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The September Nintendo Direct's Biggest Reveals - NVC 678

The Nintendo Direct had TONS of great new reveals to get excited about, and Brian Altano, Seth Macy, Reb Valentine, and Peer Schneider are here to talk about them all! With everything from F-Zero 99, to Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, and the reveal of Princess Peach: Showtime gameplay, we're breaking it all down. There were even some great 3rd party reveals, including Unicorn Overlord from Vanillaware, a Trombone Champ port FINALLY coming to Switch, and more on Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story. There's a lot to talk about, so let's jump in! 

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No DLC for Tears of the Kingdom? Afraid So - NVC 677

Wow, Nintendo had a week, huh? We learned the Tears of the Kingdom crew won't be putting out DLC, but are instead moving on to a whole new game. That kind of rules but also sucks. And it wouldn't be a full episode of the Nintendo Voice Chat podcast without a good discussion about Switch 2 rumors, a rumored Nintendo Direct, and then some actual Nintendo facts via Logan Plant's interview with Doug Bowser. Plus, your questions answered on another episode of the best Nintendo podcast in the universe.


00:00:00 - Intro & Nintendo Switch 2 Rumors

00:17:26 - Are We Getting ANOTHER Nintendo Direct?

00:35:12 - No Tears of the Kingdom DLC?!

00:56:00 - NVC Shoutouts

01:01:15 - Question Block & Outro


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A Super Mario Bros. Wonder & Sea of Stars Double Feature! - NVC 676

In this very special episode of NVC, not only are we having a Q&A with Ryan McCaffrey about the Super Mario Bros. Wonder Preview he had a chance to attend, but we also hang out with Sabotage Studio founder Thierry Boulanger to talk about Sea of Stars! We have a huge stack of questions that need answers, and we're also digging into the grab bag of community questions. There is a ton of information to unpack today, so whether you're anticipating spending all your time in Sea of Stars, or playing with all the new powerups in Mario Bros. Wonder (or both!), we've got a jam packed episode full of new reveals on IGN's Nintendo Voice Chat podcast!

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Charles Martinet Hangs Up the Red Hat - NVC 675

Everyone's at Gamescom except us and, apparently, Nintendo, so Rebekah, Kat, Brendan, and Travis are holding down the fort talking about Charles Martinet's retirement as the voice of Mario and how Mario Wonder will handle the change, Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3's low Switch framerate, and Travis' time with Palia. 
00:00:00 - Intro & Charles Martinet Says Goodbye to Mario

00:15:18 - Pringles Icons

00:23:01 - Metal Gear Solid 2 & 3 Switch Performance Isn't Great

00:34:33 - What Has Nintendo Shown at gamescom So Far?

00:50:08 - NVC MiiVerse

01:10:46 - Question Block & Outro


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What Can We Expect from Nintendo at gamescom & Nintendo Live? - NVC 674

A large portion of IGN is en route to Germany this week for gamescom, but a very small portion of IGN is here to record this week's NVC where we look forward to two major events for Nintendo: gamescom, starting next week, and Nintendo Live, at the start of next month. What surprises does the Big N have in store for us in Germany and Seattle? Will we get to go hands on with Super Mario Bros. Wonder (probably not)? We also take YOUR questions for an extended Super Question Block segment. Join Jada Griffin, Peer Schneider, Kat Bailey and Seth Macy for this week's Nintendo Voice Chat.

00:00:00 - Intro & Nintendo at gamescom and Nintendo Live?

00:26:45 - Shout-out of the Week

00:40:02 - SUPER Question Block & Outro

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Red Dead Redemption Comes to Switch? and Pokemon News - NVC 673

Welcome to the rootinest, tootinest podcast in the West, Nintendo Voice Chat! This week we talk about Red Ded Redemption coming to Switch. Is $50 too much to ask for a game that originally came out in 2010? Plus there was a whole bunch of Pokemon news that generally left people feeling uninspired, but at least we had our Poke-lives brightened up by an NSFW Pokemon plush. Kat gives her recommendations on the best CRPGs you can play on Switch while everyone else is playing Baldur's Gate 3, and we take your questions in Question Block.

Also don't forget to check out the IGN Store for some awesome Nintendo merch, from apparel to collectibles:

00:00:00 - Intro & Red Dead Redemption Comes to Switch

00:14:39 - Pokemon Presents News!  

00:35:08 - The Best RPGs to Play for Baldur's Gate 3 FOMO

00:44:34 - Question Block & Outro

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Let's Talk About Nintendo Switch 2 (Again) - NVC 672

00:00:46 New next-gen Switch rumors are heating up

00:16:24 More features we want to see on the next Switch

00:36:10 You can choose the next IGN Icon

00:38:26 Let's talk numbers

00:49:13 What's next for Super Smash Bros.?

00:57:04 Bet you can't guess what the highest user-rated Nintendo game is on Metacritic

01:05:03 Shout Out of the Week

01:06:25 Question Block

01:16:32 Outro

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We Probably Won't See a Pikmin 5 - NVC 671

00:00:08 Intro

00:01:12 Let's talk Pikmin 4

00:25:27 Travis tricks his friends into playing Everybody 1-2 Switch

00:40:11 Rebekah gets the Mother (Earthbound) hype

01:06:44 Question Block

01:17:22 Outro

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NVC's Official Unofficial Nintendo Franchise Tier List - NVC Bonus

We're busy for SDCC this week but we put together the full Nintendo Franchise Tier list for you to enjoy! We officially unofficially ranked every major, and even minor, Nintendo franchise into one neat and tidy tier list that is legally binding. Seth and Kat are joined by Imran Khan, Reb Valentine, Alex Stedman,  as well as Jon Cartright, to get down to business. Enjoy and we'll be back next week with a new episode!


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Looking Back, and Forward, on Nintendo's 2023 - NVC 670

From the highly anticipated Mario Movie to the thrilling Mario Theme Park, Nintendo has been making waves. We'll explore the best games released this year, including Metroid Prime Remastered, Fire Emblem Engage, Advance Wars, and Theatrythm. Join us as we dive into the highlights of 2023 so far, from major announcements to fantastic game releases and updates. There's so much to discuss and so much to look forward to, so join Seth Macy, Kat Bailey, and Peer Schneider in our look back & forward on Nintendo's 2023!

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The Tears of the Kingdom Spoilercast Finale - NVC 669

Get ready for an epic finale! It's time for the last episode of Talk of the Kingdom, a special Nintendo Voice Chat miniseries dedicated to The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Join host Brian Altano, Peer Schneider, and Rebekah Valentine as they (sky)dive one last time into the world of Tears of the Kingdom. 

In this spoiler-filled episode, we'll discuss the game's gripping last hour and share our experiences completing Tears of the Kingdom. From the iconic Master Sword to the surprising addition of Link's trusty [REDACTED] companion, we'll explore the standout moments that made this game unforgettable. Plus, we can't wait to talk about Zelda's mysterious vanishing act during the [REDACTED] - it's seriously cool! 

But it's not all rainbows and Koroks. We'll also address some nitpicks and grievances about Tears of the Kingdom as a whole. We're keeping it real, folks!

00:00:00 - Intro & the Epic Final Hours  

00:24:31 - Finding the Master Sword

00:29:57 - A Sage Surprise

00:43:36 - Thoughts on TotK's Story

01:12:26 - NVC Question Block & Outro


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Walking Through Pikmin Memory Lane - NVC 668

Get ready, Nintendo fans, because we're about to dive deep into the world of Pikmin! Pikmin 4 is dropping on July 21st and there's a brand new demo out now. You can power through it in a couple of hours and the best part? All your progress carries over. We're pretty stoked about Pikmin 4 and we bet you are too. But let's not forget our roots. We're taking a trip down memory lane, back to the original Pikmin that hit the GameCube in 2001. We'll revisit the additions of Pikmin 2, like purple Pikmin, underground areas, and multiple playable characters. And we certainly can't ignore the new features of Pikmin 3 and the sidescrolling adventure, Hey Pikmin. Fast forward to today and we're on the brink of Pikmin 4 ? how exciting is that? Switching gears, we're diving into Super Mario Wonder. With the New Super Mario series officially wrapped up, we're taking a look back at its epic run. So stick around, it's going to be a fun ride!

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Nintendo Direct Summer 2023: Our Favorite Reveals - NVC 667

Nintendo's June 2023 Direct was a wild ride! In this episode of Nintendo Voice Chat, Brian Altano, Miranda Sanchez, Peer Schneider and Jada Griffin break down all of the biggest new reveals, updates, and trailers of some of our favorite games shown. With everything from Super Mario Bros. Wonder, to Detective Pikachu Returns, and Super Mario RPG Remake, there's a ton of stuff to cover and you're not gonna wanna miss out. We're on the tail end of IGN's Summer of Gaming and Nintendo didn't pull any punches. 

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Tears of the Kingdom: Horses, Treasure Hunters, and the Road to DLC - NVC 666

Ever wondered about Ganon's mysterious horse or how to upgrade your trusty steed? Curious about creatures that are 'horses in disguise' like bears and moose? We've got the lowdown! Join us for a fun chat about our recent adventures and some surprising discoveries. We'll also have a good laugh about those quirky Treasure Hunters and their sniffing dog buddy. Plus, we'll speculate on what comes next. Get ready to venture into 'The Depths', a world within our game filled with strange foes and intriguing finds. Grab a snack, sit back, and let's explore together!

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Tears of the Kingdom: Link's Home, Secrets of The Depths & What's Next - NVC 665

Hello, and welcome to Nintendo Voice Chat Presents: Talk of the Kingdom! For the next 6 weeks, IGN's flagship Nintendo show, NVC, is getting a FULL Zelda takeover with our very special NVC: Talk of the Kingdom 6 episode mini-series! 

This week, host Brian Altano and the crew, Rebekah Valentine, Tom Marks, and Jada Griffin delve deeper into Hyrule. We're checking out Link's crib - how's yours looking, and what's the community up to? We'll also journey into The Depths, discussing the good, bad, and downright ugly. A spoiler warning is in order - the Yiga clan is making waves, and we can't ignore it. Plus, we talk about the intriguing journalism side quest and share our expectations for the road ahead, including potential DLC and quality of life updates. Whether you're already obsessed with the game or just beginning your adventure, join us for fun chats and handy tips each week.

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Hyrule's Hidden Layers: Laughs, Challenges, and Style in Tears of the Kingdom - NVC 664

Hello, and welcome to Nintendo Voice Chat Presents: Talk of the Kingdom! For the next 6 weeks, IGN's flagship Nintendo show, NVC, is getting a FULL Zelda takeover with our very special NVC: Talk of the Kingdom 6 episode mini-series! Host Brian Altano, and co-hosts Rebekah Valentine, Tom Marks, and Jada Griffin share tales of humor, struggles, and epic battles. Tune in as we chat about our favorite moments, toughest fights, and even share a tip about dressing up for the Master Sword! Don't get caught doing what Brian did. You're gonna wanna listen to Jada's struggles if you don't wanna ramp up the game's difficulty too soon!

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Are You Cheating in Tears of the Kingdom? - NVC 663

The NVC crew is back with another deep dive into the stunning and vast world of Hyrule with Talk of the Kingdom, our Zelda-focused miniseries where we talk, well, nothing but Tears of the Kingdom. This week we want to know: are you a cheater? What constitutes a "cheat" and what's a "cheese?" We also talk about weapon fusions, our favorite shrines, dungeon impressions and make the case for Tears of the Kingdom being one of the most gorgeous games... ever. Join hosts Brian Altano, Kat Bailey, Reb Valentine, Casey Defrietas, and Seth Macy for another adventure-filled Talk of the Kingdom.

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Tears of the Kingdom: The Sidequests You Cannot Miss - NVC 662

Hello, and welcome to Nintendo Voice Chat Presents: Talk of the Kingdom! For the next 6 weeks, IGN's flagship Nintendo show, NVC, is getting a FULL Zelda takeover with our very special NVC: Talk of the Kingdom 6 episode mini-series! This week the Talk of the Kingdom crew goes into some of the best and most insane community creations from across the web! Whether it's a huge bigwheel to traverse Hyrule, or a giant mech capable of destroying anything its path, you'll see them here! Plus, Brendan Graeber joins us to fill us in on some of the most useful sidequests you shouldn't miss! He also goes on about his exploits in Korok kidnappings. This is yet another Nintendo Voice Chat episode you can't miss! 

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Tears of the Kingdom Review Discussion (Spoiler Free!) - NVC 661

Hello, and welcome to Nintendo Voice Chat Presents: Talk of the Kingdom! For the next 6 weeks, IGN's flagship Nintendo show, NVC, is getting a FULL Zelda takeover with our very special NVC: Talk of the Kingdom 6 episode mini-series! 

The day has finally come, and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is in our hands! In this episode, the steemed Casey DeFreitas makes her return as she and Tom Marks give us a deep dive on their experiences with Tears of the Kingdom. Tom breaks down his review and expands on his favorite things about the game, and Casey tells you about 10 things to do as soon as you jump back into Link's adventure in Hyrule! There is SO MUCH to talk about and we can't possibly cram them all into one episode, so be sure to join us again next week for even more Talk of the Kingdom. 

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Tears of the Kingdom: Breaking Down the Craziest Fan Theories - NVC 660

Hello, and welcome to Nintendo Voice Chat Presents: Talk of the Kingdom! For the next 6 weeks, IGN's flagship Nintendo show, NVC, is getting a FULL Zelda takeover with our very special NVC: Talk of the Kingdom 6 episode mini-series! Today, Brian Altano and crew discuss some of the craziest fan theories about Tears of the Kingdom! Is Ganondorf actually on our side? What about Zelda? Is she a playable character this time around? There's so much to discuss and speculate, you won't wanna miss this episode! 

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We Played Tears of the Kingdom and Oh My God - NVC 659

Hello, and welcome to Nintendo Voice Chat Presents: Talk of the Kingdom! For the next 6 weeks, IGN's flagship Nintendo show, NVC, is getting a FULL Zelda takeover with our very special NVC: Talk of the Kingdom 6 episode mini-series! We'll be talking all things The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom with hands-on coverage and special insight from our guides team and Zelda experts from all across IGN.

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The Best Games to Play Before Tears of the Kingdom - NVC 658

With the impending release of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom on the horizon, Sam Claiborn, Jada Griffin, and Nick Limon join Seth in a discussion about the best games they're playing before Tears of the Kingdom takes over all our lives. From indie to AAA, there's something out there for almost everyone. Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp, anyone? Jada talks about her review of a long time NVC favorite classic's remake! 

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Trailer Reactions - NVC 657

The Nintendo Voice Chat crew laid their eyes on the latest Tears of the Kingdom trailer and we take a deep dive into our favorite parts of it! What does Tears of the Kingdom's trailer tell us about what the story will be about? What new gameplay features does the trailer reveal? There were tons of stuff that got us excited for the next entry in the Legend of Zelda series, so you'll wanna tune into this one. Plus, we've been playing Breath of the Wild to revisit all the magic and discuss whether or not it still holds up today.

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Let's Talk (Spoiler-Free!) About the Mario Movie - NVC 656

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is out now, and we've all seen it, and we have opinions! But don't worry, we don't spoil it, unless you consider acknowledging its existence a spoiler. In that case, slow down friendo! It doesn't have to be this way. Seth Macy is joined by Reb Valentine, Jeffrey Vega and Beyond's Jada Griffin to talk about Mario Movie, we pitch our own Nintendo movies, and then things kind of fall apart for a while. It's just a weird time, honestly.

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Tears of the Kingdom Gameplay Wants Us to Break It - NVC 655

This week we finally got to see tons of gameplay of Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom thanks to today's Nintendo Direct! We talk about everything from TotK's Fuse system blowing us away, Kirby being a round boy, and dive into even more Question Block questions from our audience. While Seth's away, the fantastic Rebekah Valentine takes over as host and welcomes Tom Marks, Kat Bailey, and Brian Altano to the panel. It's an episode packed with tons of Zelda talk and you won't want to miss our Zelda Direct reactions!

00:00:10 - Intro 

00:01:41 - New Tears of the Kingdom Gameplay! 

00:27:02 - Kat Takes: Weapon Durability 

00:51:25 - The Tears of the Kingdom OLED Switch Looks Great 

00:57:37 - Insights from GDC: Developing Kirby and the Forgotten Land 

01:09:15 - Question Block & Outro


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Which Metroid Is the Best Metroid? - NVC 654

This week we're joined by Thunderful Games co-founder Brjann Siguergeirsson to talk about Metroid, Steam World, and more. Brjann gives us a look into just what, exactly, GDC can mean for a game developer, and Seth and Peer agree on two things, a new record! Tom Marks joins the cast this week to be his usual, delightful self. All in all, 10/10 episode. (Like every episode, Seth... -Red)

00:00:10 - Intro 

00:03:58 - Which Metroid is the Best Metroid? 

00:30:37 - GDC is Happening! Meet Brjann! 

00:56:08 - MiiVerse: What We've Been Playing 

01:12:41 - Question Block & Outro

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Why We Already Miss the 3DS and Wii U eShops - NVC 653

The Nintendo Wii U and 3DS eShop is closing! Years of wonderful digital games will soon forever be lost in the ether, so the NVC crew got together to talk about some of their picks for must-buy games in the Wii U and 3DS eShop! Also, was the Wii U underrated? Seth's got some words to say. While we're at it, we're (or just Seth, rather) ranking Nintendo's handhelds! It's a packed episode down nostalgia road!


Presented by Have a Nice Death

00:00:00 - Intro 

00:00:42 - The Wii U and 3DS e-Shops Are Closing!

00:02:53 - Our Must-Buy Picks on the e-Shop

00:25:24 - The Wii U Was Underrated 

00:43:00 - Seth Ranks Nintendo?s Handhelds

00:54:45 - MiiVerse - What We?re Playing

01:06:28 - Question Block & Outro

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2023 Is the Low-Key Year of Mario - NVC 652

We got our final look at the Super Mario Bros. Movie before its April 5 release by way of an easter-egg filled trailer. But while excitement was high and the movie looks completely gorgeous, it was otherwise pretty uneventful until Mr. Miyamoto revealed the BOOTS. But with Super Nintendo World now open and the Super Mario movie poised to make gobs of money, could this be secretly be the Year of Mario.


Also, don't miss our BONUS NVC Expansion Pack episode this week as Rebekah Valentine sits down with AEW stars Nyla Rose, Athena, and Evil Uno to talk about all things Nintendo along with their favorite games!



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AEW Wrestlers Rank Their 10 Best Nintendo Games! - NVC Expansion Pack

In a very special episode of Nintendo Voice Chat, Rebekah Valentine and Mitchell Saltzman sit down with AEW Superstars Nyla Rose, Athena, and Evil Uno to talk about their favorite Nintendo games of all time! We also test their knowledge of WWF: No Mercy to see which of them can figure out which wrestling moves are real or fake. Also, remember in Final Fantasy VI when Sabin suplexes a train? We talk about that, too! It?s an incredibly fun episode and you don?t wanna miss out on this.


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The Pokemon Direct Was Missing One Big Thing - NVC 651

There was a lot announced during the Pokemon Day celebration, including new trading card sets, DLC for Scarlet/Violet, Pokemon Unite news and more. But there was something missing? something completely obvious and simple. Kat and Reb argue about Pokemon and it's AWESOME, and we rank the top 5 all-time Nintendo controllers? of all TIME. Join Jeffrey Vega, Kat Bailey, Reb Valentine and Seth Macy for an action-packed episode of Nintendo Voice Chat.

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Talking With Star Fox Programmer Giles Goddard - NVC 650

This week we're taking your questions for an extended Question Block segment, as well as talking to Giles Goddard of Chuhai Labs, who you might know better as one of the original developers of Star Fox for the Super Nintendo. Which Star Fox character is based on Shigeru Miyamoto? You'll just have to watch the episode to find out. Join hosts Reb Valentine, Jeffrey Vega, Tom Marks and Seth Macy for a nice time with friends.

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Metroid Prime Remains a Gaming Masterpiece - NVC 649

The past week has been REALLY good for game reviews. In this episode of Nintendo Voice Chat, we have back to back talk about our latest reviews for Octopath Traveler 2 and Metroid Prime: Remastered! It's a good time to be a Switch owner! Sam Claiborn and longtime NVC fav Tom Marks make a return to the show and share with you what they've been up to with their game time. Seth also shares his thoughts on what he thinks Nintendo's plans are with Metroid Prime 4 as well as Jeffrey giving us the low-down on the Super Nintendo World red carpet event at Universal Studios Hollywood! It's a jam packed episode on THE Nintendo podcast to listen to, so you're not gonna want to miss this.

00:00:00 - Intro & Metroid Prime Remastered Review Talk!

00:09:12 - Octopath Traveler 2 Review

00:30:50 - Jeffrey Went to the Super Nintendo World Red Carpet Event!

00:43:05 - Seth & Metroid Prime 4

00:53:59 - MiiVerse & Outro

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OMFG YES We Finally Saw More Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom - NVC 648

In our Nintendo Voice Chat post-show for the huge February 2023 Nintendo Direct, the NVC cast goes bonkers over all the new reveals! With everything from Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom getting a new trailer, to a totally unexpected shadow drop of Metroid Prime: Remastered, there was something for everyone in this week's Direct. What were our favorite reveals of the show? How close was Rebekah to predicting some of what would drop? Join Seth Macy, Rebekah Valentine, Jeffrey Vega, and Brian Altano in this jam packed episode!

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Is E3 Dead (Again)? - NVC 647

Well, Nintendo won't be on the E3 showfloor this year. And neither will Xbox. Or Sony. That kind of blows! We talk about Industry Legend Kat Bailey's excellent scoop on E3 2023, share our thoughts on the future of E3 and E3's past, and since it's February, we talk about the credibility of Nintendo Direct rumors. Are they rumors, or are they real? Well, we won't know until it's confirmed, I guess. Join Kat Bailey, Reb Valentine, Peer Schneider and Seth Macy for another reference-filled episode of Nintendo Voice Chat.

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We Went to Super Nintendo World - NVC 646

In this episode of Nintendo Voice Chat, the NVC crew got together to talk about release of GoldenEye 007 finally coming to Switch Online! But more importantly, Jeffrey Vega had a chance to visit Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood and filled us in on all the cool sights and sounds he experienced there along with ranking some of his favorite food there! We can't wait to send the rest of the NVC crew there. *sigh*


Also, Reb's been playing a great new indie game that got her to ugly cry while playing through it. Which could it be? Tune in to today's episode of Nintendo Voice Chat and find out!


00:00:00 - Intro 

00:03:42 - Jeffrey Went to Super Nintendo World!

00:25:44 - Kat Take: Super Nintendo World / The Last of Us are the new blue ocean

00:37:49 - GoldenEye 007 Finally Comes to the Switch

00:53:36 - MiiVerse - What We?re Playing

01:10:19 - Question Block & Outro

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Fire Emblem Engage Review Discussion - NVC 645

Fire Emblem Engage reviews are out and they are positive? but some are more positive than others. Why is that? Well it's because different people have different tastes, obviously, but do those tastes jibe with our panel of Nintendo enthusiasts? Join Kat Bailey, Reb Valentine, Peer Schneider and Seth Macy.

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What We Want to See In Nintendo's Next Console - NVC 644

We talk enough about the possibility of the existence of Nintendo's Switch successor, but we never talk about what we want to realistically see in the follow-up to the most successful Nintendo home console of all time. Join Peer Schneider, Reb Valentine, Brian Altano and Seth Macy as they talk Nintendo's next console and hear your thoughts.


00:00:00 - Intro 

00:01:40 - What Do We Wanna See in Nintendo?s Next Console?

00:45:23 - Reb?s Adventures in The Legend?s Cookbook

00:55:00 - NVC MiiVerse: What?ve We Been Playing ?

01:16:48 - Outro

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NVC 643: Nintendo 2023 Preview? Mario Movie, Legend of Zelda, and More

00:00:00 Intro

00:02:07 NVC Mouse Update

00:04:17 Fire Emblem Engage Discussion

00:18:07 Super Nintendo World Opens in Los Angeles

00:22:03 Kirby's Return to Dreamland Deluxe Arrives on Switch

00:26:51 The Super Mario Bros. Movie Will Beat The Lion King

00:34:18 The Pitfalls of Reviewing Video Games *****

00:51:29 Will Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Be the Biggest Game of 2023?

01:06:46 Reb Recommends Awesome Games Done Quick

01:12:34 Question Block and Outro

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The Nintendo Voice Chat Holiday Special 2022 - NVC 642

Twas the week before Christmas, and we pre-recorded a very special holiday episode to run ahead of time since everyone is taking time off to enjoy the final weeks of 2022. Join Seth Macy, Reb Valentine and special guest, Tik Tok star Jeffrey Vega as we reminisce about Nintendo Christmas past. 

00:00:00 - Intro 

00:05:50 - The Ghost of Nintendo Christmas Past

00:36:58 - Our Nintendo Game of the Year & Outro

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Will 2023 Be Nintendo's Best Year Ever? - NVC 641

It's the end of the year (almost), which means we can forget all about 2022 and point our gaze at what the future holds. With Tears of the Kingdom, the return of E3, and no sign of Metroid Prime 4 so far, could 2023 be the best the Nintendo Switch has ever had? We take your Nintendo predictions


00:00:00 - Intro 

00:01:06 - Our 2023 Nintendo Predictions

00:29:56 - Tears of the Kingdom Is 2023's Game of the Year

00:34:43 - NVC MiiVerse: Holiday Gaming Plans?

00:47:50 - Question Block & Outro

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The Game Awards: What Did They Mean for Nintendo in 2023 - NVC 640

The Game Awards have come and gone, and Nintendo had a decent enough showing, right? Sure, we didn't see all our Nintendo dreams come true, but what did you expect? It's the Game Awards, not a Nintendo Direct. We did get to see a new Bayonetta game, Fire Emblem DLC and a wonderful new clip from the Super Mario movie, which was nice.

00:00:00 - Intro 

00:01:58 - The Game Awards Reactions

00:49:18 - Reb?s Cooking Corner

00:54:14 - NVC MiiVerse: Splatoon 3 Memes?

01:01:00 - Bring Bionic Commando: ReArmed to the Switch!

01:07:10 - Question Block & Outro

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Super Mario Movie Direct: It Looks Great! - NVC 639

Nintendo surprised us with a new look at the Super Mario Movie this week, and it actually got us all more excited than the previous reveal. That's just good marketing, friends. We also talk about the glaring performance problems with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and how some of our favorite games haven't always had the best, or even good, performance. On top of that Seth makes a compelling case for Sonic Frontiers as Game of the Year. 

00:00:00 - Intro 

00:02:30 - Super Mario Movie Direct Trailer Reactions

00:17:49 - Reb Was Right: Pokemon Has Major Perfomance Issues

00:38:08 - "You'll Love it, Very Fun, Runs Like Ass"

00:48:45 - NVC MiiVerse: What Are We Playing?

01:00:11 - Seth?s GOTY 

01:06:35 - Question Block & Outro

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Review Roundtable: How Does It Compare to Pokemon Legends Arceus? - NVC 638

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet reviews are here, and we?re joined by Polygon?s Nicole Carpenter and returning trainers Reb Valentine and Casey Defreitas to dive into all of the details about the latest generation! Here?s what we think of its tech issues, its latest gimmicks, and whether it stands out from other generations. Plus, Harvestella, the new Fire Emblem Engage trailer, Xenoblade Chronicles 3?s Game of the Year chances, and more!


00:00:00 - Intro 

00:01:24 - Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Review Roundtable!

00:37:34 - Wiibate: Do you name your Pokemon?

00:43:00 - What Else Has Our Attention? Xenoblade Chronicles 3 GOTY nomination, Harvestella, and more

01:08:06 - Question Block & Outro

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Sonic Frontiers Review Discussion - NVC 637

Sonic Frontiers is a good 3D sonic game, and we have the review and the reviewer to prove it. We're also going to dive into everyone's favorite subject: Nintendo financial numbers! Specifically, how many Nintendo Switch consoles have been sold? It's a lot. We also take your questions and just have a nice time, but first? gonna check in with the panel and see what's new.

00:00:00 - Intro & Nintendo?s Indie World Showcase 

00:09:15 - Marvel Snap Rules!

00:13:32 - Sega Genesis Mini 2 Impressions

00:20:12 - Sonic Frontiers Review Deep Dive

00:33:11 - Nintendo?s Sold How Many Switches??

00:51:19 - Question Block

01:17:13 - Outro

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Does Nintendo Need Achievements? - NVC 636

This week we're wondering about a few things. Like, does Nintendo need an achievement system? How about Nintendo VR? We also premiere a new segment called RAPID RANK, answer your questions in Question Block, but most of all, have fun.

00:00:00 - Intro & What We?ve Been Playing

00:31:06 - Nintendo VR When?

00:48:28 - Wiibate: Does Nintendo Need Achievements?

01:04:38 - Rapid Rank: Top 5 Sonic Friends Who Are Not Tails or Knuckles

01:14:18 - Question Block & Outro

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Bayonetta 3 Reviews Are Great - NVC 635

This week, Kat and Seth are joined by Mitchell Saltzman and Logan Plant to talk about Bayonetta 3 and Mitchell's shining review, where it shines and were it comes off a little dull. We also play everyone's favorite NVC game, "Wii Game or Something I Just Made Up?" plus we talk Sonic Frontiers and take your questions in Question Block. It's a real good time, is what I'm saying.


00:00:00 - Intro 

00:07:54 - Persona 5 Royal is here!

00:20:00 - Bayonetta 3 Review Deep Dive

00:38:27 - Sonic Frontiers Preview Chat

00:48:49 - Wii Game or Something I Made Up?

01:03:12 - Question Block & Outro

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We Played Pokemon Scarlet and Here Are Our Thoughts - NVC 634

Hey Super Ninfriendos! This week on Nintendo Voice Chat, Casey DeFreitas shares her hands-on impressions of Pokemon Scarlet! Dan Stapleton also joins the crew to talk about his review of Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope. We?re getting tons of new ports including Nier: Automata, No Man?s Sky, and Persona 5 Royal finally coming to the Nintendo Switch and we?re excited for them all! Don?t worry, we haven?t forgotten about Bayonetta 3. 

00:00:00 - Intro 

00:01:06 - Bayonetta Voice Actress Wants to Boycott Bayonetta 3

00:13:25 - Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope Review Talk!

00:31:13 - Casey?s Pokemon Scarlet Impressions

00:56:07 - Nintendo Switch?s Impossible Ports!

01:08:00 - Question Block & Outro


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The Super Mario Movie Trailer: One Week Later - NVC 633

It's been a week since the Mario Movie trailer was released, and we finally have answers to the question "What if Mario from the hit video games sounded like Chris Pratt from the hit dinosaur movies?" We reflect on this watershed moment in voice casting, as well as discuss what games caught our attention this week and answer your question block questions.


00:00:00 - Intro & What We?re Playing

00:24:56 - Super Mario Movie Trailer Impressions

00:47:50 - Bayonetta 3 is Almost Here!

00:56:50 - Question Block & Outro

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NVC Special: Our Live Reactions to the Mario Movie Trailer! - NVC 632

Join IGN live as Nintendo reveals the first trailer for the upcoming Super Mario Movie,  starring Chris Pratt and Anya Taylor-Joy. Ahead of the reveal, we?ll be discussing our hopes and dreams from the movie as well as breaking down the previously announced cast. Stick around after the trailer reveal for live reactions from us and you, the viewer. 

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October 2022 Is An Exciting Month for Switch Owners - NVC 631

October is more than just the spookiest month: it's chock-full of games for Nintendo Switch owners, too. Reb Valentine, Kat Bailey, Peer Schneider and Seth Macy talk upcoming games, Kat's trip to Japan, a giant TV that appeared in Seth's basement, and an exciting new announcement from Reb about LIFE?!? Great show this week, you're going to like it.


00:00:00 - Intro & Kat?s TGS Impressions

00:10:10 - Reb?s Life Updates & What We?re Playing

00:31:59 - Mario & Rabbids: Sparks of Hope Preview Impressions

00:42:48 - Upcoming Games for October

01:07:17 - Question Block & Outro

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