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fxguide: fxguidetv

fxguide: fxguidetv

Video netcast covering the visual effects, production, and motion graphics industries a high-end professional artist perspective.


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fxguidetv #208: What’s Angie’s day job?

Many of you know Angie as the host of fxguidetv, but do you know her other role in one of Australia's most successful reality TV shows?
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fxguidetv #207: The Force Awakens + new term at fxphd

fxguide goes in-depth with the team at ILM on The Force Awakens. Plus a peek at the January 2016 term at
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fxguidetv #206: Flame 2016 X1

The industry's venerable software Flame has been unchained from its hardware purchase requirement. We check out the latest 2016 release from the team in Montreal.
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fxguidetv #205: SIGGRAPH 2015 and Weta on rendering

Follow the fxguide team from SIGGRAPH 2015 and hear from Weta Digital's head of rendering research Luca Fascione.
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fxguidetv #204: 40 years of ILM + July term at fxphd

Inside stories from ILM's supervisors as the revered VFX studio celebrates its 40th anniversary.
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fxguidetv #203: FMX 2015 – Joe Letteri, VR

Our report from FMX in Stuttgart, featuring Weta Digital's Joe Letteri, and VR studios Felix & Paul and Nozon.
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fxguidetv #202: The art of Lola VFX

We visit Lola VFX to explore their incredible digital beauty and facial work on films such as Benjamin Button, The Social Network and the Captain America movies.
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fxguidetv #201: Flame 2016

We get the details on the new Flame 2016 release from Autodesk's Philippe Soeiro.
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fxguidetv #200: Celebrating animation

Our 200th episode of fxguidetv celebrates animation with interviews from Animal Logic and Weta Digital. Plus the new January 2015 term at
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fxguidetv #199: The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies

fxguide visits Weta Digital in New Zealand to discuss their visual effects for Peter Jackson's last film in the Hobbit series - The Battle of Five Armies.
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fxguidetv #198: SIGGRAPH Asia 2014

From SIGGRAPH Asia we look at realtime facial tracking, Flowbox's new take on compositing and Disney Research's insight on eyes. Plus there's details on the new fxphd Academy.
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fxguidetv #197: Disney Animation’s Feast

We talk to Patrick Osborne, director of the Walt Disney Animation Studios' new short film Feast, which is playing in front of Big Hero 6.
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fxguidetv #196: Richard Edlund + October fxphd term

Veteran VFX supervisor Richard Edlund sits down with fxguide to discuss his distinguished career. Plus a preview of the October fxphd term.
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fxguidetv #195: Running the Maze

The full Maze Runner interview with Method's vfx supervisor Sue Rowe on how to solving the Buggin' Maze !
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fxguidetv #194: In-depth with Arnold creator Marcos Fajardo

Solid Angle's Marcos Fajardo discusses Arnold, one of the world's most powerful renderers. Covering 4.2 speed ups, GPU R&D, SSS, & will it go bi-directional? Plus, exclusive videos.
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fxguidetv #193: Everything SIGGRAPH

We highlight presentations and tech from SIGGRAPH 2014 in Vancouver - including ILM's work on Turtles, recruitment info and a look at a bunch of new tools and apps.
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fxguidetv #192: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Weta Digital senior VFX supervisor Joe Letteri and VFX supervisor Erik Winquist discuss Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Plus we run down the new July term at
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fxguidetv #191: Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs and Child of Light

We discuss video game narratives with Ubisoft, focusing on their new releases Watch Dogs and Child of Light.
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fxguidetv #190: Flame VFX for Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

An interview with Flame artist/owner Sam Edwards, who spent eight months working as part of the production on the new series "Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey" - creating 38,357 frames of vfx!
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fxguidetv #189: Flame 2015 from NAB

We cover the new release of Flame 2015 in an exclusive interview with Product Designer Philippe Soeiro.
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fxguidetv #188: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

This week on fxguidetv we're at ILM to discuss their incredible visual effects for Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier, looking in-depth at the Helicarriers and Falcon.
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fxguidetv #187: Noah + April term at fxphd

We're at ILM to discuss their visual effects for Noah. Plus a preview of the vfx training on offer for the April term of fxphd.
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fxguidetv #186: The LEGO Movie

fxguide visits Animal Logic's studios in Sydney to find out how they created the CG bricks and animation for The LEGO Movie.
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fxguidetv #185: GPUs in VFX

NVIDIA's Wil Braithwaite takes us through a decade of GPU use in visual effects and post production, in this presentation from CVMP 2013 in London.
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fxguidetv #184: Oscars bake-off + January 2014 at fxphd

We break down the ten films being presented at the Oscars VFX bake-off with making of and behind the scenes clips, and we also preview the new January 2014 term at
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fxguidetv #183: Studio visit: The Embassy VFX

This week on fxguidetv we visit The Embassy VFX in Vancouver and discuss several of their recent commercials projects and the pipeline they use at the studio.
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fxguidetv #182: Cloudy 2 + FLIX in action at Sony Pictures Animation

We talk to the film makers from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, and look at their use of FLIX to make and manage the film.
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fxguidetv #181: Neville Page Character Design + fxphd Preview

From films such as Avatar to Star Trek (1&2), Oblivion, Prometheus & more, Character Designer Neville Page is a powerhouse. We sit down in his LA studios to discuss his work and approach to his craft with Modo.
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fxguidetv #180: The Flame Award @IBC & 2014 Release Preview

Coverage of the Flame Award from IBC and an interview with Philippe Soeiro about the upcoming Flame 2014 Release.
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fxguidetv #179: VFX production across borders and facilities

How Image Engine leveraged Shotgun to help them manage the visual effects production for Elysium, not only in their facility but also across other VFX houses on the show.
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fxguidetv #178: Mari & Modo on Rise

Director David Karlak and visual effects supervisor Scott Metzger discuss their collaboration and use of Mari and Modo on the short film Rise.
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fxguidetv #177: DreamWorks Animation goes Turbo

fxguide visits DreamWorks Animation to see how their latest animated feature, Turbo, was made, including how the studio leveraged Side Effects Software's Houdini and the OpenVDB library.
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fxguidetv #176: Animation from SIGGRAPH 2013

From SIGGRAPH 2013, we look at the computer animation festival Best in Show winner 'a la Francaise' and talk to Academy Award winner Chris Landreth about his new short 'Subconscious Password'.
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fxguidetv #175: Pacific Rim Pipeline Special

We visit ILM to discuss the Pacific Rim production pipeline with John Knoll, Eddie Pasquarello, Lindy De Quattro and Hal Hickel. The pipeline uses NUKE, Houdini, KATANA, Modo, Alembic, Arnold/RenderMan and ILM's 3D and fluid destruction and muscle sim tools.
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fxguidetv #174: Man of Steel and fxphd’s July term

We visit Weta Digital to discuss the liquid geo displays and Krypton comm systems from Man of Steel. Plus, we preview the new term of VFX training courses at
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fxguidetv #173: The making of A Cautionary Tail

This week we sit down with two of the filmmakers behind A Cautionary Tail, a hybrid animated short starring Cate Blanchett, David Wenham and Barry Otto.
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fxguidetv #172: Star Trek: Into Darkness at ILM

This week we visit ILM to talk to ILM's Roger Guyett (vfx supervisor), Pat Tubach (co-visual effects supervisor) and Paul Kavanagh (animation supervisor) about Star Trek: Into Darkness.
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fxguidetv #171: FMX 2013

This week we report from the FMX animation and effects conference in Stuttgart where we look at Pixar's new short The Blue Umbrella, MPC's fx tools and see the upcoming releases of Shotgun and RealFlow.
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fxguidetv #170: Dedo on Dedolight

This week with the help of Lemac (Sydney) we talk about LED lights with Dedo Weigert, the founder of film, television and still lighting system maker Dedolight. In this episode we also highlight the new April 2013 term of visual effects courses over at fxphd.
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fxguidetv #169: Upside Down

This week on fxguidetv we talk to Upside Down assistant director and 2nd unit director Mario Janelle about his work on the film.
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fxguidetv #168: CVMP – Revealing the invisible

In this insightful CVMP presentation, Fredo Durand from MIT reveals visual content that is invisible to the naked eye, looking at, for example, recent computational techniques that can extract faint visual information from digital sensors, analyze it, amplify it and visualize it.
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fxguidetv #167: CVMP – Hi-vision at the Olympics

This week we feature a presentation made at CVMP in London by John Zubrzycki from BBC R&D on the use of ultra high definition cameras at the London Olympics.
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fxguidetv #166: Weta Digital’s Tissue system

We sit down with two Weta Digital artists who will this year be the recipients of a Sci-Tech award for Weta's Tissue physically-based character sim framework used on such films as Avatar, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Prometheus and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.
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fxguidetv #165: Scott Metzger on MARI and HDR

VFX Scott Metzger demonstrates how he used a special build of The Foundry's MARI tool to project HDR set-captured environment data onto geometry. The work was done for director Richard LaGravenese's Beautiful Creatures, coming out in 2013.
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fxguidetv #164: Revisiting The Avengers

Hot on the heels of the VFX Oscar bake-off, we talk to The Avengers ILM visual effects supervisor Jeff White and animation supervisor Marc Chu about the film, one of the 10 in consideration. And we also showcase the new January 2013 term of effects training courses at fxphd.
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fxguidetv #163: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

fxguide is in New Zealand to sit down with Weta Digital's senior VFX supervisor Joe Letteri to discuss The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - visiting Gollum and the world of Middle-earth, this time in stereo and at 48fps.
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fxguidetv #162: SIGGRAPH Asia 2012

This week we report from SIGGRAPH Asia 2012 in Singapore. The guys see how EA Sports use Side Effects Houdini in their game creation, and go behind the scenes at the fun Emerging Tech exhibition.
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fxguidetv #161: CBS Digital & Star Trek TNG

We visit CBS Digital in Los Angeles to check out their restoration work on the "Star Trek: The Next Generation" TV series, all completed on Flame, Flare, Smoke, Lustre, and Inferno.
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fxguidetv #160: Flight

This week on fxguidetv we're at Atomic Fiction to discuss Robert Zemeckis' Flight with vfx sup. Kevin Baillie. The film's dramatic crash sequence relied on live action backgrounds captured with a three-RED EPIC rig, multiple cockpit + fuselage gimbals and a CG airplane !
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fxguidetv #159: 32TEN Studios

This week we go behind the scenes of our fx2012 practical and digital effects workshop at 32TEN Studios in San Rafael, and we preview the October 2012 vfx training courses available at fxphd.
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