

EP:74 The majority of humans somehow get into the pattern of learning how to regulate themselves on an external basis, which means they rely on everyone and everything else around them to give them permission, as well as allow them to regulate their nervous system.

I find that the individuals who are externally regulating, it's as if that human is in a sea of water. And they are waving their hands around with tons of waves and white caps around them, and they are just treading water. And you can't do that forever. But what ends up happening is we're in the middle of the sea begging for a life raft.

Externally, the individuals around you are not meant to satiate and take care of your nervous system. Can they support you? You bet. But can they fix and throw you a life raft? Every single time all the time? 24/7? No. And the reason being is that A: It's not realistic. And B, they have their own nervous system to take care of.

Go down that rabbit hole and explore all the things that make YOU feel good. AND DECIDE to support yourself. Because what's waiting for you on the other side is such freedom, freedom from resentment and anger from your loved ones. Freedom for holding permission and everyone else's hands for your happiness and your mental health. Freedom from needing to feel worthy from others, and most importantly, regulating through someone else and other things externally.

More tips on this week episode of Thrive Like a Parent podcast.

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Living Aligned Within the Individual Neurology of Your Own Brain

EP:73 On this week?s episode I am joined by Laura Day. Laura is an intuitive healer. She is a New York Times best seller. And she's worked with many amongst the stars. Laura?s work has helped demystify intuition and bring it into the mainstream. Laura has trained thousands of people and companies to use their brains, perceptions, and ?sixth sense? in effective ways to realize their goals.

We discuss what it means to truly live aligned within the individual neurology of your own brain.

Subscribe to the Thrive Like a Parent podcast and tune in for the full episode.

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The Healing in Sharing Your Story

EP:72 On today?s episode of Thrive Like a Parent Podcast? I am so honored to be joined by Kelli Bullard.

Kelly is an incredible mama. A young widow. Teacher turned author.

We are all struck by tragedy in some way within our life. And at some point, we may need to support a neighbor, a friend, a loved one. And we have no earthly idea what that's going to look like for them, or what they may need.

Each individual person definitely needs something different.

Join us as we discuss how we had to figure out our own process in grief, Kelly?s new book (Behind My Smily), finding love after tragedy and so much more.

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Why I Don't Believe in New Year's Resolutions

EP:71 Happy 2024!!! As we start ramping up this year, I want to remind you that today is today, we'll see what tomorrow brings. But be proud of yourself just simply for showing up. And trust the process. Whatever you're going through in your life.. Whether it's you having some January blues, whether it's you're feeling some depression, just in life or you've gone through a loss or you're having a hard season of your life, whatever it is, I want you to trust that process. Trust time. Love time. Allow time. Don't force time but instead soak it in. Take one small step to change your life in whatever direction that means for you. Whether it is slowing down, whether it is slightly ramping up, utilize that throttle to make the long lasting impact within your life.

#thrivelikeaparent #podcast #newepisode #sensoryregulation #emotionalregulation #mentalhealth #newyearsresolutionsarebullshit #growthovertime #thrive #supportyourbrain #burnout #dysregulatednervoussysstem

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Rebuilding Trust After Trauma

EP:70 On this week?s episode of Thrive Like a Parent, I have a very special guest with me, my boyfriend Carter.

Throughout this journey, I had to grow and trust the process. It wasn't easy. I had to let my guard down, be vulnerable, and communicate, which is tough, especially after the trauma I've been through. That's why it took me so long to share my current relationship with the world. It's been two years, and it shows the depth of the trauma I had to work through.

It's not just about breaking down walls; it's about feeling safe enough to let someone in and building that trust. The process took time, but now I can proudly say I'm in a committed relationship, and it's a testament to the healing and trust we've built together. Although, it was hard.. It?s attainable and so so worth it.

You can find a healthy partnership and do life together in a way that feels best in right for you.

I hope by us sharing our story with you, you too will find the courage to embark on this journey.

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Discussing the Truth About the Holiday Season

I urge you to slow down and take a look at the world around you that you are creating? Because this is not easy. I don't care if you're a working parent, a stay at home parent, single, solo or divorced.This is hard.

It's not only hard to be a parent, but we live in a different world than our parents raised us in and it's okay to accept that and lean into that and give your brain and body all the support it needs.

My wish for you is extra rest and extra water. If you're feeling dysregulated get down to essentials. Skip everything else. Food, water, rest.

I wish you joy.

I wish you peace.

I wish you happiness.

I wish you support. I wish you love.

I wish you the gift of stepping on the brake.

#thrivelikeaparent #podcast #holidayseason #truthsaboutholiday #holidaytruths #parenthood #momlife #nervoussystem #dysregulatednervousstystem #thrive #emotionalregulation #mentalhealth #parenting #holidays #joyinparenting

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Burnout During The Holiday Season

EP: 68 Today I want to remind you the holiday season really truly at its core meant slowing down, resting, rebooting. I want you to focus in on what matters most, which is taking the time to make holiday memories. I guarantee you're already doing enough. So put the garland down. Slow your roll on the extra sides of mashed potatoes and the extra dish you think you need to make this year. Stop over functioning and doing so much for so many when you really don't feel like doing it but you think you need to do it. Start supporting yourself this holiday season and enjoy the time with your family and the ones you love most and most importantly rest, rest, rest. Tune in to this weeks episode of Thrive Like a Parent Podcast for tips and strategies to truly enjoy and be present this holiday season. XOXO, Dr. B #thrivelikeaparent #podcast #newepisode #parentingpodcast #holiday #holidayseason #neurosensory #momlife #unapologetically #authenticity #sensoryregulation #emotionalintelligence #mentalhealth #aligning #parenthood #holistichealth #thrive #burnout

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How to Unapologetically Make Your Life Your Own

EP:67 On this week?s episode of Thrive Like a Parent podcast, I am so honored to be joined by the one and only Erika Nolan! Erika has not only been a dear friend of mine since childhood, she has also been an inspiration for personal growth and courage to live authentically in a world that often pushes conformity. Erika is now an incredible Holistic Health and Homestead Coach. Her journey involved many unexpected turns that led to a profound transformation. Pursing a life that aligns with one's true self means stepping into the unknown, releasing old expectations , stepping out of societal norms and stepping into a path that feels right for you. You, my friend are so worthy of living an aligned and fulfilling life that is your true calling. My hope is that this episode will be the sign for you to live and be unapologetically you! #thrivelikeaparent #podcast #parenting #nervoussystemregulation #thrive #thrivelikeamother #parenthood #motherhood #momlife #widow #sensorysystem #mentalhealth #triggers

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Exciting Life Update

EP:66 Hello, and welcome to another episode of Thrive like a parent Podcast. Today, I'm going to just give you a life update. So every now and then I will kind of do this and share with you what's going on in my life. And there are plenty of other podcasts of mine that give you tons and tons of information. But every now and then you crave and ask for a life update from me. And I appreciate your interest.

I think I will start with a Hashimotos update, because so many of you are asking for that. Doctors found that I had one tiny, gross, but former parasites, they've decided that I had an overgrowth of Candida. And of course, you know, stress, which of course that comes along with my life, and how much I have on my plate, which I knew that that's a part of Hashimotos. And they put me on basically a three month protocol.

And so it took me a lot to figure out what I could eat on a daily basis.  But, I kept saying we've got to do something about this daily routine because like this is clearly not working for my lifestyle.  Please know that number one, in life, you have to do what works for you! I now know that this can be managed.  But it has to be managed in the way that works for me.  I'm so proud of myself because I finally have enough energy to be able to attend to my needs as well as my kids.  It's slow, but I see it coming back and I take all my wins because if I don't then I'll just still feel icky.

I will never be the same person I was before Jonathan passed like I will never be the same person. I do believe that if you have have gone through anything huge in your life, lost a spouse, or a divorce or anything like that. I do believe that we don't fully own that it's okay to be someone different than who we were before.  Like, at the end of the day, I'm still broke, but the life experiences have shaped who I am, and who I will be for the rest of my my life, right.

The other thing on the life update is, I could not be more excited about this upcoming thrive.  So there are many different ways to work with me, you can work with myself, one on one, you can work with the three individuals who I've trained for over two years that I would absolutely never have on my team or never allow them to see clients if I didn't feel that you were going to get the same result as you would with me.  And so you can work with one of them.  You can work with me one on one basis, or you can do our Thrive group program.  So this year, we only do Thrive twice a year, just FYI, we do it in the beginning of the year and we do it before Thanksgiving, around September (please listen to my podcast to know how Thrive works).
So let's talk about what's to come besides thrive.  I have some very, very exciting guests coming on the podcast in the coming year.  So look for that, we are going to be doing a lot more of all that we already are doing.  Because we feel so good with what we're doing.  And it's it's so rewarding.
I can't thank you enough for listening and coming along for this crazy ride.  It's the best. It's so much fun.  I love doing this and I love I'm very lucky that I love what I do.  And I love supporting all of you.

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Supporting Yourself in the Midst of Holiday Season Triggers

EP: 65 Being around our family for the holidays can be so triggering to us. On this week?s episode of Thrive Like a Parent podcast, I want to give you a guideline of how to support yourself through that time. Dysregulation into regulation does not happen overnight. Anxiety into calm does not happen in a blink of an eye. Fight or flight into rest and digest does not happen overnight. It takes time, especially when you've been pounding the pavement all year long. That's the exact reason why I don't want you to start adding more to your plate with your family or taking on the emotional dysregulation of your family during this season. This holiday season, I encourage you to take care of yourself, because I care. I care so much. And I am so grateful to each and every one of you. XOXO, Dr. B #thrivelikeaparentpodcast #newepisode #sensoryregulation #nervoussystemregulation #authenticity #parenthood #widow #thrive #thrivelikeaparent #gainingsupport

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Achieving Your Dreams While Maintaining Mental Health and Life Balance.

EP: 64 On today?s episode of Thrive Like a Parent Podcast, I have a friend I want to introduce you to, her name is Kelly Brock. She is a business mentor, a coach, a mom, a wife and frankly overall bad ass. Kelly has been an entrepreneur for 14 years now. She spent 10 years in network marketing and has even been on the billboard in Times Square. But, in her last years of network marketing, she developed anxiety and depression. This made it difficult for Kelly to function as she used to and for anybody who knew her at that moment, it would not have matched the identity that she saw for herself or that was portrayed online. There is definitely a difference between achieving your dreams and achieving those dreams while maintaining your mental health, balance, and authenticity. And that?s literally exactly what Kelly does. And she does it in such a vulnerable and honest and beautiful way. And I?ve seen it firsthand. So a lot of what we want to tell you about today is entrepreneurship and finding the right people to work with, while keeping your authenticity and mental health a priority. It's important for everyone to know that you can be your own beautiful mess, yet still be a really awesome leader at the same time. It is possible to have that darkness but yet, what comes out of it is not icky and traumatizing but beautiful and healing and moving into alignment with, especially, entrepreneurship and business. You can be a human being and run a business, you can be a human being and be a leader. It is possible. Living in integrity is so crucially important to me, and having the trust of my community and knowing how important it is to find the support from humans who truly care, rather than just be a sales tactic or finding financial gains is what continues to motivate me in making a difference in people?s lives while helping them thrive like a human. You can follow Kelly on Instagram @KellyBrock or you can go to her website XOXO, Dr. B

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Interrogation vs. Connection & Safety

EP:63 I promise you I am not getting political. My stance on what is going on in the world is that "a human is a human is a human '' and anytime there is loss of a human, it's devastating. With recent events, was I devastated to see what happened on October 7th? You bet. Does it hit home for me? Sure, I am a white Jewish female. But a human is a human is a human, and I need you to know that before I speak on anything I say today. As someone who has a voice you are always going to say things wrong. No matter what you say, it is always the wrong thing. I was told I was a disgrace, uneducated, disappointing, unfollowed, ignorant for my stance. But I want to take this example of what happened to me to speak about what often happens to us in our daily lives. It is important for you to understand that when having a conversation with someone you feel you are being heard, seen, your boundaries are being respected, and your position on a particular subject or matter, matters. It is also important for you to know, prior to any conversation, if that conversation will meet: 1. Conversation dialogue of safety 2. Connection Everyone needs to feel a safe connection rather than feeling shut down and defensive. You might be experiencing this right now and I'd like to help guide you and move you through how you can support yourself in moments where you don't feel seen, heard, shut down, defensive, etc. Those hard conversations will lead to the most beautiful safety and to the most beautiful connection if you go into them with vulnerability, honesty, and chipping away at all the walls around you. And if you have fear going into those conversations, that means that you're doing something different than you've ever done in the past. And that fear can guide you into knowing you're actually making changes in your life and making changes in your brain patterning and you're growing as a human because you're saying no fear. Join me on this week's episode of Thrive Like a Parent podcast to talk through how you can build safety within your brain. XOXO, Dr. B #podcast #thrivelikeaparent #parenting #burnout #fightorflight #sensoryregulation #emotionalregulation #selfcare #nervoussystemregulation #awareness #momlife #modelingregulation #thrive #thrivelikeaparentpodcast

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Finding Balance Within the Chaos

EP:62 In this podcast episode of Thrive Like a Parent podcast I am so honored to be joined by Maria Gonzalez, a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Maria is also one of the coaches on my team who helps support our clients.

Personal growth doesn't happen overnight and requires trust in the process. So many of our clients initially seek rapid, linear changes, but it takes time. We must learn to embrace the journey with its highs and lows that eventually turn into rolling hills.

We must understand what truly mental health looks and how to support your mental health on a neurological level. And it stems so deep that we are then able to impart this wisdom on to our children.

Once you make that shift, your child is then living with that parent, that version of you. And that's the version you've always been, but maybe never let out. And our children will then learn that and we help our clients learn how to support our children through the same mindset.

If you tired of living in a constant state of fight or flight and are ready to find balance and piece.. My team and I would love to support you.

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How to Go From Fight or Flight to Rest and Restoration

EP:61 If you are tired of being exhausted, if you're tired of being lonely, if you are tired of snapping at your kids, if you're tired of feeling like it's an uphill battle, if you are tired of only getting that dopamine hit when you buy something for yourself and there's no other joy in life, if you feel like your partnership is stale, or you want to rip their heads off?..

That means ding ding, ding, ding, ding, it's time for support! Because you we aren't meant to do this alone.

Take time to support you in the way that you need. That is how you go from fight or flight (red zone) to rest, restoration, peace, calm and all the different things that you long for. So take some time to rest and move through the yellow which is will be wildly uncomfortable but oh so worth it when you come out on the other side.

Today I urge you to check in see how you're feeling for the day.

- Are you picking your skin?

- Are you chewing your nails? Are you biting your nails?

- Are you emotionally eating? Are you snapping at your kids?

- Are you completely disconnected from your partnership?

- Are my shoulders raised?

- Is my jaw clenched?

- Is my forehead lifted?

- Do I have a headache?

Do a body scan. What are the things your body is telling you that suggest you may be in the red. What are you feeling? Where in your body are you feeling it? Then go give yourself three hours to take care of you because you're so damn worth it.

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Building Safety Within The Brain

EP:60 You can create positive feedback loops of finding connection and safety and trust within the world around you. WHILE you are just simply being yourself. No costume. No act. No performance.
The combination of no performance, just simply being yourself And finding safety in moments where you are just yourself is the secret sauce to that feedback loop of trusting you can simply be who you are. Know and trust your loved for exactly who you are. And it?s okay to be that person.
So much good can come out of the awareness of finding safe moments and letting down your walls to simply be yourself, show up as yourself and trust those humans around you that they are safe. And if they don?t feel safe, that?s great awareness too.
Join me on this weeks episode of Thrive Like a Parent podcast to talk through how you can build safety within your brain.
Dr. B
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Are You Struggling Supporting Your Child?

EP:59 This episode of Thrive Like a Parent podcast is for the parent who is struggling with a child. And that is the bottom line. No matter diagnosis or not. The reason I'm doing this podcast, is because I've been there.
Maybe you haven't realized how to put it into words.
Maybe you haven't allowed yourself to fully feel those emotions.
Maybe you haven't given yourself the permission to just validate that sometimes this shits hard, and you're exhausted and you're tired.
I want you to know you're not alone. I want you to know it's okay to feel those feelings. And I want you to know that you are not the only parent on the roller coaster.
If you need more support the team and I would love to support you. We would love to support your child into learning how to regulate. This journey is not meant to be taken alone.
Comment ?SUPPORT? and let?s chat.
Dr. B #podcast #throvelikeaparent #newepisode #parent #momlife #nervoussystem #nervoussystemregulation #emotionalregulation #sensoryplay #sensoryregulation #sensoryseeking #viral #video

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Feeling Like You Are Too Much

EP:58 Join us in our latest episode on Thrive like a parent Podcast, where we chat about something we've all felt at times--- that feeling of being 'too much.'

It's a deep-seated issue that quietly influences many areas of our lives, often without us realizing it.

In our journey of self-discovery, we often seek empowerment, self-confidence, and control over our lives. These desires can be powerful driving forces, but sometimes, in our quest to achieve them, we unintentionally create a mask that usually hide our true selves where we end up portraying another version of us that doesn't align with our genuine feelings and identity, and make it hard for us to embrace confidence, honesty, and control which are helpful in rewiring the brain.

But if we learn how to embrace our authenticity, speak up, and dance to our own rhythm, fear won't hold us back.

So in this podcast, we talk about honoring exactly who you are, so that being too much will be your greatest gift.

Actually, you are not too much, you're just being all that you're meant to be in this life.

Take a risk! It's your brain's way of saying, "Be yourself, it's worth it!"

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Supporting Sensory Seekers Through the Client Lens

EP:57 Today, I have a guest on the Thrive Like a Parent podcast. Her name is Lindsay Kane now and I've known Lindsey since playgroup! Lindsey is a an incredible wife and mamma to two amazing boys. Lindsey owns a beautiful jewelry company. The link is in stories!

I've worked with Lindsay and her family for a few years now. I've worked with Lindsay regarding herself and I've supported Lindsay with her kiddos.

This episode is an authentic look through the lens of what a session with one of my clients looks like.

We talk through our kids different nervous systems and how sometimes their underdeveloped nervous systems is what's getting in the way of them being able to attend and focus and how to support them through it all!

My hope is that this will help you and other parents relate to Lindsey?s story.

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It Is Ok Not To Be Ok

EP:56 It is ok for you to be an individual.

It's okay to not have the same opinions. It's okay to feel things that others don?t.
It's okay to be a quote sensitive human. It's okay when others tell you to get over it and are not ready, and it affected me and that's okay.

All of our brains function differently. And if you're trying to model someone else or a generation or you're trying to keep up with something that was taught to you that you quote should be keeping up with but deep down you're you feel empty? Listen to that!

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When Are You Fully Healed From Truama?

EP:55 A question I get asked all the time? When do you know you are finally healed from trauma?

The truth is? It's not about when is the healing over. It's about gaining awareness to understand that you actually do have control over how you feel in the midst of a trigger.

It is the ability to say, I know that I can support myself through this. I know I have the capacity to do it. I've done it before. And I know I'm going to feel okay on the other side. And that is what it's about.  

The healing and work always continues. Am I more healed now than I was a year or two ago or five years ago, you bet. But I also love the person that I am here today. And I also look forward to the person I will be in a year. Like I look forward to that. And it's okay to accept it all. Healing can happen, but it does happen very slowly. And I do believe that we become wiser as we get older, we become more comfortable within our skin and more comfortable with the choices we're making and who we are and how we choose to lead our lives and not caring about what others think as much like all that happens with with time, right and experience, but also healing. So best of luck on your healing journey and know that it's okay to go slow.

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What It Means To Be Sensory Sensitive

EP:54 Although being sensory seeking can be difficult at times.. You're feeling, hearing, seeing and tasting everything that most others are not. The stimuli can be overwhelming...But it can also be a beautiful benefit, personality trait and neurological trait that can support you and your life and help you find your magic, help you find what you're best at and your strengths.

Your sensory sensitivity is not a weakness friend, it?s your superpower!

After you listen to this podcast, if you have any more questions on this or are interested in working with myself or my team and get support in truly understanding how to support your brain please reach out. Let's chat, because you deserve to live a full life that support your individual nervous system and you absolutely CAN HAVE THAT.

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The Podcast is 1 Year Old!

EP:53 It has officially been one year since I've started my Thrive Like a Parent podcast!!!

I am so grateful that you have chosen to trust me.

That's why I push so hard to make sure that this is done the correct way.

Thank you for trusting me in supporting you and giving you the knowledge to understand how your brain functions, how your children's brain functions and how to support both.

I can't thank you enough for your love and support for myself, my family and my children.

#thrivelikeaparent #podcast #newepisode #threads #parentlife #1yearoldpodcast #anniversary #thrivelikeamother #sensoryregulation #brainstimulation #sensoryregulation #emotionalregulation #nervoussystem #nervoussystemhealing #stimulation #brainhealth

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Love Your Kids Without Losing Yourself with Dr. Morgan Cutlip

EP:52 On this week?s episode of Thrive Like a Parent Podcast, I was fortunate to be joined by Dr. Morgan to discuss her book coming out called Love Your Kids Without Loosing Yourself in the Process.

I was very lucky, I got a little preview. We will discuss a few things in it and a little teaser for all of you listening to my podcast to hear kind of what to expect.

I personally cannot tell you enough positive things about this book and I would love for all of you to grab yourself a copy because Dr. Morgan could not be more on the money with this book.

#thrivelikeaparent #podcast #newepisode #threads #parentlife #parentwithoutfear #techandchildhood #thrivelikeamother #sensoryregulation #brainstimulation #technologydetox #enoughisenough #livinginreality #sensoryregulation #emotionalregulation #nervoussystem #nervoussystemhealing #stimulation #brainhealth

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First Steps Toward Healing From Fight or Flight

EP:51 On this weeks episode of Thrive like a Parent podcast we will talk steps and signs of what happens when you finally begin the process of feeling your body come out of fight or flight. And it is so crucially important to understand this because you it's going to feel not as good as you want it to feel.

is so crucially important to have this knowledge so that you don't spiral. That you don't think you're in a deep dark depression so that you don't think it's never going to end so that you know that your brain is doing exactly what it needs to do.

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Spit Fire on Frequently Asked Questions

EP:50 This week I decided to do something a little different on my Thrive Like a Parent podcast.

I want to say thank you to each and every one of you who trust me to support you through this crazy journey of life and dm me your questions.

I know I don?t have the time to answer all of your questions but I will do the best I can to do that in these podcast episodes.

Tell us how you're liking the podcast in the comments below, ask questions here! This will be the easiest place for me to see them.

-> If you have any requests on specific topics let me know in the comments below.

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How To Teach Our Kids Feelings

EP:49 We can support our brain into rewiring.

We can support our brain into healing.

We can support our brain into gaining more fluency within each different portion of our brain.

Your brain might push and resist away from saying the hard emotional things because your brains not used to it NOT because it can't. It's just that muscle has not been flexed enough.

That is why it is so important to teach our children how to understand feelings, what they are and how to verbalize them.

It is our responsibility as parents to teach our children this consistentely within the safely of our home so they can continue to do the same out in the world.

Join me on this weeks episode of Thrive Like a Parent to learn how to teach your children feelings.

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Living with Hashimoto's Autoimmune Disease

EP:48 I have officially been diagnosed with Hashimotos.

It's an autoimmune disease, where your thyroid can bounce into hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism.

It's been a hard one, it's been a real hard one to swallow.

But this will now be part of my story that I share with you and hopefully share my healing journey of what this looks like and how I am stepping in to supporting myself even more. And at the end of the day. It first and foremost starts with me on apologetically, taking care of myself.

So I choose to move forward with the awareness, with more knowledge, more grace, more understanding, more self love, and more healing. Because at the end of the day, health is the most important thing. Mental and physical. So take this today as a reminder to slow down. Take care of yourself.

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