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Ram Dass Here And Now

Ram Dass Here And Now

Ram Dass shares his heart-centered wisdom in each episode featuring excerpted lectures given throughout the last 40 years, with an introduction from Raghu Markus of Ram Dass' Love Serve Remember Foundation.


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Ep. 178 - The Path of the Heart

Walking the path of the Heart, Ram Dass shares the hungry ghost pitfalls veiling the unity behind our separateness and invites us into the proverbial 'hot tub' of Maharajji's unconditional love.

In this unique dharma talk floating from deep, dreamy inquiry, to rich, humorous, and lively stories of darshans with Maharajji in India, Ram Dass illuminates the nuanced path of love, highlighting the addictive pitfalls in our habitual relationships with it, and inviting us into the unconditional unity behind our separateness.

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Ep. 177 ? Perspectives on Work and Money

In this recording from 1989, Ram Dass talks about looking through the veil of role and personality in the business world, and offers his unique perspectives on work and money.

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Ep. 176 ? Loving & Dying

In this collection of clips from his core teachings on death and dying, Ram Dass explores love, loss, and soul, elucidates the art of grief, and encourages us all to make peace with death.

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Ep. 175 ? Ram Dass x Alan Watts: From Separation to Unity, Intuition and Trust

In this exceptional and unique offering, the Be Here Now Network along with our friends at the Alan Watts Organization, have specially curated a podcast featuring words of wisdom from Ram Dass, and legendary, contemporary spiritual teacher, Alan Watts.

In this a Be Here Now Network first, Alan Watts offers his far-reaching Buddhist, Taoist, and meditative wisdom; playing off of and complementing Ram Dass? deep inquiry and presence on topics pertaining to identity and separate self, unity and interdependence, surrender and trust, intuition and grace, faith and freedom, and meditation and the eternal now.

Brought to you by LSRF and

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Ep. 174 ? Being Ram Dass

On this special episode of Here and Now, Raghu Markus and Rameshwar Das celebrate the release of Being Ram Dass by reflecting on some of Ram Dass?s most important teachings.

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Ep. 173 ? The Problem With Personality

In this dharma talk from 1982, Ram Dass tackles the problem with personality, exploring how we need to honor the power of our personality without identifying and being attached to it.

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Ep. 172 ? The Context of Reality

In this dharma talk from 1983, Ram Dass looks at the context of reality from the perspectives of both the social and political domain, and the domain of spiritual awakening. 

Being Ram Dass is now available to pre-order ? read the story of awakening toward living in oneness and love.

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Ep. 171 ? Reducing Oneself to Zero

In this late 1970?s Dharma talk from New Lebanon, NY, Ram Dass explores the innate power of reducing ourselves to Zero in order to be truly effective individuals in our practice, service, and being.

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Ep. 170 ? Stories on Karma

Looking at life as a series of lawfully unfolding events, Ram Dass shares rare stories and Eastern wisdom that elucidate the concepts of karma and reincarnation.

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Ep. 169 ? The Many Forms of Yoga

Exploring the various forms of Yoga, Ram Dass shares methods for coming into the One.

Links from this episode: Ram Dass Soul Land Live Music Series | The Yoga of Service: 4 Week Online Course

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Ep. 168 ? The Domain of Spirit

Ram Dass explores how spiritual practice helps us find a home in the domain of spirit and root ourselves in presence, even amidst all the suffering and pain of this world.

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Ep. 167 ? Dharmic Roles

In this 1992 session, Ram Dass explores patriarchy and the Ramayana, dharmic roles, planes of consciousness, and being a good adversary.

In this question and answer session from July 17th, 1992 in Rhinebeck, NY at the Omega Institute, Ram Dass answers questions surrounding the topics of patriarchy in religion, dharmic roles, relationships, the value of extended family, karma, planes of consciousness, self-love, mindfulness, personality, politics, and being a good adversary in social justice.

Links from this episode: ?Cultivating Wise Hope? Virtual Retreat | Soul Land Music Series  

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Ep. 166 ? How Different It Is?

Be Here Now Network presents a classic talk from 1986 that captures one of Ram Dass? core teachings around identity and the different planes of consciousness.

In this talk, Ram Dass offers a method for envisioning the different planes of consciousness as TV channels, guidance on understanding ineffable spiritual experiences, and shares a personal account of how these experiences allow us to see our differences while also seeing our oneness.

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Ep. 165 - Innocence, Lightness

In this talk from 1989, Ram Dass shares his thoughts on how innocence is very much a part of the spiritual journey, the importance of humor and lightness on the path, and much more.

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Ep. 164 - The Path of Awakening

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Ep. 163 ? The Emptiness of Compassion

In this talk from 1989, Ram Dass leads an exploration into what it takes to be present with our hearts, present with the moment, and to have compassion for the suffering in the world.

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Ep. 162 - The Transition from Somebody to Nobody 

In this riveting Q&A session from a 1989 retreat, Ram Dass answers questions around making the transition from somebody to nobody, right effort, doubt versus faith, and much more.

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Ep. 161 - Becoming One with Our Dharma 

In this talk from 1976, Ram Dass reflects on how we can get to God by embracing our Dharmic path in life.

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Ep. 160 - Science and Spirituality

In this interview from 1980, Ram Dass shares a mind-bending conversation with physicist Amit Goswami about the intersection of science and spirituality.

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Ep. 159 ? Stuck In-Between Stories

In this dharma talk from 1993, Ram Dass looks at how each of us can get stuck in our transition between the fear-driven social institutions that we were born into and the love-driven paths of the heart that we are re-discovering for ourselves.

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Ep. 158 ? A Pledge to Social Responsibility

In this dharma talk from 1978, Ram Dass looks to the example set by The Shakertown Pledge as a model for committing ourselves to inner and outer social action.

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Ep. 157 ? It's All Right Here

In this dharma talk from 1982, Ram Dass illuminates how happiness, boredom, suffering, past and future, life and death, it?s all right here in every moment we experience.

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Ep. 156 ? Dying Into What Is

In this dharma talk from 1981, Ram Dass looks at how we can let go of our fears about change and dying by understanding our true nature.

This episode of the Here and Now Podcast is the first since Ram Dass recently left his body on December 22, 2019. It features a special message from Raghu Markus, long-time presenter of the show and dear friend to Ram Dass.

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Ep. 155 ? Astral Fun and Games Pt. 2: Doorways to the Divine

Ram Dass shares a dharma talk exploring the complex relationships we form through devotional yoga that become doorways leading to inner liberation.

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Ep. 154 ? Astral Fun and Games Pt. 1

In this blast from the past, Ram Dass is the ringmaster for some astral fun and games as he takes on miracles, psychedelic powers, and connecting across different planes of existence.

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Ep. 153 ? Devotional Tantra and the Divine Mother

In this unique dharma talk from 1976, Ram Dass explores the practice of devotional tantra, which is about seeing the world as the Divine Mother Kali and feeding her with your impurities. 

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Ep. 152 ? The Still Small Voice Within

In this dharma talk from 1975, Ram Dass speaks of the still small voice within that serves as a constant reminder of our true nature and relationship with God.

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Ep. 151 ? Entering into the One

In this dharma talk from 1993, Ram Dass answers questions about navigating our spiritual path and working with practices that can bring us into union with the One.

With the floor open to his live audience, Ram Dass touches on topics such as his own spiritual practice, methods for bringing us closer with the One, losing faith, working with a guru and more.

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Ep. 150 ? Becoming Nobody

Celebrate the theatrical release of Becoming Nobody, the quintessential portal into Ram Dass? life and teachings, with this collection of teachings featured in the film.

Becoming Nobody, from director Jamie Cato, represents the core arc of Ram Dass? teachings and life. Through historic clips balanced with engaging conversation, Ram Dass shares the tools available to get free from our old roles and disguises.

Find screenings in a city near you beginning September 6th, including special events featuring Q&A with Jamie Cato and special guests like Sharon Salzberg, Mirabai Starr, Producer Raghu Markus and more at

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Ep. 149 - One Family, Many Paths

In this talk from 1986, Ram Dass reflects on how we relate karmically within our family as we grow and our roles evolve.

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Ep. 148 - Krishna and the Seeker

Ram Dass invokes lord Krishna as he discusses divine love versus worldly love, then leads a guided meditation where the seeker and guru become one.

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Ep. 147 ? Motives for Spiritual Practice

In this talk from 1976, Ram Dass reflects on the motives for spiritual practice that can liberate us or keep us stuck in our own egos.

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Ep. 146 - A Journey Into Innocence

In this talk from 1983, Ram Dass reflects on the journey into innocence and uninhibited loving compassion that we all share.

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Ep. 145 ? Here We Are

In this continuing talk from 1992, Ram Dass explores how we can best navigate the situation of this incarnation here on Earth that we find ourselves in.

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Ep. 144 ? Accepting How It Is

In this talk from 1992, Ram Dass looks at how quieting the mind allows us to accept life how it is, including all of the love, suffering, joy, and discomfort that comes with it.

It is all happening as it should in our lives so that we can grow to become free. Ram Dass shows us how cultivating spaciousness and trust allows us to sit comfortably with all life has to offer and connect with the inner truth that guides us.

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Ep. 143 ? Awareness is the Sky

Buckle in for a classic talk from Ram Dass that dives deep into the concept of awareness, and the disruptive phenomena of the attractions and aversions born from karma.

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Ep. 142 ? It?s All Yoga

In this talk, Ram Dass shares a lesson on the liberating practice of service and how we can turn everything in our life into a practice of yoga.

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Ep. 141 ? Practice Makes Perfect

Ram Dass shares a reflection on the different kinds of spiritual practice available to us and looks at how they each offer the potential to liberate or keep us trapped in our egos.

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Ep. 140 ? Changing Cultural Myths

In this talk from 1993, Ram Dass reflects on our ever-evolving cultural myths and how we can shift our awareness beyond these narratives.

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Ep. 139 ? Waking Up In This Lifetime

In this early talk, from 1970, Ram Dass talks about the methods of purification necessary for waking up in this lifetime, illuminates the traps that lie within these methods and explores what is waiting for us in the ever-present moment.

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Ep. 138 ? We?re All Just Saving Each Other?s Asses

Ram Dass is joined live on stage by Krishna Das and Raghu Markus for a conversation that explores generosity as a path of practice and the value of being part of a community that supports each other on their spiritual paths.

Find links, show notes and the video version of this podcast at

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Ep. 137 ? The Importance of Inner Social Action

Ram Dass is joined by Noah and Raghu Markus for a conversation about meeting injustice with compassion and the importance of inner social action.

Find show notes and links here:

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Ep. 136 ? How to Inhabit Roles Lightly with Joy and Emptiness

In this talk from 1995, Ram Dass looks at how we can fully inhabit our roles with joy and emptiness instead of taking ourselves so seriously.

Find show notes and resources here:

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Ep. 135 ? Creation, Creativity and Spirituality

Ram Dass explores one of the most difficult teachings he was given by Maharaj-ji, accepting the perfection of the unfolding all things, and explores the curriculum of life that unfolds when our attachment to ego begins to dissolve.

Find show notes and resources here:

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Ep. 134 ? Relationships and Living Impeccably

In this talk from 1981, Ram Dass explores the fierce but liberating path of relationships that bring us to a place where we can become one with another person.

Find show notes and resources here:

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Ep. 133 ? Walking Each Other Home with Mirabai Bush

Mirabai Bush and Raghu Markus join Ram Dass to celebrate the release of Ram Dass and Mirabai?s new book, Walking Each Other Home, and share a conversation about how embracing death can allow us to live more fully.

Pick up your hardcover copy of Walking Each Other Home and learn to embrace the mystery of death with compassion and love: Walking Each Other Home 

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Ep. 132 - The Roots of Suffering

In this talk from 1994, Ram Dass investigates the many roots of suffering and how our perception shapes our experience of that suffering.

Find show notes and links here:

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Ep. 131 - Navigating the Journey

On this episode of the Here and Now Podcast, Ram Dass and Raghu answer questions from members of the community around some of the difficulties and roadblocks we encounter while navigating our journey of awakening.

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Ep. 130 - The Spiritual Path

In this talk from 1976, Ram Dass takes an honest look at the cycles of liberation experienced on the spiritual path. 


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Ep. 129 - Generosity

Ram Dass sits down for a conversation with Raghu Markus around generosity and sharing the gifts of spiritual life.

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