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Tales from the front line of EU Affairs. Insightful conversations with Brussels public affairs experts on how to lobby the EU - and win.


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Episode 3: Bursting out of the Brussels Communications Bubble

We sat down with leading Brussels comms experts Laura Shields (@mediawhizz) and Adrian Hiel (@AdrianHiel) to talk about how good comms are the key to policy success, why your approvals process is your worst enemy and how to talk about climate change in a way people actually understand. 

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Episode 2b. What have we learned?

Patrick and Connor discuss the interview with Sebastian about social and digital media impact on Government Affairs. What have we learned and what can we implement? 

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Episode 2a: How digital and social media are changing public affairs.

Connor and Patrick talk to Sebastián Rodríguez, founder of about how evolutions in digital and social media are shaping public affairs in Europe. 

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Episode 1: What have we done?

In this first episode of Pluxcast, Connor and Patrick talk about why they have started this podcast, why transparency in lobbying is so important - and what needs to change in the public affairs profession in Brussels. 

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