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Mac Geek Gab (Enhanced AAC)

Mac Geek Gab (Enhanced AAC)

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MGG 780: Subscription vs. Private Cloud, Archiving Data, Geek Challenges Galore

Many Dropbox users are going to experience a device-limit issue with new iPhones coming this week. Listen as John and Dave talk through how to use your Synology DiskStation to solve this problem. That?s not all, though: Mac Geek Gab always aims to have everyone learn at least five new things. Your two favorite geeks answer questions about managing email, archiving your backups, mesh networks, iOS upgrade strategies, and more. Press play and enjoy!

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MGG 779: Apple Event Reactions with Dr. Mac

Bob ?Dr. Mac? LeVitus joins John and Dave today for a quick take on Apple?s latest announcements and event. Press play? and enjoy. Now in stereo for your listening pleasure.

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MGG 778: Optimizing Storage, Migration, Snapshots, and Combo Updates

This isn?t the one after 9/9, it?s the one on 9/9! And that means it?s time to answer your questions and share your tips about optimizing your iPhone storage, managing your snapshots, ejecting pesky drives, finding a service better than Gazelle, and much more. Press play and enjoy learning at least five new things right alongside John and Dave!

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MGG 777: Swipe Right... In the Stopwatch App

When you?re setting up a new Mac, what steps do you take to ensure success down the road? Can Windows viruses infect the Mac with Boot Camp? How to connect FireWire to a 2019 Mac? All of these questions are asked? and all are answered! Plus, where is it safe to swipe right? In the stopwatch app, of course! Press play and enjoy.

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MGG 776: Acronym Soup

Is Wireless USB as S.M.A.R.T. as NVMe? As users of today?s tech, we sure use a lot of acronyms, don?t we? Listen as Dave and John help you wade through the soup and make sense of not only all the acronyms, but the tech that they describe, too! Press play and enjoy, friends!

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MGG 775: Persistence Is Reality

Sometimes your computer keeps doing something you don?t want it to do. Sometimes it stops doing something it?s supposed to be doing. Persistence is a finicky friend sometimes, and your two favorite geeks are here to help you with some of the specifics. Listen as John and Dave dig into Safari tabs, Apps on Apple Watch, displaying Time Zones in a world without Dashboard Widgets, and more. Press Play and enjoy learning at least five new things!

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MGG 774: The Power ... of Power

Power comes in so many forms! Apple Card is Power. Cool Stuff Found is Power. Quick Tips are Power. NASA has power. Wi-Fi has power. YOU have the power, too. After all, you can press play and listen to John F. Braun and Dave Hamilton talk through all of this and more. Seems like a good idea!

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MGG 773: Five New Keyboard Shortcuts, Cool Stuff Found, and More Tips

Sometimes just one tip can cause you and your two favorite geeks alike to learn at least five new things. Does this episode have that magic tip? You?ll have to listen to find out! Along the way you?ll learn more about APFS, Encryption, Power, and more as John and Dave walk you through it all!

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MGG 772: We Love Dongle World

Live from MacStock Conference and Expo 2019, John and Dave play Stump the Geek and take listener questions live, with a little help from impromptu co-host Kelly Guimont! Learn about APFS and Fusion Drives, iPhones making sounds when they?re not supposed to, and why we love Dongle World as much as we do. Press play and learn at least five new things!

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MGG 771: You Don?t Get to Change Your Mind about The Past in the Future

So how do these ?silent updates? work, anyway? Why can?t I click links in Safari? And will your future self be happy with your past self?s backup-related decisions? These are the hard questions, folks, and your two favorite geeks tackle them just for you. Plus, listen as John and Dave share your tips, Cool Stuff Found, and more. Mac Geek Gab 771 is here just for you. Press play and enjoy learning at least five new things!

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MGG 770: Swiper, More Swiping!

Your questions answered, including migrating photos, syncing movies, moving to a new Mac, which earbuds to get, smart bulbs, and much more. Plus, there?s never a lack of things to swipe. And on your iPhone and Mac, that?s a good thing. Come learn five new things with John and Dave!

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MGG 769: Save Your Data...Safely

macOS Catalina will bring with it a lot of changes, one of which is that a lotof older apps and related hardware won?t work. Dave and John answer your questions and share your tips about how to navigate these waters ahead of time? to avoid surprises. In addition, your archives are only as good as the method and medium you use. It?s time to talk about data safety and reliability. Plus, your other questions need answers, and that?s what happens here on Mac Geek Gab: everyone learns at least five new things!

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MGG 768: Not That There's Anything Wrong With Excessive

Sure you know about copy/paste, iCloud family accounts, selection tools, and password managers. But this week you?ll learn at least five new things just learning about all the different ways your fellow MGG listeners are using them to enhance their productivity! Join John and Dave as they dig into all of this and more.

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MGG 767: I Hate It When My Computer Won't Behave

So much Cool Stuff Found, so little time. And Quick Tips? And questions? Topics include controlling your date picker, switching apps faster, getting your storage and backups in order, tweaking autocorrect and much, much more. Oh, and Wi-Fi. Yeah, there?s lots here. Let?s go learn five new things, shall we?

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MGG 766: Whispering Sweet Nothings at The A-Lady

Some folks with Catalina on the brain want to know how to prepare. Some folks want to prepare to reinstall Mojave. Joe has advice for future-proofing your home, and the A-Lady wants you to whisper sweet nothings at her. It?s that kind of week here and John and Dave are your stalwart guides. Press play and enjoy learning at least five new things!

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MGG 765: Migrating iTunes, Upgrading Macs, and a Quick Tip from Craig Federighi!

It?s true, Craig Federighi let loose a perfect little Quick Tip last week at WWDC, did you catch it? Your two geeks did, and they?re here to share it with you. In addition to some more Quick Tips from other listeners, this episode is chock full of answers to your great questions on topics like preparing your iTunes library for Catalina, upgrading to a new Mac, and much, much more. Press play and enjoy learning at least five new things!

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MGG 764: Mac Pro: You Want It? You Got It!

Yes, some things happened at WWDC, and your two geeks discuss them. But first, some Cool Stuff Found. We can?t ignore that stuff, after all! Then it?s time for a jam session all about macOS Catalina, the new Mac Pro, and a few other things related to Apple?s announcements this week. All very cool stuff, and you?re guaranteed to learn at least five new things!

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MGG 763: Backup Your Syncs

Ever get a beachball in Messages on your Mac? Want to re-arrange your CarPlay icons? Need an easy way to find files on your Mac, but the Finder?s not cutting it? These are just a few of the ways John and Dave start Mac Geek Gab this week, and then it?s time to dive into the harder questions! Press play and enjoy learning at least five new things!

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MGG 762: Protecting Your Mac and Router, New Handy Shortcuts, & Troubleshooting System Lags

First things first: make sure your Mac?s XProtect database is regularly updated. With that out of the way, we can have some fun learning some handy new keyboard shortcuts, new ways to filter Mail on your iPhone and iPad, some tricks for truly securing your router, and a discussion about guest networks, just to name a few topics included in this week?s episode. Press play, and enjoy learning at least five new things!

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MGG 761: iPad Dreams...and More Cowbell

It?s worth digging into your Mac?s auto-startup items every now and then, just to clean things up. That?s especially true when your two favorite geeks discover a new place to look? and find some very old stuff out there. Listen as John and Dave talk through all this and more. Plus, some great Quick Tips and Cool Stuff Found from your fellow listeners, including one that?ll help you keep all your power tools charged. And, we might just have an answer to listener Scott?s iPad dreams. Press play, listen, and enjoy learning at least five new things!

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MGG 760: New vs. Used/Refurb, USB Disconnects, Notifications, and Ethernet Locations

This week your two favorite geeks tackle your questions about USB disconnects, ?no Internet connection? reports, creating short video clips from long segments, and when (and whether!) to buy new or look for refurb/used. Listen as John and Dave talk you through all of this and much, much more. Press play, download, and enjoy learning at least five new things!

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MGG 759: Not all USB-C Is Created Equal

Just when you thought it couldn?t get any more confusing, USB-C cables can add some additional questions to the mix. Add to this lots of Cool Stuff Found, a discussion about the best desktop Mac to buy, some tips and follow-ups from recent episodes, and you?ve got yourself this week?s Mac Geek Gab. You?re guaranteed to join John and Dave in learning at least five new things. Press play, and enjoy!

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MGG 758: Communal Head Scratching to Solve Your Problems

It?s true, your two favorite geeks have come together again to have a ?communal head scratch? about all the questions and problems you?ve submitted. Then it?s on to some happy tips, including one about working around the new Dropbox limitations. Download, press play, and learn at least five new things? and get your questions answered, too!

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MGG 757: Migration Is (Not Only) For The Birds

Siri, Stringify, Space Lens, and Emergency Bypass don?t all begin with the letter ?S?, but they have one thing in common: your two favorite geeks discuss them in this week?s episode of Mac Geek Gab. In addition, listen as John F. Braun and Dave Hamilton answer your questions, including some about migrating to a new Mac the right way. The best way. Press play and enjoy learning at least five new things!

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MGG 756: Resetting Wi-Fi, Unlocking Your Mac, & Managing Secure Boot

Are you making the most of your Apple TV? Do you know all the tricks the Finder has to offer? Are you managing Do Not Disturb effectively? Your fellow listeners have the answers, and John and Dave share and discuss them for you. Plus, your two favorite geeks answer some of your questions about Wi-Fi, Watch Unlocking, NAS, and more. Press play, listen, and enjoy learning at least five new things!

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MGG 755: Deep Dive into Mail, Gmail Bugs, Cool Stuff Found & More

Mail was the Deep Dive topic this week, and then the Gmail/Gsuite/macOS 10.14.4 bug happened, so Mail gets a double dip and you?re gonna love it. Then it?s on to perhaps the best AirPods alternative we?ve found? for just $30. More Cool Stuff Found plus your questions answered rounds out the episode. Press play, learn, and enjoy!

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MGG 754: New iMacs, Traveling, Porting, and Troubleshooting

This week your two favorite geeks, John F. Braun and Dave Hamilton, tackle answers to your questions about traveling with technology, porting your phone number (and saving money!), converting Apple Music files and more. Of course, they talk about the new stuff from Apple, too! Press play, listen, and learn at least 5 new things!

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MGG 753: Beware the Magnets

You want Cool Stuff Found? You want to know how to uninstall apps properly? What about the dangers of disabling SIP? John F. Braun and Dave Hamilton, your two favorite geeks, come together to answer all of these and more. Have a question? Send it in to or post in the MGG forums.

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MGG 752: Finder, Friend or Foe?

The Finder can be your friend or foe, depends upon how well you tame and tweak it. These are the kinds of things John and Dave help you do each week on Mac Geek Gab. In addition to that, we?ve got segments on taming iCloud?s two-factor authentication, suggestions for improving on the Stickies model, and ways of recovering disk space. All this and more! Just press play and learn at least five new things!

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MGG 751: Sharing Contacts, Bulk SMS, Calendar Tweaks, and Quick Tips

Want to learn the big secret to keeping your computer happy? How about how to share contacts? What about some quick tips about using calendar? This is what Mac Geek Gab is all about, and Dave and John help guide you through all of this, including getting your questions answered!

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MGG 750: Batteries In The Cloud

Aren?t using all your iCloud Storage? No worries, we?ve got an idea for that. We also have Cool Stuff Found and answers to your other questions. Plus, we iterate on a Quick Tip from last episode making it quicker and tipper! Listen with John and Dave and learn at least five new things!

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MGG 749: The Mesh Wi-Fi Industrial Complex

Wanna know how to force Safari to download a media file instead of playing it? Want to know how to use the same drive on USB-C and USB-A Macs? Want to know how to secure erase your NAS drive? John and Dave have your answers! There is also a lot of concern about the future of eero, so your two geeks discuss that, too. All this and more, just press play and enjoy learning at least five new things!

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MGG 748: Touch Bar & The Terminal

Do you need an elbow connector? You might after listening to this episode! That, after all, is what Cool Stuff Found segments are all about: discovering stuff you didn?t know existed, and now you need! In addition to that, of course, your tips are shared and questions are answered, including some about iCloud Archives, CarPlay, and Watch Notifications. Hosts Dave Hamilton and John F. Braun guide you through all of this and more, just press play and enjoy learning at least five new things!

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MGG 747: Connection Speeds, Slow Macs, DNS, and More

How fast is your connection? How much of that speed matters? How fast is your Mac? Why isn?t it faster? What devices can you see on your network? Why can?t you connect to all of them? This is what Mac Geek Gab is about. Posing questions, getting answers, and learning at least 5 new things. Learn your 5 now by pressing play!

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MGG 746: Battery Usage, CarPlay, Notifications, and Cool Stuff Found

Wanna learn at least five new things about your Mac and iOS devices? This week?s Mac Geek Gab episode is sure to hit the mark. With topics ranging from Quick Look to Car Play to Robot Vacuums to APFS, there?s always something new to learn! Press play, download, and enjoy.

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MGG 745: Mystery "System" Disk Usage, APFS, Cookies, and More

Mysteries are meant to be solved, and when it comes to the mystery that is your ?System? disk usage as displayed by macOS, well, that mystery?s not even supposed to exist in the first place. Dave and John dig in to solve this plus a bunch of other questions sent in by you, dear listeners. Press play, listen, learn, and enjoy!

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MGG 744: USB-C, Quick Tips, Cool Stuff, and a CES 2019 Wrap Up

Back from CES 2019, Dave Hamilton and John F. Braun have a few thoughts to share. Then it?s on to answering your questions, this time with a focus on things that used to work? and stopped. Press play, listen, and learn!

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MGG 743: The Cosmic Bit Flip

In the calm before the CES storm, John F. Braun and Dave Hamilton come to you from Las Vegas to share their thoughts and answer your questions. Plus, John mentions Cosmic Bit Flips and everything goes sideways. Listen, enjoy, and learn. Just press play!

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MGG 742: App Death Match in The Colosseum

Properly sharing Contacts? Check. Managing Mobile Applications Folder? Check. Scanning Bluetooth Devices? Check. Securing Your Certificates? Check. Choosing the best router? Check. All of this and more in Mac Geek Gab 742. MGG Forever!

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MGG 741: Contacts Are the Root of All Evil

Do you notice your Mac slowing down a lot? How many Contacts do you have? More and more listeners have been writing in with Contacts-related problems and solutions? are you one of them? Listen to John and Dave discuss this and so many other things this Christmas Eve. Press play and enjoy!

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MGG 740: Non-HomeKit Siri Control, Restoring from Trash, Quick Tips, and Cool Stuff Found

Have you ever wanted to use Siri to control something that?s not HomeKit-compatible? You?re not alone. Also, you?re in luck! John and Dave have an answer for you. On top of that, quick tips, Cool Stuff Found, and your questions answered. Press play and let?s go!

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MGG 739: iOS Mysteries, Choosing Your Server, & Cool Stuff Found

iOS is wonderful? and mysterious, especially when it asks you to login, or shows you duplicates of your data. Listen to John F. Braun and Dave Hamilton solve these problems and more for you. Then, should you get a separate Mac as a server, or can you run in the background? And, of course, more Cool Stuff Found just for you. Press play, listen, learn, and enjoy!

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MGG 738: Real-World Speeds, Choosing Storage, and Quick Tips

Ever have a disk drive or Wi-Fi device that doesn?t get quite the advertised speeds? Yeah, so have we. In fact, it happens all the time. Listen this week as John and Dave discuss the differences between advertised maximums and real-world expectations? and how to translate between the two. Of course, that?s not all! More questions and Quick Tips than you can shake a stick at. Press play, download, and enjoy!

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MGG 737: Geeky Gift Guide and Your Questions Answered

The best part about geeky gifts is that sometimes the best person to get them for is yourself. Listen to John and Dave ? your two favorite geeks ? discuss some of their favorites at this point in the holiday buying season, and decide whether you buy one of these now for someone else? or wait until the gifting season wraps up to get one for you!

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MGG 736: No Roger, NoSQL, No Rent

Before you gobble up all your turkey, gobble up some new tips and info and tricks and, yes, even some fun toys! ?Tis (almost) the season, and you don?t want to miss out. Press play and enjoy!

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MGG 735: Bridge Mode, APFS, and Tips from MacTech

Dave?s back from MacTech and boy is his brain tired from absorbing as much knowledge as he could. He and John talk through a bunch of that, including some important new APFS knowledge, Cool Stuff Found, and a plethora of Quick Tips. Plus, of course, your two favorite geeks answer your questions. All this and more? press play and enjoy!

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MGG 734: Mac mini CPU Considerations, Semi-Dark Mode, Photos, and More

New Macs are out! John and Dave answer your questions and talk through the various models, including a dissection of the 2018 Mac mini CPU options as well as the relative merit of the 2018 MacBook Air. Other topics include setting up ?semi-Dark Mode? on Mojave, using a Fusion Drive as storage, migrating from iCloud Photos to other options, and more! Press play and enjoy!

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MGG 733: When Icons Go Bad

The question of managing spoofed caller ID came up last week, and this week we?ve got answers. Also, how do you deal with applications that lose their icon? We?ll help! We?ve also got a lot more than that, too, including other questions, quick tips, Cool Stuff Found, and maybe even an iPhone XR discussion, too!

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MGG 732: The Spam Eradication Conundrum

Do you get spam calls on your iPhone? Would you like to know how to stop that? How about power drain on your Mac and your iPhone? Plus, do you care whether you?re using the actual SIM or eSIM on your new iPhone? Press play, listen, and learn together!

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MGG 731: APFS Corruption, Wi-Fi Numbering, and Backups

APFS has been available on our Macs for a year now, and we?re beginning to see the issues with corruption that can?t be yet be solved by Apple or third party utilities. Wi-Fi is changing names? and getting faster! And folks, Backups are still important! All this and more in this week?s Mac Geek Gab. Press play and enjoy!

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