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GuildCast - The Guild Wars 2 Show. Keep up on all the latest from Arenanets MMORPG Guild Wars 2.


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Guild Wars 2 Final Patches For Scarlet Story Arc Will ?Kick Ass? | Guildcast EP97

This week on GuildCast: WvW season one rewards, ascended armor, news of next year’s content patches and more!
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Massive PvP Changes & Special Guest Blu | Guildcast EP96

This week on GuildCast: Guild Wars 2 Wintersday makes a return, ascended armor crafting and more!
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Guildcast EP94 | Fail To Win Returns

This week on GuildCast, The Nightmares Within, permanent gathering tools now account bound, a Fail To Win event returns and more!
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Review: Fractured Patch | Guildcast EP95

This week on GuildCast: We take a look at the Guild Wars 2 Fractured patch.
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Guildcast EP93 | The Nightmares Within

This week on GuildCast, The Nightmares Within patch preview, huge balance changes coming, and more!
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GuildCast Ep92: Kessex Hills Corruption

This week on GuildCast, corruption spreads in Kessex Hills, changes to PvP glory and rank rewards & more!
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GuildCast Ep90: Guild VS Guild Must Wait

This week on GuildCast, the Blood And Madness patch has arrived, Guild vs Guild news and more!
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GuildCast Ep89: Blood And Madness

This week on GuildCast, the Blood And Madness patch arrives soon!
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GuildCast Ep91: Tower of Nightmares

This week on GuildCast, the Tower of Nightmares patch preview, World vs World Season one issues, and more!
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GuildCast Ep88: Twilight Assault

This week on GuildCast, Twilight Assault living story, LFG tool for all, Tequatl getting stronger and more!
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GuildCast Ep87:

Another wave of European Opt-In Beta Invites have gone out, so check your emails.
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GuildCast Ep86: Tequatl Rising

This week on GuildCast, Tequatl Rising patch, boss mechanic reworks, WvW season one and more!
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GuildCast Ep 85: Hopping Rainbows

This week on GuildCast, Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Box returns with World 2, Massively interview and more!
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GuildCast Ep84: Clockwork Chaos

This week on GuildCast, Guild Wars 2 Clockwork Chaos, one year anniversary, news on Super Adventure Box for next patch, and more!
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GuildCast Ep83: Guild Wars 2 Queen's Speech - GuildCast 83

This week on GuildCast, Guild Wars 2 Queen's Speech, 1st year birthday gifts, removal of PvE culling, and more!
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GuildCast Ep82: Sex Bots

This week on GuildCast, Guild Wars 2 Queen's Jubilee patch, council election results, Colin's post about lack of permanent content, and more!
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GuildCast Ep81: Hail To The Queen Baby!

This week on GuildCast, Guild Wars 2 Queen's Jubilee update revealed, an account-wide wallet for all, and more!
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GuildCast Ep80: What's Next For Guild Wars 2?

This week on GuildCast, Guild Wars 2 massive changes coming for 2013, a way to insta-level to twenty, and more!
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GuildCast Ep79: Cutthroat Politics

This week on GuildCast, a Guild Wars 2 election campaign for a new council member is on, Guild Wars 2 Invitational announced and more!
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GuildCast Ep78: Littered With Corpses

This week on GuildCast, ArenaNet goes live with the latest Guild Wars 2 patch! Bazaar of The Four Winds, the new Skyhammer PvP map and more!
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GuildCast Ep77: Dat New PvP Map!

This week on GuildCast, ArenaNet's plans for Guild Wars 2 updates every two weeks and more!
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GuildCast Ep76: Pirates In The Sky With Diamonds

This week on GuildCast, the Sky Pirates have arrived, AoE looting is added to the game and Esports!
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GuildCast Ep75: PvP Special With Shoutcaster Grouch

This week on GuildCast, the guys are joined by PvP aficionado Grouch to discuss the Dragon Bash update.
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GuildCast Ep74: Listening To The Players!

This week on GuildCast, Colin Johanson talks about the living world, Snowcrash answers questions on the Tarnished Coast Server and... we kinda like Reddit.
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GuildCast Ep73: Dragon Bash Z

This week on GuildCast, there's no party like a dragon bash party, we can't get enough of Karkas and gamers are just bad people.
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GuildCast Ep72:

This week on GuildCast it seems like players can expect even more in the way of Guild Wars 2 updates, players poke at game files and more!
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GuildCast Ep70: Blue Flower

This week on GuildCast, the Secret of Southsun update has arrived, a Guild Wars 2 expansion has been confirmed, and more.
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GuildCast Ep70: The May Patch! It's A Dead Giveaway

This week on GuildCast, the Guild Wars 2 May update has been revealed,
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GuildCast Ep69: Flame And Frost Finale!

This week on GuildCast, the Flame and Frost living story comes to an end, arenas and spectator mode are a thing and banning drama.
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GuildCast Ep68: Gary Lies!

This week on GuildCast WvW skills will be changing in the upcoming Guild Wars 2 patch and Jon Peters talks weapons.
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GuildCast Ep67: Leaderboards or Loser Boards?

This week on GuildCast, the Guild Wars 2 leaderboards! PvE and PvP are a bit confusing aaaaand... FABULOUS SHIRTS FOR ALL!
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GuildCast Ep66: Wounded Llama

This week on GuildCast, the gang talks about the Guild Wars 2 March Update and the greatest April fools joke ever Super Adventure Box
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GuildCast Ep65: And Then There Were Three

This week on GuildCast, the gang discusses the changes that will be made to Guild Wars 2 culling, world boss loot, pvp and more.
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GuildCast Ep64: Scott's Bender

This week on GuildCast we have some details about the March patch, Johanson talks about the possiblity of a Guild Wars 2 expansion at some point and more.
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GuildCast 63: A First Look At Flame And Frost

This week on GuildCast the gang the Guild Wars 2 February Patch has landed, Colin Johanson discusses fan loyalty and more!
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GuildCast 62: Getting Better All The Time

This week on GuildCast the gang discusses the Guild Wars 2 mission system, trading post improvements and loot.
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GuildCast 61: Forresty Bits

Korean investment firm KDB Daewoo Securities predicts a Guild Wars 2 expansion this year.
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GuildCast 60: Flame & Frost

In this week's episode of GuildCast, Colin Johanson talks Guild Wars 2 WvW, NCSoft's Q4 earnings for GW2 are looking good and more.
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GuildCast Ep 59: Dead Quaggan

In this week's episode of GuildCast, our hosts discuss the Guild Wars 2 January patch and everything that came with it.
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GuildCast Ep58: Brohanson and Pho!

In this week's episode of GuildCast, our hosts discuss the upcoming Guild Wars 2 January Patch, Flame and Frost.
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GuildCast Ep 57: The Not-Quite Guild Wars 2 Expansion

In this week's episode of GuildCast, our hosts discuss what ArenaNet really means by enough content to equal a Guild Wars 2 expansion.
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GuildCast Ep56: Expansion!?

In the first GuildCast of 2013, the gang discusses the possibility of new WvW maps and whether or not an expansion will be arriving later this year.
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GulidCast Ep54: Jolly Fine Chaps

GuildCast looks over the WintersDay event and chats on the successes and shortcomings of ArenaNet's implementation. Also the latest patch is discussed.
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GuildCast 53: WintersDay Wonderland

ArenaNet gives a schedule for the Guild Wars 2 WintersDay celebration and releases a trailer to preview the snowy wonder.
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GuildCast Ep 52: Expansion for Free!

GuildCast looks at the recent NCSoft announcement of a "realignment" at their Seattle office. Also Guild Wars 2 will be having a lot of new content introduced in the next few months.
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Guildcast Ep51: Christmas Comes Early

This week's GuildCast looks at the WintersDay holiday announced by ArenaNet for Guild Wars 2 as well as the details from Chris Whiteside's Reddit AMA
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GuildCast 50: The Lost Shores Lands to Mixed Responses

GuildCast looks at ArenaNet's launch of The Lost Shores content patch with a lot of new content overshadowed by the mixed success of the individual event.
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GuildCast 49: ArenaNet Unveils The Lost Shores in Guild Wars 2

Calm down, it's all going to be OK... There's even more to talk about than usual this week as details of The Lost Shores hit and sent ripples of rage through the message boards. Ascended gear is the big point of contention. Is this the beginning of a gear grind? Is ArenaNet really dipping its toe in the water of vertical progression? We talk it through and ask is gear progression really so bad? The new dungeons Fractals of the Mists sounds fascinating. This time challenged dungeon progresses in difficulty the more you complete it. Is this a never ending experience? The Temple of the Silent Storm brings Kodan into PvP, on an iceberg! It's the setting we hoped for in a previous episode. We talk about what information has been gleaned so far. The event kicks off on Friday, November 16. Just what can we expect? And is having the one time element of the event on Sunday enough to answer the whiners? Most likely, no. With viewer questions there's a lot for our crew to chew over. GAMEBREAKER's Gary Gannon joins Richie Procopio and Elisabeth Cardy of Massively, along with Scott Hawkes of ZAM for this week's GuildCast!
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Guildcast The Guild Wars 2 Show Ep 48 Hawks & Yeti's

Hawks and Yeti's ohh my! Scott and Richie are on holiday so Gary and Elizabeth hold down the fort and cover the latest and greatest Guild Wars 2 news. Topics on this weeks show include: The Lost Shores...What Could It Be? New Gem Store Items Does Stat Respecing Cross The Line? Why Are There No Mounts In GW2?
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GuildCast 47: Guild Wars 2's First Holiday Event Under the Microscope

ArenaNet's first seasonal event for Guild Wars 2 comes to an end and the GuildCast crew assess its impact. Plus a look at possible new content to come.
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