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Buddha at the Gas Pump

Buddha at the Gas Pump

Interviews with "Ordinary" Spiritually Awakening People


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512. Tom Kurzka

Over his lifetime Tom has dived deeply into inner work while simultaneously living a householder life. Through an ongoing revelation of living in the moment, he integrates the insights of the most sophisticated western-developed psychologies with the ongoing unitive consciousness ? Continue reading ?
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511. Brian Longhurst

Brian Longhurst has been aware of the reality of the spirit realms since childhood. Born in England, he moved to Canada as a young man, where he began what was to become an enduring, personal relationship with Jesus, who manifested ? Continue reading ?
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510. Shaykh Burhanuddin Herrmann

Shaykh Burhanuddin Herrmann is a contemporary mystic of the ancient Sufi tradition, called to the path at a tender age. He went through the classic dervish training, which involved an intense daily practice of meditation and prayers under the direct ? Continue reading ?
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509. Georgi Y. Johnson

Born in Sheffield, England, Georgi has led a life of charm, intoxication, collision and perpetual re-awakening. Having experienced her parent?s divorce and later her father?s death to alcoholism, Georgi was a born seeker for a stable home that was somehow ? Continue reading ?
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508. Beth Miller

My deepest devotion, throughout my life has been to the discovery and embodiment of our truest nature. I studied organized and mystical religions, I traveled to many countries in our world, getting a taste of different cultures and people, I ? Continue reading ?
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507. Hans Wilhelm

Some of the opinions expressed on certain topics in this interview do not reflect BatGap?s point of view.  While this may be true of any of our interviews, we wanted to make a special point of it here since the ? Continue reading ?
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506. Leah Cox

After graduating in French from the University of Exeter and working for several years in conventional jobs in London, Leah found herself deeply unhappy; struggling with feelings of depression, anxiety, disordered eating, an intense feeling of being a ?wrong? human ? Continue reading ?
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505. Justin Gold (J Jaye Gold)

J. Jaye Gold has been assisting people in their search for inner meaning for 35 years. He is currently living in the Sierra foothills of Northern California where he works with several dozen seekers of truth. Over the years he ? Continue reading ?
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504. Kate Gustin

Kate Gustin, PhD, is a clinical psychologist practicing in the San Francisco Bay Area. She received her education from Princeton University and the University of California, Berkeley; and has worked in a variety of settings over the past twenty-five years ? Continue reading ?
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503. Kylea Taylor

Kylea Taylor, M.S., LMFT, found two gaps in ethics education in the early 1990s while simultaneously studying to be a Marriage and Family Therapist and working as a senior trainer at the Grof Transpersonal Training where she assisted Stanislav Grof ? Continue reading ?
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502. Michael Pollan and Chris Bache

Michael Pollan is the author of eight books, including How to Change Your Mind: What the New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us About Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression, and Transcendence, Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation, Food Rules: An Eater?s Manual, ? Continue reading ?
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501. Daniel Schmidt

Daniel is the creator of the award-winning film ?Inner Worlds Outer Worlds? as well as the ongoing ?Samadhi? series. He is also the founder of the Awaken The World initiative whose purpose is to bring the ancient teachings of Samadhi ? Continue reading ?
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500. Dani Antman

Dani Antman is an internationally known energy healer and interfaith minister in Santa Barbara, CA. She has been at the forefront of energy medicine and healing since 1992, when she graduated from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. Dani is a ? Continue reading ?
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499. Giovanni Dienstmann

Giovanni Dienstmann is a spiritual practitioner and teacher, and the creator of Live and Dare, one of the top five most visited meditation blogs on the planet. As an author, meditation coach and speaker, Giovanni helps people overcome anxiety and ? Continue reading ?
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498. Nancy Neithercut

In the spring of 2011 I was cleaning a stove and quite suddenly the knob I was holding became the rag became my hand became the space became the stove as all lines between things between moments and between myself ? Continue reading ?
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497. Peter Panagore

Rev. Peter Panagore, M.Div (Yale) has had two near-death experiences, the first while ice climbing in 1980 and the second in 2015 due to a heart attack. He recounts these in his book Heaven Is Beautiful: How Dying Taught Me ? Continue reading ?
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496. Lincoln Gergar, 2nd Interview

Why are you here? What is this experience you are having? How often do you ask yourself the questions that matter most? We all have within ourselves an Inner Power that guides us towards Total Realization. During our awakening, our ? Continue reading ?
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495. Anna Breytenbach

Anna Breytenbach is a South African-based professional animal communicator who has received advanced training through the Assisi International Animal Institute in California, USA. She?s been practicing for 18 years in South Africa, Europe and the USA with both domestic and ? Continue reading ?
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494. Damien Echols

Damien Echols is an artist and New York Times bestselling author of ?Life After Death?. In 2018, he published his first book on ceremonial magick: ?High Magick: A Guide to the Spiritual Practices That Saved My Life on Death Row?. ? Continue reading ?
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493. Rev. Bill McDonald

ON A MISSION: TEACHING THE POWER OF LOVE & FORGIVENESS Rev. Bill?s life has been a spiritual journey, spanning slightly over 7 decades. His whole life has been a mystical trip in search of gurus, the paranormal, and self-discovery. He ? Continue reading ?
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492. Tina Rasmussen

After 20+ years of Buddhist and non-dual practice, in 2003 Tina Rasmussen, Ph.D., undertook a year-long solo retreat during which awakening occurred. She later ordained as a Buddhist nun with a world-renowned meditation master, became the first Western woman to ? Continue reading ?
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491. Mark Gober

Mark Gober is a best-selling author, a Partner at Sherpa Technology Group in Silicon Valley, a former investment banker with UBS in New York, and former captain of the Princeton tennis team. His worldview was turned upside down in late ? Continue reading ?
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490. Prasannan

Prasannan had a fascination for Astronomy from an early age, having built his own telescope, and spent his teenage years studying the stars and planets. He was the president of the Astronomy, and Photography Clubs in high school. He always ? Continue reading ?
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489. Miranda Macpherson, 2nd Interview

Miranda Macpherson began her spiritual journey at the age of thirteen when, amidst a period of clinical depression, she was spontaneously opened into a profound state of boundless love. That experience initiated a lifelong dedication to spiritual practice, psychological depth ? Continue reading ?
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488. Judy Cohen

Judy Cohen is a former clinical psychologist, former serial entrepreneur, former depressed, anxious, anti-depressant-taking, suicidal despairer. She used to be a seeker of Self Improvement. She used to be a Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie, and later ? Continue reading ?
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487. Yogacharya Ellen Grace O’Brian

Yogacharya Ellen Grace O?Brian is a meditation teacher, an award-winning poet, writer, and the spiritual director of the Center for Spiritual Enlightenment?a Kriya Yoga Meditation Center with headquarters in San Jose, California. She has taught Kriya Yoga nationally and internationally ? Continue reading ?
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486. Myree Morsi

Myree Morsi (MA) is a spiritual and energetic healer, counselor and coach who specializes in supporting people with Kundalini, awakening and the embodiment of consciousness. Myree was psychic and naturally shamanic since early childhood. She began intensive spiritual practice in ? Continue reading ?
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485. Courtney Amundson

Courtney began her path as a seeker at a young age, progressing to the point that these teachings began to flow through her, effortlessly and with complete love and joy, starting at age 16. In the beginning, the wisdom was ? Continue reading ?
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484. Ishtar (Thomas Howell)

Ishtar (Thomas Howell) is a meditation teacher, Ishaya monk, gardener, writer, and intuitive astrologer. A sense of himself as Presence was a pronounced feature of his life until about age 7. At age 13, he was in a car accident ? Continue reading ?
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483. Thomas Hübl, 2nd Interview

Thomas Hübl is a modern mystic, spiritual teacher, author, and systems-thinker. His work integrates the essence of the great wisdom traditions, scientific knowledge, and his own personal experience. Thomas offers a unique approach to life as a ?mystic in the ? Continue reading ?
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482. Panel Discussions on Ethics and Spiritual Teaching

Ethics and Spiritual Teaching Panel at the Science and Nonduality Conference Questioning whether higher consciousness and ethical behavior are tightly correlated. The founding of the Association for Spiritual Integrity (formerly the Association of Professional Spiritual Teachers). The attempt to formulate ? Continue reading ?
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481. David Buckland, 2nd Interview

David grew up on the SW coast of Canada. He began witnessing full time during a 6-month retreat in the mid-?70s then the lights came on and celestial perception began. It soon became clear that Self was awake within but ? Continue reading ?
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480. Sean Webb

As the author of a book that was used to influence millions of voters in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election through social media disinformation campaigns (without his knowledge), Sean Webb probably knows the human mind as well as anyone can. ? Continue reading ?
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479. Rick Archer SAND Conference Q&A and Interview by Shakti Caterina Maggi

This video contains my Question and Answer session at the 2018 Science and Nonduality conference. and also an interview of me by Shakti Caterina Maggi, an Italian spiritual teacher who used to be a journalist. My SAND Q&A includes the ? Continue reading ?
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478. Sandra Ingerman

Sandra Ingerman, MA, is an award winning author of twelve books, including Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self, Medicine for the Earth: How to Transform Personal and Environmental Toxins, Walking in Light: The Everyday Empowerment of a Shamanic Life(CD or ? Continue reading ?
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477. Rupert Sheldrake

Rupert Sheldrake, PhD is a biologist and author of more than 85 scientific papers and 12 books, including Science Set Free and Science and Spiritual Practices. He was a Fellow of Clare College, Cambridge University, a Frank Know Fellow at ? Continue reading ?
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476. Leanne Whitney

Leanne Whitney Ph.D. is an independent scholar in the fields of depth psychology and consciousness studies. She specializes in the intersection of Western psychology and the Eastern liberatory traditions. For over twenty-five years Leanne has researched the mind body connection ? Continue reading ?
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475. Maury Lee

Maury Lee was raised on three continents. He was the oldest son of Baptist missionaries. The oldest son since the sixteenth century had been a minister. Maury Lee turned out to be the black sheep. Even as a small child ? Continue reading ?
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474. Bonnie Greenwell, 2nd Interview

Bonnie Greenwell Ph.D. is a transpersonal psychotherapist and non-dual teacher in the lineage of Adyashanti. After her kundalini awakening in graduate school she wrote a dissertation and book on the kundalini process. In 2003 she met Adyashanti, and experienced a ? Continue reading ?
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473. John Butler

Childhood accustomed me to nature, solitude ? a sense of God which needed no explaining. Stillness, beauty, depths of love called my heart back home where it belonged. But life grew out into the world, became possessed and lost the ? Continue reading ?
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472. Steve Briggs

As a teenager, Steve Briggs met his guru at a meditation retreat in the Swiss Alps. After studying English Literature at the University of Arizona on a tennis scholarship, the author received an MBA and a Ph.D. in Vedic Studies, ? Continue reading ?
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471. Rob Schwartz

Rob Schwartz is a hypnotist who offers Spiritual Guidance Sessions, Past Life Soul Regressions, Contact a Deceased Loved One Regressions, and Between Lives Soul Regressions to help you heal and discover your life plan ? a plan you yourself created ? Continue reading ?
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470. Sarah Taylor

Sarah is an actor, writer, stand up comedian, and a spiritual/creative mentor and healing practitioner living in Los Angeles. As a child, creativity and spirituality were at the forefront of her life. The lived experience of unity faded as trauma ? Continue reading ?
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469. Jean Houston

Dr. Jean Houston, Ph.D., is a scholar, philosopher, educator and a recognized pioneer of the Human Potential Movement. Widely recognized as a visionary leader and multi-cultural expert, Houston is the author of over 30 books exploring human possibilities and positive ? Continue reading ?
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468. Suzanne B. Stryker, Ph.D.

Suzanne B. Stryker, Ph.D. is an intuitive healer, artist, writer and teacher. She has always tended to have profound spiritual experiences. For over 45 years Suzanne has experienced unity, with divine and Vedic perceptions. Yet she does not claim to ? Continue reading ?
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467. Steve McIntosh

Steve McIntosh is a leader in the integral philosophy movement and author of three books on spiritual evolution: The Presence of the Infinite: The Spiritual Experience of Beauty, Truth, and Goodness, Evolution?s Purpose: An Integral Interpretation of the Scientific Story ? Continue reading ?
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466. Karlene Stange, DVM

As a child, Karlene Stange, DVM wanted to be an ?animal doctor? before she knew the word ?veterinarian?. Her spiritual journey began as she drove her pickup loaded with medical supplies to attend to animals throughout southwestern Colorado. As an ? Continue reading ?
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465. Paul Levy

A pioneer in the field of spiritual emergence, Paul Levy is a wounded healer in private practice, assisting others who are also awakening to the dreamlike nature of reality. He is the author of Quantum Revelation: A Radical Synthesis of ? Continue reading ?
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464. William Meader

An influential and respected teacher of The Esoteric Philosophy, William Meader has established an international reputation for his gift as a communicator of this spiritual philosophy. His extensive teaching program includes a diverse array of workshops and lectures devoted to ? Continue reading ?
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463. Kosi, 2nd Interview

Kosi is a Direct Path Advaita Vedanta Satsang Teacher in the ?iva Ka?yapa Lineage. This teaching is powerful support for a dynamic shift in your consciousness from the fear, sadness, anger, anxiety, and frustration of your mind to the indescribable ? Continue reading ?
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