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The BoardGameGeek Podcast

The BoardGameGeek Podcast

Bi-weekly casual conversations with passionate gamers who geek out about board games, the mechanisms behind them, and the people who create them.


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Episode 2: SPIEL '22 Discoveries with Beth Heile

Beth Heile, BGG Store Product Manager, joins Candice to discuss games that were not on their radars ahead of SPIEL ?22, but after discovering them at the show, they're looking forward to playing them. 

00:00:00 Introduction

00:02:15 Fresh Plays00:02:34 Turing Machine00:06:54 Pingyao: First Chinese Banks00:14:24 Evergreen00:19:58 WordCraft00:28:23 Our SPIEL '22 Discoveries00:28:28 Beth's SPIEL Report00:35:56 Candice's SPIEL Experience00:38:28 Take a Seat00:41:49 Crossing Oceans00:43:59 Overbooking00:46:59 Corrupt Parliament00:49:59 Troublez00:53:26 Race to the Raft01:01:19 My Shelfie01:05:01 Dogfight!: Rule The Skies in 20 Minutes!01:10:05 Come Together01:15:28 Unconscious Mind01:20:04 Sign-off
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Episode 1: SPIEL '22 Anticipation with BGG Owner Scott Alden

Scott Alden (aka Aldie), the owner of BoardGameGeek, joins Candice to discuss the SPIEL '22 games they're most excited for. 

00:00:00 Introduction00:01:12 Thank you to Aldie 00:02:30 Geek Speak (previous BGG podcast) 00:05:50 Shout-out to Game Brain00:06:32 Fresh Plays00:06:47 Oathsworn: Into the Deepwood 00:12:40 Lacrimosa 00:22:10 Bad Company 00:29:25 In Vino Morte00:35:16 Our Top 5 SPIEL '22 Releases We're Most Excited For00:35:21 SPIEL overview 00:41:25 Aldie's #5 - Rise & Fall 00:45:09 Candice's #5 - War of the Ring: The Card Game 00:47:59 Aldie's #4 - Beast 00:51:04 Candice's #4 - 1880: China 00:54:15 Aldie & Candice's #3 - Deal with the Devil 00:58:32 Aldie's #2 - Challengers! 01:04:01 Candice's #2 - Undaunted: Stalingrad 01:07:40 Aldie's #1 - Findorff 01:10:40 Candice's #1 - Great Western Trail: Argentina01:20:22 Sign-off
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