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Chasing the Whale

Chasing the Whale

Chasing the Whale is a weekly podcast about independent games and related topics by Erik Svedäng and Andreas Zecher. New episode every Tuesday.


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Notgames and Diversity

4. Running Game Jams

We talk about the history of No More Sweden and how to design a game jam.

This episode is sponsored by Game Oven ? Games That Make You Sweat?.

Show notes:

No More Sweden Meetup Martin Jonasson Overbooking Collaboratory STPLN Stockholm Makerspace GSP Makerspace Petri Purho Jens Bergensten Nifflas Notch Nordic Game Jam Resonate Game Design Workshop
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1. Growing Up

In this first episode we talk about growing up with computers.

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Show notes:

Game of Life AMOS Professional Paradroid 90 Klik & Play Delphi Jakob Nielsen Milkstone Arq Backblaze
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En liten tjänst av I'm With Friends. Finns även på engelska.
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