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Stuff You Should Know

Stuff You Should Know

If you've ever wanted to know about champagne, satanism, the Stonewall Uprising, chaos theory, LSD, El Nino, true crime and Rosa Parks, then look no further. Josh and Chuck have you covered.


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What's up with bariatric surgery?

Bariatric surgery can also be called weight loss surgery. Some people think it's a highly underused tool to fight obesity. Others think it's a shortcut. We discuss all the ins and outs in this week's episode. See for privacy information.
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Short Stuff: Do Fish Get Thirsty?

One of the greatest questions we?ve ever heard, answered (in a roundabout way). See for privacy information.
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The Appalachian Trail: A Heckuva Hike

A few short years after the hiking trails from Maine to Georgia were connected into the world?s longest hiking-only footpath, a WWII vet walked the whole thing in one go. He kicked off a challenge that?s still taken on by thousands of people each year. See for privacy information.
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Selects: How Steadicams Work

There have been many inventions that have advanced filmmaking, but maybe none as important as the steadicam. Invented in the mid-70s, it literally changed the way movie making happened, and made the impossible possible. Learn about the fascinating history behind this amazing technology, in this classic episode. See for privacy information.
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What were the IRA hunger strikes?

In the early 1980s, imprisoned IRA members went on a prolonged hunger strike, leading to the death of ten men. This is their story. See for privacy information.
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Short Stuff: HR8 Gun Legislation

Today we dive into HR8, a gun bill supported by 90% of Americans that will likely never get through the Senate. See for privacy information.
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How Wind Works

Beloved egghead Buckminster Fuller said the wind doesn?t blow, it sucks. And he was pretty much right, depending on your perspective. Find out how everything from the hurricane to summer breeze makes life on Earth possible. See for privacy information.
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Selects: How Drowning Works

Hundreds of thousands of people drown around the world every year, and yet it can be easily prevented and is widely misunderstood ? like how you can officially drown but live to tell the tale, or how you can drown but die days later. Learn all about it in this classic episode. See for privacy information.
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The 4-minute Mile: Greatest Sports Story?

Nobody thought the 4-minute mile was humanly possible, until it was. The story of how it happened is remarkable. So sit back and take a listen. See for privacy information.
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Short Stuff: Cleveland?s Infamous 10-Cent Beer Night

In 1974, the Cleveland (then Indians) baseball club held an unlimited 10 cent beer promotion to attract fans to the game. An actual riot broke out. See for privacy information.
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How Freedom of the Press Works

Countries around the world ? capitalist democracies to communist unitary states ? guarantee a free press in their constitutions. It turns out, though, that there is a galaxy of methods for subverting a free press. Find out why that matters in this episode. See for privacy information.
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Selects: How Satanism Works

Satanism may be the most misunderstood "religion" in the world. Part of that is because there are, and have been, many offshoots of Satanism, from The Church of Satan to The Satanic Temple. One thing is sure though, none of them are filled with evil humans who perform ritual blood sacrifice and worship a cloven-hoofed devil. Learn all about Satanism in this classic episode. See for privacy information.
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Kidney Donation: You Could Be A Saint!

Kidneys are one of the few organs that you can donate while you?re alive. And the vast majority of donors experience no complications and their remaining kidney functions just fine. Yet thousands of people die each year waiting for a donated kidney. Why? See for privacy information.
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Short Stuff: Happy Foods!

Some foods make you happy. But they aren't necessarily comfort foods. You know what they call that? SCIENCE! See for privacy information.
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The Scintillating World of Interest Rates

When the Fed raises interest rates a half point, the world market reacts. But why does this tiny percentage make such a difference? Listen and learn! See for privacy information.
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Selects: Waterbeds: The Sexiest Bed?

Waterbeds came and went pretty quickly in the United States, but despite their marketing as sex beds, they were actually invented to deliver a great night's sleep. Learn all about these super 70's beds in this classic episode. See for privacy information.
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The Myth of Absinthe

Absinthe makes you hallucinate and possibly even have a seizure, right? Nope. It's all a part of the myth of absinthe, which is really just a bitter tasting liquor with a bad reputation.  See for privacy information.
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Short Stuff: Do people move in predictable directions?

Depending on where you are in the world, you either have an instinct to go left or right when entering a place. Learn all about this today. See for privacy information.
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Cats: Invasive Species?

Josh and Chuck wade into dangerous waters with the debate over just how destructive cats are for local ecosystems (turns out it?s pretty bad) and some ideas on what to do about that (you may not want to know). Tune in and tense up! See for privacy information.
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Selects: The Disappearance of the Yuba County Five

In 1978, five friends set out for home from a basketball game. The next day, their car was discovered in a lonely mountain road. The next spring, their bodies began to turn up. What happened that night remains a mystery to this day. Explore what we know with Josh and Chuck in this classic episode. See for privacy information.
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What's in a surname?

Surnames are way more interesting that you think, trust us. Just hit play and prepare to be wowed. See for privacy information.
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Short Stuff: Artificial Banana Flavor

In the Watermelon episode, Chuck and Josh stumbled into a bit of little-known history about why artificial banana flavor doesn?t taste like bananas. Turns out it does; it just tastes like a banana you?ve probably never eaten. See for privacy information.
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Squirrels, Ahoy!

Squirrels are rodents, sure, but they?re rodents with personalities the size of Las Vegas and Detroit put together. Get to know your bushy-tailed (and sometimes not so bushy) neighbors who live interesting hidden lives right out in the open. See for privacy information.
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Selects: How Lizzie Borden Worked

Everybody knows how many whacks Lizzie Borden gave her mother and father with that axe, but there is plenty about the infamous double homicide that remains unresolved, like who actually did it. Travel into the mystery of Lizzie Borden in this classic episode. See for privacy information.
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Rhinoplasty, aka Nose Jobs

Nose jobs have been around a lot longer than you think. And the process is pretty interesting. Tune in for all things rhinoplasty.  See for privacy information.
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Short Stuff: Fainting At The Sight Of Blood

As many as 15% of people faint when they see blood! And it?s not just blood that gets them. It can be an injury or even a needle. Learn about this fascinating phobia in this episode. See for privacy information.
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What are land acknowledgments?

Land acknowledgements are all the rage in some parts of the world. But they also open a can of worms if not done properly. Learn all about this increasingly common practice today.  See for privacy information.
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Selects: How Champagne Works

Sure we can all agree that champagne is probably the greatest thing humans have or ever will invent, but how much do we understand how it's made? Learn all about it in this classic episode. See for privacy information.
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Marcus Garvey: Black Moses

One of the more controversial black leaders, Marcus Garvey divided black and white Americans with his assertion of black pride, and sowed division in the black community as well. Yet, possibly no one has had more global impact on black lives than him. See for privacy information.
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Short Stuff: Shar Pei

Today we dive into the lovable folds of the Shar Pei. See for privacy information.
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The Mystery of Coal

There?s a mystery afoot! Almost all of the coal we use around the world was created in the same 60 million year period. Before or after that relatively short window of time, not so much. Just what exactly explains this geological mystery? See for privacy information.
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Selects: How Rodney Dangerfield Worked, Live From LA

Other comedians cry on the inside, but Rodney Dangerfield built his entire act around his sad life. Get to know this legendary comic who was nearing 50 when he got his break, in this classic episode recorded live in LA. See for privacy information.
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Understudies: Hardest Workers on Broadway?

Being an understudy is far more challenging than simply learning the lines of a lead actor in case of emergency. Learn all about these unsung stage heroes today.  See for privacy information.
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Short Stuff: Smelly Homes

Does your house smell? No? What if we told you it?s impossible for you to know whether  it does or not? See for privacy information.
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See for privacy information.
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Selects: The Baffling Case of the Body On Somerton Beach

Since his corpse was found in 1948, wearing a nice suit in summer on an Australian beach, an unidentified man has refused to fade into obscurity, gripping the imagination of sleuths around the world. Learn all about the mystery in this classic episode. See for privacy information.
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Just Say No to... Bottled Water

Bottled water is huge business, and terrible for the environment. But where did this all start? Listen in and learn. See for privacy information.
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Short Stuff: Salute the Grilled Cheese

Today we pay tribute to the comfiest of comfort food, the grilled cheese sandwich. See for privacy information.
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The Christine Collins Story

When Christine Collins' son disappeared in 1928, she thought that was the worst that could happen.  What followed was more upsetting than any parent could imagine.  See for privacy information.
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Selects: What happens to abandoned mines?

Did you know there are as many as 500,000 abandoned mines in the US, but the federal government knows where only 30,000 of them are? Learn about how these places go from money pit to death trap when mine companies simply walk away, in this classic episode. See for privacy information.
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How Mensa Works

Most of us know Mensa?s a smart people club. And that Geena Davis is a member. But did you know it was originally intended as a rolodex when the government needed the UK?s most intelligent minds? And that the Kansas City chapter staged a revolt in the 60s? See for privacy information.
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Short Stuff: Animal Politicians

Small towns around the world have a longstanding tradition of nominating ? and voting for ? animals in elected positions like mayor and some animals have made it to being nominated for president. See for privacy information.
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The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles

If you've ever been to Philadelphia then you've probably walked right by a Toynbee Tile embedded in the street. But what's the meaning on these mysterious installations, and who is doing it? Listen in to find out. See for privacy information.
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Selects: A Partial History of Action Figures

Action figures have a long and glorious history. From GI Joes to Star Wars figures, these offshoots of dolls came along at just the right time to capture the hearts and minds of children everywhere. Learn all about the partial history of action figures in this classic episode. See for privacy information.
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The Delightful History of Pubs

In today's episode, Chuck and Josh dive into the wonderful history of the public house. So pull up a stool, grab a pint and have a listen. See for privacy information.
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Short Stuff: The Church Choir That Didn't Explode

Perhaps the most amazing coincidence ever documented took place when a church in a tiny town in Nebraska exploded in 1950. See for privacy information.
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Watermelons: Nature's Gift to the World

Turns out most people love watermelons. Why? Because they're delicious. And they also have a pretty interesting history. Check it out. See for privacy information.
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Selects: How No-fly Zones Work

They have become such a ubiquitous tool used by the UN and NATO to intervene in international crises, that it seems like no-fly zones have been around forever. But it was only the 1990s that the first one was enacted and they've only be used twice more since then. Learn about this peculiar military tool with Chuck and Josh in this classic episode. See for privacy information.
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What?s NATO All About?

NATO formed at a time when Russia threatened Europe as a potential invader. Then the Soviet Union broke up and NATO lost its way for a bit. Now Russia?s back to business as usual and NATO has found its purpose again, protecting peace in Europe. See for privacy information.
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Short Stuff: Greenbrier Bunker

The Greenbrier Bunker was a secret nuclear hideout for Congress, until it wasn't. Once it was exposed as a thing, it ceased to be a thing. Listen in to a fascinating short stuff today! See for privacy information.
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