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The WIRED Podcast

The WIRED Podcast

The award-winning WIRED UK Podcast with James Temperton and the rest of the team. Listen every week for the an informed and entertaining rundown of latest technology, science, business and culture news. New episodes every Friday.


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Should your pets be vegan?

Vegan dog food, the ongoing fight against loot boxes in games, and how voter registration levels could affect an election
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Japan's high-tech toilets are finally conquering the West

High tech toilets, police facial recognition, and swapping Netflix binges for weekly TV viewing
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WIRED Book Club: YouTubers, by Chris Stokel-Walker

How does the YouTube algorithm really work? Who is making money off the video platform? And why are so many people tuning in to watch an eight-year-old take toys out of boxes?
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Why you shouldn't feel good about carbon offsetting

The wild rise of the spammy PPI industry, China?s private space race and what you can do to offset your carbon footprint
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Why do critics hate Netflix's movies?

Measles in the UK, Facebook?s not-so-private take on privacy, and Netflix struggles to catch its big movie break
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DeepMind's plan to solve science's trickiest problem

TikTok causes trouble in India, supplements for ravers, and we go behind the scenes at DeepMind
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How inspirational quotes took over the web

Coming up today: a bluetooth-connected e-cigarette, video assistant referees come to the Premier League and how motivational quotes took over social media
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The physics of Elon Musk's new super-rocket

Coming up today: Elon Musk's new engine, the UK tries to give up smoking and is workplace wellness really the key to happiness?
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Why you're so grumpy when it's hot

Fake fish, another heat wave, and a film about a quite literal power struggle
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FaceApp is not as worrying as you think

Human skulls do a roaring trade on Instagram, should you be shopping at plastic-free shops, and why is everyone freaking out about that app that makes you look old?
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WIRED Book Club: Superior: The Return of Race Science

What does biology say about human differences? How does science become racist? And what even is race?
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The strange world of food portions

GDPR hits British Airways, the tricky politics of lithium mining, and does anyone believe a packet of crisps contains more than one portion?
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The return of Netflix's Stranger Things

Europe?s heatwave, police and facial recognition, and Stranger Things
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The hunt for an Alzheimer's vaccine

The hunt for an Alzheimer's vaccine and Uber's controversial new update
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What is Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency really about?

Facebook?s cryptocurrency, sleep-tracking wearables, and the UK?s porn block hits another roadblock.
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Why men aren't donating enough blood

Coming up today: why men don?t give blood, Zuckerberg deep fakes, and we go to the Arctic Circle
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Has Black Mirror lost its way?

Apple?s new take on logins, Amazon?s dangerous videos and we watch the new season of Black Mirror
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WIRED Book Club: Lost in a Good Game

Why do we play video games? Can violent games cause real-world aggression? When does a gaming habit become an addiction?
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How big beef destroyed the planet

Coming up today: big beef, dodgy DNA tests and outsourcing decisions to algorithms
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Elon Musk's wild space internet plan

Coming up today: Huawei?s very bad week; Elon Musk?s space internet; and a psychedelic experience without the psychedelics.
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Minecraft's future is augmented reality

Coming up today: Minecraft goes AR, WhatsApp gets hacked and could taking tiny amounts of LSD boost your brain?
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Jeff vs Elon: the billionaires' space race is heating up

The UK?s coal-free week, Jeff Bezos?s space plans, and our verdict on Pokémon Detective Pikachu
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The controversial Caster Semenya verdict

Facebook gets a redesign, the controversial science behind the Caster Semenya verdict and the latest edition of the world famous WIRED Book Club
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What's the point in Mark Zuckerberg's podcast?

Coming up today: Mark Zuckerberg launches a podcast, Samsung pulls its folding phone and we argue about the best sci-fi film of all time
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The UK?s porn block explained

Coming up today: the UK?s porn block is finally (almost) here; everything you need to know about the Extinction Rebellion protests and we take a look at Twitch?s bold, noisy move into the world of karaoke
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How scientists captured the first image of a black hole

The UK takes aim at online harms, we get our first glimpse at a black hole and Vicki sleeps with a robot
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Inside North Korea's elite hacker army

Coming up today: Inside North Korea?s elite hacker group, we mourn the death of Google+ and explain why the clocks changing will soon be a thing of the past.
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Why Apple TV+ isn't a Netflix competitor

Everything you need to know about Apple?s Netflix rival, the startup darling disrupting the NHS and the third edition of the WIRED Book Club
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Google's grand gaming plans

Google?s bold vision for the future of gaming, we explain why you need to change your Facebook password right now and take an in-depth look at an obscure piece of legislation that made Facebook what it is today
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Inside Amazon's 'autism cure' problem: Podcast 409

Coming up today: Boeing grounds its troubled planes, we investigate dodgy books on Amazon, and the World Wide Web celebrates its 30th birthday
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Can DNA tests help us make the perfect dog? Podcast 408

Coming up today: why you need to change your phone number right now, the rise of transparent influencers and how DNA testing could create more top dogs.
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The weird spread of the Momo Challenge: Podcast 407

Coming up today: the weird story of the Momo challenge; Revolut insiders reveal the human cost of a fintech unicorn?s wild rise; and we explain how a network of peadophiles was using YouTube to prey on children
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Facebook's anti-vaxxer problem: Podcast 406

Coming up today: Facebook?s anti-vaxxer problem, Citymapper?s plan to take over transport, and the second WIRED Book Club
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Keeping a secret from Google: Podcast 405

Coming up today: the gooey, disgusting fight against super gonorrhoea; why your bank card could soon miaow like a cat and we get incredibly angry at Google and Facebook. Again.
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Jeff Bezos's blackmail masterclass: Podcast 404

Coming up today: Jeff Bezos, what we can learn from France?s big tech tax plan and we go inside the weird and disturbing world of YouTube?s child ASMR stars
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Why you're not a morning person: Podcast 403

Apple and Facebook square off, we learn how to train a dragon and we find out why you?ll never be a morning person
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The truth about standing desks: Podcast 402

Standing desk myths, busted, the latest on the Chinese CRISPR baby scandal and how skyscrapers are fighting back against YouTube?s daredevil rooftoppers
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How to think about algorithms: Podcast 401

How the demise of HMV shows the way forward for the high street and it?s finally time for the first WIRED Book Club in-depth discussion extravaganza
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How to KonMari your digital life: Podcast 400

The problem with YouTubers promoting mystery boxes, hacking the European elections and how to Marie Kondo your digital life
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How Netflix built Black Mirror's interactive Bandersnatch episode: Podcast 399

Netflix's Bandersnatch episode is the first large-scale interactive film. This is how it was created
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Our villains of 2018: Podcast 398

We continue our look back on 2018 in tech and pick our super evil villains of the year
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Our heroes of 2018: Podcast 397

We pick our heroes of 2018 and look back on all the big stories from the first six months of the year in science, tech and business
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The CRISPR gene-edited baby scandal: Podcast 396

We explain what you can really do to be more environmentally friendly and investigate the biggest scientific scandal of the year
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Google takes on the EU's war on memes: Podcast 395

Google fires a warning shot at the EU, why Twitter can?t stop Elon Musk scammers and we explain why France?s digital nationalism is part of a growing trend.
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The truth about that Iceland advert: Podcast 394

On the WIRED podcast this week: why the weight of the kilogram is changing, the difficulty of moderating Mumsnet, and what really is going on with that Iceland advert.
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How electric scooters are changing cities: Podcast 393

On the WIRED podcast this week: Electric scooters come to London, How China?s answer to Uber overcame its violence problem, and the bendy phone future is finally here...
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Did the Google walkout work? Podcast 392

On the WIRED podcast this week: Google staff members walkout in protest over sexual misconduct, Tony Blair on big tech and medical cannabis is now legal in the UK. Sort of.
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Does Red Dead Redemption 2 live up to the hype? Podcast 391

On the WIRED podcast this week: The Berlin neighbourhood that said no to Google, India?s WhatsApp fake news problem, and our verdict on Red Dead Redemption 2.
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Why you can't stop watching true crime shows: Podcast 390

On the WIRED podcast this week: the UK?s proposed porn block, why crunch time in the gaming industry is such a problem, and we explore what makes true-crime TV series such compelling viewing.
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The collapse of Russia's space empire: Podcast 389

Coming up today: inside Candy Crush?s renewed plan for world domination, our verdict on First Man and we look at the collapse of Russia?s once mighty space empire
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