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Elevation with Steven Furtick

Elevation with Steven Furtick

Welcome to the weekly podcast of Elevation Church led by Pastor Steven Furtick. To learn more visit our website at or download the Elevation App. To support this ministry and help us continue to reach people all around the world click here:


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That's Not All You Are

God wants you to see past your limitations. In this special Easter message, ?That?s Not All You Are,? Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church challenges our faulty perceptions of ourselves ? and our preconceived notions about God.

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Protect The Vessel

Are you protecting what matters? In ?Protect The Vessel,? Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church reminds us that we are vessels that can either foster bitterness or make way for God?s healing hand in our lives.

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No Crown (Robert Madu)

What?s holding you back from your purpose? In ?No Crown,? Robert Madu reveals all the ways ? big and small ? that pride may be keeping you from your calling.

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The way God works in your life may surprise you. In ?Surprise!? Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church reminds us that, while God never changes, He may still work in unexpected ways.

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Borrowed Confidence

Where does your confidence come from? In ?Borrowed Confidence,? Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church teaches us that where our confidence comes from determines when it runs out.

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Get To The Good Part

If things aren?t good, God?s not done. In ?Get To The Good Part,? Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church turns to the story of Joseph to show us that God can bring hope to even the darkest parts of our lives.

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What You Call Small

Your ?small? moments play big roles. In ?What You Call Small,? Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church teaches us that the greatest miracles can come from downplayed moments.

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Built Different

Make room for what God is building in your life. In ?Built Different,? Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church teaches us that God often builds His kingdom in ways we don?t expect.

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I Don't Think I'm Ready For This (Holly Furtick)

God has prepared you (even when you don't feel ready). In ?I Don't Think I'm Ready For This,? the first lady of Elevation Church, Holly Furtick, teaches that even when we don't feel ready for the next step, God has already made a way ahead of us.

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Same Devils, New Levels

It?s time for a new strategy. In ?Same Devils, New Levels,? Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church teaches us to re-think the battles we?ve been fighting and ask God for the support we need for the season we?re in.

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Beta Blessings

What if your blessing is still in progress? In ?Beta Blessings,? Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church takes a look at blessings that are still in the early stages ? and reminds us not to give up before we see them come to pass.

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What God Left Out: Flatbread Faith

Sometimes, God?s provision isn?t in what He gives, but in what He leaves out. In ?What God Left Out: Flatbread Faith,? Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church reminds us that God is still in the details ? even when we don?t understand them.

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Comfort Food

What if reaching for the familiar is holding you back from fulfillment? In ?Comfort Food,? Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church shows us that, when we reach for what?s comfortable, we may actually be stunting our faith.

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Hindsight 2020 (Pastors Steven & Holly Furtick)

Before moving forward, it?s important to look back. Join Holly Furtick of Elevation Church as she revisits some of Pastor Steven?s most powerful messages of 2020.

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Bonus Episode: Protected By God's Presence (Praise Party 2019)

When what you?re facing seems too big to handle, God will see you through it. In ?Protected By God's Presence,? Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church reminds us that the proof of the presence of God is not the absence of problems, it?s in the middle of them.

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Little By Little (Rich Wilkerson Jr.)

Faith, change, growth? it all happens little by little. In this message from Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. of VOUS Church, we?re shown how faith isn?t an event, but a process ? and that your waiting isn?t wasted. 

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The Foundation For Favor (Holly Furtick)

Real favor is built on a strong foundation. In ?The Foundation Of Favor,? the first lady of Elevation Church, Holly Furtick, revisits the story of Mary to reveal more about the favor of God in our lives ? and the role we have to play in it.

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Favor Over Fear

In a year that has been overrun with fear, what if we focused on God?s favor instead? Pastor Steven Furtick shares in ?Favor Over Fear? that you get to choose how you define this year. Are you only going to focus on the disappointments or can you recognize how God?s favor has been with you through it all?

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Finish With Favor

God?s favor can find you anywhere. In ?Finish With Favor,? Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church reveals the nature of favor and shares how it can find us, even in the middle of fear and frustration.

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Bonus Episode: Root Check (Holly Furtick)

?Strong women don?t happen by accident.? In ?Root Check,? the first lady of Elevation Church, Holly Furtick, shares a special message for women about being rooted in Christ, fostering a strong community, and becoming a woman of action. Learn how to answer the calling on your life and build a foundation that can weather any storm.

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I Woke Up Like This (Levi Lusko)

God?s favor isn?t limited by our failures.  In ?I Woke Up Like This,? we hear a word from Pastor Levi Lusko, the lead pastor of Fresh Life Church. In his message, Pastor Levi shows us how God?s favor often flows through the connections you make and the steps of faith you?re willing to take.

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The Momentum of a Decision

Small decisions can take you a long way. In ?The Momentum Of A Decision,? Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church shows that faith isn?t just made of the big, flashy leaps, but of the small steps we take every day.

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Wasted Rain

God is trying to speak something into your life.

In ?Wasted Rain,? Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church teaches that God often speaks to us in stormy seasons ? we just have to be willing to listen.

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Use Your Inside Voice

Whose voice have you been listening to?

In ?Use Your Inside Voice,? Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church shows us that Jesus was not driven by the opinions of others, but led by the voice of God. It is ultimately up to us to determine which voice we respond to.

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I See It Now (Dharius Daniels)

How do we begin to make sense of our hurts, heartbreaks, and setbacks?

In ?I See It Now,? Pastor Dharius Daniels of Change Church shows us that, even when we don?t understand why we?re going through something, God is still at work.

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Jump To A New Conclusion

The conclusion that you jump to is based on the belief that you start with.

In ?Jump To A New Conclusion,? Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church teaches us how to jump to the RIGHT conclusions instead of settling for the wrong ones.

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What It Means Is Up To Me

We can?t always control what happens to us, but we can choose how we interpret it.

In ?What It Means Is Up To Me,? Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church turns to Joseph and the apostle Paul to teach us how to hold on to hope in the face of adversity.

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Taking Control Of Your Mind

Even when life feels chaotic, God is still in control.

In ?Taking Control Of Your Mind? Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church reveals three important questions that can control your state of mind, for better or worse. Learn how to regain control over your thought life, one question at a time.

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Shut Up and Shine (Holly Furtick)

You don?t have to speak to be heard. 

In ?Shut Up and Shine,? the first lady of Elevation Church, Holly Furtick, reminds us that, by listening and doing instead of speaking, we can accomplish much more. Learn how God works ? not just through our words ? but our actions.

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Just The 2 Of Us

Whatever you?ve been struggling through, dreaming about, or praying over? God already knows what you need.

In ?Just The 2 Of Us,? Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church turns to a story of the prophet Elisha to remind us that God can still bring a breakthrough to your life. (Even when you?ve given up on it.)

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Did I Ask?

Don?t stay empty ? God already has what you need.

In ?Did I Ask?? Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church returns to the story of the feeding of the 5,000, giving us deeper insight into the ways God provides for us.

When you feel empty or worn-down or like you can?t keep doing it the way you have been... God may have already put what you need inside of you.

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When They Found Out

What you need is already in you; you will not run out.

In ?When They Found Out,? Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church turns to the story of the feeding of the 5,000 to give us a fresh perspective about God?s provision. When you feel like you don?t have enough, whether that?s energy, confidence, or strength ? God is more than enough.

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The Year I Saw (Tauren Wells)

This year isn?t what we imagined, but it?s not over yet.

In ?The Year I Saw,? Christian music artist and preacher, Tauren Wells, reveals how God is still good ?? even when our situation isn?t. The struggle you?re facing may be the very thing God uses to bring you into the next season.

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It?s Your Time (Larry Brey)

Whether you?re facing loneliness or disappointment or fear? God sees you.

Elevation Matthews Campus Pastor, Larry Brey, shares that no matter what season you find yourself in, it?s still your time. God wants to connect with you ? and work through you ? in every situation.

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Thought Bubbles

A thought can change everything. 

In ?Thought Bubbles,? Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church reveals just how powerful our thoughts can be ? both the good and the bad. Start letting go of the toxic thoughts, and step into the new mindset God has for you.

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I?m Not What I Thought

People don?t always see who you really are. In fact, they?re quick to slap a label on you. In ?I?m Not What I Thought,? Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church reminds us that we?re more than we thought ? we?re who God says we are.

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Water Walking 101

You may be going through a storm today, but God won?t let you go under.

In ?Water Walking 101,? Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church turns to Matthew 14, where the disciple Peter walks on water to meet Jesus. It may be a familiar story, but God wants to reveal even more of His faithfulness through it. Are you ready for a water-walking type of faith?

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Take The Lid Off A Little

You may not feel like you have enough, but God can do a lot with a little.

In ?Take The Lid Off A Little,? Pastor Steven Furtick turns to the story of the prophet Elijah during a time of famine to show us how God isn?t limited by ?not enough.? When what you have feels insufficient, God may be getting ready to reveal just how sufficient He is.

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Unschedulable Blessings

Your blessing is still on schedule. In ?Unschedulable Blessings,? Pastor Steven Furtick encourages us that just because God?s plans aren?t predictable it doesn?t mean we shouldn?t trust in them. Even if you feel behind, held back, or like you?re not where you wanted to be, you can have hope that God is working something better ? it may just be on a different schedule.

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Lonely Places

Feeling lonely? Isolated? What if this season of loneliness is an opportunity? 

In ?Lonely Places,? Pastor Steven Furtick shows us that, not only will God meet us in our isolation, but we may even find an opportunity in it.

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I Didn?t See That Coming! (Dharius Daniels)

We never know how God is going to move. In ?I Didn?t See That Coming!? Pastor Dharius Daniels of Change Church teaches us that, if we want to be used by God, we need to be willing to be disrupted.

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Across The Threshold (Jeremy Foster)

There?s a promise on the other side of your pain. There?s hope on the other side of your heartache. Whatever you?re going through, God is just getting started.

In ?Across The Threshold,? Pastor Jeremy Foster of Hope City helps us as we step away from the safety of provision and out into the promise of God. God has a plan for you, but that doesn?t mean the journey is always going to be easy. 

Are you ready to move forward?

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Hope Is In Our DNA (Lisa Harper)

Hope isn?t always easy to hold on to ? especially in overwhelming or difficult seasons. In ?Hope Is In Our DNA,? Lisa Harper teaches on some of the most ?hopeless? passages in the Bible ? only to show that hope is often where we least expect it.

From the Garden of Eden to King David to Jesus Himself, Lisa reveals how, just when you think nothing can change, God can change everything. And when things seem dark and we feel alone and we?re not sure how things are ever going to get better... He is there with restoration, redemption, and hope.

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Plot Twist

Broken plans? Unmet expectations?  Get ready for a plot twist.In this sermon, Pastor Steven Furtick turns to John 4 to show us that, when we think we know how our story will end, God moves beyond what we could ask or imagine.He turned the ostracized woman at the well into a messenger to her people. He turned Joseph, the son sold into slavery, into the savior of countless lives. Out of Jacob?s mistakes, He produced the nation of Israel. He doesn?t meet our expectations; He exceeds them.

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Living In The Tension (Robert Madu)

When the pressure is on and emotions are high, we each have a choice in how we respond. In ?Living In The Tension,? Pastor Robert Madu teaches on the art of empathy and reveals the necessity of living in both grace and truth ? regardless of circumstances.

Pastor Robert addresses this challenge by taking a look at a scene in the Gospel of John. When a crowd of onlookers wanted to stone a woman, Jesus showed empathy, saw beyond her sin, and offered her grace.

God knows what you?ve done, knows what you?re going through, and still has grace for you. You don?t have to live in shame. He came so you can live in freedom ?? and offer it to others in turn.

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Tired On The Inside

?I?m tired.? Have you said that lately? When you?re tired on the inside, it?s all too easy to feel drained, overwhelmed, and like nothing is going to change.

In ?Tired On The Inside,? Pastor Steven shares from the story of the woman at the well in John 4, showing us how powerful rest can be ? if we?re looking for it in the right places. 

But what if one of the reasons we?re tired all the time is because we?ve been going to the wrong well? What if we?ve been running to sources of stress instead of God?s source of rest?

Being weary doesn?t mean we?re weak. Maybe it just means we?ve been ?filling up? in the wrong places. Maybe we?re tired because we?ve been pushing against what God is trying to call us into.

He said, ?Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest? (Matthew 11:28). Are you ready for true rest?

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Become The Bridge (A Conversation With Pastor Steven Furtick & Pastor John Gray)

?We have to speak. We aren?t going to say everything perfectly, but in a season like this, silence is agreement.? Pastor Steven Furtick and Pastor John Gray sit down to have a conversation about race, privilege, apathy, and what it will take to become the bridge to a better future. 

We hope this message inspires you to have your own conversations in your home and community. We each have a responsibility to stand up in the face of injustice ?? and equality will never be attained through silence.

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Staying Power (Appointment With An Angel)

How could God ask us to have staying power in a place that feels hopeless? When what we really want to do is jump ship, it takes faith to stay.

From a Bible story in Acts 27 verses 13-44, Pastor Steven Furtick preaches this sermon to our global online family of Elevation Church about the importance of having staying power in the storm. God promised us He would never leave us or forsake us, so rather than jumping to other things to try to alleviate our pain, we need to stay faithful to Him in seasons of struggle. 

Pastor Steven talked about the power of praising God in the midst of the storm. Then, with a hopeful turn at the end of the message he alludes to the words of Jesus who on the day of pentecost told His disciples to, ?stay in Jerusalem.? Pastor Steven explained as he brought the message to a powerful close that we need to stay in peace while we navigate our storms.

It?s not what I go through that determines where I end up, it's who I listen to. We pray that as you listen to the voice of God through this sermon you will find staying power in the storm.

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In this message, ?Flex Space? preached by Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC we learn how to expand our expectations to include things we didn?t plan for. Sometimes our minds and hearts get cluttered up with expectations of our own making. We wed ourselves to what was, often prohibiting it from being transformed. In Isaiah 54 verses 1 - 4, the prophet Isaiah commands the nation of Israel to sing a song of deliverance 200 years before that prophecy comes to pass. While Paul is writing the New Testament letter to the Philippians he connects those 200 year old dots and tells the people of God through a word he makes up (apokaradokia) they need to stretch their heads forward in hope because the best is yet to come. We pray that even though you may have had a lot taken from you in this season, this message will help you fight back with faith. The enemy may have taken a lot, but he can?t take your song.

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More Than Miracles (Holly Furtick)

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