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C-Squared Podcast

C-Squared Podcast

The C-Squared Podcast is an in depth weekly discussion about the chess world with your hosts, Grandmasters Fabiano Caruana and Cristian Chirila. Bringing the biggest news and chess stars to your doorstep!


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Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Alejandro Ramirez

This is our discussion regarding the sexual misconduct allegations brought by Jennifer Shahade against Alejandro Ramirez on February 15th, and the analysis of the Wall Street Journal article that soon followed. Read more about the allegations against Alejandro Ramirez below: WSJ Article | Jennifer Shahade's Statement |

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Chess World Is On Fire, Jobava Responds To, WR Masters

The Magnus VS Hikaru Wars, Jobava's Rant & Punishment

Anish Giri & Jorden v Foreest | Winning Tata Steel, Relation W. Magnus

Anish Giri & Jorden van Foreest join the show to talk about their recent success at the Tata Steel Masters event, as well as many other intriguing subjects. | CHAT DIRECTLY WITH US ON DISCORD: TIKTOK:

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Is Mittens Responsible For The Chess Boom?

Rapid & Blitz Battles In The Snowy Mountains Of Kazakhstan

Levy Rozman aka GothamChess : Fame, Mental Health, Cheating, Hans As A World Champion

Levy Rozman aka Gotham Chess is the most popular chess content creator on Youtube with over 2 million subscribers. He is an International Master with a peak rating of 2421, an exciting color commentator, and much more!

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What Happened Against Magnus, Buys It All, Hans is 2700

The biggest week in recent chess history just happened. finalizes the purchase of the Play Magnus Group and officially becomes the biggest entity in chess. Is this good or bad for our sport?

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Judit Polgar | Legendary Coaching System, Bobby Fischer, Chess Psychology

Judit Polgar is the greatest female chess player of all time, achieving the title of Grandmaster at the age of 15 years and 4 months, at the time the youngest to have done so, breaking the record previously held by former World Champion Bobby Fischer.


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Botez Sisters | Content Creation, Sibling Relationship, Chess Boxing

While in LA for for the Mogul Moves Chess Boxing event, we met the Botez sisters for a conversation about Andrea's chess boxing match, streaming as a career, how their sibling relationship developed over the years, future plans, and more. Enjoy!

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Levon Aronian | Chess Career, Difficult Early Life, US Olympic Team, Fatherhood


The legendary Levon Aronian sits down with the guys for an in depth discussion covering a variety of interesting topics, including his early childhood, the most impactful coaches in his career, the Armenian and US Olympic teams, and more.

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Tata Steel Chess India, Ageless Anand, Magnus Gives Trent Rook Odds

Intense Match Against Erigaisi, Fabi VS Magnus, World Team Championship

The boys reunite to discuss the intense Speed Chess Championship match between Fabiano and young phenom Arjun Erigaisi. World Team Championship, a potential match against Magnus Carlsen, and more!

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Chess Boxing, Niemann Lawsuit Updates, Magnus Tour & SCC Bracket | C-Squared #011

Boys reunite in St. Louis to discuss the week in chess, with topics ranging from chess-boxing, to a complete breakdown of the upcoming speed chess championship. Enjoy...

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Jennifer Yu | U.S. Women's Championship, Life at Harvard, Crazy Playoff Moments

After winning the US Women's Chess Championship, WGM Jennifer Yu joins the pod to discuss her victory, emotions during the championship, her life as a Harvard sophomore, and more!

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Winning It All In St. Louis | C- Squared Podcast #008

a long and intense US Championship and US Women's Championship, Fabi and Cristian sit down for a quick recap before the closing ceremony. Detailed analysis about key moments of these championships, as well as other relevant topics were discussed in this episode. Enjoy!

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Maurice Ashley: Path to Grandmaster, New York Hustle, Commentary, Drama | C-Squared Podcast #007

Maurice Ashley is a world class chess commentator, author, and the first Black person to achieve the title of Grandmaster. In this episode he sits down with the boys for an in depth conversation about his early life and career, relationship with his good friend GM Yasser Seirawan, old and recent drama, and more...Enjoy!

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U.S. Championship, Controversy, Lots Of Disrespect | C-Squared Podcast #006

Fabi & Cristian talk about the ongoing U.S. Championship, controversy surrounding the ongoing Hans Niemann saga, Christopher Yoo feelings of disrespect, and other hot topics brewing in the chess world. Enjoy!

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Hikaru Nakamura | Carlsen's Decision, Training with Kasparov, New Generation | C-Squared Podcast E004

GM Hikaru Nakamura joins the C-Squared crew for an in depth discussion about his life as a chess professional, his early prodigious years, the intensity of working with Garry Kasparov, and many more. Enjoy!

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Eric Rosen: Competition, Career, Chess Boom, Jobava's Deals | C-Squared Podcast | E003

Fabi & Cristian catch up with International Master Eric Rosen, one of the greatest chess content creators pushing the game to the next level. Discussions vary from Eric's upbringing in the world of chess, early success, all the way to Jobava's deals and antics in the chess world. Enjoy!

This episode was filmed on 9.13.2022

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Yasser Seirawan : Viktor Korchnoi, Fischer Boom, Clash of Generations | C-Squared Podcast | E002

Fabiano & Cristian catch up with the legendary Yasser Seirawan for an in depth discussion about his life, career, working as a second for Viktor Korchnoi, the Fischer era and its implications, and many more intriguing topics.

This episode was filmed on 8.31.2022

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Candidates, Olympiad, Hans Niemann , Who's The Best Indian Prodigy?

Episode 1 of C-Squared Podcast, a weekly chess podcast, opens up with a discussion about Fabiano Caruana's experiences in top level competitions, current events happening in the world of chess, the young up and coming prodigies, and Hans Niemann. This episode was filmed on 8.19.2022

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Who Are Going To Be The Next U.S. Chess Champions? | C-Squared Bonus

Fabiano and Cristian sit down for a one on one preview of the 2022 U.S. Championship and U.S. Women's Championship, two of the strongest and most important events of the year. This year's championships will be held at the St. Louis Chess Club between October 5th through the 20th, and will feature 28 of the best chess players in the US. The tournament can be followed live on the STL Chess Club's channel, and will feature p[lay by play commentary by GMs Yasser Seirawan, Cristian Chirila, and WGM Anastasia Karlovich.

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UNFILTERED LIVE MEETING - Drama, Cheating, Chess 960 w. Caruana & Chirila

Cristian & Fabiano do a live stream discussing all the hot topics of the day. We first start by catching up with Fabiano's recent success in St. Louis, and move on to address the recent developments in the Carlsen & Niemann cheating drama. Enjoy!

Video was recorded live on 9.21.2022

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Fabiano's tournament analysis, Carlsen's Withdrawal, Allegations | C-Squared Recap - Sinquefield Cup

Fabiano and Cristian discuss the Sinquefield Cup and go in depth on various topics ranging from the most important moments of the tournament, to the GCT rankings, and Magnus Carlsen's withdrawal.

This episode was filmed on 9.11.2022

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