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Dice Tower: Showdown!

Dice Tower: Showdown!

In this show, moderator Tom Vasel hosts various gaming enthusiasts - which could be YOU - to debate over various topics in the board game world.


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DTS039 - Dice Tower Showdown, Episode #39 - King of Tokyo vs King of New York

In this episode, participants battle to determine which is the better game....King of Tokyo or King of New York. Host Bill Corey is joined by Joel, Daniel, Kevin and Tim.  Which game comes out victorious?  Listen to find out.

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DTS038 - Dice Tower Showdown, Episode #38 - Mad King Ludwig vs Suburbia

This episode pits two Ted Alspach games against each other.  Bill Cory moderates Kevin and Jimmy arguing in favor Mad King Ludwig and Dave and Michael arguing in favor of Suburbia.  Listen to find out which game comes out on top!

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DTS037 - Dice Tower Showdown, Episode #37 - San Juan vs Race For The Galaxy

In this episode, panelists argue which game is better....San Juan or it's counterpart Race for the Galaxy.  Host Bill Corey is joined by Damian, Patrick, Suzanne and Dustin.  Which team had the better argument?  Listen to find out!

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DTS036 - Dice Tower Showdown, Episode #36 - Cosmic Encounter vs Nothing Personal

In this Episode, the guests have the greatest debate ever.  Cosmic Encounter or Nothing Personal, which one is truly greater?  Sean and Reuven represent Nothing Personal and Victor and Kevin represent Cosmic Encounter.  Which team is victorious?  Listen and make your decision!

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DTS035 - Dice Tower Showdown, Episode # 35 - Kemet vs Cyclades

In this episode, Bill is joined by Isaac and Tomer who argue in favor of Kemet.  They debate Mitchell and Andrew who believe Cyclades is better.  Which is the better game?  Listen to find out.

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DTSAP01 - The Dice Tower Showdown - After Party, Episode 1

Listen to the conversation that happens when the Showdown isn't recording.  Bill, Kevin, and Reuven are joined by Sean and Dave in this episode.  The gang talks about Dice Masters and Tzolk'in amongst other things.

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DTS034 - Dice Tower Showdown, Episode # 34

In this show, Bill is joined by some of the biggest fans of the Dice Masters game from Wizkids - Eric, Dave, and Damian.  They discuss why the game is popular, the good and bad about it, and more!

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DTS033 - Dice Tower Showdown, Episode # 33

In this show, Bill is joined by Suzanne, Ben, and Reuven to talk about solo games.  When there is no one else to game with, what's it like to game by yourself? 

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DTS032 - Dice Tower Showdown, Episode # 32

In this show, Bill talks about the difficulties and pitfalls of teaching rules, and gives some examples and ways to teach games better.  He is joined in this round table discussion by Eric, Tomer, and Tim!

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DTS031 - Dice Tower Showdown, Episode # 31

This time, Bill is joined by Tim, Patrick, and Damion take a look at how, why, and how often you should log your games played.

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DTS030 - Dice Tower Showdown, Episode # 30

This time, Bill is joined by Daniel and Kevin to talk about how greatthe Steve Jackson game Munchkin is.  Trey and Andrew thake the opposite side, arguing against Munchkin.  Who is right?

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DTS029 - Dice Tower Showdown, Episode # 29

In this show, we welcome our new host - Bill Corey.  Isaac, Damian, and James join Bill to talk about trading and selling games.  When and where and how do you do this?  

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DTS028 - Dice Tower Showdown, Episode # 28

In this show, we talk about "blinging" out your games - making them better than the publisher initially did.  Victor, Bill, and Ben join Tom Vasel as we talk about what we upgrade, where to find extra components, etc.

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DTS027 - Dice Tower Showdown, Episode # 27

In this show, we talk about the integration of electronic devices into games.  Tom Vasel is joined by Suzanne, Dave, and Sean on this topic.  Is this good for the hobby?  Is it a gimmic?  Listen and find out!

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DTS026 - Dice Tower Showdown, Episode # 26

In this show, we take a look at Galaxy Trucker from CGE.  Zee, Bill, Carl, and Mitchell argue whether it is a good game or not!

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DTS025 - Dice Tower Showdown, Episode # 25

In this episode, we look at cosplay, and it's effect at conventions?  Is it a positive or negative addition?  Tom is joined by Russ, Jerry, Jimmy, and Sam to discuss this topic.

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DTS024 - Dice Tower Showdown, Episode # 24

In this episode, we take a look at cooperative games.  Mitchell, Logan, and Bill join Tom as we discuss cooperative games, their history, their positives and negatives, and how they affect the hobby.

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DTS023 - Dice Tower Showdown, Episode # 23

In this show, Tom is joined by Bryan, Robert, and Colby as we take a look at folks who suffer from "analysis paralysis" (taking too long on their turns in games).  Is it the game's fault?  How should a group handle it?  Listen as we discuss the problem and solutions.

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DTS022 - Dice Tower Showdown, Episode # 22

In this show, we talk about expansions for board games - the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Are they a money grab?  What expansions are the best?  Listen to our roundtable discussion as we take a look at these additions to board games.

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DTS021 - Dice Tower Showdown, Episode # 21

The hosts of the Party Gamecast ( join us for a hilarious episode in which we try to figure out the best party game - Time's Up, Telestratsions, or Dixit!

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DTS020 - Dice Tower Showdown, Episode # 20

In this show, Tom and guests take a look at's game rating system.  Does it work?   Are there problems?  Is it useful?

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DTS019 - Dice Tower Showdown, Episode # 19

For our nineteenth episode, we compare and contrast three civilization games:  Sid Meyer's Civilization, Nations, and Through the Ages.

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DTS018 - Dice Tower Showdown, Episode # 18

For our eighteenth episode, we change our format a bit to a roundtable discussion with the simple question - how do you deal with a cheater?

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DTS017 - Dice Tower Showdown, Episode # 17

For our seventeenth episode, we talk about playing games on your tablet.  Are they good or bad for the board gaming hobby?

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DTS016 - Dice Tower Showdown, Episode # 16

For our sixteenth episode, we compare Agricola to Caverna.  Then, we discuss the "feed your People" mechanism in games - is it good or bad?

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DTS015 - Dice Tower Showdown, Episode # 15

For our fifteenth episode, we do a three-way showdown between three space card games:  Race for the Galaxy, Core Worlds, and Eminent Domain.

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DTS014 - Dice Tower Showdown, Episode # 14

For our fourteenth episode, we take a look at trading card games / collectible card games - are they good or bad for the hobby?  We also examine "microgames" - wave of the future, or passing fad?

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DTS013 - Dice Tower Showdown, Episode # 13

In our thirteenth episode, we compare X-wing Miniatures to Star Trek: Attack Wing.  We also discuss the merits of Puerto Rico!

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DTS012 - Dice Tower Showdown, Episode # 12

In our twelth episode, we debate the merits of the game Innovation, and also have a four-way showdown to find out what is Stefan Feld's best game!

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DTS011 - Dice Tower Showdown, Episode # 11

In our eleventh episode, we debate the merits of 7 Wonders from Asmodee Games.  Then, we take a look at the wildly popular board game from Days of Wonder - Memoir '44, and discuss - is it a wargame?

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DTS010 - Dice Tower Showdown, Episode # 10

In our tenth episode, we talk about two great topics!  First, we compare the "Cult of the New" vs. playing older games more often.  Then, we compare two great games with traitor mechanisms - Battlestar Galactica and Shadows over Camelot.

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DTS009 - Dice Tower Showdown, Episode # 9

In our ninth show, it's time to talk about the most famous game in the world - Monopoly.  Then, we take a look at one of the most popular Eurogames - Power Grid.

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DTS008 - Dice Tower Showdown, Episode # 8

In our eighth show, it's time to talk about the grand-daddy of all deckbuilding games - Dominion!  Then, we argue over the relevance of boardgaming's biggest award - the Spiel des Jahres.

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DTS007 - Dice Tower Showdown, Episode # 7

In our seventh show, it's time to talk about Superheroes!  We compare and contrast the DC Deckbuilding game with Marvel: Legendary.  We then disucss the age old argument - theme vs. mechanisms!

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DTS006 - Dice Tower Showdown, Episode # 6

In this show, we first square off over promotional exclusives.  These are almost impossible to get at times, or only available to Kickstarter backers - are they good for the hobby?  Then we compare two games which are vastly different, but have similar themes - Mage Wars and Summoner Wars

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DTS005 - Dice Tower Showdown, Episode # 5

For our fifth episode, we compare the dice placement games Alien Frontiers with Kingsburg.  We also debate - "Is the local game store still relevant?"

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DTS004 - Dice Tower Showdown, Episode # 4

For our fourth episode, we compare the horror games Arkham Horror and Betrayal at House on the Hill.  We then put Richard Garfield's most popular games head to head - Android: Netrunner against Magic: the Gathering

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DTS003 - Dice Tower Showdown, Episode # 3

For our third episode, we compare the very popular games Ticket to Ride and Settlers of Catan, as well as discuss whether Twilight Struggle should be the highest ranked game on the internet.

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DTS002 - Dice Tower Showdown, Episode # 2

For our second episode, we hear debate on whether Lords of Waterdeep is better than Caylus, as well as debate over the merits of Kickstarter and whether or not it is good for the hobby.

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DTS001 - Dice Tower Showdown, Episode # 1

In this inaugral episode, we hear debate on which game is better - Twilight Imperium 3 or Eclipse.  We also compare the party game Werewolf with the Resistance.

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