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This is Only a Test

This is Only a Test

This is the official podcast of Tested brings you the week's technology and science news, with hosts Will Smith, Norman Chan, and Jeremy Williams. There's no jargon here, just solid explanations of the week's news--and plenty of wacky tangents. Make sure you stick around after the outro for fake outtakes!


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Episode 504 - Streaming Issues - 6/13/19

We're back from E3 and discuss the announcements from the major console companies, VR news, and recap some of the demos we played. Plus, thoughts on DJI's new robot, the making of Chernobyl, and the future of maker faires.
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Episode 503 - Monitor Stand Sold Separately - 6/6/19

We talk Mac Pros and reference monitors this week as we recap the news from WWDC (dub dub), joined by video game historian Steve Lin. Plus, pinball talk, gear we saw at Augmented World Expo, a Magic the Gathering televition show and much more to be discussed! Thanks so much to Steve Lin for joining us this week. Find out more about the Video Game History Foundation at
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Episode 502 - Make a Playdate - 5/30/19

Build Cool Stuff's Zach Radding joins us this week to talk about the Panic Playdate handheld, emotion-detecting smart assistants, ray-traced Quake, MacBook keyboards, and share our excitement for the Picard teaser. Plus, the VR minute as we prepare for Augmented World Expo.
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Episode 501 - How It All Began - 5/23/19

For our 501st episode, we're joined by special guests Will and Gary, who started this podcast with us back in 2010. The five of us recount our favorite memories from the past nine years and reflect on the beginnings of Tested and what the worlds of technology, pop culture, and virtual reality looked like back then. Here's to the next 500!
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Episode 500 - What We Left Behind - 5/16/19

It's our 500th episode! Special celebrations will have to wait due to scheduling conflicts, but the gang gathers to talk about Deep Space Nine, the making of Game of Thrones, Android Q, and Lenovo's folding computer. Plus, a moment of science and the VR minute!
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Epiosde 499 - The Long Wait for 2027 - 5/9/19

We've got a duocast this week as Kishore is out from food poisoning. Jeremy and Norm talk about Disney's release schedule for Star Wars, Marvel, and Avatar films, tech news out of Google IO and Microsoft Build, and more testing on the Oculus Rift S. Plus, quite possibly the best listener-submitted outro.
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Episode 498 - Quest, Index, Endgame - 5/2/19

What a week for news! Norm's voice is completely shot but we're still podcasting in this special episode recapping our Oculus Quest review, the announcement of Valve's Index headset, and our thoughts on Avengers: Endgame. Spoilers saved for the very end of the show!
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Episode 497 - The State of Electric Cars - 4/25/19

We're joined this week by Robbie Baldwin, who covers cars and electric vehicles for Engadget, to talk about Tesla's busy week, the state of electric and self-driving cars, and what EV he'd recommend. Plus, we brace ourselves for Endgame and gush about Labo VR!
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Episode 496 - The Next Console Generation - 4/18/19

Continuing from our podcasting on Still Untitled, this week, Will joins Norm and Jeremy to talk about hardware for the next PlayStation, streaming digital games, and the lineup for Disney+. Plus, how the Model 3's new autopilot feature fared in a road trip down to Los Angeles.
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Episode 495 - Black Holes and Revelations - 4/11/19

Big science news this week as we talk about the imaging of black holes and whether cats recognize their names. Plus, Amazon?s AirPod rival, impending Labo VR, and a new pinball machine tease. Shazam! spoiler discussion is saved for the end, and we butt heads on our thoughts on the movie!
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Episode 494 - VR Shots Fired - 4/4/19

The core crew is back this week and we hear about Kishore's theme park adventures, discuss Apple's cancellation of AirPower, and speculate on the Valve Index virtual reality headset. Plus, who got Avengers Engame tickets?
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Episode 493 - A La Apple Carte - 3/28/19

Between Apple's services announcements and the news from the Game Developers Conference, there's a lot to talk about this week! Will joins as we dissect the news and talk Love, Death, and Robots. Seven more episodes until 500!
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Episode 492 - Model Y, Rift S - 3/21/19

While Norm's on the road for a video shoot, Kishore and Jeremy podcast to recap the week's news, including the Tesla Model Y reveal and Oculus' Rift S announcement. Plus, a new iPad Mini and the full Toy Story 4 trailer!
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Episode 491 - Bring Back Virtual Boy - 3/14/19

Everyone's back this week as we share our hopes and fears for Nintendo's Labo VR kit, discuss Apple's streaming video ambitions, and celebrate the 30th birthday of the world wide web. Plus, stick to the end as we review Captain Marvel!
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Episode 490 - Breakthrough Technologies - 3/7/19

The countdown to episode 500 begins! We talk about Tesla's $35,000 car, the promise of full autopilot, and our hopes for the Model Y. Plus, digging through Bill Gates' breakthrough technology picks for the year, and Amazon's carbon footprint.
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Episode 489 - What's Up Hololens 2 - 2/28/19

We have another duocast this week as Norm and Kishore discuss Microsoft's Hololens 2 announcement, the weird and doomed phones of Mobile World Congress, Academy Awards, and disappearing clouds.
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Episode 488 - Folding Galaxies - 2/21/19

Kishore and Jeremy discuss breaking phone announcements from Samsung, buggy Nike shoelaces, new Lego augmented reality kits, a new book about Oculus & Facebook, plus a Moment of Science and a heaping helping of VR news including a new $6000 pro headset.
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Episode 487 - Fake 5G - 2/14/19

For this Valentines Day episode, we're joined by Will this week to talk about Apex Legends, Amazon's purchase of mesh wi-fi company Eero, the reveal of Genie in Aladdin, and Activision Blizzard's disappointing layoffs. Plus, a spoiler-free discussion of LEGO Movie 2!
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Episode 486 - RIP Bud Knight - 2/7/19

With this year's Superbowl behind us, we talk about the aftermath of everything non-sports-related with the big game, including our favorite commercials and Kishore's wings experiments. Plus, a new Google Chrome extension opens our eyes, HP's new VR headset, and Apple's retail shakeup.
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Episode 485 - Apple's FaceTime Flub - 1/25/19

What a week for Apple, as they announce their most recent earnings in the wake of the embarrassing FaceTime eavesdropping bug. We discuss that news as well as iOS gaming subscription rumors, roomba lawn mowers, and deepfake Dali.
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Episode 484 - Rollable TVs - 1/24/19

We're finally able to get Patrick Norton of Tekthing back on the podcast to talk about his favorite things he saw at CES! Plus, we talk Academy Award nominations, Apple's photo contest, and a new phone with absolutely zero ports.
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Episode 483 - Escalation in the Streaming Wars - 1/17/19

Professional maker of things Zach Radding joins us this week as we discuss the new Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer, Netflix price hikes, the technology in Nike's self-lacince shoes, and the problem of ICEing at Tesla superchargers. Thanks to Zach for joining us this week! Find his projects at
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Episode 482 - Who Needs 8K TVs? - 1/10/19

We're not in Vegas this week for CES, but we're still keeping an eye on the big announcements in tech coming out of the show. From new VR headsets to TV technologies, we go over the news that we find most interesting. Plus, thoughts on Star Trek rumors, a new animated superhero show, and pinball news!
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Episode 481 - Frosties or Sugar Puffs - 1/3/19

Happy new year! To kick off 2019, the shares how they spent the holidays, their New Years Eve rituals, and best gifts received and given. Plus we dissect the latest Black Mirror episode Bandersnatch in copious detail (spoilers last until 53 minute mark) and catch up on tech news. Get any cool tech for Christmas?
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Episode 480 - Into the Spoiler-Verse - 12/20/18

The gang can't stop gushing about the new Spider-Man film as we dive into a deep review of Into the Spider-Verse, (first spoiler-free, then full-on spoilers!). Plus, we talk about the latest in pop culture, technology news, and the regrettable demise of Star Wars Sphero toys. It's the last podcast of the year from the office!
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Episode 479 - We're In the Endgame Now - 12/13/18

We're extra festive this week as the squad put on their gremlins headgear and talk Avengers Endgame teaser trailer, isolation chamber prop bets, Apple Watch's big health moment, and the anniversary of Doom. Plus, a moment of science!
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Episode 478 - Goodbye Daredevil - 12/6/18

Patrick Norton of TekThing joins us this week to talk about headphones, 4K TVs, and what he's been testing lately. We talk about the new Captain Marvel trailer, Apple's reported iPhone woes, the future of Marvel shows on Netflix, and Epic's new Steam competitor. Plus, an important PSA about motion smoothing.
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Episode 477 - An Affront to Science - 11/29/18

Everyone's back from their Thanksgiving travels as we hear about visiting national monuments, sharing VR experiences with family, and reactions to the black friday deals. Plus, our thoughts on the demise of the Chevy Volt, new movie trailers, and CRISPR news.
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Episode 476 - A Bunch of Dads (2018) - 11/22/18

For this special Thanksgiving episode, the original hosts of This is Only a Test get back together to welcome Norm as a new dad! We talk about babies, birth stories, and binging Red Dead Redemption 2. Happy Thanksgiving!
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Episode 475 - From Pikachu to HQ2 - 11/15/18

Will Smith joins Kishore and Jeremy to discuss the passing of comic legend Stan Lee, the Toy Story 4 teaser, Amazon HQ2, new discoveries about the Venus Fly Trap, and intriguing leaked photos of a new Valve VR headset in development.
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Episode 474 - The Metric System is the Tool of the Devil - 11/08/18

This week, Kishore is joined by Will Smith (@willsmith) and first-timer Trace Dominguez (@tracedominguez) to talk about the retirement of the physical kilogram, 25 hours of videos games for the kids, Samsung's new foldable "device", and an extra long Moment of Science.
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Episode 473 - Thanks for All the Fish, Kepler - 11/01/18

Jeremy is joined by old guard Will Smith and Gary Whitta to discuss the latest Apple announcements, the Red Dead Redemption 2 release, a new Star Trek animated series, our favorite horror movies, best practices with Tesla Autopilot, and what's most important to VR adoption: price or quality.
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Episode 472 - 13 Piece Drought - 10/25/18

The world crowns a new Tetris champion, a legend of animation is set to retire, and Netflix shocks us with two announcements. Plus, we discuss iPhone XR reviews, expectations for the upcoming Apple event, and a surprise car model from Tesla.
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Episode 471 - Face Palm Phone - 10/18/18

We remember the work and contributions of Paul Allen, discuss the revival of Palm phones, and reflect on the great YouTube outtage of October 2018. Plus, news from Adobe, the cancelling of Iron Fist, and Winamp comes back!
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Episode 470 - Die by the Notch - 10/11/18

Will sits in this week as we recap some adventures at New York Comic Con, the Magic Leap developer conference, and spoiler-free impressions of First Man. Plus, Google's big Android hardware event, the first Star Wars live action show, and theories behind that crazy Banksy auction stunt.
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Episode 469 - Spider-Ham - 10/4/18

Back in the studio after two weeks, we catch up on news of Tesla's SEC woes, Microsoft and Amazon's product announcements, and trailers for the new Spider-Man and X-Men movies. Plus, could choose-your-own-adventure narratives work for television?
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Episode 468 - The VR Hour - 9/27/18

We record a special episode this week on location on the floor of Oculus Connect 5! Jeremy and Norm are joined by Darshan Shankar, founder and CEO of Bigscreen VR to talk about the Oculus Quest and other announcements made this week. It's a full episode of VR talk! Thanks to Darshan for guesting this week, and check out Bigscreen VR at
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Episode 467 - Golden Ticket to Space - 9/20/18

Apple iPhone XS reviews are out, and we discuss what early reviews have to say about the phone's performance and camera improvements. Plus, what's up with billionaires who want to go to space, and what games will be included in the PlayStation Classic?
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Episode 466 (Fixed) - iPhone X Retired - 9/13/18

We record this week's episode just minutes after the Apple September press conference, so let's dive into the details of the new watch and phone announcements. Plus, a look at the science behind Apple's health claims, and casting shakeup in the DC cinematic universe!
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Episode 465 - Marvel or Mar-vell - 9/7/18

Kishore returns from DragonCon and gives us the download of his cosplay adventures there, Norm details his recent electric car road trip to Las Vegas, and Jeremy experiments with 3D printing video game sprites. Plus, we talk about Canon's new mirrorless cameras, Apple's upcoming event, and big Marvel movie news!
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Episode 464 - Unprotected Left Turns - 8/30/18

This week, we discuss reports of autonomous driving difficulties, early hints at Disney's streaming service, Nikon's new mirrorless cameras, and a science video that has us squirming. Plus, we hit 4 million subscribers on YouTube! Thanks so much for watching our stuff!
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Episode 463 - The Volta Age - 8/23/18

We discuss Nvidia's latest generation of video cards, DJI's newly announced Mavic quadcopters, rumors of a new entry-level MacBook, and pricing for HTC's wireless VR headset accessory. Plus, a Magic Leap teardown and a moment of science!
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Episode 462 - Searching for Spock - 8/16/18

We have six eyes in the room as the spectacled gang talks about Star Trek casting news, a new Galaxy Note, and what was shown at Quakecon and Defcon. Plus, Jeremy pays a trip to The Void and we discuss our impending coverage of the Magic Leap One augmented reality headset!
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Episode 461 - Make It So - 8/9/18

As you would expect, the gang is stoked about the return of Patrick Stewart to Star Trek, and we talk a bunch about our hopes and fears for Picard in the new era of Trek. Plus, Google's Android Pie in tech news and robot empathy in a Moment of Science. We unfortunately recorded this episode the day before the Magic Leap launch, so we'll be talking about it next week!
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Episode 460 - Enter Starlords - 8/2/18

We recap the past weekend of classic arcade and pinball gaming at Pinburgh and California Extreme--the latter being the debut of the latest Tested build project. We also play Moviepass deadpool, discuss drone leaks, and debate the proper way to remove a USB key from a computer. Plus, a Moment of Science and the VR Minute!
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Episode 459 - Pinball on Both Coasts - 7/26/18

We record a little earlier this week as Jeremy's about to head to Pittsburgh for an annual pinball convention, and the Tested team prepares for the California Extreme classic arcade convention this weekend. We discuss pop culture and technology news, and recap Comic-Con announcements. Plus, a Moment of Science taste test!
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Episode 458 - Comic-Con Bound - 7/19/18

Just before Norm heads down to San Diego for Comic-Con, we gather to talk about Apple's new laptops, Samsung's foldable phone plans, first sightings of Magic Leap, and Netflix's newly-announced shows! Plus, Kishore answers science questions from listeners!
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Episode 457 - Lando's Back? - 7/12/18

Narrowly escaping a viral outbreak, Jeremy returns to the podcast this week to talk new Surface Go tablet, Elon Musks' rescue submarine, and the unfortunate case of a mistaken Statue of Liberty. Plus, a moment of science and pop culture news!
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Episode 456 - Carousel - 7/6/18

Danica is our special guest this week joining Norm and Kishore to talk about adventures in New York, recommendations for shows and attractions, and the latest in pop culture and technology news. Plus, we devote the last 30 minutes of the podcast to discussing the show In & Of Itself. Spoilers within when the background lights change colors! (Apologies for video viewers--our camera's memory card filled up with 10 minutes left on the podcast, so it's audio-only from that point.)
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Episode 455 - Let's Talk Baby Tech - 6/28/18

We record an early podcast this week before Norm leaves for New York, and discuss Apple's keyboard concession, the Echo Combat beta, and Mario Tennis Aces. Plus, a deep dive into the baby tech that looms in Norm's future, with sage advice from Jeremy and Kishore.
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