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How To Do Everything

How To Do Everything

We're half advice show, half survival guide. We answer all your questions, from how to find a date, to how to find water in the desert.


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Beefily Ever After

In our last episode, we learn how to drink tea, build human towers, watch the sunset forever and find the Ian inside all of us.
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Freedom, Justice, or Peter Sagal

We learn what happened to a two-thousand year-old toe, and what to do when our voices make you sick.
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Devil In The White City author Erik Larson helps us write gooder, and we tell you how to snack silently at the movies.
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We Accidentally Made A Halloween Episode

Mark Bittman helps us answer a very creepy question, and we learn who's helping the Obamas move.
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Romancing The Cod

How to talk to fish and protect your yard signs.
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Trust Him On The Frustum

We help you brush that dirt off your shoulder and get the most out of your Reese's.
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The Never-Ending Cave

We tell you how to get deep and how to fake childhood memories.
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The Sound of Silence

A listener needs help opening his Velcro bag quietly, so we call in the military.
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Fiddlin', Gruntin', Snorin' and Carlin'

How to get people to remember your name and find thousands of worms. Note: this episode talks about curse words but bleeps them out. It's educational, but there's a lot of cursing.
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The Champ

We tell you how to keep your fries crispy and make your friends cry.
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How to lose to Usain Bolt by a slightly smaller margin, and another use for your bowling shoes.
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Bonny's Dream

How to endure hearing someone describe their dream.
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Bears and Bubbles

How to bathe discreetly and get close to a panda.
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Bears, Tigers, Leeches, and Spicy Food

How to pick a winner in a bear v. tiger fight, find an endangered species, and eat spicy food.
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Best Man O' War

How to train your pet jellyfish and plan a wedding no one will forget.
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The Only Olympics Guide You'll Ever Need

With how-to advice from a bunch of Olympians and Patrick Stewart.
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Lyin' Eyes

How to protect your cow and pull a loose tooth.
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Merry Chrismas!

How to celebrate your new favorite holiday and enjoy the Summer Olympics.
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How to talk to a dinosaur and survive a public bathroom.
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Human Feet and Graham Crackers

How to have less fun at the beach, and how to enjoy graham crackers.
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A Bulge in the Ol' Onion Bag

How to defend against the dark arts, call someone a jerk, and look cool around dads.
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The Birds & the Bees

We help Ryan and Ryan, and learn what bees are thinking.
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Tossed Salad and Scrambled Eggs

How to blend into the background, and harness the secret power of watermelon.
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The Pee Dance

Why you do what you do when you've really gotta go.
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Scoreboards, Scanners and Southwest

How to keep score at a Cubs game and find the best seat on your next flight.
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The Stink Tree

This week we save a marriage and improve the most awkward minute of your day.
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You're The Man Now, Dog II

This week we find out why EJ sings.
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You're The Man Now, Dog

How AC/DC could save your life, and we defend weasels.
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Nsyncs and Faucets

How to keep a secret, and how to say goodbye bye bye.
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The Next Generation

A 21st Century mom gets a visit from the 24th Century.
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Yes, No, and Present

How to avoid a bad bee sting, get back at bad Facebook posters, and look cool when you're carrying a Trapper Keeper.
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The Interminator

How to shake hands like a politician, free up space on your iPhone, and talk about golf.
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The Office Spitter

The fun way to monitor air pollution and deal with an annoying co-worker.
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How to defeat the Nazis and wind the Great Clock.
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Long Distance

We talk to astronauts on the International Space Station, and help name a burrito restaurant here on earth.
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Headphones Recommended For This Episode

How to start your day and clean the ceiling.
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Crooked Letter Humpback

How to tell the presidential candidates apart and count seconds effectively.
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Bum Bum Bum Bummmmmm

How to actually enjoy yourself at the symphony, and sneak your name into your favorite TV show.
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Love & Basketball

This episode has nothing to do with the movie "Love & Basketball."
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Science Hotline Bling

Special guest Nick Offerman solves your biggest problem, and who to call when a killer asteroid is on its way.
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The Axe Effect

How to make your food taste sweeter, and valentines that say Be Someone Else's.
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Leave a Message at the Beep

How to leave a message, send a message, and destroy drones.
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NASCAR & Donald Trump

Boy, that title makes it seem like a different show this week. Note: this podcast contains no actual Donald Trump.
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Henry & Robbie

How to make s'mores in the most dangerous way possible, and how to make s'peace with your rooster.
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How to sleep with the fishes and live like El Chapo.
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Bulls, Bears, Elks and Peters

How to talk about the stock market, get an elk out of your basement, and spoil SpaghettiOs.
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Goodnight Goose

How to deter thieves, tell a bedtime story, hum a song, and find sunken treasure.
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All I Want For Christmas Is Poo

How to celebrate Christmas in Catalonia, ruin French toast, and get a seat on the subway.
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The Pants-Splitting Index

How to find giant insects, serve eggnog, and welcome extraterrestrials.
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Thanksgiving Dinner

How to always win the wishbone pull, dodge awkward dinner conversations, and eat as much as possible.
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