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Feng Shui and Prosper

Feng Shui and Prosper

Learn how you can create harmony and balance in your career, business, relationships and health through Classical Feng Shui. This will be your place to learn more about how feng shui is MEANT to be practised – not the fast food feng shui that’s so rampantly used right now. Join me every week on this podcast or check me out at


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San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star Certification Testimonials

How to prepare for Period 9! Plus bonus announcement.

Attract LOVE into your life! The 7 ways you are blocking love from entering your life.

Manifesting With Candles!

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Unlock Your Dream Life with Manifesting Code

Can one house be energetically good for one and not the other?

5 Feng Shui Mistakes. Are you making them?

Feng Shui Items – What You Need To Know

  Video transcription:   Now, those of you who have followed my past few videos you?d know that I refer very often to this term called fast food feng shui. What I mean by fast food feng shui is.. it?s almost like when you go into a fast food joint, you order your combo all [?]

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How to feng shui your kitchen

Here are some basic guidelines to ensure how to feng shui your kitchen based on classical feng shui! Video transcription: This video this time around is talking about feng shui and your kitchen. Now, if you?ve followed my previous videos you know I always say that for residential? if you want to feng shui a residential [?]

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