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Episode 38 - So Long and thanks for all the Fish

I have created a Patreon Page and have decided to move the podcast to be early access to my supporters. This is the last publicly available podcast without a time delay.

Episode 38

Support my Youtube, Podcast and other creative projects on Patreon
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Episode 37 - The One before Essen

So Essen is coming and its been a long while since I did a Podcast! So time to burble on about games, mostly Kickstarter ones. I have started using Google drive so hopefully the mp3 link works out ok.

Episode 37
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Episode 36 - My top 10 of 2016

Happy 2017! I join the bandwagon and post a top 10 for games of 2016, also a brief comment on my all time top 10
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Episode 35 - 2016 musing and reflection

I ramble on about Games Workshop and Kickstarter as I reflect on 2016, mostly raging re KS exclusives and my regrets on not backing games that funded or shipped in 2016
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Skywind Dark Elf test voice - with added Manthrax effect

So full of Manthrax!!
Perfect time to record a Dark Elf voice over Audition for Skywind
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Episode 34 - Holmes

A quick update and a reading to celebrate the first publication of a Sherlock Holmes story.
I do have the reading as a separate audio file for a project i have in mind
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Episode 33 - Bonus reading - Polaris by HPL

A bonus reading of Polaris by H P Lovecraft
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Episode 33 - Dagon, a reading for halloween of the classic H P Lovecraft tale

Dagon, first published in 1919 by H P Lovecraft.
A reading for the Halloween season
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Episode 32 - CRPGs

I quick chat about Computer RPGs, highlighting a few of the key games I feel you should try
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Explorers Wanted - Script 2

The Tough Merc Script for #explorerswanted
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Explorers Wanted - Script 1

So Bioware has a VO contest for Andromeda, time to record some Audio using the scripts

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Episode 31 - PC Gaming - MMO

A quick update and a mention of PC Gaming - In particular MMOs
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Espisode 30 - Part B - An awkward update

Episode 30b
The awkward reversal podcast
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My Plans for 2016

Spend time on TMP, Beasts of War and explore using G+ and Twitter more.

Actually get a proper plan to go to Essen for 2017

Look at getting a sweet Nvidia 1080 card

Record more Youtube and Podcast stuff

Sell a load of games and focus on a smaller higher quality set of Games

Paint some of my Minis mountain

Return to my games in Design and released and look at tweaks and proper publishing options

Play some RPGs

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Episode 30 - BGG and News

Episode 30 - A trip to the UKGE, some news and a rant re BGG
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Episode 28 - Kingdom Death Monster Introduction

I managed to find some audio for Episode 28.  So I recorded it and have uploaded it for your enjoyment. The Introduction for Kingdom Death- Monster

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Episode 29 - OWG

Im not dead
Im feeling better

A quick hello and some plans for the future, I blather on about Osprey Games whilst I struggle to read up on some books to talk about in more depth


E28 may have got lost - ill see if I can find it
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A game what I wrote

Ive uploaded the rules to BGG and a video to youtube re "Plenty of Fish in the Sea?" a board game I created about fish and the cruel ocean- well a bright cheerful but cruel ocean anyway

 Check it out at:
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E27 MWO and news

A new year and we are not dead yet- must be time to get excited by new things. So following my youtube vids you may spot a theme here Mech Warrior Online This cast was thrown together in the brief time window I had between work and shooting giant stompy robots
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I suggest you visit tomorrow.....the holy grail of lost games shall rise again Plus they have awesome cool games as well
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Second test in HD is uploaded

More MWO
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First test vid is up on Youtube Mechwarrior Online
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So you tube

Well I have fraps, I have a basic editing suite so i thought lets give you tube a go. Expect some PC Gaming spam- incoming from today
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Episode 26 Worlds End 2012

A quickie show before 2012 ends, oh and the Mayans might still be right you know ;) Episode
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The audio test

Not the most interesting post Ive made but I have started testing out upgrades to my sound quality. step1- test a cheap usb mic, ie GHWT step2- research better usb mics, ie Condenser mics step3- research proper quality mics step4- research sound proofing, deadening etc So step 1 is done and I think i can get better sound already with what I have but I can still do more to improve even that. Im still aiming for an NT1a plus Interface (2i2 is looking good) but may have to go for a cheap usb Condenser as the next step. Expect an update when it happens
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