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Student Pilot Audio Notes

Student Pilot Audio Notes

These audio-casts are designed to help me to become comfortable enough to answer most any question and to handle any maneuver required to become a better private pilot. I hope that others will benefit from my notes If you find that any of my information is incorrect or you want to add to the notes yourself, please email [email protected] .


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Zulu Time

A simple trick to convert from Zulu Time to your local time. Same trick works for finding a runway.

?Imagine a clock?
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Altitudes (re-post)

A quick rundown of important altitudes to remember. Sorry, no images on this pod-cast...
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Cockpit Organization

Staying ahead of the aircraft can be as simple as keeping your cockpit free of clutter and limiting what you're searching for while flying. Here are a few suggestions.
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Student Pilot Instruments

Knowing the instruments is very important. These are the instruments in the Diamond DA-20 that I fly. You can look at the instruments as items that must be referenced on a checklist or as tools to understand how the aircraft is behaving. Here I try to make a connection between each instrument and what is important about each instrument.
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Introduction to my notes

Some information may be wrong or incomplete. That?s fine. The purpose of these notes is to get to the bottom line of the thing being discussed. It is not my goal to be a CFI. However, if you find that anything I?ve said is wrong or out of date, let me know and I?ll make corrections.
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