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Mac Geek Gab ? Your Questions Answered, Tips Shared, Troubleshooting Assistance

Mac Geek Gab ? Your Questions Answered, Tips Shared, Troubleshooting Assistance

Answers to your tech questions for your Apple devices and beyond. Dave Hamilton and John F. Braun come together weekly to answer your questions and discuss things of interest to Apple and Mac geeks, yet present them in a way that’s both entertaining and informative for the average listener.


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From Mood Rings to Move Rings

Quick Tips to resize macOS background windows, quick-delete apps on your iPhone, get perfect shape in markup, and finding your Apple Books are just how your three favorite geeks start this episode. Then John, Dave, and Pete answer your questions and share tips about archiving your email, fixing the Mac [?]
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The Land of Pulling Things Out of My Backside

This episode has even more iOS 16 Quick Tips including Lock Screen, Keyboard Touch, Battery, Photos, and Service History. That?s not all, though! Pete, John, and Dave answer your questions about connecting to your printers, controlling iCloud Drive, and Migrating your iPhone. Plus, Synology shares a statement about the future [?]
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Sharing Our PINs Like it?s Nuthin?

iOS 16 is out and your three favorite geeks take you through their favorite features?some of which are hidden in plain sight! That?s not all, though. Your questions are answered, your Quick Tips are shared, and Dave even throws in a Cool Stuff Found for you, Pete, and John, too. [?]
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Geeking FAR OUT with Apple's Event

Apple held its ?Far Out? event today and John, Pete, and Dave are here to share their reactions to the new iPhones?and more! Chapters/Timestamps/Stuff mentioned: 00:00:00 Mac Geek Gab 945 for Wednesday, September 7, 2022 The MGG Discord Server is Live! The MGG Merch Store is Live! 00:03:59 iPhone 14 [?]
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Monitoring the Weather, Your Photos...and Yourself!

Do you find productivity monitoring software creepy? Of course you do! But how about if you use it on yourself? If you?d rather just monitor the weather, your three favorite geeks (and fellow MGG listeners) have answers for you. That?s not all, though! Listen as Pilot Pete, John F. Braun, [?]
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No One Wants Unsolicited AirDrop Requests

Learn how to ensure your Wi-Fi is always on at home, how to see your Apple Watch?s charge status, how to find unread messages, how to troubleshoot application permissions on your Mac, and how to avoid unsolicited AirDrop Requests with John, Dave, and Pilot Pete. Listen as your three favorite [?]
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Photos, Privacy, VPNs, and More!

Worried about your browsing privacy? Wanna stack your credit card rebates? Need to edit the dates on your photos? John, Dave, and Pilot Pete have you covered! Listen as your three favorite geeks share their thoughts, answers, and tips about all these topics and much much more. Press play and [?]
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Home Theater Geek Gab...and More!

Our TVs have become more and more complex over the years, and more and more integrated with the rest of our computing lives. Listen as John and Dave talk about John?s new TV and what changes that inflicts upon his existing setup. That?s not all, though! Your two favorite geeks [?]
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By The Way, Alexa

Want a quick way to send the same iMessage to another person? How about customizing the icons of your PDFs? Quick Tips are your friends, and John, Dave, and Pilot Pete have plenty for you this week. That?s not all, though! You get to learn how to technologically-enhance your outdoor [?]
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Socket 939

Don?t get caught using?and losing?your Google Authenticator data. Do get caught solving your Apple TV syncing issues?and Contact Duplication?and so, so much more. Listen as John and Dave share your tips and answer your questions to ensure you learn at least five new things along with your two favorite geeks! [?]
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Summer Travel Season Tips...and More!

Did you know that ?Optimize Charging? actually charges your iPhone more slowly? How about the *best* place to put your AirTag when traveling? What about the Hamilton Maneuver? These, and more, are among the five new things you?re guaranteed to learn in this week?s episode. Join Dave, John, and Pilot [?]
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Where Is the iMac Studio?

Did you know you can choose specific windows in your Mac?s Cmd-Tab app-switcher? How about an easy?and automatic?way of connecting to your home devices while traveling? Do you keep AirTags in your luggage? And?would you buy an iMac Studio? Listen as John F. Braun, Pilot Pete, and Dave Hamilton talk [?]
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AI, Steve Jobs, and a Watermelon

Did you ever want to pin a tab inside a Tab Group? How about using your Mac as a power bank? Want a refurb Mac Studio? Today?s your lucky day, and that?s just the start of the show! John and Dave share Quick Tips to get things rolling and then [?]
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Leaf Out, Man

Wanna sync multiple folders amongst all your Macs, rename your Bluetooth devices, keep your Mac awake? Dave, John, and Pilot Pete have you covered! Also: are your meetings ?virtual? or ?remote?? Your three favorite geeks help you figure that out, too. Press play and enjoy learning at least five new [?]
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You Can Dangle Your Dongle

Did you know that macOS will tell you which Wi-Fi channel you should use on your router? How about that you can type in specific start and end times for iPhone calendar appointments? How about seeing the wireless charging draw of your iPhone? You will after you listen to just [?]
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Take Me Down to Tangent City

What are your thoughts on backup internet connections, programming NFC tags, expiration dates on consumer products, DACs for your devices, and more? If you don?t have any of these yet, you will once you listen because these are just a few of the tangents John and Dave will walk you [?]
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We Are Just 17 (If You Know What We Mean)

Happy Birthday to us all! It?s true? 17 years ago today (to the day!) John and Dave released the first Mac Geek Gab episode (called ?TMO To Go?) and Pilot Pete joined not to long afterwards. It?s been 17 years of answering your questions, sharing Cool Stuff Found, learning Quick [?]
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Geeky Reactions to Apple's WWDC22 Keynote

Apple?s WWDC conference is this week, with a slew of new announcements for both Developers and end users alike. Listen as John, Dave, and Pilot Pete share their initial reactions to Apple?s latest news, digging in to provide some context as only your three favorite geeks can. Press play and [?]
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Jiggle Mode Galore

Dave?s been testing the new Synology RT6600ax router and has some ?first look? thoughts to share. He, John, and Pete continue by answering your questions about mesh networks, VLANs, IoT devices, and more. Cool Stuff Found this week includes places to find discounted (or free!) apps, options for portable screens, [?]
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Qi vs. MagSafe, Split Screen, and More!

What are the differences between Qi and MagSafe? Listen as your three favorite geeks talk through all this and more. Split screen, searching in Messages, finding hidden drafts in Mail, and Google resuming free GSuite access are just a few of the topics that John, Dave, and Pilot Pete dig [?]
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A Synology Geek Gab

Synology?s DiskStations are a popular item amongst all of us here in the MGG Family, listeners and hosts all included! Listen today as guest Jeff Gamet makes a hasty return to join John F. Braun, Dave Hamilton, and Pilot Pete to talk all things Synology and Network Attached Storage. Press [?]
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Don't Store Your iPhone In Your Navel

Quick Tips for keyboard shortcuts, viewing messages, and speed tests are just the first segment of this week?s episode. Listen as John, Dave, and Pilot Pete navigate you through understanding managing the Finder sidebar, tweaking your batteries, choosing storage, and ensuring your DNS will let you connect to hotel Wi-Fi. [?]
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Never Say Never...Except When Excavating

Bob ?Dr. Mac? LeVitus joins your two favorite geeks this week to talk Apple?s Self Service repairs, Keyboard Shortcuts, Screen Layout, and Twinkly lights! Of course, John and Dave make sure to keep things on the rails with your favorite Quick Tips and Cool Stuff Found, as well. Press play [?]
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Cool Stuff (and Jeff Gamet) Found!

Jeff Gamet joins John and Dave today to share all kinds of Cool Stuff Found with you. Categories range from MagSafe car mounts to mechanical keyboards, to USB adapters and more. Listen to your three favorite geeks have their minds blown by a listener submission about Remote Access, and then there [?]
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Time Slows All Computers

Google email is no longer free, Preview has Zoom, iPadOS has Low Power Mode, and you can use Spotlight and Screenshots for notes. Also learn the best ways to remote access into your Mac from your iPhone while you're on the road.
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Clouding As a Verb

It's true, we "cloud" things now. It's a thing. On top of that, iCloud Private Relay is also a thing, and it's not necessarily a good one yet. But it's in beta, so give it time. Plex's new Discovery Watchlist is also in beta, with similar results. No worries, your three favorite geeks talk you through all of this and more. Listen as Pilot Pete, John F. Braun, and Dave Hamilton share your quick tips, some Cool Stuff Found, and mostly answer your questions to ensure we all learn five new things from this week's episode. Press play and enjoy!
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The Cost-Mart in Kasketchewan

Allison Sheridan joins Dave and John this week to help you learn at least five new things! Quick Tips include seeing Mac App Store progress, uses for Tab Groups, configuring printer defaults, and more. Then it?s on to answering your questions about choosing the right Mac Studio, resolving ?The file [?]
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Rabbit Holes and Adjacent Universes

Quick Tips rule the day here, with Pete, John, and Dave sharing how to stop Facebook from disabling your audio, finding menu items in macOS, connecting two sets of AirPods to your Apple TV and much more. Your questions are answered, too, about blocking websites, parental controls, Disabling 5G and more. But it's the Rabbit Hole Tangents that your three favorite geeks dive down which make things fun, isn't it? Press play and learn five new things...including learning where this episode really goes!
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Once You Go Mac, You'll Never Go Back

John, Dave, and Pilot Pete get together from not just three different time zones, but two different countries! They talk about macOS 12.3, the best upgrade migration path, SXSW 2022, and more. Quick Tips include a new Force Quit shortcut, putting iCloud Drive on your Desktop, and much more. Press play and enjoy learning five new things with your three favorite geeks!
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From Apple to Vigorish

Learn about a portable screen for your laptop, how to reset your Apple mouse, how to resolve Safari errors and more with Pilot Pete, John F. Braun and Dave Hamilton this week. Of course, there are lots of (fun?) tangents your three favorite geeks take you on, as well, PLUS the first "Strange Things Found" inclusion in seventeen years. All this and more, just press play and enjoy!
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Geeky Reactions to Apple's Peek Performance Event

Dave, John, and Pilot Pete come together hot on the heels of Apple's Peek Performance Event to share their hot-takes with you. Listen as your three favorite geeks' thoughts about the new hardware evolve before your very ears...what do they think about the new Mac Studio, Studio Display, M1 Ultra, and more? Press play and enjoy learning at least five new things!
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I'm Pretty Much a Doctor Now?

Dave's back from his first international travel in two years and has some travel tips to share regarding mobile data service, AirTags, portable speakers, portable shoes, decking out your hotel room, tech-style, and much more! On top of that there are a bunch of Quick Tips from y'all which needed sharing and some questions which needed answering. Thankfully John stayed back, manned the office, and kept the mailbags from overflowing! Listen as your two favorite geeks tear through all this and more in the effort to ensure we all learn at least five new things together!
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A Cool Stuff Found Cornucopia

The Cool Stuff Found corner of the mailroom was starting to overflow, and the staff was getting restless, so Dave and John dig in. Learn how to find public Wi-Fi passwords, which Mac or iPhone to buy next, how to tweak your Mac's shutdown menu options, new webcams from Anker, and more. Plus, a discussion about snapshot reversion vs. restoration help shed some light on what we can do with APFS...and why we can't do more! Press play and enjoy learning at least five new things with your two favorite geeks!
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Quick Tips Galore!

This week, it seems it was impossible for Dave, John, and Pilot Pete to stop giving Quick Tips. Even the topics which your three favorite geeks thought were questions turned out to include a copious amount of Quick Tips. Hey, worse things could happen, right? iOS tips, macOS tips, Shazam tips (and a story about Shazam's origin!), iPadOS tips, APFS snapshots tips, internet recovery on M1 tips, and tips about pinning Safari Tabs and Contacts are maybe half of what you'll get in this episode. Press play and enjoy... and you might have to listen twice just to absorb everything!
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There's an Email Conspiracy!

Dave seems to think there's an email conspiracy, and he explains how to avoid it to you and John. That's not all, of course. Your Quick Tips help everyone use markup better, create a "Start the Day" shortcut, use Focus better, and more. Press play and listen as your two geeks share all of this and much, much more. Have fun...and don't get caught!
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Spending Airplane Dollars on Cool Stuff Found

We know?Cool Stuff Found sometimes gets expensive, but new geeky gear is so much fun! Thankfully, this episode has tons of free advice from your three favorite geeks, too, including a better way to provide tapback reactions in Messages, a way to see the email addresses in Mail, limiting people's ability to track your Mac (and you!), and keeping a wired backup for your Bluetooth keyboard. And that's just the first 15 minutes of the show. Press play and listen as Dave, John, and Pilot Pete walk you through all of this and more. Don't Get Caught!
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Silent Failures Are Bad News

Everything seems fine, but is it? How do you know if something has failed if you don't get a notification? Listen to your three favorite geeks talk through how this manifests in several areas of life, including Time Machine, Streaming TV, Cell Service...and propane! That's not all, though: John F. Braun, Dave Hamilton, and Pilot Pete walk you through a series of Quick Tips and Cool Stuff Found which ensure you learn at least five new things! Press play and enjoy.
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Keep Your Mac Out Of The ER

Each week, Dave and John come together to solve your problems and answer your questions. This week, that includes lots of great Quick Tips, troubleshooting tools, and ways of ensuring you keep your Mac, iPhone, and other Apple devices as trouble-free as possible. Press play and join your two favorite [?]
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The One After 909

Listen as your two favorite geeks share tips and tricks about sharing photo libraries, writing Shortcuts, scanning pictures with your iPhone, choosing the best USB or Thunderbolt dock, and more. Press play and enjoy learning at least five new things along with Dave and John in this week's episode of [?]
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Learning From Distractions

Everything's distracting, especially to many of us geeks. That's ok, though. Listen as John and Dave plow through their distractions to ensure everyone learns at least five new things. Your two favorite geeks troubleshoot AirPods, AirTags, Multitouch, and slow SSDs. They also share Cool Stuff Found from CES and beyond [?]
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A Little Notification Goes A Long Way

Did you know you could create a reminder from macOS Mail? How would you like to learn about three new ways to toggle Do Not Disturb? Or a solution for dictating emojis? All this and more in just the first Quick Tips segment of the show. Then John and Dave [?]
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Email, Atmos, and LiDAR...Oh My!

You know what happens when your two favorite geeks get together, don't you? Geeky talk about all kinds of things AND answers to all your questions. Listen as Dave and John help solve your email filtering issues, your Atmos setup, your house-cleaning needs, and more? all while ensuring everyone listening [?]
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Change Is a Foot

Did you know Siri can record your voice and send that to someone? Did you know you could stream directly from Plex to Sonos? How about running your vacuum when you're not home? These are the Quick Tips John and Dave share in the very first segment of the show? [?]
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Apple's Jeremy Butcher talks Apple Business Essentials

Apple recently announced-and-released the beta of their new MDM solution, Apple Business Essentials. Today we have Jeremy Butcher, Enterprise and Education Product Marketing Manager at Apple here to help us answer our questions about exactly what Apple Business Essentials can do for us and how it all works in a [?]
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Opening All The Doors

A big part of keeping your computer running is troubleshooting the *right* things, and that's not always easy to discern. It often requires opening all the wrong doors before you find the right one to pass through en route to your solution. Listen today as Dave and John share some [?]
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Prioritizing The Bachelorette

Oftentimes we find ourselves relying upon technology to help maintain family harmony. Listen as John and Dave share a few of your (and their!) examples of just how this can work, and they solve a few problems along the way. If you're a long-time MGG listener, though, you know that's [?]
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Keyboards, Audio, and More!

What's more delicious than the sound of your fingers typing on a chunky mechanical keyboard? Hi-res audio coming out of your AirPods, of course! Good news: in today's episode your two favorite geeks give you both! That's not all, though. John and Dave talk through more Quick Tips and Cool [?]
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Trapped In The Terminal

This week John and Dave find themselves trapped in the Terminal. Will your two favorite geeks escape? Press play to find out as they dig through a few Terminal commands, new and old, invoke some Shortcuts, talk about self-service repairs, empty the Trash, solve a draining battery, and more! You're [?]
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Not The 900 Number You Expected

Join John, Dave, and Pilot Pete as they celebrate the 900th episode of Mac Geek Gab. What will they do? They'll answer your questions, share your tips, and ensure you (and they!) learn at least five new things, of course. That's how it has worked for 899 episodes, so there's [?]
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A Summit of Geeks

MacMost's Gary Rosenzweig joins John and Dave today to share Quick Tips, Cool Stuff Found and, yes, to help answer all of your Apple-related tech questions. Topics include dealing with Monterey's "Load Content Directly" issues in Mail, Network Utility Replacements, Monterey image tricks, portable Apple Watch chargers, and much more! [?]
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