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The Incomparable

The Incomparable

The Incomparable is a weekly dive into geeky media we love, including movies, books, TV, comics, and more, featuring a rotating panel of guests and hosted by Jason Snell.


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466: Bane on a Plane

"The Dark Knight Rises" - Our survey of Christopher Nolan?s trilogy of Batman films concludes with ?The Dark Knight Rises.? It?s clear why fans of the gritty darkness of ?The Dark Knight? might have been disappointed with this film, because it?s strange in many surprisingly comic-booky ways? and we kind of love it? We discuss the choice to have the film?s primary villain have his mouth covered and speak in surround sound, the competence of Selina Kyle, the steadfastness of Michael Caine?s Alfred, the heir apparent earnestness of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and the proximity of certain middle-eastern rendition sites to Gotham. If you miss this episode, look for us in a café in Florence and give us a nod.

Host Jason Snell with Tony Sindelar, Christina Warren, Cicero Holmes, Moisés Chiullan and Brian Hamilton.

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465: Camus With a Smiley Face

"The Dark Knight" - Our cinematic survey of Batman rolls on with Christopher Nolan?s ?The Dark Knight.? Nolan?s film was a huge hit and remains well loved, but how does it hold up on rewatching? Our panel found a film overflowing with ideas, sometimes to its credit and sometime to its detriment. Is this really two movies jammed together into one? Why was Rachel Dawes re-cast? Why does Batman hate dogs? Turn on your sonar vision and find out!

Host Dan Moren with Christina Warren, Tony Sindelar, Joe Rosensteel, Don Melton and Guy English.

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464: Tapestry of Cakes

"The Magicians" season 4 - If you?re not watching ?The Magicians?, you?re missing out. This is a TV series that started off fine, but then became spectacularly good with its third and (just completed) fourth seasons. We take some time at the beginning of the episode to try to entice new viewers to watch, and then dive into the shocking events that occur in the most recent season. After all, sometimes you?ve got to be a fish.

Host Jason Snell with Annette Wierstra, Moisés Chiullan and Mikah Sargent.

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463: West of Westeros

"Game of Thrones" season 8 wrap-up - Climb on a dragon and join us for our traditional breakdown of the just-completed season of ?Game of Thrones.? Did the story reach a satisfying conclusion? Were the character arcs consistent? Did the structure of the season satisfy us or undercut our assumptions about what the show was really about? And what is to become of the Night?s Watch? One last time, we go to Westeros.

Host Jason Snell with Monty Ashley, Kelly Guimont, Kathy Campbell and Dan Moren.

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462: Misunderstanding-Based Murder

Best and worst of TV endings. - For some reason, this seemed like a good time for our panelists to get together and draft their favorite and least favorite TV series endings of all time. We?ll wager that there are opinions you?ll disagree with and shows you?ve literally never heard of.

Host Jason Snell with John Siracusa, Dan Moren, Kathy Campbell, Moisés Chiullan, Guy English, Monty Ashley and David J. Loehr.

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461: Team Jerkface

Nebula Novels 2019 - It?s time once again for our Book Club to tackle the six novels that made it to the Science Fiction Writers Association?s shortlist, the nominees for the Nebula Awards. All four of us read all six nominees and we discuss their merits (and occasionally demerits). The concept of being a Reverse Nemesis With a Twist is introduced. If you?re looking for a few books to add to your reading list, this episode will hit the spot.

Host Jason Snell with Erika Ensign, Scott McNulty and Aleen Simms.

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460: Three and a Half Mothers

"Star Trek: Discovery" season 2 - Time to boldly go back to the earliest days of the Star Trek canon with our review of the second season of ?Star Trek: Discovery?, which mixed in some Doctor Who and Star Wars sensibilities with varying results. We praise the characters, shrug at some of the mystifying plot points, and are left pondering where the series and the franchise go next. Plus there?s an enormous amount of love for Anson Mount?s Christopher Pike. Never forget: #theybuilttheset.

Host Jason Snell with Erika Ensign, Liz Myles, An?e Tomi?, Joe Rosensteel and Aleen Simms.

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459: Next Up: The Ronan Movie

"Avengers: Endgame" (Panel 2 of 2) - Part Two of our team coverage of ?Avengers: Endgame!? Chip Sudderth assembles more of our Incomparable regulars and newer voices for a different angle on the movie?weaponized nostalgia, timey-wimey nonsense, delightful surprises and sour notes, and what this movie means for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Host Chip Sudderth with Dan Moren, David J. Loehr, Cicero Holmes, Moisés Chiullan, Guy English and Kayti Burt.

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458: San Francisco Rat

"Avengers: Endgame" (Panel 1 of 2) - We?re in the endgame now. In this, the first of two episodes about ?Avengers: Endgame,? we break down the plot of perhaps the biggest movie of all time. How does time travel work? How do we feel about the final destinations of beloved characters? Why does the Hulk need to take the stairs? Who is worthy of wielding the power of Thor? Also, Jason has a pitch for a new Captain America TV series.

Host Jason Snell with Erika Ensign, Kelly Guimont, Myke Hurley, Tony Sindelar and James Thomson.

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457: Dracula's Home Alone

Improv Rocket Surgery: "The Howling Horror of Dracula" - We?re all out seeing ?Avengers: Endgame?, so here?s something completely different to tide you over. A while ago we all were talking about how our Rocket Surgery selections are so weird and obscure that we could just make up an entire movie and nobody would be able to tell the difference. So we did that. As with episode 453, here?s a Rocket Surgery about a movie you won?t find on IMDB or YouTube, because it totally doesn?t exist. We made it up on the spot, plot point by plot point. It?s 1963?s ?The Howling Horror of Dracula.?

Host Jason Snell with David J. Loehr, Don Melton, Jean MacDonald, Mikah Sargent and Kathy Campbell.

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456: Where's the Raccoon?

"Incredibles 2" - Pop on your mind-control goggles, unpunch your nemesis, and prepare to board the world?s largest hydrofoil?it?s time for us to discuss 2018?s much-awaited Pixar sequel ?Incredibles 2?. Brad Bird?s original film tops the list of favorite animated films for many of us. This film? doesn?t. In this episode we detail all the ways that both story and an unfortunate change in Pixar?s release schedule let this movie down, while trying our best to also highlight the many reasons we still find it worthy of revisiting.

Host Jason Snell with Guy English, Aleen Simms, Steve Lutz and Nathan Alderman.

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455: Ewokalypse

"Star Wars: Episode IX" teaser trailer - We break down the ?Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker? teaser trailer scene by scene, speculate about what the title means, question how to balance the closure of the classic saga without straying too far into nostalgia trips, and offer some wild speculation. Then we wrap things up with a discussion of the future of the franchise now that it?s moving (at least temporarily) to the forthcoming Disney+ streaming service.

Host Jason Snell with John Siracusa, Moisés Chiullan, Dan Moren, Kelly Guimont, Chip Sudderth and David J. Loehr.

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454: I Wrote a Letter to Myself

"Paper Girls" - ?Paper Girls? is a comic that looks like it?s steeped in ?80s nostalgia, then makes you think it?s a modern story commenting on ?80s nostalgia, and then takes a 90-degree turn and becomes something even more interesting. This week we discuss the comic by Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang, which begins as a story about four girls delivering newspapers on a morning in 1988. The first 25 minutes or so is all spoiler-light, and then after the Spoiler Horn we jump into our discussion of the first two trade-paperback collections. (There are five volumes in all, with the sixth and final collection due this summer.)

Host Jason Snell with Quinn Rose, John McCoy, Erika Ensign and Aleen Simms.

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453: Turn Left at the Asteroid

Rocket Surgery: "Star Raiders" (1983) - It?s the Rocket Surgery Film Festival! In this episode, we?re watching something that proves that computer-game film adaptations were a bad idea from the very beginning! Based on a late 1970s Atari game, it?s the ill-fated ?Star Raiders.? There?s a not-dashing star pilot, a sullen space princess, an annoying robot, and is that Sheriff Lobo in a tight-fitting jumpsuit? If you?re looking for a cross between ?Star Wars? and ?Raiders of the Lost Ark?, are you in for some disappointment. Once again, we watched the movie so you don?t have to. Correction: Due to a clerical error, none of these movies actually exist. This episode was entirely improvised.

Host Jason Snell with Erika Ensign, Dan Moren, Steve Lutz, Monty Ashley and Philip Michaels.

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452: Parties for Time Travelers

"Travelers" season 3 - Protocol Omega has been activated, so it?s time to discuss the final season of Netflix?s ?Travelers.? This is a mid-budget Canadian time travel show that we love, and if you haven?t dived in yet, now?s a great time. In this episode we talk about the show?s surprisingly satisfying ending, try to work out what makes this show?s particular brand of time-travel rules so intriguing, discuss some of our favorite moments, and air a few of our complaints about the final season.

Host Jason Snell with Erika Ensign, Annette Wierstra, Dan Moren and Moisés Chiullan.

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451: My Brain Unclenched

"Captain Marvel" - Put on some flannel and pop in a grunge CD?it?s time to talk about Marvel?s 1990s throwback movie, ?Captain Marvel.? We discuss Brie Larson and Samuel Jackson?s buddy-movie connection, surprise twists designed to trip up comics know-it-alls, and the dangers of gaslighting someone with cosmic powers. Strap in, and let?s fly this thing into orbit!

Host Jason Snell with Kelly Guimont, Quinn Rose, Annette Wierstra and Chip Sudderth.

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450: A Surprising Number of Spider-Meetings

Alternate Spider-Man characters and "Spider-Verse" - Spin a web, any size, and join us as our Comic Book Club discusses the comics from 2014 that inspired ?Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse? and, more generally, the concept of alternate versions of Spider-Man. We read ?Edge of Spider-Verse,? which introduces Spider-Gwen and Peni Parker, and the ?Spider-Verse? issues of ?Amazing Spider-Man.? Along the way we talk about our favorite alternate spiders and what path the makers of ?Into the Spider-Verse? might choose as they ponder sequels and spin-offs.

Host Jason Snell with Tony Sindelar, Moisés Chiullan, Dan Moren and Chip Sudderth.

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449: An Onion of a Movie

"Source Code" - Take our advice?it?s good advice?and revisit 2011?s ?Source Code?, an under-appreciated gem of a sci-fi thriller directed by Duncan Jones and starring Jake Gyllenhaal. A first glance at the plot summary would suggest it?s a certain kind of movie, but this film has many more layers that are revealed over its 93 well-paced minutes. (And if you don?t know what it?s about, don?t look!) We?ve got praise for the script, the direction, the performances?especially by Michelle Monaghan and Vera Farmiga?and at some point we order Jeffrey Wright a creepy pizza. You?ll never look at Chicago commuter trains the same way again.

Host Jason Snell with Erika Ensign, Antony Johnston, James Thomson and Dan Moren.

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448: A Bank the Size of a Planet

Dan Moren's "The Bayern Agenda" - Dan Moren?s second novel, ?The Bayern Agenda,? is coming soon to bookstores. He joins Jason to discuss how writing a novel is different the second time around, how the book connects (and doesn?t connect) with his previous novel, where he writes, and how he balances tech writing and podcasting and novel writing. And in a final lightning round, Dan answers some of the Internet?s most pressing Dan Moren-related questions.

Host Jason Snell with Dan Moren.

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447: Look at Potatoes Differently

"Doctor Who" monster draft - We?re just back from the annual Gallifrey One convention, and so with ?Doctor Who? on our minds we thought we?d ask a panel of fans both new and old to select their favorite ?Doctor Who? monsters of all time. But let?s keep in mind that if science fiction has taught us anything, it?s that we were the true monsters all along.

Host Jason Snell with Liz Myles, Erika Ensign, Kelly Guimont, Annette Wierstra, Jean MacDonald and Moisés Chiullan.

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446: Allergic to Brands

William Gibson's "Pattern Recognition" - Clip the labels off your clothes and put on a World War II replica bomber jacket?it?s time to revisit one of our favorite novels of this century, 2003?s ?Pattern Recognition? by William Gibson. It was Gibson?s first book to be set in the present day, and yet 16 years later it still feels like a work of science fiction, with a very modern story about brands and viral marketing and our desperate search to find meaning in a world that may have none. If all you?ve read of Gibson is ?Neuromancer?, it?s past time that you visited the post-9/11 world of cool-finder Cayce Pollard, the mysterious internet video clips known as The Footage, the global marketing firm Blue Ant, and a series of increasingly lonely international hotel rooms.

Host Jason Snell with Lisa Schmeiser, Fred Kiesche, Antony Johnston and Monty Ashley.

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445: It's Probably Going to Be Weird

"Howl's Moving Castle." - Put on your fake beard and step out of a magic door, because 2004?s ?Howl?s Moving Castle? is in the spotlight. Hayao Miyazaki adapts Diana Wynne Jones?s novel as an anti-war statement that also plays as a Miyazaki?s Greatest Hits collection. We discuss the choices of the English audio dub versus the original Japanese version, ponder the film?s many discarded story threads, note the lengthy scenes involving climbing and cleaning, and debate the true role of Calcifer the fire demon in Howl?s household.

Host Jason Snell with John Siracusa, Shannon Sudderth, Moisés Chiullan and Steve Lutz.

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444: Why People Don't Like Musicals

Unusual movie musicals - Our Old Movie Club visits two musicals?but they?re both unusual. From near the beginning of the sound era comes ?Gold Diggers of 1933?, a Depression-era tale of showgirls and swells and misunderstandings with enormous Busby Berkeley production numbers. And from the early days of Beatlemania comes 1964?s ?A Hard Day?s Night?, intended (at least by its financiers) to be disposable boy-band fluff, but ended up being one of the most influential films of the 20th century.

Host Jason Snell and Philip Michaels with Quinn Rose, Dr. Drang, Steve Lutz and Monty Ashley.

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443: Right Off the Bat

"Batman Begins" - It?s time to dive in to the first film in Christopher Nolan?s Dark Knight trilogy, 2005?s ?Batman Begins.? We discuss how it changes the tone after the embarrassing Joel Schumacher films, its remarkable roster of acting talent, the more grounded tone and technology, and a whole lot more. Plus, one panelist?s deep love of Michael Caine is revealed at last.

Host Jason Snell with Guy English, Christina Warren, Don Melton, Dan Moren and Tony Sindelar.

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442: Sword is Definitely a Personality

"Cowboy Bebop" - We convene a special panel of anime mavens to discuss the iconic series ?Cowboy Bebop.? Why has this series made such an impression? We cover all the best characters, episodes, and moments.

Host Tony Sindelar with Dan Moren, Moisés Chiullan, Aleen Simms, John Siracusa and Joe Rosensteel.

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441: Evil Dukes Are the Worst

Book-to-TV-series pitch session - In this era of peak TV, with more than 500 scripted English-language series on the agenda for 2019, what better time for our very well-read panel to suggest books and book series they?d like to see turned into new TV shows? If you?re a TV producer, you?d better act fast?since we recorded this episode, one of our picks has already been announced as a new project! If you?re not a TV producer, consider this a great reading list of books that you?ll like so much you?ll wish they were adapted into TV shows.

Host Jason Snell with Lisa Schmeiser, Monty Ashley, Moisés Chiullan, Alyssa Franke, Kathy Campbell, Dan Moren and David J. Loehr.

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440: Full Disclosure - The Best of 2018

The best stuff of 2018, plus clip show - Happy New Year! We take this opportunity to look back at 2018, as a collection of panelists shares some of their favorite works from the past year. Then a second group discusses their favorite Incomparable (and related podcast) moments and we play some classic audio clips.

Host Jason Snell with Aleen Simms, Monty Ashley, David J. Loehr, Antony Johnston, Dan Moren, Chip Sudderth, Erika Ensign and Steve Lutz.

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439: Dad Bod Spider-Man

"Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" - We all suspected Sony?s new animated Spider-Man movie would be a slapdash cash grab. Instead, ?Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse? is one of the best animated movies of this or any other year, with great characters, an exciting story, and a mind-boggling visual style that changes the game for animation and superhero movies alike. We come in praise of Miles Morales, Peter B. Parker, and all the other spiders who populate this delightful gift of a film.

Host Jason Snell with Kelly Guimont, Kathy Campbell, Moisés Chiullan, Monty Ashley and Tony Sindelar.

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438: There's a World of Biscuits

"Doctor Who" series 11 - The latest ?Doctor Who? season?and the first featuring Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor and Chris Chibnall as showrunner?is now in the books. In this episode we bring Doctor Who podcasters, experts, and fans to discuss what worked about the new season, what didn?t, and what our hopes are for the next series when the show returns in (gasp) 2020.

Host Jason Snell with Erika Ensign, Alyssa Franke, Jean MacDonald, Steven Schapansky, Chip Sudderth and James Thomson.

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437: Whale Logistics Movie

"Star Trek IV" - In this holiday season, what could be more emblematic of the spirit of Peace on Earth (of the past) and Goodwill toward men (who aren?t whalers or aquarium directors) than 1986?s ?Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home?? We celebrate ?the one with the whales?, an enjoyable romp through 1980s San Francisco that also features a soundtrack that sounds like a Christmas carol, nuclear wessels with terrible security practices, and Admiral Kirk?s to-go pizza box.

Host Jason Snell with Tony Sindelar, Jean MacDonald, Joe Rosensteel, Moisés Chiullan, Chip Sudderth and Scott McNulty.

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436: Most Important Chimpanzee

"Planet of the Apes" - Consult the lawgiver?s scrolls and watch out for talking dolls! It?s a madhouse! A madhouse! And also, the 50th anniversary of ?Planet of the Apes.? Join us as we explore the world of spaceman Taylor (Charlton Heston) and his long journey through an empty desert into a land populated by officious orangutans, plucky chimpanzee scientists, and wry yet violent gorillas. Does it hold up? Why did such a dark vision generate kids? lunch boxes and multiple sequels and spinoffs? And what are the intricacies of Ape Law?

Host Jason Snell with John Moltz, Jean MacDonald, Joe Rosensteel and David J. Loehr.

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435: Fun Facts!

Board Game Draft II - Break the shrink wrap and lift off the lid! It?s time to get together with friends and family to play some games. In this second Incomparable Board Game Draft, we?re allowing all sorts of tabletop (non-roleplaying) games. The result: 21 more games you might want to consider playing this holiday season?some classics, some brand new.

Host Jason Snell with Erika Ensign, Dan Moren, Quinn Rose, Tony Sindelar, Monty Ashley and Brian Hamilton.

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434: All Wormholes Go to Heaven

Rocket Surgery: "The Black Hole" - Jason chose Disney?s ?The Black Hole? for this edition of Rocket Surgery, and after viewing it, he?s pretty confident in his decision. But there is dissention in the ranks! Some panelists will stick up for Disney?s strange 1979 horror-as-sci-fi film, which features ranting scientists, robot ESP, laser contests, a giant rolling gumball on fire, a down-home robot prospector, and one hell of a chandelier. Oh, and did we mention there?s a black hole?

Host Jason Snell with Antony Johnston, Erika Ensign, James Thomson, Philip Michaels, Kathy Campbell, Monty Ashley and Steve Lutz.

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433: You Like Garbage

Thanksgiving dinner draft - Gather ?round the dinner table and prepare to partake in an amazing feast produced by your podcast pals. To celebrate Thanksgiving we?re drafting an entire meal, dish by dish. Kathy reveals her hands-off approach to Thanksgiving dinner. Phil has follow-up questions. Monty has a plan for immortality. Moisés implores you not to eat the Bay Leaf. And once we?re all full, Brian will bring you coffee. Pull up a chair!

Host Jason Snell with Kathy Campbell, Tiffany Arment, Philip Michaels, David J. Loehr, Jean MacDonald, Brian Hamilton, Monty Ashley and Moisés Chiullan.

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432: It's Called a Ballute

"2010: The Year We Make Contact" - Last week, we tackled the cinema classic ?2001: A Space Odyssey.? This week, we look at its sequel, 1984?s ?2010: The Year We Make Contact.? There?s no denying it?this movie carries a heavy burden, and tries to explain a lot of things that fans of the original film didn?t need to have explained. And yet, at its core is a smart, entertaining mid-80s sci-fi movie with a great cast, some kitchen dolphins, and a few questionable Russian accents. Listening to this episode will be as easy as cake, comrade.

Host Jason Snell with Helene Wecker, Moisés Chiullan, Joe Rosensteel and David J. Loehr.

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431: Overture and Apes

"2001: A Space Odyssey" - Pick up a femur, order a moon sandwich, and always remember to bring your space helmet with you! On its 50th anniversary, we?re discussing Stanley Kubrick?s classic ?2001: A Space Odyssey.? What is the Monolith?s purpose? When and why does HAL become murderous? And why is there so much solarized stock footage of landscapes? Watch out for cheetahs!

Host Jason Snell with John Gruber, John Siracusa, Philip Michaels, Moisés Chiullan and Dr. Drang.

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430: We're the Magnificent Seven

Film score draft. - Sit back and let our panelists take you into the world of movie music, as we draft our favorite film scores. (Songs with lyrics not eligible!) Who is this John Williams guy and why is he hogging the limelight? If James Horner?s scores all sound the same, why do we keep picking them? This is one episode that wasn?t overproduced by Hans Zimmer.

Host Jason Snell with Philip Michaels, Dan Moren, Joe Rosensteel, Kathy Campbell, Moisés Chiullan and David J. Loehr.

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429: A Juicer For People

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" season 3 - Well, gosh! Our slow walk through all seven seasons of ?Buffy the Vampire Slayer? reaches season three, full of extra slayers and friendly-but-demonic mayors and all the hallmarks of your senior year in high school. Is Faith a good addition or does she disappoint? Does Xander continue to stink or does he grow up? Was the introduction of Anya (and the vampire version of Willow) all we could wish for? Did the WB network demand all of the romance and love-triangle subplots? We talk about the season as a whole and our favorite (and least favorite) episodes.

Host Jason Snell with Jean MacDonald, Quinn Rose, Aleen Simms and Steve Lutz.

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428: Sour and Smells Like Feet

The second beer episode. - Two years ago we drank beer on a podcast and talked about it, and wouldn?t you know it, we?re back for more beer! The Incomparable?s Oktoberfest returns with five polarizing beers chosen by listener (and Almanac Brewing co-founder) Jesse Friedman and mailed to all of our houses. We open them and drink them on air?in stereo, just like the flavor of a hazy IPA! Will we finally understand why people line up to drink Pliny the Elder? Who put coconut in our stout again? Why does Dan keep trying to ruin the podcast? Will the podcast get progressively sillier as we drink beer? The answer to that last one is ?yes.?

Host Jason Snell with Steve Lutz, Marco Arment, Jesse Friedman, Dan Moren, Brian Hamilton, Allison Truj, Kathy Campbell and Lauren Snell.

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427: A Lot of Rocket Metaphors

Mary Robinette Kowal's "Lady Astronaut" novels - This summer we devoured two novels by Mary Robinette Kowal, ?The Calculating Stars? and ?The Fated Sky.? They?re both exciting tales of space exploration, with well-rounded characters having to navigate challenges both external and internal, cultural and scientific, personal and global. They?re set in an alternate timeline where the Space Race we know happened quite a bit differently, and at the center is the world-famous Lady Astronaut, Elma York. We seriously can?t recommend these books highly enough. Listen in to find out why, and then stick around for a list of other books we really enjoyed!

Host Jason Snell with Aleen Simms, Kathy Campbell, Marisa McClellan and David J. Loehr.

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426: Up to the Puppies

Rocket Surgery: "Equilibrium". - After ?The Matrix? was a hit, we got the inevitable plague of Matrix-like tales of ultraviolent dark pop philosophy. Of these, 2002?s ?Equilibrium?? was one. At the pleading of Dan Moren, our Rocket Surgery team disassembles this tale of totalitarianism and gun-based martial arts starring Christian Bale, Emily Watson, Taye Diggs, and Sean Bean. It?s a movie that thinks it?s very, very smart when it?s actually really dumb. Be sure to take your Prozium, or the Grammaton Clerics will set you on fire!

Host Jason Snell with Dan Moren, Erika Ensign, Jean MacDonald, Moisés Chiullan, Monty Ashley and Steve Lutz.

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425: Congratulations! You're Dead in Space

"Dark City." - Look, the ?90s was a dark time, okay? A year before ?The Matrix? there was another film about identity and memory and the meaning of reality, cloaked in noir tropes and gunfire and mind-blowing revelations. It?s 1998?s ?Dark City?, directed by Alex Proyas and starring Rufus Sewell, Jennifer Connelly, William Hurt, and a heavy-breathing Kiefer Sutherland. This is a film that was a favorite of both Roger Ebert and European video pirates. Why is Kiefer Sutherland the only being alive who can use a syringe? Why is memory like paint? And can you tell us the way to get to Shell Beach?

Host Jason Snell with Antony Johnston, An?e Tomi? and Erika Ensign.

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424: Never Not Wolves

"Princess Mononoke" - Grab your crystal dagger and leave your village forever! It?s time to discuss our latest Miyazaki movie, as selected by John Siracusa: 1997?s ?Princess Mononoke.? We lend a certain ugly dignity to the proceedings by discussing this medieval fantasy tale featuring wolf gods, disgusting pig spirits, and the occasional cartoon beheading. Stand away from the leper holes!

Host Jason Snell with John Siracusa, Steve Lutz, Merlin Mann and Aleen Simms.

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423: Weird Alien Jiminy Cricket

"The Expanse" season 3 - Thanks to Amazon, this most recent season of ?The Expanse? won?t be the last! The show has been saved, and it?s a good thing, because we really enjoyed season 3. In this episode, we discuss how the show?s producers made some clever diversions from their source material, space spies, hallucinatory cops with hallucinatory hats, David Strathairn?s amazing Belter accent, amoral fathers and the rage-monster daughters who love them, and the plethora of stolen spaceships that populate the solar system.

Host Jason Snell with Aleen Simms, Katie Mack and Dan Moren.

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422: The Inevitable Moon Knight Movie

Summer of Marvel finale - It?s been fun, but just as Labor Day Weekend is the traditional end of summer, so too is this the end of the Summer of Marvel! In this episode our panelists pitch Marvel movies they?d like to see in the future, and we save some time at the end to reveal the results of our poll of Incomparable panelists to see where all the MCU movies rank.

Host Jason Snell with Lisa Schmeiser, Moisés Chiullan, Dan Moren and Nathan Alderman.

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421: Beautiful Space Idiot

Revisiting "Guardians of the Galaxy" - Hang on to your cyborg limbs! As the Summer of Marvel winds toward a close, our penultimate installment has us revisiting the ?Guardians of the Galaxy? films. How do they hit us upon rewatching? How vitally important was the tone of the original film in terms of making the Marvel Cinematic Universe less of a snooze? What do the movies have to say about the power of sisterhood? Does Peter Quill have any internal life at all? Why does Jason dislike Ego?s Planet so much? And how does ?Avengers: Infinity War? rely on the character development of the second Guardians movie? All that, plus a tree and a raccoon outwit a human repeatedly.

Host Jason Snell with Quinn Rose, Lisa Schmeiser and David J. Loehr.

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420: A Painting on a Van

"Thor: Ragnarok." - There are Thor movies, and then there?s ?Thor: Ragnarok.? From the liberal use of the Hulk to the perfectly bizarre Jeff Goldblum to the delightful villainy of Cate Blanchett, this is a wacky cosmic romp that?s a universe apart from the two previous Thor installments. Loki just wants to eat grapes, Valkyrie wants to be left alone, and Doug?s not here anymore, man. Pour one out for ol? meow meow and join us for the Lord of Thunder?or is that the God of Hammers??and his finest hour.

Host Jason Snell with Dan Moren, Jean MacDonald, Kelly Guimont and Monty Ashley.

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419: This Is Why I Can't Be a Wizard

"Doctor Strange" - The Marvel Universe has wizards now? Yes, and ?Doctor Strange? is the movie where we meet them. But more than anything, this is a character study of Mister Doctor himself, who is laid low by distracted driving and then has to rebuild his life by moving to Nepal, stealing books from a magical library, and getting half-frozen on the side of Mount Everest before being thrust into mystical battles against his will. Spectacular visuals! Mads Mikkelsen trapped in a wall! Tilda Swinton as a super weird ageless magical being (who was Asian in the comics)! Dormammu, we come to bargain.

Host Jason Snell with Aleen Simms, Tony Sindelar and Nathan Alderman.

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418: I Enjoyed It on a Quantum Level

"Ant-Man" and "Ant-Man and the Wasp" - Our Summer of Marvel rolls on with a movie we haven?t covered?2015?s delightful comedy heist film ?Ant-Man??as well as its brand-new sequel, 2018?s ?Ant-Man and the Wasp.? We discuss de-aging Michael Douglas, the unlikely brilliance of casting Paul Rudd, the relentless competence of Hope Pym in the face of Scott Lang?s incompetence and the unpleasantness of her father, and everything we love about Luis.

Host Jason Snell with Kelly Guimont, Cicero Holmes, David J. Loehr and Chip Sudderth.

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417: Ultimate Frisbee

The Avengers, revisited - Order some schwarma, because we?ve assembled a powerful panel to discuss Earth?s mightiest heroes. Our Summer of Marvel continues with a re-examination of three films we originally reviewed when they were released: ?The Avengers?, ?Avengers: Age of Ultron?, and ?Captain America: Civil War?, which is really an Avengers movie when you think about it. How do they hold up? What works and, in hindsight, what doesn?t? Which characters benefit from Joss Whedon?s screenwriting tics, and which do not?

Host Jason Snell with Moisés Chiullan, Lisa Schmeiser, Dan Moren, Dr. Drang and Nathan Alderman.

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