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Sudoku Podcast

Sudoku Podcast

A podcast about Sudoku.


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Sudoku Podcast Episode 2 - Zendoku

In this episode I review the Zendoku for Nintendo DS.

Products mentioned:

Go to to purchase this game!

Music - Bamboo Flutes (Artist Unknown! If you recognize this track email me so I can credit the artist!)

Sudoku Podcast Episode 2
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Should this podcast continue?

I think this podcast may have been a bad idea. But without feedback how can I know?

Worst case scenario is that I consider this practice and start something new. Let me know guys!
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Sudoku Podcast Episode 1 - Rubiks Sudoku

In this episode I review the Rubiks Sudoku board Game, and just introduce the show.

Products mentioned: (search for Sudoku)

Go to to purchase this puzzle!

Music provided by Digital Dream

Sudoku Podcast Episode 1
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Sudoku Podcast Promo Episode

Sudoku Podcast Promo Episode

This is just the promo. Got any ideas for the show, suggestions? Leave them in the comments section below.

Sudoku Podcast Promo
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A Podcast For Sudoku?

Yeah. :P I may be crazy, but this puzzle takes up a huge portion of my life so to enshrine my love for it somewhere public is a given. Ahem, and there was a space to be filled.
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En liten tjänst av I'm With Friends. Finns även på engelska.
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