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EMCrit Podcast - Critical Care and Resuscitation

EMCrit Podcast - Critical Care and Resuscitation

Online Medical Education on Emergency Department (ED) Critical Care, Trauma, and Resuscitation


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EMCrit 274 – Team Leadership with Cliff Reid

Cliff Reid on Team Leadership
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EMCrit Wee – A Theoretical Model of the Pathophysiology of COVID-19 with Farid Jalali (Not a Single Thing Verified–Pure Musings)

Today on the podcast, my guest lays out a theoretical framework for the pathophysiology of the lung effects of COVID-19.
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EMCrit 273 – Inhaled Pulmonary Vasodilators & Q&A with Sara Crager

Inhaled Pulmonary Vasodilators
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EMCrit 272 – Right Heart Failure with Sara Crager

RV Failure and how not to kill patients when they have it...
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EMCrit Wee – COVID Ventilation Round Table Discussion

idea lobbing
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EMCrit 271 – Additional, Additional COVID Airway Thoughts with the Actual Audio this Time

Including the Intubation-Monkey Checklist
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ThinkingCC COVID Respiratory Management Webinar

cutting edge info on COVID19 management
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EMCrit Wee – The Philosophy of APRV – TCAV with Nader Habashi

A zentensivist discussion of ventilator management
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EMCrit 270 – COVID19 Respiratory Rescue and Ventilatory Optimization – Airway Pressure Release Ventilation (APRV) Time-Controlled Adaptive Ventilation

A Primer on APRV - TCAV, perhaps the mode of choice for COVID19
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EMCrit Wee – Webinar I Gave to Pulm/Crit Care Fellows on Avoiding Intubation and Initial Ventilation of COVID19 Patients

as of 3 APR 2020
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EMCrit 269 – Rationing of Critical Care and Ventilators in COVID19 with Reub Strayer

You need a plan right now for the allocation of scarce resources
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EMCrit Wee – Stop Kneejerk Intubation with the EMCrit Crew

not NC at 6lpm then tube
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EMCrit Wee – Alternatives to Vent Splitting and the Safest Vent Splitting Methods in COVID19

Will be updated as new info comes in...
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COVID Airway Management Thoughts

additional COVID airway management thoughts
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EMCrit 267 – They are not All Right!! An interview on Hemodynamic Assessment with Mike Patterson

Patients can become neurologically injured or code with no overt signs
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EMCrit 266 – High Sensitivity Troponins with Louise Cullen

High Sensitivity Troponins are coming
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EMCrit 265 – ECPR 2.0 (ECMO CPR)

Our ECPR is different...
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EMCrit – Midlines Part 2-Explosion with Rory Spiegel

Midlines part 2 with @emnerd
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EMCrit 264 – Case Discussion of Combined CCB and BB Overdose

A case as a means of discussing severe CCB and BB OD
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EMCrit Podcast 263 – The Venous Side – Part 1 – VEXUS Score with Phillipe Rola

The VEXUS Score - A way to quantitate how badly you overloaded your patient...
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EMCrit 262 – Midlines – Part 1

Midlines can change your vascular access practice
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EMCrit 261 – Thrombolysis during Cardiac Arrest

Who should we thrombolyse during cardiac arrest?
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EMCrit 260 – Thoughts on the NEJM Acute Upper Airway Obstruction Review

Thoughts on a recent NEJM review on upper airway obstruction
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EMCrit 259 – Cardiogenic Shock — The Next Level & Mechanical Circulatory Support with Jenelle Badulak

Taking Cardiogenic Shock Management to the next level...
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EMCrit 258 – Should Andexxa be added to a Hospital’s Formulary?

Should hospitals stock Andexxa?
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EMCrit 257 – Pulseless Electrical Activity (PEA) is Stupid

Pulseless Electrical Activity ( PEA ) is confusing! The diagnosis and treatment of PEA is bogged down by terminology and misunderstandings. Spurred by a recent interview I did with Anton Helman of EM Cases, I lay down some of my thoughts on PEA here. The last time I discussed these issues was 5 years ago with Zack and Joe on EDECMO 13. PEA Progression to ROSC POCUS Pulse Carotid POCUS PulseBadra et al. on POCUS Pulse Narrow / Wide doesn't Work Rory breaks it down on the CCnerd in a post about QRS size in PEA. What to Do if You Have Compressions/POCUS Pulse but No BP Prosen on Vasopressin for PEA Critical Care and Neurocritical Care Boards Review Book Mayo Clinic Board Review Just fantastic! (Note: i received a reviewers' copy of this book) Updates More on PEA on the EM Cases Blog - I speak with Anton Helman on the topic The Right Heart being Big doesn't mean PE during Arrest (from Ultrasound Podcast) Now on to the Podcast...
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EMCrit Wee – Farkas and I Discuss his Recent PulmCrit Guest Post on Asthma

A polite discussion about a controversial post
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EMCrit 256 – RUSH Redux with Jacob Avila

Some dozen years ago, a couple of my buddies and I created the RUSH exam. Today, I give you an update:
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EMCrit Wee – First Study of the Benefits of an EDICU

Michigan's EC3
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EMCrit 255 – Pigtails for Pleural Problems (Percutaneous Thoracostomy)

Pigtails are just plain nicer
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EMCrit 254 – Central Line Tips and Tricks with Robby O and Me from EEM 2019

Central Line Tips and Tricks
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EMCrit 253 – Kovacs Kata to Optimize a Failing Laryngoscopy Attempt

dedicated to my friend, George Kovacs
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EMCrit Podcast 252 – Care-Oriented Resus vs. People-Oriented Resus

Are you a people-oriented or care-oriented resus doc?
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EMCrit Wee – Semper Vitae – GRM with Helen Perry

There is a group of clinicians operating on the front line of war zones with no other purpose than to save lives. Global Response Management's Helen Perry comes on the show to discuss their work. Helen Perry ACNP-BC, MSN, RN, CCRN, CEN Their motto is semper vitae--always life. Their mission is to provide life saving emergency and prehospital care to those impacted by war and conflict. Find Global Response The website is Instagram global.response Facebook Twitter @GRM_Global Volunteer We are always looking for qualified volunteers and we use Paramedics and above. EMTs are welcome to apply, but they may not be working in a clinical capacity due to World Health Organization minimum operating standards. We even need non-medical folks (social media marketing, finance, smart computer people, grant writers, etc.) Donate They are a registered not-for-profit (501c3) and their admin budget is super low. Please consider helping these folks. Note I have had to close this post to comments b/c there have been a number of comments made by folks with false names and/or false contact information. The policy of this site is that all commenters must use their real identity linked to a real email address. There seems to be a group of folks out there that doubts the veracity of the GRM. If you have verifiable information on that, please get in touch by the contact link above. Now on to the Wee...    
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EMCrit 251 ? Philosophical & Psychological Diversions Part II – Naive Reality and the Fundamental Attribution Error

More Philosophical Ramblings...
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EMCrit Podcast 250 – The OMI Manifesto Lecture by Pendell Meyers

A video version of the rebellion's attempts to overthrow the STEMI Empire
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EMCrit 249 – You Can Either Learn or You Can Blame – Fixing the Morbidity and Mortality Conference with George Douros

How to make your M&M conference important and useful
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EMCrit 248 – How to Teach Surgical Airways–you knows, Crics: The One-Hour Cricothyrotomy Course

Lessons learned from teaching hundreds of people to cric
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EMCrit Podcast 247 – The Dissociated Awake Intubation with my buddy, Ketamine

All the dope on Dissociated Awake Intubation using Ketamine
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EMCrit 246 – Philosophical & Psychological Diversions Part I – Liberterian Free Will, Blame and Shame

A swerve from typical content
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EMCrit Podcast 245 – Tension Pneumothorax with Simon Leigh-Smith

Tension pneumothorax is actually 2 diseases
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EMCrit Podcast 244 – Incredibly Important Wrinkles to Titrated Vasopressors during CPR in Cardiac Arrest

We've been doing it all wrong--mysteries solved thanks to PO Berve
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EMCrit Podcast 243 – The COACT Trial on Early vs. Delayed Cath after Cardiac Arrest without STEMI

New evidence on who needs to go to lab after cardiac arrest
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EMCrit Podcast 242 – ED Nephrology with Joel Topf aka KidneyBoy

ED Nephrology with the Kidney Boy, Joel Topf
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EMCrit Podcast 241 – Sepsis Update 2019

New stuff on sepsis resuscitation for 2019
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EMCrit Podcast 240 – Renal Compartment Syndrome & It’s all about the Venous Side and We’ve Been Fracking it up for Years

Renal Compartment Syndrome, Venous Congestion, CHF, and POCUS.
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EMCrit 239 – Vent Alarms = Code Blue

All things Vent Alarms
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EMCrit Wee – Getting Things Done 2019 Update

GTD Update for 2019
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EMCrit 238 – Medical Error Epidemic Craziness with G. Gianoli

EMCrit 238 - Medical Error Epidemic Craziness with G. Gianoli. Medical Error is the 3rd leading cause of death in the US--or is it?
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EMCrit Podcast 237 – Vent & PreVENT – An Update

More on Vents
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