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New Site!

Hey listener(s)(?), Our cheap asses have finally got a proper website – go check it out here: New episodes will be posted there from now on. Seriously, what are you still doing here? Go! Cheers, Self-Critical Hits
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Episode 008 – Nerd Stereotypes and the Future of RPG Podcasting

In this episode we kindasorta get around to discussing prevailing nerd stereotypes and their validity, or lack thereof, given the progressive nerdening of society at large. In keeping in the spirit of this topic, method actor-style, casual misogyny is the order of the day. But Caleb does go off on a momentary feminist tear about … Continue reading Episode 008 – Nerd Stereotypes and the Future of RPG Podcasting
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Episode 007 – Campaign Prep (or not)

In this episode we talk about campaign prep – how each of us approaches it, and how that’s changed/is changing still. We touch on how to work specific themes into games, where and how we draw inspiration from media, and why we prepare games the way we do. Also covered is the unique terror of … Continue reading Episode 007 – Campaign Prep (or not)
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Episode 006 – Mojave Wateland Blues

Here’s the much anticipated (by us…) Fallout: New Vegas wank-cast. Fond reminiscences of our wasteland days (and nights! Ha-cha-cha!) abound, mixed up with the usual stimulating discussion on a broad range of topics. We speculate on the origins of furrydom, equate the threat represented by the Twilight novels with the threat of one Ms. Sarah … Continue reading Episode 006 – Mojave Wateland Blues
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Episode 005 – The Veiny Hammer

This time it’s all about how to get the most roleplaying juice out of your characters – strategies for building and playing characters that help you get to the super-fulfilling and awesome RP experience. We talk about what has worked for us, and some things that have kept us from ‘getting into character’ in the … Continue reading Episode 005 – The Veiny Hammer
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Episode 004 – Best. Gamers. Ever.

Aaaaaand, we’re back…another discussion episode this week. This time we talk in a highly subjective and biased way – you know like we do – about what we think makes a good roleplayer. What skills do ‘good’ gamers possess or cultivate?; How do we grow through gaming?; What kind of activities and play experiences promote … Continue reading Episode 004 – Best. Gamers. Ever.
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Episode 003 – Fiasco! Actual Play – “Dutchy’s Town”

It’s actual play time this week. This is our first play through of FIASCO! by Jason Morningstar. If you haven’t heard about this game already then you may be dead, and if you haven’t played it you’re missing out. It’s GM-less, requires zero prep, and allows you and your friends to create Coen Brothers style … Continue reading Episode 003 – Fiasco! Actual Play – “Dutchy’s Town”
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Episode 002 – Double-Plus Un-Good

In this episode we speculate in cooing, reverent tones about Fallout New Vegas, discuss the recent action on the military’s DADT policy and its impact on Batwoman, go off on a host of other tangents, and eventually talk about our experiences portraying evil characters, both as players and GMs – what’s worked for us and … Continue reading Episode 002 – Double-Plus Un-Good
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Episode 001 – It’s Our First Time

Here’s our first episode. It’s a bit rough, but with lots of funny bits. We discuss the group’s experience with an old and free on the interwebs RPG called Everyone Is John, and talk about first gaming experiences. Also, SPOILER ALERT! (yes, already) We spoil the hell out of a terrible French film called “Fat … Continue reading Episode 001 – It’s Our First Time
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It begins…

So, the idea is that we’re going to make this podcast. We may not do anything groundbreaking or revolutionary – we are shamelessly aping the efforts of folks like the Jank Cast, the Podge Cast, Bearswarm Podcast, etc. – but we will offer our thoughts and opinions, and they will be AWESOME and HILARIOUS. We … Continue reading It begins…
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