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Mysteries Abound

Mysteries Abound

A podcast about mysteries from anywhere and everywhere - the unusual, the strange, the perplexing and the down-right odd. Scientific, historical mysteries, unusual stories and events as well as the paranormal will be featured on this podcast.


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Episode 184 - Mysteries Abound Podcast

Nazca Lines @ 01.11  Eversoul / Longing For Orpheus The Plants of Chernobyl @ 08.19  Tamz / L J Kruzer Kyshtym @ 15.01  Ego Death / Reflected Illusions  Stanley Jacob Weinberg @ 25.47  Fed by Ravens Atenism @ 35.34  Forest Mist / Acid42 Artificial Islands @ 52.43  Celtic / Menno van Dijk Red Gnome @ 01.00.27  Animals
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Episode 180 - Mysteries Abound Podcast

Long Pointy Shoes @ 01.08  Melody / Menno van Dijk Mind Reading Technology @ 11.28  River / Alexander Blu Bearded Lady Interview @ 25.49  Tall Tree Butterflies / Keenan Black-Eyed Kids @ 37.35  Tomorrow's Road / Ken Kurland Tomb of Genghis Khan @ 46.24  Madador / Alex Prince Albert's Killer @ 54.32  Waiting to be Born / Spheric Lounge
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Episode 176 - Mysteries Abound Podcast

Creepy Coincidences @ 01.16  (Parade / Nctrnm) H.H. Holmes @ 6.10  (Elapsed / Lobo Loco) Tama Shud @ 28.04  (Paradise Lost / EsGi) Antarctica Theories @ 42.47  (Zers / The Serotonin Anvil) Immortal Baby @ 59.36  (Aerstream / G. Org)
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Episode 175 - Mysteries Abound Podcast

Coolest Things in Space @ 1.14 (Forest Mist / Acid 42) Jack the Ripper @ 10.08 (Jack the Ripper Song on Youtube) (Morning Socks / Al Phlipp and the Woo Team) Creepy Ghost Stories from Vietnam @ 14.48 (Rest of the Tunnel Story) (Drifter / EsGi) Robots in Ancient India @ 22.43 (A Break in the Clouds / Whitebeetle Ltd) Mary Queen of Scots @ 32.22 (Bourree and Jeuz Interdits and Sarabande Variee / HUMS Classical Guitar Ensemble) Amazing African Civilisations @ 50.34 (Track 6 / Artist Unknown) Finale  (Piano only / Till Berg)
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Episode 174 - Mysteries Abound Podcast

Universe Running Backwards @  1.20 (Inquietude / ActionTek Jackson) Amelia Earhart Update @ 05.18 (Ego Death / Reflected Illusions) Bennelong @  9.26 (Altitude / HatHead) Invisible Colour @ 17.18 (Deep Calls / Michael Mucklow) Ancient City with Pyramids @ 28.25 (The Call / Ian) Refugees In Their Own Country @ 32.15 (Calling / Urban Myth Club) Cure His Patients by Pulling Their Teeth @ 39.27 (Underdoze / Thomas Huttenlocher) Radio Hoaxes You?ve Never Heard of @ 46.05 (Elapsed / Lobo Loco) Mysterious Old Woman @ 01.03.09 (Charm / Dan Tharp)
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Episode 173 - Mysteries Abound Podcast

Planet 9 @ 1.07 (Track 14 / Artist) Rum Hospital @ 7.13 (Winter Sun / Cross the Border) Fletcher Christian @ 13.42 (Premonition / G) 8 Things About British History @ 19.41 (SOS) Bathtub History @ 39.24 (Flow / Valerie Mih) PODCASTS: Believe: Australian Paranormal & UFO Radio Devilry: Episode 1 Wombat Poo @ 54.54 (Once / Michael Mucklow)
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Episode 172 - Mysteries Abound Podcast

The Ordnance Survey @ 1.16 (Ego Death / Reflected Illusions) Acoustic Kitty @ 10.31 (Camoflage / Fndmntl) Battle of Hastings @ 16.46 (Aristotle / Technetium) Tasmanian Volcanic Towers @ 31.54 (Vortex Alpha / Dr Chaotica) Isdal Woman @ 36.53 (Antalya / Robert A Wolf) Boiling River @ 45.45 (Strange Days) Columbus Monsters @ 55.16 (Dance of the Sun / Ken Kurland) Woodman Point Haunted House @ 1.02.01 (Ovenden Moor / M.A Ward) Elephants Wrinkled Skin @ 1.05.38 (A Break in the Clouds / Whitebeetle Ltd)
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Episode 171 - Mysteries Abound Podcast

Spider and the Clock @ 1.20 (Looking Back / M.A. Ward) Molasses Flood @ 12.52 (Tamz / L.J. Kruzer) Satan @ 19.24 (A Depiction of Sanity / Salam) Borley Rectory @ 27.14 (Rabbits Theme / Al Phlipp and the Woo Team) Ever Burning Lamps @ 34.33 Greek Fire @ 38.28 (Rain / Michael Mucklow) Darien Scheme @ 41.42 (Timeline / Aleye Nov) Underwear Relay @ 53.38 (Mist Over the Waters / Jeremy Allan Hepp) Alien Abductions @ 1.00.31 (Stillness in Motion / Sinfonia Electronique)
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Episode 170 - Mysteries Abound Podcast

(11.12.05 / Alan Shikoh) World Will End in 2060 @ 16.44 (Camoflage / Fndmntl) Ball Lightning @ 24.31 BBC Radio Show @ 29.00 (Twilight of the Mind / Longing For Orpheus) Franklin Expedition @ 33.11 (SOS) Vascular Skull Channels @ 44.38 Sealand @ 49.22 (Finding Frangipanis / Jane Aubourg) Brassiere Brigade @ 54.22 (Midori?s Apples / Jeremy Alan Hepp) Romulus / Remus @ 1.04.28 (New Time Nomads / Thomas Huttenlocher)
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Episode 169 - Mysteries Abound Podcast

Portals Might Exist @ 1.26 (Drifting from Sadness / Craig Sounda Brown) Mary Rose @ 14.55 (Bourree and Jeux Interdits / HUMS Classical Guitar Ensemble) Loretto Chapel Staircase @ 21.01 (Light from a Narrow Window / Ann Sweeten) Old Wives Tale @ 29.49 (Winter Sun / Cross the Border) 5 Spooky Stories @ 36.01 (Twilight of the Mind / Longing For Orpheus) Newton Stone @ 44.29 (Underdoze / Thomas Huttenlocher) Wartime Monster Sightings @ 57.18 (Deeps Creams / alexander Flacao)
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Episode 168 - Mysteries Abound Podcast

Crocodiles in Moats @ 1.10 (Tomorrow?s Road / Ken Kurland) Charles Herbert Lightoller @ 14.30 (Communion / Rob Costlow) 10 Historical Murder Mysteries @ 24.39 (Calling / Urban Myth Club) Sydneys Eternity @ 45.53 (Ambient Thought / G) What is Heaven @ 52.31 (if I Existed / G) Proof in Alcohol @ 1.05.50 (Berceuse / Jan Kasprzyk)
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Episode 167 - Mysteries Abound Podcast

Daddy Long Legs @ 1:23 (Electric V2 / Blazej Lindner) Ghosts, Demons and Aliens @ 7:29 (Air / Neil Milton) Mystery Painting @ 14:15 (Reflections / Michael Mucklow) Lost Dutch Masterpiece @ 21:38 (Waiting to be Born / Spheric Lounge) Dare Stone @ 48:14 (Calling / Urban Myth Club) Creepy Pasta . How Do You Prove You Are Alive @ 57:23 (The Drifter / EsGi) Author?s Facebook Page (Ad Horror)
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EPISODE 166 - Mysteries Abound Podcast

US Presidential Limo in Australia? @ 1:14 (Drops of Light / G) Easter Island / 11:51 (Altitude / HatHead) Britain Tries to Kill Kaiser Wilhelm @ 20:24 (Ovenden Moor / M.A. Ward) Unsolved Egyptian Mysteries @ 33.36 (Zers / Seratonin Anvil & Waiting to Be Born / Spheric Lounge) Rocks That Give Birth @ 49:57 Libyan Desert Glass @ 53:41 (Take Me With You / Ismail Abatay) Gebekli Tepe / 59:20 (Lispian / Al Phlipp and the Woo Team)
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EPISODE 165 - Mysteries Abound

The Prince of Poyais @ 1:23 (Talltree Butterflies / Keenan) Colonial Horror @ 10:20 (Finding Frangipanis / Jane Aubourg) Ramadan @ 17:05 (Deep Blue Snow / Al Phlipp and The Woo Team) Mysteries of the Art World @ 21:54 (Anamalization / Dr Sounds) Ships Under San Francisco @ 44:02 People Swallowing Stream @ 47:57 (Breeze Across the Heather / M. A. Ward) Blair Adams @ 51:41 Times of Departure @ 1:00:20 The Drifter / EsGi)
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EPISODE 164 - Mysteries Abound Podcast

Mole Rats @ 1:22 (Aether / Neil Milton) Great Law of Peace @ 7:15 (Tamz / L J Kruzer) Forgotten Cleopatra @ 14:24 (Camoflage / Fndmntl) Why 24 Hours @ 21:04 (Rabbits Theme / Al Phlipp and The Woo Team) The Talking Dog @ 27:21 (Deep Calls / Michael Mucklow) Croglin Grange Vampire @ 37:43 Mercy Brown Vampire @ 47:29 (Vortex Alpha / Dr Chaotica) 10 Conspiracies About Pine Gap @ 52:17 (Sleepers / Sergey Cheremisinov) More As I Age @ 1:08:39 (Drifter / EsGi)
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EPISODE 163 - Mysteries Abound Podcast

Introduction @ 00:56 (Remember melody / Torley) First People in Australia @ 3:31 (Down Under / Michael Guardian Music & Once / Michael Mucklow) Project Pegasus @ 9:57 (The Places in Between / More Human Than Human) The Expressionless @ 15:51 The Berwyn UFO @ 19:56 (A Quiet Walk / Michale Mucklow) Moon Hoax @ 23:29 (White Tomb Stone / Aegis) 15 Astonishing Facts @ 29:37 (The Experiment / Dan O) Flying Saucer Patents @ 36:13 (Armature / Dr Sounds) Astral Projection @ 48:31 Post-Mortem Telepathic Hypnotism @ 53:24 (Calling / Urban Myth Club) Terms and Conditions @ 57:17 (Drifter / EsGi)
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EPISODE 162 - Mysteries Abound Podcast

Before the Big Bang @ 00:56 Sex-Changing Trees@ 04:42 (The Secret Dance / Ken Kurland) Sherlock of the Library @ 9:13 (Tall Tree Butterflies / Keenan) Mysteries of Deep Space @ 19:25 (Aristophanes of the Cosmos / Sinfonia Electronique) Roanoke Park Cave @ 36:47 (Misty Morning / Blazej Lindner) Strange Sheep @ 44:32 (Fed by Ravens) Mystery Ship @ 52:53 Ghost Ship @ 57:52 (The Book of Clouds and Rain / Secret Archives of the Vatican) Dark Angel @ 1:04:23 (Sacred Ground / Jon Schmidt)
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EPISODE 161 - Mysteries Abound Podcast

Aluminium Wedge @ 3:41 (Ral / Gentlemenâ??s Gun Club) Black Jesus @ 8:12 (Berceuse / Jan Kasprzyk) Pollock Twins @ 13:18 (Altitude / HatHead) 10 Strange Phenomena @ 18:11 (Coppersea / Longing For Orpheus) Ancient Greeks Sailed to Canada @ 34:03 (Strange Days) Toothpick @ 47:31 (Ambient Thought / G) Freedom @ 53:34 Fish Dish @ 58:12 (Deserted / Elijah Bossenbroek)
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EPISODE 160 - Mysteries Abound Podcast

What is Time @ 00:59 (Calling / Urban Myth Club) Reclusive Family @ 8:18 Australian Submarine @ 13:16 (Breeze Across the Heather / M.A. Ward) 10 Ancient Irish Mysteries @ 16:02 (Celtic / Menno Van Dijk & Dais Outside / Matthew Blacklock) Muslims Love Jesus @ 29:47 (Ley Lines / M.A. Ward) Being Left-Handed @ 32:49 (Soniclust / Paddywack) Hollow Earth @ 41:23 (Emptiness / Alexander Blu) Australiaâ??s Slave Trade @ 48:45 (Deserted / Elijah Bossenbroek) Alcatraz Hopi Men @ 57:34 (Drifting from Sadness / Craig Sounda Brown) Crunched Up Paper House @ 1:05:15 (Tone Sun / Tpia)
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EPISODE 159 - Mysteries Abound Podcast

The Wollemi Pine @ 1:35 (Temple of the Vestals / Sinfonia Electronique) Ancient Egyptians and Cats @ 8:52 (Ambient thought / G) Copernicus Grave Mystery @ 15:23 (Sad World / Ken Kurland) Why We HavenÃ??Ã?¢??t Heard From Aliens Yet @ 23:51 Alien Tools @ 27:12 (If I Existed / G) Gydnia Creature @ 30:14 Felix Moncla and Robert Wilson @ 33:12 (Looking Back / M.A. Ward) Johnny Appleseed @ 39:20 (MidoriÃ??Ã?¢??s Apples / Jeremy Alan Hepp) The Witch of Wall Street @ 46:19 (Mist Over the Water / Jeremy Alan Hepp) 175 Year Old Battery @ 51:57 (Let Me Sing / Henta) Makhar the Small @ 58:02 (Aerstream / G. Org)
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EPISODE 158 - Mysteries Abound Podcast

Are Cats Liquid 00:59 (Light) 5 Weird Wines 07:24 (The Secret Dance / Ken Kurland) Unsolved Pirate Mysteries 11:40 (Beyond the Clouds / Alexandre Falcao) Grand Grimoire 27:50 The Book of Thoth @ 32:48 (Waiting to Be Born / Spheric Lounge) The Talking Doll 39:26 (Calling / Urban Myth Club) Disappearing Objects 43:52 (Armature / Dr Sounds) The Disappearance of Cora Crippen 59:41 (Deserted / Elijah Bossenbroek)
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EPISODE 157 - Mysteries Abound Podcast

Curious Case of Alien in the Photo 00:53 Nikola Tesla is My Home Boy / Dot Communism Sea Silk 24:06 Big Blue Thing / More Human Than Human Annunaki 29:27 Track 4 / Lucy Evans Charles Henri Sanson 37:18 Midoris Apples / Jeremy Alan Hepp Haunted South Australia 48:50 Tall Tree Butterflies / Keenan Your Ghost Stories 1:00:22 Tam / LJ Kruzer Veil of Veronica 1:10:58 If I Existed / G
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EPISODE 156 - Mysteries Abound Podcast

Something Bizarre in Medieval Graveyard 00:57 Slinky Like Creature 4:52 60 Year Search for the Yeti 9:13 Vampire Ant 20:39 Greeks Did Not Develop Trigonometry 26:01 Disappearance of Ben McDaniel 31: 18 Cold French Fries 41:57 Death and Damnation With Their ABCs 44:47 Black Dahlia 51:14 The Haunting of Laura 1:07:02
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EPISODE 155 - Mysteries Abound Podcast

Exhibition of Ossified People 00m44 Why Does Time Fly or Not 9m08 16 Common Wedding Traditions 1m03 Tales of a Two Headed Giant 30m22 Aliens Could Have Influenced Ancient Egypt 39m54 The Vampire Mystery of Lilly Lindestrom 44m51 The Mystery of Christie 48m19 Feline 58m04
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EPISODE 154 - The Forgotten Sport of Octopus Wrestling

A 16th Century Engineer Whose Work Almost Defeated an Empire 1m 05secs Hot Water Freezes Faster 9m 12secs Patricia Meehan 16m 43secs Tunguska Eyewitnesses 21m 14secs Octopus Wrestling 30m 26secs Seattle Underground 34m 47 secs Body Vibrating Upon Waking 41m 14secs Strange Man Kept Finding Me 44m 24secs Closest Thing to a Demon 47m 50secs What is That Doing There 1h 2m 45secs
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EPISODE 153 - Full Time Podcaster / Just a Dream?

The Massive Volcano That Scientists Cant Find Uranus is Even Freakier Than We Thought The Ancient Remains of 5000 Year Old Giants Scratching Fanny The Cock Lane Ghost Serios The Man Who Could Print Photos From His Mind The Christ and The Buddha The Russian Sleep Experiment
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EPISODE 152 - Earth is an Alien Prison

Earth is an Alien Prison Could Aliens Be Hibernating 11 Famous Families with Eerie Curses 5 True Stories About the Militarys Paranormal Research The Mystery of Roanoke Endures Another Twist Why Did the Egyptian Masons Down Tools I have Never Woken Up in the Same Place Twice
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EPISODE 151 - Three Score and Three

40 Year Old Alien Mystery Solved Pine Trees That Lean Towards the Equator Glass Appears to Form a New Mysterious State of Matter How Fake Science Saved Lives in Victorian London Creepy Stories from Chernobyl The House That Sarah Built Creepypasta ... The Doors of Stone
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EPISODE 150 - The Legend of London's Time Traveling Tomb

10 Crazy Facts About Urine What Really Felled the Hindenburg Did This Ancient Explorer Make It To the Arctic in 325BC The Strange Mystery of Colonel Fawcett and the Lost City of Z Siege of the Little Green Men The Legend of Londons Time Traveling Tomb The Worlds Weirdest Wars
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Episode 149 - 10 Crazy Facts About Urine

Why Are Penguins Sex Lives So Scandalous Who Killed Sir Edmund Godfrey 24 Alien Black Boxes Vatican Time Machine 10 Crazy Facts About Urine Mystery of Why Shoelaces Come Undone Unravelled A Deadly Passion for Coffee The Bizarre Beliefs of Percival Lowell Mysterious Rock Recovered From Roswell Site The Fairies from Creepypasta
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EPISODE 148 - A Tale of the Hairy Man in OZ

A Tale of the Hairy Man in OZ Roswell UFO A Nazi Spacecraft Unexpected Solar Event 7000 Years Ago Scottish Vampires Genius Behind George 111s Madness Strange Things on the Moon Why Chattanooga Raised Its Downtown by a Level Grim Future
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EPISODE 147 - 9 Witches Names for your Daughters

Mysterious Radiation in Europe Churchill Ordered a UFO Cover Up The Mysterious UK Ghost Plane 7000 Year Old Greek Enigma Bizarre Nebraska Event from 130 Years Ago 9 Witches Names for your Daughters The Unknown Child Ancient Earthworks Resembling Stonehenge Hunt at King Tuts Tomb Starts Again 10 Fascinating Mysteries of the Ancient State of Galicia The Bus
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EPISODE 146 - America - Amerigo or Amerike?

The Rude Cruel and Insulting Vinegar Valentines 10 Bizarre Martian Reports From the Past America Amerigo or Amerike Unexplained Pteranodon Photo Staircase in Antarctica Nazi Bell Time Machine Broad Haven 40 Years On Ancient Miracle Cure The Street
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EPISODE 145 - The Fascinating Secret Origin of Abracadabra

Remote Russian Lake Deepens Old Mystery How Charlie Chaplin Influenced the Most Disturbing Episode of the X-Files The Fascinating Secret Origin of Abracadabra Can You Brew Beer on the Moon The Mysterious Vinca Figurines Does America Have a Secret Kangaroo Population Tomokas Carnivorous Pink Cloud Adventist Adventurer Claims to Have Found the Ark of the Covenant Sniff
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EPISODE 144 - In Search of British Dragons

In Search of British Dragons Jerome The Mystery Man Who Came Out of Nowhere 10 Mysterious Facts About the Pineal Gland Fingernails on the Chalkboard Americas Most Outrageous Dentist Sgt Golden Throat
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EPISODE 143 - Where the Fairies Dwell

A Mysterious 14 Year Cycle Has Been Controlling Our Words 6000 Years Ago the Sahara Was Tropical What Happened 6000 Year Old Amulet Bees in the Oceans Where the Fairies Dwell 110 Year Ago New York Times Thought We Found Aliens on Mars The First Ever Recorded Sighting of a UFO Witness To Britainâ??s Roswell UFO Incident Breaks Silence The Holly and the Ivy The Crazy Tricks That Filmmakers Used to Fake Snow Giant Underwater River Shrouded in Toxic Gas Spooky Supernatural Stories from 19th Century England
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EPISODE142 - How Gramophones Helped Fight Crime in 1940s Britain

46 000 Year Old Kangaroo Bone Ornament How Gramophones Helped Fight Crime in 1940s Britain Your Ancestors Did Not Sleep Like You These Incredible Brothers Become Paralysed When the Sun Sets Each Day The Ouija Boards Mysterious Origins The Strange Mysterious Disappearance of Pauline Picard Why Did Ancient Italians Bury Thousands of Clay Body Parts 10 Curious Tales and Oddities From History Dark Radio Creepypasta
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EPISODE 141- America's First UFO Sighting

Protect Your Library the Medieval Way Americas First UFO Sighting The Legend and Truth of the Voodoo Priestess Who Haunts a Louisiana Swamp The Unexplained Mystery of the Girl in Blue The Truth About a Strange Blood Sucking Monster The Strange Secret Behind the Tragic Deaths of Oscar Wildes Half Sisters 10 Strange Facts About Eugenics in the Early 1900s How Lucky I was Creepypasta
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EPISODE 140 - 14 Fascinating Facts About Foxes

10 Historical Records That Tell Another Side of Bible Stories The Man Erased from Disney History The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle Mat Finally be Solved Mystery Space Plane 14 Fascinating Facts About Foxes Who Was The Mysterious Aradia The Real Life Diseases That Spread the Vampire Myth The Blaganschlor
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EPISODE 139 - The Mysterious English Sweating Sickness

Wreckage of German Submarine Sunk By Sea Monster Cave Paintings Reveal Clues to Mystery Ice Age Beast Consciousness Could Be a Side Effect of Entropy Could a Mysterious Brand New Planet Be Blamed for Our Tilted Sun The Mysterious English Sweating Sickness BBC Halloween Hoax This Tree Trunk Has Been Floating Upright for 120 Years The Lesbian Vampire Story That Came Before Dracula 10 Incredibly Creepy Mysteries from India Timeslip on the Road in Saskatchewan
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EPISODE138 - 8 Mysterious People Without a Past

8 Mysterious People Without a Past Execution by Elephant Octopus DNA Does Not Belong to Our World Scottish Poltergeist Ghost of Black Monk of Pontefract Eclipse Wind The Green Man Haunts Zombie Land Road The Reappearance of Carrie Mae
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EPISODE 137 - The Mysterious Fawn Hoof Mummy

10 Thoroughly British Mysteries The Mysterious Piri Reis Map The Mysterious Fawn Hoof Mummy The Unexplained Chicago Tylenol Poisonings Mysterious Death of Don Kemp The Trunk Murders and Sausage Ghost of 1920s New Orleans Inventing the Beach Body Under the Sandstone Slab The Disappearing Doll
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EPISODE 136 - Why Do Clowns Wear Read Noses?

The Possible Origin of the Witchs Hat Why Do Clowns Wear Red Noses Submarine Reincarnation Legendary Wakulla Volcano How 10 Pieces of Furniture Got Their Names How a Mathematician Turned a Obscure Number into a Scary Story Some Ghostly Tales How the Key to the Bastille Ended Up in George Washingtons Possession
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EPISODE 135 - The Unusual Origins of Pink Lemonade

Legend Says China Began in a Great Flood We Have Been Wrong About the Origins of Life for 90 Years 1816 The Year Without a Summer That Changed Everything The Mystery of Why You Cannot Remember Being a Baby The Unusual Origins of Pink Lemonade The Ancient Legend of the Monstrous Rat King The Unexplained Mystery of the St Augustine Monster 5 Important Things from History that No One can Explain In the Walls Creepypasta
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EPISODE 134 - The Public Shaming of England's First Umbrella User

10 Bizarre Findings from Research Polls Did China Discover America Why Do We Say as Happy as Larry She Sells Sea Shells on the Seashore Our Weird Lack of Hair The Public Shaming of Englands First Umbrella User It Comes at Night My Old Stomping Ground
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EPISODE 133 - The Real Reasons Why We Have Sex

The Real Reasons Why We Have Sex 10 Bizarre British Ceremonies The Man Whose Life Inspired Zorro The Strange Con of the Antonio Maria Esquivel Painting The Gympie Pyramid Why Dogs Stick Their Heads Out of Car Windows By The Light of a Dying Fire
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EPISODE 132 - Are We All Martians?

The Unexplained Disappearance of Ludwig Leichhardt Hundreds of Genes Spring to Life up to 4 Day After Death Are We All Martians Jesus Wife Papyrus Probably Fake The Truth Behind the Christ Myth The Strange History of Microfilm Strange Low Pitched Sound From the Caribbean 7 Foot Tall Hellhound Step inside the Worldâ??s Most Dangerous Garden
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EPISODE131 - 18 Medical Professionals Share the Creepiest Things Seen

18 Medical Professionals Share the Creepiest Things They Have Seen Mysteries Mounds in Sth America A Secret Forest Grew for Millenia in Nth America Australian Link to US Civil War Robert The Haunted Doll Delivering Meat to Cats The Fish in the Deep My Dead Mothers Notebook Chupacabras The Sandman
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EPISODE 130 - 10 Alleged Discoveries That Suggest Giants Existed

The Enchanted Forest of Orrius NASA Reveals Traces of Ancient Human Settlement Under 2.3km of Ice The Hidden Messages of Colonial Handwriting 10 Alleged Discoveries That Suggest Giants Existed Scientist Discovered Exoplanets More Than 70 Years Earlier Than Thought Scientist Solve 350 Year Old Pendulum Clock Mystery The Surrency Haunting Victim of the Beast 666 Dream Sketch
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