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Churchome with Judah Smith

Churchome with Judah Smith

Messages from Judah Smith, Lead Pastor at Churchome. For more information, visit us online at


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I Don?t Understand God

What do you do when you have questions for God? Things going on in your life that you just don?t understand. Chelsea?s message with insights from the life of Leah helps us navigate those tough and confusing times.
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It Doesn?t Really Matter

What matters in life? Is it what we achieve or who we become? What if we spent less time on the meaningless and fleeting aspects of life and more on what really matters.
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I Think About Money a Lot

When it comes to our resources, where do we put our confidence? Can we trust that our decision is the best decision? If there is one thing we can all agree upon, we think about money a lot.
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It?s Not Fair

Life isn?t fair? Thank God! What if we lived with a perspective that recognized God?s love when we least deserved it?
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I?m Not Okay

Are you not okay? That?s okay. Some things in life aren?t a quick fix. Do you feel like escaping, do you feel alone, do you feel betrayed? Jesus know?s what we?re going through. The same Jesus that went through the pain, is the same Jesus who wants to walk us through it.
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The Truth About Pain

There?s a difference between experiencing pain and allowing pain to control the narrative of our life. Jesus has prevailed over pain. He acknowledges our suffering and is here to heal and repair the brokenness in our world.
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I Think I Heard From God

Have you heard from God? Are you lacking confidence in what decision to make? This message talks about God's ultimate plan to guide, lead, and prompt each and every one of us.
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Embracing the Mystery

Embracing the mystery can be intimidating. At times we can believe that mystery is a problem which needs to be covered or ignored, but it's through storms and seasons of mystery that remind us Jesus is all we could ever need.
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Prevailing Hope

This Easter message looks at the resurrection of Jesus and its life changing message that our sins are forgiven. No matter what circumstances we find ourselves in, we have an undeniable purpose to live and love like Jesus. His death and resurrection is a daily hope of how the good will of God can overcome all evil and how love will triumph over sin.
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Under Pressure

Even in our weaknesses the strength of Jesus is made perfect. In moments when we feel broken and hopeless, God wants to come and produce something on the inside of us. Something even we can?t understand. He turns our flaws and imperfections into strength.
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Created for Connection

God is passionate about connecting with us. We have a connection with God that protects and restores us. Our shame, guilt, condemnation, and sin is covered in grace and forgiven.
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She's Somebody's Baby Girl

No matter what storm you face, you need to know that God loves you. He has not abandoned you. Before you were ever looking for God, he was already looking for you.
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Jesus Over Everything

Have you ever felt like you needed to sacrifice or accomplish something to please God? Caught participating in the illusion that we have to earn his love? In this message, we learn that Jesus is passionate about providing His forgiveness and love with no strings attached.
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The Act of Wholeness

Forgiving others who have hurt you is not easy. Forgiving yourself for hurting someone can sometimes be even more difficult but, Jesus tells us if we do forgive we will be made whole.
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Who Are You Listening To?

Trusting and listening to Jesus isn?t always the easy choice. It can be scary, seem counterintuitive, or be something that we just don?t want to do. In this message Chelsea shares why we should listen to Jesus and the benefits of doing so.
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Come With Me

  In the final message of the six week journey, we take a look at the event that changed the world forever and what Jesus really means when he says, "Come, follow me."
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The Chosen Ones

This week's message on the life of David, Judah details why he was called the man after God's own heart. David's example of gratitude and his life of blessing helps us see how special and chosen we too are in Gods heart.
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Too Far Gone?

We continue the journey with the remarkable story of Rahab. Rahab risked it all to follow the God whose stories of deliverance had inspired her to believe and affected her future forever.
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Facing The Future Without Fear

How do we stay persuaded to keep following Jesus? How do we stick with what we?ve started through real-life challenges? Judah shares a fresh look at Moses?s story of endurance from Hebrews 11.
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Waiting in the Unknown

In Week 2 of the Six Week Journey, we look at the story of Abraham and his journey of walking into the unknown and his ultimate destination - when he chose to believe.
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The Truth About Faith

In this new sermon series focusing on the Six Week Journey, Judah discusses stories of the first century Jews. He illustrates that the faith expressed through the lives of these Jews, ultimately paints a picture pointing to Jesus.
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The Year of Favor

"When you feel like you are behind the doors of injustice, why not look to the one who holds all the keys." It's one thing for us to hope for favor within a job or relationship, but what about favor that works in the space of injustice? In this message, Judah discusses the different doors that he believes will open for us in 2019.
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Favored on Monday

Have you ever wondered what it means to be favored? Favored in resources? Favored in opportunities? In this message, Judah talks about the difference between cheap favor & deep-rooted unconditional God favor, that brings joy, peace, and confidence to every moment of our lives.
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Time To Get Back Home

Either Jesus is a liar or we've complicated things. In this message, Billy discusses letting go of the illusion of control and trusting in Jesus.
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Fear, Failure & Family Drama

God does not gloss over the hurt you are feeling. He does not ignore you and then walk away. God meets you in your pain. He is always with you, even if you feel like He isn't.
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What A Mess!

Life can be messy. Do you feel like you are leaving 2018 damaged, broken, or confused? Whatever it may be, God loves messy people in messy situations and He wants to make us better than we were before!
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Positioned to Party

Do you ever feel you are sabotaged by your own emotions? In this message, Judah talks about the stability of our emotions and the satisfaction we can find in Jesus.
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My Brother's Keeper

Jesus went after us when we didn't deserve it. He chose people. He chose humanity. He wants us to do the same. So, are we our brother's keeper? The answer is yes.
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Earning & Deserving

Most of our lives are dominated by living an Earning & Deserving life. This creates enormous complications in our relationships because we wind up thinking only about ourselves. Jesus came to show us a better way of living. Believing & Blessing.
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How Valuable Are You?

Did you know you are infinitely valuable to God? His love for you is illogical, relentless and will never stop. God chooses you!
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Very, Very Grateful

When did negativity become the new normal? In this message Judah talks about two things that can keep us from being grateful.
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Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Why do we wander away from God or what He has for us? The answer is we are prone to wander because we want something, are afraid or simply striving to be valued. Yet, every time we wander off God will come looking for us.
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Take Up Your Bed

In the final installment of the ?How to Let Go? series Judah talks about 4 things we should never forget and never let go of.
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I Can't Lay Back Down

Have you ever felt like giving up because life is just too hard? Perhaps you feel cornered and the pain is so real you have absolutely no idea how to escape? Feeling internally paralyzed is not bad or something to feel ashamed of. It may feel like there is no reprieve coming anytime soon but, God is with you and God doesn?t just save you? He fixes you. He will make you whole. It will get better.
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Can't Hang On Anymore

Life is made up of seasons. Some seasons are harder than others and it can feel like God is absent. We may not understand why but, we need to let go of our feelings, what we understand to be real, and trust God. He hasn?t left and He isn?t going anywhere.
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Results Aren't Everything

Have you ever stopped doing something God told you to do because you didn't seeresults? We need to trust God with the results, even if we never see them.
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Yes... Jesus is That Good

Romans 8:1 says, "There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus." This only works if you let go because, you are accepted, you are righteous, and you are loved. You can stop condemning yourself now. Yeah... Jesus is that good.
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What's Your One Thing?

Have you ever thought or said "God is good but?" In this message, Judah talks about the one thing. We all have one thing. One thing that keeps us from seeing how good God is. One thing we secretly hold on to and protect because it's not that bad. It's the one thing we need to let go of and if we believed that God is good we would be able to.
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Things You Can't Google

Listen as Chelsea describes the three essentials of wisdom - wisdom you can't find on Google.
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What Do You Mean?

The concept of letting go and releasing control to God sounds good, but it can be difficult when you know you?re right, or when you know someone is manipulating you, or you know someone hurt you. In the next installment of the ?Let Go? series Judah discusses letting go of control, even when you don?t want to.
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What Does "Let Go Of My Life" Mean?

When life feels like it is spinning out of control our instinct is to hold on tighter but Jesus tells us to do the opposite. Let go. When we do this we will discover God in a way we have never seen or experienced.
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When I Can't Let Go

Have you ever felt that everything in your life is broken and you can't fix it? That is because you can't but, God can. You have to just let go and let God do what only He can.
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Somewhere In Between

The seasons of life are inevitable - some are better than others but all seasons are temporary.  How do you handle the in between times?  If you've ever needed help understanding the process, this message is for you.
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It Would Have Worked by Now

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Let Me Limp

When you hear the word weakness what do you think of? Do the words ?It?s a blessing,? come to mind? In this sermon Judah discusses how we should relate to our weaknesses and ultimately how  they bring us closer to God.
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Does God Help Those Who Help Themselves?

There are two obstacles that can hinder us from fully embracing Jesus: our strengths and our weaknesses.
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Four More Stones

No matter what you are going through or what you are facing, God is always there with you. He is more than enough
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Don't Give Up - Joanne Ramos

When things get difficult and quitting feels like the only option, don't! God will give us the strength to take the next step. Don't give up!
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No More Wrestling

Are you emotionally or physically exhausted? Is every day a wrestling match you are just trying to survive? In this sermon, Judah talks about how this is not the way we are supposed to live. We can let go and simply receive and rest in the goodness of God.
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The Struggle Is Real

Everyone has made mistakes and sometimes those mistakes can haunt us. What do we do when we our past fills us with shame? Remember that Jesus is with us in the struggle. He will never let you go. Love, Grace and Hope are holding onto you!
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